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Leaving For France..But I’ll Be Back!

Hi Everyone! I just wanted to tell you that due to my lack of prowess and ability on my iPhone, I won’t be able to post while away.  I’ll try though. We’ll see what happens… But–I’m using this time to … Continue reading

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Oh Bonaparte! I Didn’t Get “SPAYED”–I Got “Sprayed”!!!

Sometimes I wonder if Bonaparte  pays attention to a word I say. I had a few high-maintenance items to take care of for our trip. The nails were a disgusting mess. So I needed a mani-pedi. But it wasn’t just … Continue reading

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Get The Cell Outta Here! The Emotional Shattering of Setting Up a New iPhone!

About a month ago I dropped my iPhone. As I was getting out of my car, it fell from my lap and onto the driveway.  The screen cracked. Now—it didn’t seem that bad of a crack and there was no … Continue reading

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When The Shit Hits The Fan, Happiness Will Wipe It Away!

Our trip to France has now become a saga. Thank goddess my clothing is packed. In the span of over ten years that Bonaparte and I have been traveling back and forth to France together, we’ve never crossed the Atlantic … Continue reading

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24 Things Women Over 30 Should Wear

I’m hoping that I’m doing this correctly. But I HAD to reblog this post from “Warning Curves Ahead” blog. She “gets” it!!!!!! You may remember my post of a few weeks ago of my version of advanced style. But this … Continue reading

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Don’t Excessorize! Accessorize—Less is More Money!

With a day off yesterday from Retail Hell, and having to work the dreaded closing shift for the next three days, there is little time left for me to focus on the remainder of packing for our trip to France. … Continue reading

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Hits and Misses. That’s and This’s

It’s a sunny Monday and no humidity. I really should wash my hair.  But I’m too lazy. I’ll just wear it in a messy side bun. My new summer “do” is a hit!   I don’t like when my hair is … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Tell Me Where To Go!

Trust me. I’m not talking about that place. It’s hot enough up here; and the humidity makes it worse. Hey. Satan and I are pretty friendly, in fact I’ve interviewed him, but it’s too hot to visit him! No. I’m … Continue reading

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What I’m Watching! How to Beat The Heat and a Hangover!

The first warm-weather, three-day Holiday Weekend to welcome summer (even though it is Sprummer—Spring + Summer), is over. I spent my Memorial Day in what is no longer “Retail Hell” but “Retail Purgatory”. It’s getting better. My strategy is not … Continue reading

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