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What All The Hoopla About My Hoop Earrings? Now I’m Too Old For Them?

Just as I promised my daughter, Oona, that I would not go on any more rants about a certain political figure in the White House or the party that is overturning our healthcare, I found out that I am now … Continue reading

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Leave Me Alone! I’m Tired of Adulting!

That’s right!  At the tender age of 62, I will now admit that today, I am tired of “Adulting”.That’s right.  I’m not being an adult today… I want to do things like shoot hoops in my driveway–which is what I … Continue reading

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Ageism Gone Wild! I Am Now Too Old to Shop At Zara—And So Is Your Daughter!

It’s true!  It’s true!!  A scientific study was performed and the consensus is that I, and you, my friends are too old to shop at the fast fashion store, Zara. There may not be a Zara in my neighborhood, but … Continue reading

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I’m Clothesed Minded. So, Don’t Tell Me What to Wear And Other Rants!

It started off quite innocently and without drama.  Bonaparte and I made a stop at Wegmans to do a bit of food shopping for our dinner. And then it happened.  At the checkout.  I spotted it.  “Vogue” magazine.  And once … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Fashion and Beauty: Why Do You Ignore Me and My Peers?

Dear Beauty and Fashion Industries: Why do you ignore me?  For years and years I’ve been a faithful supporter and consumer.  My relationship with both of you started when I was an awkward pre-teen.  I would look through Seventeen and … Continue reading

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What to Really Expect When You Are Over 55 And Looking For A Job. Part Two.

Now that we’ve addressed appearance, let’s move on to the more beefy and incredibly entertaining part of the older job seeker’s journey. Wouldn’t we all love to say this? You are led into a conference room.  Usually someone from HR … Continue reading

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What to Really Expect When You Are Over 55 And Looking For a Job. Nobody Wants To Hire You. Part One.

Hi all!  This is a post that is pretty difficult to write. And when I say difficult, I don’t mean it in a painful way.  I mean it more of a “where-do-I-begin” post. I think I’ll start at the beginning … Continue reading

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Enough of This “Shift”! Do You “Hair” Me? MY Version of “Advanced Style”!

Hi buddyroos!  *Sigh*.  I’ve been mulling over just how to start this post because it’s a subject that I’m so torn about. It’s the “Advanced Style” movement…  I’ll tell you what prompted my thoughts to write about this. It was … Continue reading

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Hate That Gray—Dye It Away. Love that Gray—Let it Stay. But We Old Ladies Need to Stick Together Like Hairspray!

Today I am on a rant ‘n roll.  It started yesterday when I read one of my “go-to” blogs, “That’s Not My Age“.  The wonderful Alyson Walsh writes a blog on style for women over 40 and she has “covered” … Continue reading

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Spike, Jada, And A Little Gold-Plated Statuette Named Oscar

In all honesty, I am really, really trying to work on two posts. One post will be on my new healthy diet and the other on travel. But the news media threw me a bone and I felt compelled to … Continue reading

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