I Swear To God Almighty I Will Reblog My Open Letter To Society Every Time There Is a Mass Shooting.

This shit needs to stop. I’m not kidding. Once again, American Gun Terrorists strike. And, yes.  Guns DO kill.  And No. Politicians “pretend” to be upset but they are not. Politicians will NEVER seriously do anything to stop the issues with guns because they are afraid of losing votes…………………………………and so it goes…

Once Again, I give you:  My Open Letter To Society

Stars and stripes on gun

America The Triggerful!

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10 Responses to I Swear To God Almighty I Will Reblog My Open Letter To Society Every Time There Is a Mass Shooting.

  1. Tejaswi says:

    and then the nra guys go, We surrender, hands up… 😀
    You tell it to them, girl 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Don’t get me started. My daughter is on a business trip presently in Canada–and the Canadians are still amazed at our barbaric gun totin’ ways. Our country’s gun laws are a laughing stock throughout the world. We have terrorists right in our own backyard in the form of “anyonecanownagun”.

      • Tejaswi says:

        and then some wiseacre will come up with the rejoinder that guns don’t kill people and that people kill people etc… is it not time someone stood up to those sham debate artists and gave them a piece of their mind.. ???? Sure, guns and bombs don’t kill people at all.. that is what the ISIS says too…. so what the hell is the justification?
        Then if you want to drive home a point – if you are so protective of the constitution and its amendments, then why not truly seek equality and liberty for everyone? Stop being so pious about the constitution when you don’t even know who the people were who framed it or where they came from and how they came upon their ideas. The US citizens are quick to tell the world how progressive they are, how they cherish their freedoms and how they pity other people who do not have all that they have. Sure! But hey, take it easy alright? Black people during the apartheid probably had an easier time of it than now when you have trigger-happy bigots on the streets of the “land of the free”. Ha!

        (While I am at it, a trivia q hehehe… do you know who penned the Constitution, not drafted I mean, but whose hand it was which wrote that beautiful script?? hehe.. it never fails to amaze me how many Americans flounder at their own quizzes meant for potential immigrants…. ok, never mind.. that is a tough q probably… hehe)..

      • Catherine says:

        Tej–I agree with all you say! All!!! Was the guy who wrote the words to the Constitution Jacob Shallis? XOXOXO

      • Tejaswi says:

        (Actually Thomas Jefferson himself.. however, the engrossed copy did not have their original handwritings. but to most historians, John Hancock would be the guilty party… his hand, originally. Tom Jeff the draftsman, John H the one who signed it so flamboyantly, hehe)…

  2. Margaret says:

    Well said, I agree on all counts. There’s no self respect anymore, not to mention respect for others. It’s not hard to do and a little would go a long way. When will we learn…

    • Catherine says:

      It’s sad. This America we live in now is not the America I grew up in as a child. It isn’t the America I brought my children into either. People used to be kinder and gentler and had much more respect for themselves and for the lives of others. This is just so wrong on so many levels…

  3. Jane Billman says:

    I was on a business call and I mentioned 14 were killed and this woman pipes up “well if people were armed this never would happen…..” There was a horrified silence ….seriously and we were discussing behavioral health coverage …..and to hear someone even say this just blows my mind
    cannot fathom this thinking……when will people see the madness?

    • Catherine says:

      Oh Jane. That “Well if people were armed” excuse drives me nuts. Are people THAT daft? I mean. Really??? These are the people who, if they were armed and at a mass shooting such as this, they would freeze in their tracks and chances are they would never even USE their guns. I’m so tired of people saying that. We really are on a path to destruction……..It really is insane!

  4. calensariel says:

    All I can say AGAIN is A frickin’ MEN!!!

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