Makeup Free Movement? Nope. I’m of the Make Me Up Movement!!!

CAVEAT:  This post would have been published last night. But my &*()&*(&* damn laptop stinks.  My finger touched a certain key and everything disappeared. I’m writing this on the PC instead!

And away. We. Go…

My morning routine is very important to me. While I wait for my day cream and serum and primers to dry upon my visage, I enjoy sipping upon the coffee that Bonaparte makes and serves me—princess that I am.  It is also time for me to read one of my favorite blogs, “That’s Not My Age”, by Alyson Walsh. She’s a spunky Brit with tons of style and panache.  She actually qualifies as one of my delusional best friends forever. I’m sure she would call Scotland Yard if I ever showed up within two feet of her, but that’s the way it goes!

This morning I read a post referencing the new “No Makeup Movement”.  Have you heard of this or seen any of the photographs of the many celebrities posing *cough* *ahem* makeup free?

Most of those who have freed their pusses of cosmetics are under 30 and they are wrinkle and rosacea free as well.  They are also lady whisker free.  You know where this is going don’t you?

Yeah.  Harper’s Bazaar glorified quite a few celebrities who snapped “No Makeup Selfies” and I question the “no makeup” part.  Shall we?

Look closely at Heidi Klum’s cheeks.  She’s wearing contour.  Her bottom lip is also a brighter shade of pink than her top lip and that pink isn’t even.  She’s wearing a minimal amount of makeup.  I’m more impressed with that beautiful wrinkle-free neck.  I want Heidi Klum’s neck.


Salma Hayek thinks that snapping a photo of herself with wet hair means no makeup.  Look at her eyes.  She’s wearing a very, very light brown shadow on her lids.  And look at the bottom lids..I detect a bit of liner and mascara.  WTF has cheeks that are naturally illuminated?  Nobody. That’s who!  She’s wearing some sort of highlighter.  Nobody’s hair looks that good wet.  The lighting is also a factor in a softer look.


Lady Gaga is so incredibly pretty. But I am deeply confused.  Either she has a killer spray tan and didn’t want her face tanned, or she applied a ton of powder on her face before this “no makeup” selfie was snapped.  If that is her natural hair, she’s even more gorgeous than I imagined.


I’m having a hard time with this one because it looks like Cindy Crawford has foundation or concealer on that sexy mole of hers. She lined the bottom of her eyes too!  I’m wondering if I’m a freak of nature because MY lips are naturally much darker. I need lip color to get MY lips that Cindy light color.  I think Cindy does too!  Cindy is also very aware of lighting. That’s why she took the photo under the covers.  I love my Cindy Crawford sofa. It’s held up so much better than my overpriced Ethan Allen one.  Cindy is NOT makeup free in this selfie.


Diane Kruger IS gorgeous.  But This is not a completely no-makeup selfie. She’s got lip balm or a very light gloss on.  I detect a bit of a line of demarcation above her upper eyelid.  But the BEST thing about this selfie is that she has the very beginning of fuzz on her chin. Welcome to the world of lady whiskers my pretty!  Soon you will have a tweezer in every purse!

kylie-jenner-bitch-is-wearing-makeupI swear to goddess.  Bazaar had the balls to add this pic of Kylie Jenner in the “no makeup” selfie.  Oh. Wait. This look IS what no makeup means to the Jenner/Kardashian clan!


Alright.  Bar Refaeli is makeup free.  And if I looked like her, I would not have the need to wear cosmetics.  And SHE is one in a hundred million who could carry this off on a daily basis.  She is a freak of nature!   Nobody is that naturally beautiful!


Megan Fox has watermarked her top inner eyelids.  I know this. I do it all the time.  She filled in her brows.  She also filled in her face. She admitted to it in an interview.  So basically, her makeup is internal. 

Now THIS is what I’m talking about. THIS is a true no-makeup photo. It isn’t a selfie. It isn’t from Bazaar.  But it’s a bonafide photo of a woman who is in her late sixties, photographed in natural lighting, without filters.  THANK YOU SAINT HELEN MIRREN!!  Look at the photo after she’s been made up.  The cosmetics that have been applied to her face are not a mask. The cosmetics are enhancing the beautiful features she has.  She looks a good 15 years younger.  I’m very jealous of Mirren. Look at her neck!!!  She’s no turkey!

Now take a look at me without makeup. In one photo the lighting is more natural. In the other, the lighting is more subdued and my hair—or the hair that’s left on my head is cascading over my face to hide some of the many flaws.

Both photos, no makeup. Actually the photo in the subdued light looks much worse than the one of me in regular light.  My lips need some toning down. I have a bit of rosacea. Look. One nostril is larger than the other. That’s because I had a serious Afrin addiction when I was in my thirties.  Back then I didn’t need tweezers in every purse. I carried nasal spray in every purse instead! I was trying to look like Salma Hayek in that other pic –I couldn’t get my hair wet!

I got something to tell youse.  I ain’t getting rid of my makeup. I ain’t leavin’ my house makeup free either! Not now. Not ever. Never!


The only place these eye shadows are going are on my eye lids!


I keep my beauty assistants close by…


I have trunks full of stuff I’ve never even used!


My new brushes now have a special place on my vanity. They are for MY vanity!

The last time I left the house makeup free, with my hair in a bun, I was referred to as “sir”.  My bun must have looked like one of those man buns—or “muns” because of my receding hairline and I’m sure I needed a lip and chin wax.  I rest my case!


Yeah.  Hair back. No makeup.  A bit late to wax the lip and chin. And I”m called “sir”!  Hmmm.. Just like “Sir” Ray Davie and “Sir” Paul McCartney.  I would rather be called Her Highness!

Those crazy celebrities.  Yeah—you can go makeup free when you are younger.  Hell, when I was young I never needed foundation.  I didn’t even wear eyeliner until I reached my thirties!

When I was young it was lip gloss, blush and mascara.  I always had Angel Face pressed powder in my purse because of my then oily “T” zone.  Which I now wish would return!


As a teen, I was never without my Pond’s Angel Face pressed powder. I can still remember the lovely scent it had!

And as I aged—cosmetics became my new best friend.   My once peaches and cream complexion turned into one of dried fruit and sour milk—but sour milk that has been in the fridge that there is a dry-cracked coating. (Yes. This happens. Trust me.  I’ve left milk in the fridge that long).

Foundation brings a new glow to my skin and evens the tone out.


See what I mean. I’m NOT wearing a ton of makeup in this pic.  Just enough to enhance my bone structure and features.  And to NOT make me look like a “sir”!


And all the products that I very carefully apply, some days more carefully than others, I think of as my little assistants.  Because they assist in enhancing the features that I have to bring life back into them.

And I’m not fond of an overly made up look anyway.  I did an experiment a while back. If you may or may not recall–I decided to make myself up like a Kardashian (click the Kardashian name to read the post)

My other Kardashian Selfie. I call this one my Khloe big-ass earring look. I need to get my roots done--but the paste doen'st look half bad!

This was my homage to Khloe–when she wore her hair back.  Now you know why I love to dye my hair–those gray roots look horrific!

My Kardashian selfie. My push up bra needs to be more pushed up! The mouth looks filled though!

This look scared me because Bonaparte liked it so much! Jesus!  Look at my crepey neck!  

It took me forever to slop all those cosmetics upon my face. I needed a nap after I was done.  It’s too much work. I’ll settle for less makeup and more enhancing!  But my point IS cosmetics are a good thing–even better if they make you feel confident!  Right??

So please. I don’t want to be a part of any  movement that feels women should free themselves of cosmetics.

I’m still trying to deal with the militant group who feel women should go gray!  You want to sport gray hair, go do it. But don’t tell me that I should follow suit!  I’m quite comfortable in my naturally dyed jet black #1 hair.

In the end, no matter whether or not we wear makeup. Or whether or not we let our tresses go gray, we are all beautiful people.

Melanie knows that–she sang a beautiful song about it!


About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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41 Responses to Makeup Free Movement? Nope. I’m of the Make Me Up Movement!!!

  1. robjodiefilogomo says:

    I love my makeup too Catherine!!
    Now, don’t get me wrong…there are days I don’t wear it (if I’m not leaving the house, or if I’m going to the gym), but I find nothing wrong with enhancing our faces with makeup. I don’t leave the house without clothing, so why should I without makeup?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jodie! EXACTLY!! Makeup is like clothing–for the face!!! Oh..on Sundays when I know I’m not going out–I go makeup free because I like to give the face a rest, but if I have to run out, the makeup goes on!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. Julie says:

    When I’m at home ,not even leaving my house I have makeup on.It just makes me feel better.

  3. KB says:

    Everything looks better with a fresh coat of paint. Including me. But seriously, I think your hair would be stunning grey. Never say never to anything.

    I’m on media blackout tomorrow. I don’t want to even think about that thing that’s scheduled. I’ll be experimenting with eyelid tape and doing other important things like that.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi KB. If I had “Good” gray hair it would look fine. But my hair needs too much care..actually, I have been relying more and more on my fake hair!!
      Ugh. Don’t even talk about tomorrow. Our country is in for a shit-show that’ll last far more than four years. The damage control after the pig who grabs women by the p&ssy ends his term will be decades of fixing. I still cannot believe that filthy scum is going to be the president of many people but #notmypresident!

  4. Margaret says:

    I agree, since the age of 15 I’ve always felt better with makeup too and feel naked without it. I even notice that I’m treated better with it than without. Now in my mid 50’s, a few years ago I answered my front door without makeup, and some guy selling landscape services asked to speak to the owner of the house. When I told him that I was the owner, he said he thought I was the cleaning lady, after which I slammed the door in his face. What a dufus.

    • Catherine says:

      Margaret. That guy who knocked on your door was worse than a dufus. He was an asshole. And an obnoxious one at that. I would have gotten the number and name of his boss and made a phone call.
      Regardless–it is all about how we feel. And if we feel more comfortable with cosmetics–then we are empowered. Especially as we get older. I love cosmetics!! And I love you!! XOXOXOXO!!!

    • Momcat says:

      OMG!! Our friends had the opposite situation. Hired a cleaning lady through a friend of a friend. Trustingly left the key and payment in the mail box and came home week after week to a sparkling home….a neighbour asked them why a REAL ESTATE lady was arriving every week and leaving the house after a few hours. Turns out the CL was a ultra glam gal who showed up weekly in a Mercedes, in a fur coat with leather pants. Our friend stayed home on cleaning day to check it out. CL was married to s wealthy business man who had refused her $$for a trip ( guess the credit card bill was due) Glam gal fell back on what she felt was the skill that would bring in cash fast ( and was legal) She laughingly told our friend that when door to door types came they always looked doubtfully when she told them she was the CL.Also the reason for the full regalia/maquiage? She was afraid she would meet someone she knew….gal was never seen without makeup! …..she quit two months later having achieved her financial goal and our friends said they never had such a good cleaner again! During Glam Gal’s tenure our make up free friend answered a knock from a door to door type who blurted out “I know you’re not the cleaning lady!”

      • Catherine says:

        Momcat. THAT is a great story!! It’s up there with “never judge a book by its cover” and “you just never know…”! I’m diggin’ this so much!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Raquel says:

    I laughed aloud at your commentary on each of the “makeup free” celebrities.

    • Catherine says:

      Really. Raquel–and you are pretty much the expert on cosmetics!! Not a one (except Mirren and Bar) were completely without makeup!!! I’m so glad you commented!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. mrslucrezia says:

    Witty and fun as usual. Now you have to tell us what products you do use!

  7. Nancy Bennett says:

    Hi Catherine–
    Interesting post. I must admit that I have been too lax in wearing make-up. I’ve always worn eye makeup, blush, and lipstick, but didn’t wear the foundation all the time, even though I sat at makeup counters in dept stores and often bought all the things the cosmeticians encouraged me to buy. Now I’m 61 and have jumped on the “whole shebang” wagon of the full makeup routine. My goal is to take more time/care with make-up. Your make-up posts have been helpful in that regard–I’m always glad to read your tips on techniques and products. I think Helen Mirren is a goddess.
    Your Angel Face ad reminded me of this cleanser from the 60’s that came in a cool jar and smelled great–it was called “Happy Face” and the jar was shaped like a woman’s face and neck.
    I loved that stuff. Do you by chance remember it?
    Tomorrow is a dark, dark day. All during the transition I’ve tried to be brave, hoping that HWSNBN would choose smart, savvy people to advise him. Alas, he’s nominated a confederacy of dunces (the proposed secretary of education is a trainwreck) whose advice he will ignore/mock anyway. I would take out both eyes with a dull fork rather than give any time to the events in DC.
    If I lived in the East I would join the March on Saturday.
    Thanks for the post–I agree with you. Make-up is key.

    • Catherine says:

      Nancy. Do I remember “Happy Face”? Do I remember “HAPPY FACE”? Of course I do. I used it regularly. That little face on the jar with the cute little lined eyes? OMG> That stuff was great!!! Thank you for a bright spot on this rather dismal day. OMG. F*cking Harper’s Bazaar’s website just compared the porno model first wife to Jackie Kennedy. THAT is a mortal sin in the book of me. WTF? Melanoma plagiarized Michelle Obama, posed for many a porno photo and the fashion magazine had the audacity to compare #notmypresident’s mail order bride to Jackie O. Oh no! Oh no you do not! XOXOXOXO!!!

  8. Juliet says:

    Honestly the “no make-up” thing is a total nonsense, it really is. Like you say these women are generally wearing at least a little something to help things along – what is more their looks are their profession. My profession is spent in front of a screen scratching out a living searching medical databases under grotty grey industrial lighting – what are the skills of any of these women at that? In fact how good would any of these women be at any of the jobs WE do? (Try going make up free in this office and you too could have a face that looks like congealed porridge in this lighting) And in fact how good would they be looking if they had to spend most of the day on public transport then in a big open plan room, then trying to decide what is for dinner, picking up groceries, carting it home, and doing any other “messages” (as shopping is called in Scotland), getting home, cooking dinner, maybe attempting some household chores as a side (do these women spend THEIR Saturdays fishing their OHs pubes out of the shower or stripping wallpaper and swearing all the while I ask myself???). No, these women have money, they have assistants, they have stylists, they have time to practice their no make up look, they have lighting, they are not sitting next to “Thumper” who is belting the keys from his keyboard or developing a crick in their neck as there is a phantom office sniffer and you want to know who this irritating person is… They may not have makeup/much makeup on but by golly I reckon at least some of them planned their no make up faces and had their “procedures” to make sure they were looking fresh and dewy and whatever and it probably took more time than most of us have to get them looking that fabulous, I also reckon they are well rested, well exercised and have plenty of opportunity to live that perfect life that most of us call “holidays” and they do not spend most of their waking hours sitting next to colleagues who belch or hum all the time or have a screeching laugh, so naturally they are less likely to look cranky, resentful and harrassed.

    What cheese me off royally about this no make up nonsense is not the fact these pampered princesses have only just discovered their “real” faces, but the fact they have to turn it into a competitive “thing” – oooh get me and my gorgeous face, pfft – some of us even with a truck load of make up and maybe the truck parked in front of us are not going to look that fabulous – I have earnt every single flipping wrinkle – but then my life has been anything but wrinkle free at times and why in hell would I want to look anything other than my 52 years. I am damn proud I am still here and I am damn proud I look the way I do – my wrinkles are stripes of honour, those women may earn their wrinkles in time but really I suspect much of lifes little issues are sorted for them so if anything I’d rank us as much more interesting/human every time.

    Another thing that gets me going is the idea that no make up is a thing – for goodness sake. Wear make up or don’t wear make up – your face and your choice, it is not a “thing”. Because once it becomes a “thing” then it becomes OK for people to start dictating how that “thing” should be done “properly” – this is just another way of telling women how to present themselves and a chance for some wee bint to earn money putting others down, how you dress came first and then what to slap on your face – seriously???! Perhaps a burkha would be easier, or maybe that is the next step for those of us less perfect without our make up …

    Sorry board-hogging, but this no make up thing gets me really riled

    • Catherine says:

      No Juliet. You are NOT board hogging! You are writing some really stellar stuff there my buddy!!!! You are spot on–especially about the “competition” aspect. I swear I never thought of that but you’re right! Yeah. You tell it like it is!!! Thank you!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. Miss Bougie says:

    This is just another fad, another way to sell women’s magazines and/or boost internet traffic. Haven’t you noticed how everything just goes from one extreme to the other in order to create a buzz or a new direction in fashion? Slim fit/bell bottoms, maxi/mini skirts, padded shoulders/tailored vests. Stripes, flowers, reds, blues. Everything so “last year”. Money has to be drawn out of the consumer’s wallet and VAT has to be collected by the State.
    No Makeup is sure to be followed by Enhance your Best Assets. New colour palette, organically sourced (from the Himalayas / Amazon Rainforest / Pure South Sea water) ingredients for even better Skin products. Endless possibilities for the marketing teams.

    One should only listen with one ear and walk on by, as the song goes.
    At our age we know what looks good on us and what doesn’t. So ladies, use your makeup and rock on!

  10. Gina says:

    I do love make up!. But…..I do not dye my hair. From a goldblonde it turned in White. Nog gray, just white and I get tons of compliments about my hair. It shines, has curls and is white!

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Man. Gina. I’m glad you love makeup–but I’m visualizing your incredibly head of curly white hair and I’ll admit. I’m a bit envious!!! XOXOXO!!!

      • Gina says:

        Do you have FB? You can see me on my profile. I’m Bouwchien Klunder. When you invite me, I am more than happy to accept 🙂 XOXOXO

  11. Getting old is a bitch the face will start to go down and wrinkle up the neck.Like one old woman told me do not get old because it is a bitch once you are there. I told her too late. Nice post. The thing is when you are young you do not need make up but when you get older well you know. Have fun.

    • Catherine says:

      Dude. You’re right!! Getting old is a bitch–but it is only a bitch because we get closer to leaving our world. Personally, I would love to be here at 100 or 150! It’s all about the experience!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. Bridget says:

    I’ve always enjoyed makeup. I think it makes me look clean and finished and put together when I’m leaving the house. Just like I want my clothes and shoes to be clean and ready to go, I want myself to look ready to go.

    I think the no-makeup look is fine if you like it. But I don’t like that it’s now a “thing.” Give me a break.

  13. calensariel says:

    Hm… I confess. I seldom wear make-up unless I’m going to the doc’s. Oh, and I always wear it on Sunday. I figure my face is like my house. People don’t come to see my house, they come to see me. They also don’t care if my face is bare or not as it’s my heart that draws them… Then again, I may just be lazy! 😉

  14. LA CONTESSA says:

    LOVE the photos of HELEN M.
    I GET IT!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Elizabeth. I’m coming over to see you! I’ve been crazy-busy at work. But I have to say–I am in love with that collection of tortoise necklaces you have ! XOXOXOXO!!!

  15. Momcat says:

    Ok, I am going to paraphrase a famous American woman who had a husband campaigning ( at the time) for President. The lady in question was a guest on a TV show and was asked about working women vs women who stayed home. Her comment stayed with me all these years, that neither was BETTER than the other. If a woman works outside of the home she deserves to be supported by those who don’t and if a woman stays home she is just as deserving of support. The lady’s point was that regardless of what we do we need to support each other and leave our Judge Judy robes at home…I always think of that comment when I want to put on meh judgey boots to dis on someone (where’d she park her broom?” or “a lick o’ Revlon wouldn’t kill her.”)C’mon, we’ve all had less than charitable thoughts about other women one way or the other. So wear your make up or not, dye or not but support those who do or don’t, no dissing or judging. I dye but support those who don’t. For some, because of sensitivities, dyeing is not even an option. Same with make up too. Frankly, I really only care about the looks of the woman in the mirror looking back at me…and at times I am not all that supportive of her either but learning to be kinder…) although …it is difficult to support some phoney baloney who is sittin’ proud with an ‘unmade up’ face that oh so clearly has make up on it. Oh, honesty where art thou? ( certainly not on Capitol Hill January 20, 2017) so hope the fake ‘no make up’ attitude is not representative of the administration for next four years.
    I feel better with some makeup but for some they feel not themselves…à chacun son goût!!
    BTW The lady was Hilary Clinton😢 She was on the Home Show with Gary Collins.

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks for that Momcat! I definitely try not to be “Judgey” on those whom I know and those who are NOT in the public eye. But–here’s the thing. For those in the public eye who pontificate and are self-righteous. My Judge Judy Robe ain’t coming off!
      Women can do what they want–as long as respect is involved. But when you have someone like Kellyanne Conway………watch out (BTW, I will be getting judgey wit’ i later on HER!!!–but in a comical way!!!)!
      I love Hillary and I miss her more and more each day. But by now she’s most likely relieved. Oy!!! XOXOXO!!!

      • Momcat says:

        Girl, we know that from you there will be NO ‘alternative facts’ ( or whatever that Kellyanne called them) up here we call ’em bold faced lies… Keep telling it like it is!

  16. Hey, Catherine. Love your blog and yes, the no-makeup-brigade – hmmmm! Me no-like! I’m just back from my holiday (in the Caribbean) during which I had a flare up of my eyelid condition and couldn’t wear my eye makeup and contacts. Oh lordy, no makeup and wearing my not very stylish glasses – boo hoo. And what’s more I think I look awful. Will be writing a blog about it and trying to make it a funny thing but in actuality I was so not the person I think I am!!!!!! Will link you in to this blog because you know what #oldladiesneedtheirmakeup

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Penny! I’m so glad you are back. I missed you and your adventures!! I feel badly about your eye and completely feel your pain! Looking forward to reading all about it!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  17. Adryana says:

    You look beautiful with or without makeup 👌 For me wearing makeup depends on a situation. If I go to work, I either wear or don’t wear makeup. It doesn’t really matter to anyone. When I go on a night out with anyone else than my SO, I don’t wear makeup. I just don’t want to draw too much attention to myself. The most I’ll do is mascara and lip balm. It may sound weird but in a society where Trump type people are in lead, it’s safer to go unnoticed.

  18. Nice one. I so love the pictures. I am nominate you for a blog recognition award

  19. You are too funny! I never go out of the house without make up either. I make a good before and after shot, as my make up free self is truly frightening!

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