Ageism Gone Wild! I Am Now Too Old to Shop At Zara—And So Is Your Daughter!

It’s true!  It’s true!!  A scientific study was performed and the consensus is that I, and you, my friends are too old to shop at the fast fashion store, Zara.

There may not be a Zara in my neighborhood, but there is one in Cannes. I hope I’m allowed to shop there this summer. If I’m not it will be because Bonaparte is still holding my credit cards!

Are you familiar with the store Zara?  It’s pretty decent. Unfortunately, there is not a Zara store close by to where I live. If there was one, I would have been there last Spring to make the purchase of their iconic off-the-shoulder denim dress!  Oh. It was a beauty! My daughter, Oona, purchased two of them!

I wanted this dress so badly last year.  I realize I would have needed a bottle of sunscreen on my pasty shoulders but who cares? I loved this dress. Oona bought two–and she looks so damned adorable!

Uh. Oh. Oona’s time shopping at Zara may be limited these days. She’s 27 and I do believe she is at that age where she should be stopping her Zara shopping soon!

Ageism raises its ugly little head in the fashion industry. Again. And the Ageist boundaries seem to be getting younger and younger!

Here’s the article from the site “Who What Wear”.  “Data Says This is When Women Should Stop Shopping at Zara.”  Who What Wear is a site that I love to hate, by the way, because it is so unrealistic in every way.

Who What Wear has articles that are very deep.  The subjects are mainly: Shop. Celebrities. Street Style. Trends.  The only topic that is relatable to me is “Shop”.  And the stuff they strongly suggest, or rather demand you purchase is way, way out of my pricing comfort zone or affordability.

It’s true. Shopping can be an overwhelming experience for me. And reading about the shopping that is not within my financial reach is even more overwhelming for me. I need to stop reading Who What Wear immediately! Besides, they never have photographs of old ladies!

But let get back to the real meat of this subject. The age at which a woman should stop shopping at Zara.

Have you ever heard of Ed Dilworth?  No. Neither have I.  He is CEO of a company called Insight Rooms.

Here’s Eddie. The mastermind behind Insight Rooms. He looks really insightful.

Insight Rooms claims, on its website, of “Bringing Consumers Into Focus”.

He has very intuitive people working for him.

This is Noah Larsen. He’s the director of UX Strategy and Design. Can I put a “ph” in front of UX? He is a very smart man. He attended two universities but his little bio doesn’t say which ones.  Trump University maybe?

This is Megan O’Conner.  Isn’t she adorbs?  I”m already jealz of her hair. (Hey. I need to sound like I’m under the age of 27!)  She looks to be in her late twenties. Ohhh. She won’t be shopping at Zara anymore!  So cuuuuuuuuuuutttte!!!

Hi! This is me, Catherine. I’m gonna be 62 in less than a month!  Oh shit. My birthday is three weeks away! Ed would never hire me because, in market research, I’m old as dirt. In fact, I AM dirt. I don’t care though. I’ll still shop at stores that aren’t age appropriate for old ladies!

Basically, it is a fancy-ass market research company.

And through research, and surveying social engagement (whatever the hell that means) it was discovered that the age women should stop shopping at Zara is in their late twenties.

This is ageism gone wild. Now we have women just shy of 30 being sent out to pasture like a bunch of cows.

It’s ok girls!  We’ll make lots of cheese and we won’t give it to any of those ageists! Let them eat cake!

What age should a woman stop shopping the brand Zara? What age??  

I gotta be honest, I’m pissed off on so many levels here. First of all, who has the right to tell any women what to put on her body.  It’s bad enough we have spineless male politicians trying to have control over our bodies.  And now we have to be subjected to market research telling us what age to stop shopping certain brands and stores?

I’ll wear what I want to wear. At any time. At any age!

If I wanna wear a shark skin suit. I will. If I wanna wear one of those Happy Hats, I will. 

If I was the CEO of Zara, I would be livid! Livid!! I don’t think Zara’s big guns wants to hear about turning women away from their shop.  And BTW, Zara shops still welcome all women of alages.

Is market research ever done about just who is paying for the purchase of the clothing for the women younger than their early twenties?  It’s the mommy who is most likely in her forties, fifties and, in some cases older.

I am DYING to see a market research done on the amount of money we older women spend. But “NO”, nothing is ever done.

Let’s see market research about the demographic of the women who have the money to spend. It just happens to be the woman in her thirties and over.

And another thing. Zara has great clothing.  And has great clothing for women of our older woman age.

Let’s have a look at Zara’s recent offerings. Shall we ladies? Let us take a look at the clothing that is made specially for women under 27 years of age.  Take my hand.

This year’s version of the off-the-shoulder chambray frock.  It’s adorable but I like last years’ model better.  I think the age of this model is over 25. Uh oh! Someone’s Zara career is about to end.   I would not wear those boots with dress, I would wear either a pair of Rondini sandals or ballet flats to give it a more “mature” look!

This is interesting. I’m an old hag and I would NEVER wear a dress like this. In all honesty, I don’t think a young woman or teen girl would wear this dress.  I think Mr. Dilworth and team need to reassess their market research! It is not flattering to any body type. It looks baggy and ill fitting. It looks like…

…one of my favorite floral tablecloths.  Oh. Maybe I can wrap this around my body and wear it to the office.  

Really?  THIS is a dress that is inclusive for only the under 30 woman? 

Maybe Zara shops are trying to appeal to the Sister Wives crowd. Hey. As long as they are under 30 and not old, wrinkled ladies!

THIS dress really appeals to the youth of the fashion industry. Even the model is looking down at…

..this toile pitcher because it reminds her of the dress she is wearing. I am beginning to be happy that Zara’s offerings are not meant for my raggedy old crepey body!

Here’s an outfit that reminds me of the early 1970’s! Remember the crocheted vests and cardigans and throw blankets? Zara brought ’em back for the younger crowd. I have something to tell you. This look wasn’t great back then and it isn’t great now!

Now here’s a great dress that is appropriate for the woman of any age. I love this dress. I think I want this dress.  Why can’t a woman over 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 wear this? Guess what! She can!

Here’s another cutie of a dress. Unless I had a stellar spray tan on my legs would I wear this bare-legged. I would, however, wear black tights, my black, suede over the knee boots or black pointy booties.  This is a really nice dress. Looks like it travels well and looks very comfy!

Perhaps it may be a bit too short for a woman over a certain age, BUT, with black leggings and ballet flats, any woman could rock this look and rock it well!

The shorts!!!

The shorts!!!!  Remember my post “How to Wear Shorts When You Are Over 40, 50, 60+”? Click to read–you’ll love it! Well, shorts season will be here soon and both these shorts are appropriate for the older, older woman. Just shave your legs. All the way up!

Here is a fabulous coat that is, again, appropriate for women of any age.  My only issue is that the model looks absolutely miserable. Whatever happened to a smile. And whatever happened to standing up straight and not slouching!

Again. This oversized sweater is fantastic. Is it a dress? For a younger woman, yeah!  For the older woman it would great with a cropped just over the ankle legging and ballet flats. Or with skinny jeans!  These models–why can they look just a tad happy?  

So what say you ladies?  What’s your opinion on age-related shopping?  More so, what is your opinion on market research?  I think research like this in the fashion and cosmetics industries is ridiculous.  Women should be able to shop at any store they damned well please.  This “age” business is getting on my last nerve!

Speaking of “industries”, I finished day three of the Revitalift Challenge. Remember? I wrote about it in my last post?  Guess what? It did nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Promises, Promises!  Nothing happened.

My skin was not firmer. It did not look smoother.  In fact, nothing except a face lift or fillers is going to show a visible difference in three days!

This gets an “F”. And not just because the product didn’t deliver within three days, but it’s false advertising. I’ve written about skin care products. And it takes a good 30 days to see a difference.   My recommendations continue to be the old-school Olay lotion, and the lines by Skin Actives and Vivant Skin Care. Both lines offer exceptional products. They aren’t dirt cheap but with a good month of using the products, you will notice a difference.  You just have to find the products that work for you!

I changed my Bitmoji to enhance my age. I added a few lines and I changed the hair do. My hair, both real and fake is getting longer these days!   What do you think?

Well, I think that’s about enough complaining for one evening! Don’t you?

I’ll be 62 in a few weeks, but I still love to think about when I’m 64!  This is not the Beatles version. I guess Sir Paul and Sir Ringo don’t want to give their wares on youtube for free. But this is a great version:


About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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52 Responses to Ageism Gone Wild! I Am Now Too Old to Shop At Zara—And So Is Your Daughter!

  1. LN says:

    Holy Jesus, what happened to Zara? I used to shop there when I went to France and their lines were always classic and beautiful. Now most of their models look like they’re wearing feed sacks. With the exception of a couple of cute embroidered mini dresses, there isn’t much there that I would wear, especially not with the clunky shoes a lot of the models are wearing.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi L, It’s funny because of all the times I’ve shopped in France, I usually go to The Kooples or COS or Naf-Naf. I’ve always liked what Zara had to offer. But you’re right. A good amount of the clothing is very shapeless. What is wrong with showing off your curves? I’m not a fan of those clunky shoes either! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. KEWLM0M says:

    Hi Catherine, Hope you were kidding re: “…jealz of Megan’s hair!” YOUR hair, with or without help, is fuller, longer, prettier, and better styled…just sayin’! Rock on!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kewl. Yup! I was kidding a bit. Thank you–I love my fake hair and the way it blends with the real stuff! I’m excited because I’ll be seeing Adam next week and he’ll make my hair look so nice!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Momcat says:

    Your best revenge is paying them no attention and continue shopping wherever you like, purchasing what you love and looking ( and feeling) fabulous! We have Zara as well as Forever 21, Urban Outfitters etc. ( love that the UOers target market is ‘young adults’ I could add ‘young adults who have parents silly enough to fork over the big $$ for over priced, poorly constructed clothing’….guilty your honour but only did it once, under pressure.)
    I like F 21 for fun, cheap trendy stuff….but I buy the good stuff at J.Crew or small local boutiques or even freaking Costco. Or I buy on line….nobody tells me were I should or should not spend my hard earned money, and at my advanced age I earn plenty. Too bad I won’t be blowing it at Zara anytime soon. I guess they don’t get that old ladies can bitch right back at ’em too! Jeez talk about biting the hand that feeds…..

    • Catherine says:

      Momcat. I could not stop thinking about biting the hand that feeds you when I read the original post on WhoWhatWear. All I could think of was, who’s spending the money–it aint a 16 year old girl or a college co-ed–it’s her mommy! F21 is great for cheap jewelry and tops. Hell, I”ve purchased clothing at Walmart for crissakes! I’m seriously surprised that Urban Outfitters is still in business because of their over priced items! I’m guilty too–when the kids were younger, I was known to make a few purchases there for them. The majority of my clothing comes from J. Crew but I’m hoping Crew never comes out with an ageist bunch of bullshit. They will have hell to pay if they do!
      Actually, the best-dress J. Crew employee I’ve seen is the manager at King of Prussia, Marie. She’s around late 60’s early 70’s and one of the best dressers I’ve ever seen!

  4. Miss Bougie says:

    I browse at Zara all the time and will not be swayed by some 20 somethings, who need to make a name for themselves, to do differently. Zara has a lot of classic stuff that looks good at any age. But this new collection has some items that don’t look flattering on any age. Cue the 70’s crocheted vest.
    I think I need to make a detour to Zara today. I like the little black dress!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi B. The little black dress is great!! And I’m thinking about the off-the-shoulder dress but I’m unsure of those sleeves. Yeah..some of the cloths are in the “What were they thinking” category. But in defense of Zara, they did have a bit of a disclaimer stating that they welcome all ages. I’m seriously hoping that they didn’t pay to conduct that market research because they will have some damage control to do!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. hipchick66 says:

    Oh hell, wear what you want to wear and buy it where you want to buy it! I recently bought a gorgeous baby blue cardigan at Forever 21…..and I am 50! I just laugh at these ‘experts’! Thanks for another great post. Xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Lori. My favorite cardigan was purchased over 10 years ago, and sadly I don’t have it anymore. I got it at Old Navy and the quality was stellar!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Hi Catherine- I would love it if you would start an ongoing list of good places to shop that you like as well as your readers recommendations.. List would include on line boutiques ( for readers who don’t live close to your area and cannot just pop in to browse) as well department stores that are located in most big cities..i.e. Dillards which is not in the midwest but I hear is good for dresses…This would be so helpful and nice to discover some “hidden shopping gems”.

    Also on Olay skin care …do you recommend the Regenerist for daily moisturizing or another one from the line? Need to buy tomorrow …I did purchase the Skin Actives serum thanks to you

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy. I’ve been thinking about your suggestion all day. And I am starting a list. I’ll probably post it sometime next week. I just found out the boys are coming in from NYC this weekend to take me out to dinner Saturday evening so maybe Sunday after they leave I’ll sit down to start writing.
      Oh. The only Olay product I use is the old school moisturizing lotion. The pink stuff. It’s about seven bucks at Walmart and it is great!!! I love that serum–I hope you like it!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Nancy says:

        Thanks Catherine- Will be fun (and helpful) to look at the list. Hopefully you as well as your readers can add to it on a regular basis.

        I do like the the serum…do you use it under your moisturizer in the morning and also at night after cleansing (which is always on my list to do and sometimes I do and sometimes……I do not…horrible I know…)

  7. I’m new to your blog but this made me laugh out loud. Last December I bought a brilliant pair of black jeans, cropped and with a fabric flair – hard to describe but they remind me of Pulp Fiction. Bought them in Madrid by the way which was full of women from 15-80 and no one batted an eyelid. Anyway, I’m 57, have always been a Zara fan and these jeans are fantastic – and they look great on me so take that super duper market research experts. If I was in the Zara marketing team I’d fire them – dumbos. Plus, agree with other comments – don’t like some of those new styles (love that black dress though) and sack the models, don’t force them to do a job they obviously don’t enjoy, it’s cruel!!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Olive. (I love your moniker!) I’m trying to visualize the jeans and I’ll bet they are fantastic–anything Pulp Fiction is epic! Yeah–I see the same thing throughout Europe. Women of all ages are welcomed in all stores and venues. Here everyone has to have an “Age”. Or stores have to cater to a certain clientele. It’s so ridiculous! I certainly do not understand the beauty of those sack like clothes. Not my style!! XOXOXO!!!

  8. Helen says:

    I think they know their demographic well. The young like where they shop to be a temple to them.
    Any sign that their brands are becoming used by even the young middle-aged let alone our age-group and they will be off!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Helen–and guess who sets that tone. The fashion industry. Sites like “WhoWhatWear”, magazines like “Vogue” that lost their focus and mature readership because Wintour is obsessed with pre-pubescent models and Z-list celebrities! It’s insane and I will not feed into that!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. jilly tamba-nhabay says:

    I love your blog and look forward to it and agree with so much, but here’s the thing. As above , you often say that short skirts/dresses can be worn by any age. No.No No, sadly No. Your legs are great but so many of us have to deal with thickening of the lower legs or the shape of the whole leg changing drastically. I wore short skirts into my forties and looked great but now I have what is cruelly known as ‘tree trunks’ .No leggins will work and all these ‘cropped ankle’ pants do nothing but emphasise the total lack of ankles (Try getting slim legged jeans OVER those ankles )
    I’m going on about this again because I know I am not alone and we sturdy legged sisters are completely alienated by all these ‘cropped ankle, leggings, pixie pants, pedal pushers, short skirt ( or even knee length skirt) advice by every magazine or blog we read . I won’t even start on getting boots that will zip up/pull on !
    Anyone else out there who can relate ?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jill. I actually have related to the boot thing. Before I lost the weight, I couldn’t even wear three pairs of the boots I have now. And believe it or not, my ankles have gotten a bit thicker. I think you have a good point. But I think the main thing is to find what works–and we can get clothing in a multitude of places that carry different styles regardless of what age they tell you. You have given me good food for thought though. Are you familiar with Eileen Fisher clothing. She has really nice items where the pants are a bit looser but not baggy or saggy. Knits are a good way to go as well. I’ll try to do some research!! Thank you–your comment was surely needed! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. Debe says:

    Shop wherever YOU want and buy what looks good on YOU…….just as long as you don’t look People of Walmart photos……………..some of the outfits um ok then.

    You look great …you look awesome…………….tell Bonapart crack those cards open and let you go wild for a bit it is your birthday!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Debe. Exactly!But look around. Really study the ads in magazines and the editorials. Every now and then you will see an older woman–in a rare moment, it’s so patronizing. Everything is geared toward youth. No thought goes into ALL of the ages that wear the clothing. The industries need to take a step back–a giant step back!
      LOL–Yeah. I like the idea of going wild on my birthday!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. maidsdayoff says:

    The biggest problem I have with these so called “studies” is the word SHOULD. We SHOULD do this, or we SHOULD NOT do that. I would like to tell them what they SHOULD do with their research! I agree with your comment that Zara’s CEO being pissed. Money is money and those of us “over 27” usually have more of it to spend.

    • Catherine says:

      Am I right??? I’m wondering just who decided to conduct this market research. If it was, in fact, Zara’s power people, they are fools. I really have issues when told at what age anyone should “Do” or stop “Wearing” something. It’s a double-whammy because most women pretty much know how the look in certain clothing and therefore are intelligent to realize what does and doesn’t work–no matter what age! XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. Yvonne says:

    So let’s rename them NOidea Larson and Eddie WhataDIL. I agree wholeheartedly that Zara would be “not happy Jan” (its an Aussie joke form a Yellow Pages ad back when they made great television ads)about the 27 year age limit imposed by WhoWhatWear. However, today I am in disagreement with you on two things!! Yes, its a shock. I love the crochet top – and I would definitely wear that. I could not listen to the Apollo Club – “When I’m Sixty Four” and didn’t make it past about 20 seconds. Anyway have a test for you. We are going to see Clarence Clements on Thursday night. He sung a song called “Patches” way back when. My husband loves him and in true Irish tradition when he was a small boy he used to sing Patches when called upon . Anyway Clarence is now 81 and blind. Richard still loves singing this song. Not sure he (Richard) will belt it out at the Bethesda Jazz and Supper Club on Thursday evening like he does at home but if he does I reckon Clarence will wish his hearing was as good as his eyesight.

    • Catherine says:

      Yvonne! Clarence Clements was part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Clarence CARTER sang Patches. Oh. I remember that song very well! It was a sad R & B song. Patches, I’m depending on you son…
      Hey. That Apollo club version was because I couldn’t find the BEATLES version. They appeared to have taken every &))(*()*#)*$* ing Beatle song off Youtube. It must be a copyright thing. I was pissed–at the Beatles for that one!!!
      No. the crocheted things I just can’t do anymore–they remind me of the ugliest throw we had when I was growing up! XOXOXOXOXO!!! HAVE FUN WITH PATCHES!!!

      • Yvonne says:

        Yes, sorry that was very dumb. And thanks for pointing it out. Clarence Clements toured with Bruce Springsteen to Australia a few times. You are amazing that you know that Patches song by Clarence Carter. I was trying to play Neil Young After the Goldrush last week and it had been removed. Gritted teeth.

      • patricia blaettler says:

        Clarence CLEMONS. The big man.

  13. Yvonne says:

    Oops sorry – the test is, in your amazing encyclopedic music knowledge, have you heard of the song Patches or Clarence Clements?

  14. Jan Wild says:

    I don’t shop at Zara because TBH I find their quality to be crap, but no 20 year old is going to tell me where to shop or what to buy.

  15. Q.D says:

    Zara only “arrived” in Australia a couple of years ago, so it was a bit of a cult thing for a while, but I find it really hit and miss, will go in and want to buy everything, and then the next 10 visits can’t find anything I want to even bother trying on! (Maybe it is because I am 10 years over the “allowed” wearing age?).

    • Catherine says:

      Hey. Q. I’m revisiting this post because I received a ping back. I found that off-the-shoulder dress at Primark for $16.00 and wore it a lot over the summer and I didn’t have to wear a bra either which was a plus!!!!! XOXOXOXO

  16. anne says:

    I just returned from a trip to Melbourne, an hour’s flight from Tasmania, and I shopped at Zara, Uniqlo, H&M, Gap and Topshop. I spent a lot of money and bought a lot of clothes.Just as well I didn’t realise I was far too old (66) to buy from them!!!! I agree though that we older women are really treated poorly by the fashion industry. We LOVE clothes and don’t like to feel we are old dears when we go shopping. I love your style Catherine and have blatantly copied some of your looks. I have even sent to the US for the J Crew twisted pearls you wear – loved them on you, hope they arrive soon! I like to buy online also as no-one is judging or knows how old you are with online shopping. When I was young I used to love an American magazine called “Seventeen”.To me the clothes were just wonderful and have never dated. I think your style is just what this magazine used to show, down to the loafers, blazers, classic looks which still look just as great 50 years later. I also have used the pink Olay, used to be called Oil of Ulan way back then, still use it every day. Smells so nice and clean. Love your posts, hope you get the credit cards back soon!

    • Catherine says:

      Anne! I LOVED SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!! My favorite model of all time, Colleen Corby was such an inspiration to me. I thank you–and it’s belated because I’m revisiting this post and missed some of the comments first time around. I’m hoping you received the pearls!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  17. Tami Von Zalez says:

    Glad I have aged out of Zara, looks like some uninspired offerings from the 1980s Midwest.

  18. Pasunejeunefille says:

    I read this just as I had returned from shopping at Zara! I bought a red and white Chanel-like blazer and a blue shirt with pearl buttons. (I still may go back for a black blazer I saw with pearl trim). I am a woman of a certain age and I think that all of these pieces are classic and absolutely age appropriate! I think that the geniuses at that marketing research company are doing its client no favors at all.

    Catherine, I only wish that there was a Zara at the King of Prussia mall but at least we now have a COS.


    • Pasunejeunefille says:

      I forgot to ad that the only skin product that ever worked for me is Retin A along with daily use of a high spf. These two completely changed my skin for the better. With insurance, the Retin A only costs me $15.00.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jane. Did you go to the Zara in Center City? I really need to take a drive there. That jacket sounds beautiful! Yeah. When I saw COS at KOP I almost fainted!!! I was thrilled!! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • Pasunejeunefille says:

        Catherine, I wasn’t in Philly. I found everything in a Zara in Miami on Lincoln Road when I was on vacation. The Zara in Philly is not worth the trip in my opinion.

        See you at COS at KOP!!


      • Catherine says:

        Jane. Was the jacket you purchased the frayed jacket? I went on the site and fell in love. But–I’ve never tried any clothing from Zara so I’m not sure of the sizing. Thanks for the heads up on the Center City Zara. I’ll take your advice and won’t bother. But the COS–I have to dig out one of my favorite warm weather dresses that I got from COS maybe five or six years ago. I think it’ll fit nicely this year!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  19. angelin2014 says:

    I´m a bit late to this post, but I have actually bought several tops at Zara recently. Their models are awful, and they style the stuff on their website in an ugly manner, but actually they have some nice stuff in the shops. Especially when I feel inclined to buy something trendy that I know I will get bored with in a season or two (yes, I do that!). The quality is way better than H&M I have to admit (not being biased here because I´m Swedish). I did check out Who What Wear and I was amused to find that engagement rings should cost 3 months worth of salary. Being rather well paid, I would never dare to wear a ring like that on my finger every day. Not seeing an engagement in my immediate future I´ve decided to remember the advice however. You never know when luck strikes. That ring would be a nice retirement fund me thinks… (and I´ve been engaged 4 times, and my rings have never cost that much!!!)

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Angelin. Oh. I agree with you about the quality of Zara’s clothing being better than H & M. For some reason, I’ve never been crazy about H & M’s quality although the store is hugely popular here in the States. But about those models and styling–J. Crew does the same thing and it drives me batty. With Crew the clothing is sometimes styled in such a way that only a clown would wear all those patterns, stripes etc. at the same time. WWW is definitely a site for the financial one percent of the world. It’s crazy!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  20. Pasunejeunefille says:

    Catherine, I didn’t buy that jacket but I do like it!

    Zara’s clothes are cut on the small side so I always go up one size. Sadly, the jacket I bought is not on the website.

    Happy hunting!


    PS. Love your blog!

  21. My mom is 52 and I am 24. We bought the exact same dress from a T.J. Maxx when we went shopping together because we both loved it. We have both gotten a bunch of compliments, but she too sometimes feels uncomfortable shopping “her age.” Love this post!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Michelle! My daughter is 27 and we oftentimes end up with the same or very similar clothing. And we live a few states away from each other. Oh. I’m with your mom. I feel very uncomfortable dressing “my age”. I won’t do it. I dress for my comfort zone–which is not the frumpy, granny type 62 years old way that older women are stereotyped. Bravo to you and your mom!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

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  24. Paul Cross says:

    Am I nuts if I think women looks sexy when they slouch?

    • Catherine says:

      Nah–Paul, everyone has their preferences. I wish that manbuns had been popular back when I was younger because I think men look fabulous in man buns. In fact, I’m trying to convince both my grown sons to GROW their hair long enough to wear a man bun!!!!! XXOXOXO

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