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And Jouer We Go—More Makeup for the Mature Woman

This is a review of products that I’ve purchased on my own. I am not an affiliate nor do I receive PR.  I just think these products are wonderful and wanted to share them with you! I’m just an average … Continue reading

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I’m a Gilded Girl. Not a Golden Girl!

Gold. What a word.  It has so many meanings.  Gold jewelry conjures up visions of wealth. Unfortunately, I won’t be purchasing any of this anytime soon. I did not win the 700 million dollar Powerball last night! During the summer, … Continue reading

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Laura Geller. Are you”Effing” Kidding Me? You Made a Foundation That’s Amazing AF!!

So why aren’t  you marketing it to the older woman? This is so passive-aggressive.  I love the product but I have issues with the brand… Read on. I know, I know.  It seems like lately, I’m on a foundation kick.  … Continue reading

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Saturday Musings. Why Is Everything I Love Discontinued?

It’s Saturday. And let me start off by telling you I’m slightly pissed off at the meteorologists in the Philadelphia area.  It was supposed to rain today.  And it was supposed to be cooler.  Instead, the atmosphere in these parts … Continue reading

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The Transformation of the Mature Woman. Into The Dolce Vita!!!

Sometimes we can get into a cosmetics rut.  I’m not necessarily talking about going out and purchasing a ton of new cosmetics. No. Not at all.   I’m talking about a rut with how we approach cosmetics. Perhaps some of us … Continue reading

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The Only Foundations The Woman Over 60 Will Need!

You can thank me later ladies–I’m a giver and I give you the two best foundations for mature skin! You know I’ll do anything for you–even if it means years of research for the right foundation! I cannot begin to … Continue reading

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Makeup Free Movement? Nope. I’m of the Make Me Up Movement!!!

CAVEAT:  This post would have been published last night. But my &*()&*(&* damn laptop stinks.  My finger touched a certain key and everything disappeared. I’m writing this on the PC instead! And away. We. Go… My morning routine is very important … Continue reading

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Shit Old Ladies Do

I’m becoming increasingly pissed off at the way women over 50, or in my case, women 60 and over, i.e. OLD LADIES are treated. The fashion industry sucks when it comes to older women. I’m not talking haute couture—let’s face … Continue reading

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