Taking Hippie Back!!!

Bonaparte read Friday’s post and was struck by the caption I wrote under the photo of Country Joe and the Fish.  Friday’s Post about “This Ain’t No Mouse Music” and Roots Music


My caption read:

WTF has happened to music with a social message? Where are the anti-war songs today? We need the hippie era back. We need bands like Country Joe!”

He mentioned that it’s too bad today’s young people don’t have a “Hippie Mentality”.   It got me to thinking…..


We need some Strawberry Fields back in our minds!

We need a new, modern day, Hippie Movement. Justin Timberlake brought “Sexy” back—so why not bring “Hippie” back?


Timberlake may have brought “sexy” back–but I’m gonna bring…..


Hippie back–and Irving Penn’s beautiful photo captures the essence!

Think about it. Why aren’t young people holding gentle protests, sit-ins, love-ins, and concerts for social issues?

Squat in--

They may not look it, but these youths of 1960 had the original Hippie mentality with one of the very first “sit-ins” for racial equality–only they called it a squat-in! NOTE: I wanted to leave the photo as I found it–verbiage included. We need to know that we did make strides–although it seems like we are regressing these days….

we wont fight

Why aren’t young people today holding peaceful marches and protests?


Woodstock. The greatest concert of all time!

What about protesting against the ridiculously large amount of interest that banks are charging for student loans? Most college graduates are paying a small fortune in interest rates to these legal thieves? Don’t these kids care? Are they THAT out of touch with reality? Do these kids realize that the end result of defaulting on their student loans is a bad credit rating? It’ll take YEARS to regain good credit—it’s a vicious cycle. They will pay higher interest rates on automobile loans, homes, credit cards—all because they defaulted on their college loans-and the banks will be collecting even MORE money. They are loan sharks in white collars!

student loan poster

Let me tell you, if I were a college student or college graduate today, I would be marching in front of the nearest bank with THIS sign!!!! It’s disgraceful and the kids do nothing about it!

Speaking of thieves—what about the insurance companies? Yeah—I’m talking Healthcare! NOTE TO HIPPIES OF YEARS GONE BY: Get your love beads back on and come out and protest! The only winners in the health care debacle are the insurance companies. We have to pay higher rates by the year. Corporations, who used to pay a large chunk of employee’s medical benefits, can no longer afford to do so. Insurance companies are running the well dry! Obama care just isn’t working the way it should have (politics—I’m not going there today…) and those who don’t have healthcare will be fined. WTF is this? Mention Healthcare in Europe and people go nuts. It WORKS over there! And don’t give me the excuse you will have to wait forever for a doctor’s appointment. I just made an appointment for my annual lady parts exam and have to wait over two months. Forget my skin check—that’s a six-month wait! I’m getting my Hippie on big time over this cause!

insurance company poster

I’ve said it before and will KEEP saying it–the only winners in Healthcare are the insurance companies and they WILL be the next financial ruin of our country!  We need more posters like this!

What about inequality? Racism is running rampant these days-why, it’s a total throwback to the 1950’s and 1960’s!!! We’re regressing as a country—so why not regress and go back in time to the Hippie era?   Everyone accepted each other—remember the play and movie “Hair”? Here’s a little refresher course of what fun it can be when black and white get along and can sing about it!

Check out a young Nell Carter!

Black and white together poster

Let’s move forward on the racial issues.  And don’t forget, the media and press only feeds into the issues–they don’t help–they are sensationalists! Let’s get back to Hippie Mentality on this!

 We don’t need violent protests—violence only hurts…

putting flowers in cops guns

A peaceful demonstration may have included police, but this gentle hippie just placed a flower into the gun!!

…and speaking of violence? What about gun laws? We need some HIPPIE logic on more stringent gun control!! Guns DO kill—in the wrong hands. Honestly, many folks believe we should have the right to “bear arms”. I say exercise more— then you’ll be able to “bare arms”—it’s far more important—and much more attractive. We need a sit-in to protest the lenient gun laws in this country.   The second amendment should be amended. After all, Daniel Boone, Davey Crockett and Annie Oakley lived in a time when our country was in the toddler state—our world is full of angry, resentful and emotionally disturbed (which, don’t even get me started on mental health issues….) folks who should NOT be playing with any gun stronger than a water pistol!

guns kill poster

I really don’t care what the NRA or the gun totin’ population says. GUN CONTROL NEEDS TO BE STRICTER!!!!!!

Remember the protests over the Vietnam War? Why were there not protests about the recent turn of events with our troops fighting in Iraq, Iran, this “stan”, that “stan” everywhere a “stan, stan”? We don’t need to babysit every country—not when we have gun wars, racial wars, inequality wars, housing wars and the war on Donald Trump’s horrific comb over…all in our backyard.

bring troops home poster

Obama promised to bring ALL troops home–he’s just like the REST of the politicians. ALL troops are NOT home–where they belong!

Vietnam War protest early 70's

Our young people need to get on the ball and go back a few generations…..

Why have our young adults gone soft? Do they protest by “Tweeting” rather than gathering in groups in parks and other public areas to voice their opinions? Do they silently protest whilst enjoying hookups? Are they too busy enjoying the scent of a luxe brand aftershave or perfume rather than the essence of a freshly lit joint? A true hippie would never wear a Chanel scent–they would go with patchouli or other natural oils.

Can't we all just get a bong

Although I don’t partake in the weed–I’m glad it’s becoming close to being federally  legalized as other than for medicinal use.  Hard liquor is worse, IMHO. 

Get rid of the tablet, laptop and Smartphone for a month, week, day, couple of hours, hour, moment!

Other than a social conscience, you also  need to look the part and I’m going to help!

Guys–first of all, take a semi-note from your “hipster” peers. It’s ok to have a beard and moustache and grow your hair. Actually, longer hair on guys looks better—and when it gets in the way, you can tie it up in a “mun”.


Men–grow that hair, and if it gets in the way pull an Orlando Bloom and put it up in a “mun”–man bun! Be a cross between a Hipster and Hippie!

The added benefit is that Hippies love all kinds of texture-throw away the condish. Let your hair frizz, go in every direction, wear in in waves, straight—get an afro pick and go natural.

joplin hair

Janis Joplin has THE best head of wavy Hippie Chick hair…….

CUBA - OCTOBER 01: Angela Davis In Cuba In 1972 (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

CUBA – OCTOBER 01: Angela Davis In Cuba In 1972 (Photo by Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

…and Angela Davis rocked the natural Afro!!!

Girls—I know the original Hippie movement’s beauty routine included NOT shaving your underarms or legs—but this is the now. Please—keep shaving the pits and the legs—it just looks prettier. However, in the desire to be a modern Hippie chick, forego the waxing of your “love shack”—you no longer will need that “landing strip” or “Brazilian”—you can go natural “there”!

grandpa woodstock and queen esther

Not to be nasty, but Grandpa Woodstock’s wife, Queen Esther, COULD have benefitted from Sally Hansen’s facial hair remover on her chin. I’m sure she didn’t shave ANY part of her body.  Presently–it’s ok to shave!!!!!!


Jeans and other bottoms: Jeans, especially faded jeans were a big part of the Hippie Movement.  Although Bell Bottom jeans are just starting to make a comeback, any jean is pretty much ok for the “New Hippie”. Scratch that. NO acid washed jeans!

Faded Jeans

This is a perfect example of a beautifully faded pair of jeans!

Instructions for fading jeans:  Get Clorox or any generic bleach. Fill the bathtub up with water. Maybe 1/3 the way. Pour the bleach into the water. Add the jeans and let them sit till desired fade sets in. Dry the jeans. Now—and this is a fun way to manage your anger, take the faded jeans into the back yard. Throw dirt and rocks on the jeans. Be aggressive! When the jeans are really messed up, take a scissor and cut the hems of the jeans—not too short, you want the jeans to be longer than shorter! Now go wash and dry the jeans. The bottoms will be nicely frayed.

An extra little fun jeans project is to sew fun patches on them and, if you are crafty, embroider cute flowers, or rainbows, or kittens onto your jeans!


A couple of patches with authenticate the look!

Khaki’s: You want them wrinkled and baggy—not the kind of baggy that hangs down “hip-hop” style and exhibits skid-marked underwear either. Just a hint of baggy—enough that it says “I don’t care about neatness”—in a kind of pretentious, yet fashionable/unfashionable way. It’s all about being refined in an unrefined way! The only two colors of Khaki pants permissible are natural and olive drab. NO NAVY Khakis!!!

Carpenter/Painter’s Pants and Overalls: It’s a little “Hee Haw” but trust me, back in the days of Woodstock, painters/carpenter pants were popular—and inexpensive as all get out! If you painted a house while wearing them it was even more important because of the stains on the pants! Overalls were popular due to the fact that the guys could use the bib as an excuse for a shirt and girls—well, they still had to wear a shirt underneath, but could always go braless and be more comfy!

Carpenter pants painter jeans

Stiff at first, after about 20 washings, these got so soft and comfy. Note to self: Buy a pair!

Shirts: The epitome of the Hippie shirt is the tie-dyed Tee.

tie dyed shirt

Caveat–as a modern day Hippie, I will wear a FITTED tie dyed shirt–I DO have my fashion priorities, you know!

Don’t forget, flannel shirts are just as classic to Hippie as lime green and bright pink are classic preppy! The tattered, cotton button down collared shirt is also acceptable, but needs to be completely wrinkled (I shudder at the thought of an unironed shirt—but hey, it’s for the cause, man).

Jeans and flannel another classic hippie attire

OK–so the blue plaid shirt ISN’T flannel–I’m still at the hot-flash stage, but the red and black shirt IS flannel.  This is a timeless and classic form of Hippie chic!  AND–it’s unisex!

Denim shirts are also fine, but—don’t do the denim on denim. Wear the denim—or as it is known in the post-hippie era,”chambray”. Just wear shirts like this with khaki’s or carpenter pants.

I'm rockin' the chambray shirt.

This would be me and I’m rockin’ the chambray shirt. Mentally, I’m a Hippie….

I'm 100 percent hippie!

……… Facebook told me so!

Halter shirts—I’m talking the DIY kind. Does anyone remember the halter shirts that were made with one of those cheapo gold neck rings and a bandana? I’m so pissed—I couldn’t find an online image, so I drew one. These are best worn for those women who are more on the Double A bra size for obvious reasons!


The only ones who CAN get away with wearing this kind of halter are those young twenty-somethings–and do it soon before your bodies change!

Peasant ShirtsHold on! I’m having a moment here. I’m getting teary-eyed. OK!   There is nothing that says “I’m a fashionable and ultra-girly Hippie chick” than a crisp, white, cotton peasant shirt adorned with colorful embroidery! I know. I had a bunch. And due to my penchant for white shirts, most likely from Catholic school, I’m still longing to wear these shirts. My mother also insisted on ironing them before I wore them. I could wear some Hippie clothing during my teen years, but the clothes had to be ironed!

Peasant shirt

The one and only iconic peasant shirt! OMG. I LOVED these shirts!!!!! I can still smell the fresh cotton scent!

The beautiful Mexican peasant shirts are still available in many colors—but the white ones just did it for me. So—to you young women who may strive to be a modern Hippie, get the peasant shirts!

More peasant shirts

Look at these beautiful shirts. I’m drooling! We seriously need to go back to Hippie fashions! And I’m NOT talkin’ “Boho”–boo hoo hoo. I’m talkin’ HIPPIE!

Indian Tunics—The great thing about these tunics is that they are another unisex clothing item! But guys be warned—they look better with jeans than with any other pants. Girls be warned—these tunics are multitaskers. Long enough and you can wear them as a dress. They make great beach coverups as well! The fabric is light and airy—perfect for summer! My love for these tunics when I was younger put India on my bucket list. India is still number one on that list—I hope someday to visit—it would be the dream trip of a lifetime!

Unisex Indian Tunics

Indian tunics are beautiful and comfy and are sex and gender friendly! Perfect for a new Hippie!


Where do I begin? Birkenstocks perhaps? These awful-looking things have made a comeback. Today’s modern Hippie has such a selection to chose from!   Berks are also available in rubber at a far lower cost of about $30. I know. I have a pair—but they are sitting unworn.


I have a pair of these in blue rubber. I just don’t feel the love–that isn’t very Hippie of me, but I’m honest!

Rondini Sandals—I’m sure if Jesus, the original Hippie AND Hipster dude, was not so hell-bent on being humble and living life like a poor person, he would have hightailed it to St. Tropez and purchased a few pair of these custom-made sandals. The Tropezienne model is THE perfect sandal for our more modern Hippie footwear. And—they’ll last forever!!

working the Rondinis

This pair of Rondini sandals just shout “New Hippie Movement”. They are also telling me I need a pedicure. NOW! 

Flip-flops—this is footwear that’s been in style forever and will never go out of style. The simplicity and cheap price make this a popular choice for everyone—Hippie or not! And—they go with everything!

Other Leather Sandals—For those who cannot make it to St. Trop for the Rondini sandals, any leather sandal with straps will do. Remember, Veganism wasn’t as popular back in the original Hippie days as it is now. The original Hippies also wore suede vests and carried suede bags..something todays new Hippie movement would not be caught with. I’ll take leather—the price of those faux leather, vegan purses and shoes are atrocious. You need to be wealthy to purchase Vegan clothing and accessories!

Construction Boots—before the popularity of Doc Marten’s, Hippies in the know wore construction boots during the winter months. They looked rugged on the male Hippies and looked absolutely adorbs worn with dresses and skirts on the Hippies of the female persuasion!

construction boots.

Old school, inexpensive construction boots rock the Hippie look. Don’t you DARE try to slip by with anything else!

Bare feet—This is my favorite form of footwear and will always continue to be. Nothing like walking barefoot through grass (unless someone forgot to pick up after their dog.) or feeling the ocean at your tootsies. DRIVING barefoot is the only way to go. It is very organic!

Beach breakers dry feet in the sand

Barefootin’–the most organic of footwear are the feet!

 OK—all the funny stuff aside—my point is that we need to find our passion about social issues. What’s happened to us? We’ve become so damn compliant and just lazy.


We need love….

Love in

…and peace….

Clyde Keller Hippies Dancing

..we need to dance–just as Clyde Keller captured in this photo…

Most of the protests regarding social issues these days are carried out in the actions of Facebook posts. I’ll be the first to admit—I’m guilty!

Me as hippie

I’m promising to get my Hippie back on!

All of us, young, old, and in between—black, white, yellow—all races, gay, straight, trans, pan—we need to start fighting for what we believe what’s right! We need to get together….

Take a clue from The Youngbloods “Get Together”! It can be done.

Peace.  Love…and Hugs to you all! XOXOXOXO

About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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18 Responses to Taking Hippie Back!!!

  1. spearfruit says:

    I can dig it, baby! I remember wearing painter pants and tie dyed tee shirts, but not much into flannel. I agree with you totally on this – what a different world we live in now. Thanks for sharing another great post, I very much enjoy reading them. Hippie Power rules! 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Groovy! It’s sad that the Hippie spirit just didn’t live on–it was replaced with capitalism and all sorts of ideology that goes against the hippie grain. We need it back!!! Glad you liked the post! XOXOXO!!!

  2. koolitzable says:

    Hehehe..get it on 🙂

  3. PresDuLac says:

    I LOVE this post!
    This hippie chick from the actual city of Chicago was on the front lines at the 1968 Dem convention protests and I have not changed my attitude in all these years.
    Balboa and Michigan Avenue was not a pretty thing – I was tear gassed and had to run from billy club wielding police – pulled my wet bandana up over my mouth and ran with everyone else to the fountain in Grant Park to wash our eyes out – I’m feeling a little too old to get gassed or run now though.
    You should have seen the poor bandana-less people on the bus (windows open) when I was going home and the bus went through the wafting tear gas from another assault.
    Come to think of it, I may have mellowed out a little but I might actually be more radical now because, really, how much has actually changed? It’s just different players but pretty much the same crap, imo.
    I went to numerous Love-Ins in Lincoln Park, listened to Abbie Hoffman, walked out of my high school in solidarity with SDS
    My English teacher was a bouncer at a club in Chicago on Wells St. – Mother Blues – he let sweet, little underage me in (I didn’t drink or even try) to see Big Brother and the Holding Company when Janis Joplin was singing with them.
    I had a lot of fun and knew/met fantastic people that taught me a lot and always encouraged me to think for myself and speak my mind – that English teacher bouncer was one of them
    Sorry for the blah, blah, blah but your posts always get me thinking and I just had to share – thanks!

    • Catherine says:

      Joanie–thanks so much for sharing that–are you kidding? I only wishI had just been two or three years older so that I could have defied my parents to go to rallies and protests. As it is, I was in constant trouble for sneaking out of the house to go partying with my friends! I’m so glad you loved the post. I swear, I get really confused with young people these days–and I have grown children who do have a social conscience but–I wish the days of hippiedom never truly ended. I could go on and on about this but we really do need a hippie mentality–the banks will keep robbing and robbing because nothing is done–politicians sleep with the bankers and large corporations because they want those superpacs…………on and on it goes!!!!XOXOXOXXOO!!!

  4. BunKaryudo says:

    Sorry, Catherine, what’s in that Irving Penn photograph? I couldn’t see clearly for all that hair.

  5. gk says:

    Ah, I would kill to have my old peasant tops and skirts back! I loved them, and moccasins, and concert tees, embroidered denim jackets…ah youth…sigh.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi gk. Oh..I’m with you on that one. I think I’m actually going to try to track a nice white peasant shirt down from an online site! I also remember a beautiful muslin tunic top that I had–with colorful patchtork pockets and beautiful patchwork across the top collar area. I should have saved those clothes!!!!! XOXOXO!!!

  6. Jean says:

    Great post. Ah, the memories of those days. But I can be pretty shallow and I’m stuck on the image of the aged hippies, specifically her chin. Advance apology for me about to go off your subject matter, but have you heard of the Tinkle razor? Quite a lot out there about it lately. It’s a woman’s face razor. I’ve been scared of it, but that picture! I’m getting one. I’m scared. But I’m doing it. OMG. I am. And the ringed halter top? I had several, but with a soft corded ring, not a hard gold one. Wore them constantly with my low riding bell bottom jeans and a baby slung on my hip. Watched the protesting from afar as I married and started my family young. Thanks for the memories. On to check more into this tinkle razor.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jean! Oh. Queen Esther–when I saw the pic I had to do a quadruple take! I was slightly grossed out because you KNOW I’m deeply shallow. THAT took lack of personal grooming to another level. LOL..But now–I’m intrigued by this Tinkle razor. I’m going to check it out. The thought of actually shaving my face concerns me–but the thought of looking like (and my apologies too) Queen Esther makes me want to take the nearest RAZOR and go to town! Didn’t you LOVE those halter tops? They were so airy!!! And the bell bottoms..I wore them well before I got muffin top!…..I’m glad to give you fun and great memories! XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Megan says:

    This is such a great post. Spoken like a true hippie. I grew up with the hippie mentality. I always knew if I had a past life it would be in the 50-70s. I was just born a little late (85) My mom gave me Janis as a ring tone because when we were younger, we would belt out her songs. I love me some Janis! And I still wear the skirts my mom wore in the 60s and 70’s, among other articles of clothing. I too, wish and feel kids today should be more “hippie”. I could go on and on but I think you explained it VERY WELL!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Megan, I’m not only glad you liked the post, but I’m thrilled that you grew up with a hippie mentality. It gives me great joy to know your mom raised you with fantastic music. My own kids love all the stuff I grew up on–we all have a common bond with Jimi Hendrix! I wish I had saved my clothing to pass onto Oona! Glad you “got” my explanation! XOXOXOXO!!

  8. Larry says:

    Old hippies never die they just go and drop out. The look is accidental except for the designer clothes.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Larry…And present times call for all those hippies to come back from dropping out. We need the hippie peace, love, and tone now more than ever! Without the designer labels! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. lizabeth c moore says:

    This is SO great!!! I still pretty much wear all of these clothes. No longer needing business clothes and working from home permanently, I have resorted back to my hippie ways. Good luck getting me out of my kaftans or overalls!!! We do need to all be hippies – we – the boomers who were really hippies – cared SO much about social issues – we grew up with the Vietnam War in our lives for 20 some years so we were very in touch – I don’t find many young people like this today – I thought that Trump would jiggle them out of their complacency but that didn’t happen so much – we older folks are absolutely salivating about the state of affairs in this country and millennials are waiting for the next iphone hahahaaahaha

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