Attention to Details, Ladies! Attention to the Deets!

Today is February 1st!   In 13 days, it’ll be the one day of the year when everyone shows their love.   I show my love 365 days a year so Valentine’s Day is no big deal for me!


Pshhawww!  EVERY day is Valentine’s Day for me!  I’m a loving person (As long as I’m not reading about #notmypresident!)

But today was the day that, upon waking up, I was able to say “Spring is next month”!!!


Yes. Spring arrives next month.  With my weight loss plateau, I shall be going to Weight Watcher meetings starting next week. I’ll also be purchasing more fake tan.  Watch. I’m getting all Spring-y and it’ll snow big time!


This is also Black History Month.  It’s a time to discover African Americans who added to our culture.  Have you ever heard of the sculptor Mary Edmonia Lewis?  She was one cool lady!  Read about her here:  Edmonia Lewis Bio.


Mary Edmonia Lewis.  She was so pretty (No apologies for talking about her beauty before talent. She WAS beautiful!) and was a talented sculputor to boot! Camille Claudel had some serious competition with Edmonia Lewis in the game!

I’m incredibly fond of Amédé Ardoin a talented African-American Cajun musician. I first heard of him over thirty years ago, and his life story and music hold a special place in my heart. Read about  Amédé here:  Ardoin Bio.


The talented and handsome Ardoin met a sad ending… I think it’s important that we learn about African Americans who contributed to our culture –especially those from our past!

But today is also the day that I realized how important little details are. It happened while I was getting dressed.

Wednesday Hump Day. And I was getting a bit lazy about what to wear.  I’ve been tremendously busy at work and have been leaving earlier to get to the office. And I rush to get dressed sometimes. And that isn’t a good thing.

Anyway, I decided to go basic today with a plain black Tippi Sweater and plaid pants.  Fine.  I wore my hair back in a messy bun because I haven’t had much time to fuss about the locks that I still have and I didn’t have time to fuss with my fake hair either.


I’m pretty basic today.  More about the shoes later in the post!

I was mulling over “Do I wear a scarf, or necklace—blah, blah, blah”.  I had all my makeup on with the exception of lip color.  Perhaps I was too lazy to open the bag I just changed to dig in for one of the many glosses or sticks I have—right???

Then I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I looked a bit on the washed-out side. I looked dull.  I looked “meh”.

img_8895My face is on but no lip color. I look a bit ill. The black crew neckline against my skin doesn’t do much either. I don’t look bad but I don’t look great!

So I took a few moments and did something about it.  With the addition of lip color and inexpensive fake pearls, I changed up my look.  And the change up was 100% better!


Only difference in the face is the lip color–and it isn’t dark either–just a soft pink gloss.  A fake freshwater pearl necklace gives me some life and the pearl earrings wake me up.  I’m a huge fan of white against the neckline. For some reason it is very flattering on everyoe!

I looked down at the flats I was wearing.  As much as I love J. Crew clothing (especially this season’s offerings), the brand’s shoes leave something to be desired.  I have the Gemma flats. They are not wearing as well as I would expect.  So, I took them off and put on a pair of heels that looked much better.



The Gemma flats have lost shape. A shoe better left for lousy weather days because they can’t be ruined any more than they are!


I changed to a better quality heel.  The shape is much better and look at the beautiful toe cleavage!


The pants look so much better with the heels!

Three little things to give me a more polished, professional and lively appearance!

Sometimes we just don’t pay attention to detail when it comes to the way we look.  I’m horrible when it comes to polishing shoes. It drives Bonaparte crazy. This is something that drove my father absolutely nuts. He had a thing about immaculately polished shoes.  And on evenings when he was off from his job as a NYC Police officer, he would have us line our shoes up for school and he would polish the shoes.  (My mother was more concerned with our home being immaculate!)

Little details.

I changed up my bag from yesterday!  And I have just as much “STUFF”!  I love the red bag and the red watch band.  Details that really work!

It’s funny because I am not big on accessories.  I have scarfs but they are worn mostly in the winter to keep me toasty and to hide my turkey neck.

I have many earrings but wear few.  It’s usually either hoops or pearl studs.

One accessory I’m starting to get into is the watch.  I’m really into timepieces these days. I like the way they feel on my wrist. Better than a bracelet.


My new Stuhrling Watch.  It was around $50.00 on Overstock. I love the packaging!


This Daniel Wellington watch was one of  the Christmas gifts I received from the kids.  I’m loving the matching rose gold cuff too!

I like the way they look.


Left to right.  My most sentimental gift from Bonaparte. It was the first gift he gave me.  A Bulova gold and silver watch. With diamonds.  I’ve been wearing this for many years!  Middle, is an inexpensive watch from Nordstrom Rack and Right a wrap strap watch from Michael Kors.  I’m really getting into watches.  Nice arm candy if you ask me!

And the nails—it does make a difference when my nails are well-manicured.  My hands look nicer and when the nails are longer the fingers look slimmer. Actually, when Kim, my favorite nail technician comes back from Vietnam, I need to make a visit to her. I miss her!!  I need to get the nails cut a bit.


The nails are also part of the attention to detail.  My favorite color is OPI Dutch Tulips!  It’s the best red!

How about you?  Are you big on detail?  Do you pay more attention when you catch a glimpse of yourself and go “Ewwww”—like I do.  Or are you pretty much on your detail game?  It’ll be fun to find out!



See–even my Bitmoji looks better with lip color!!!!! Details!

Today, I’m giving you a little cultural gift of Amédé Ardoin’s music.  I swear, listening to his “Eunice Two Step” makes me want to go to New Orleans, go to Tip’s and dance to some great Zydeco all night!

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12 Responses to Attention to Details, Ladies! Attention to the Deets!

  1. Susan says:

    Love your blog!!!! I do have a question: where do you purchase your bag inserts/organizers?


  2. Kay Bee says:

    Wow! You are so right! It’s amazing how the pumps change the entire look of the slacks; I dare say they went from “casual” to “chic!” I learn so much here – thanks for being my favorite blog!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kay Bee! Isn’t it incredible what a pair of pumps can do? The look changes completely! And I thank you for enjoying this blog — your comment is very inspiring to me!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Margaret says:

    Oh yes, I’m big on detail, especially in the winter when I look very washed out and pale so I have to wear a heavier pigmented lipstick (while keeping the eyes neutral). Thanks for the tip about the pearls, I can really see the difference in your pics, beautiful! I’m looking forward to Spring too, Staten Island Chuck didn’t see his shadow today so that’s a good sign. Happy Groundhog Day!!

    • Catherine says:

      Happy Groundhog Day to you too Margaret! Staten Island Chuck probably went back into his hole to get away from my favorite Mob Wife–Renee. I miss that show so much!! But yeah. I’m telling you–those fake pearls work magic in giving some oomph into the tired washed out winter looks!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. calensariel says:

    I’m not too detail oriented except for jewelry. Like you, I have tons of earrings, but the ones I wear the most are in a ceramic leaf on my dresser. Maybe ten pairs. Necklace? Depends on the neckline. Rings? Wedding rings on my left, Celtic eternity band on my right. (One of my biggest put offs is women who wear ten rings!) Bracelets or watch? Seldom.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lady Calen. same ol’ same ol’ earrings are in a little ceramic dish on my vanity. And the rings. I only wear the engagement and wedding ring and when I go out maybe the pearl ring or maybe my initial ring. I’m not a fan of too much finger candy!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. LA CONTESSA says:


    • Catherine says:

      Hey Elizabeth. It’s been 5 months. But with the election, my stress eating has taken over. I need the support right now. It is what it is!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. Juliet says:

    Oh the details make or break an outfit! That said, I am not wearing much in the way of accessories at the moment as our bedroom is being decorated – therefore I have no idea where most of my belongings are!!! I love a nice scarf, and I love a good simple watch (I wear a stainless steel mesh strapped skagen with a deep blue face, it is actually a men’s model but the chunkiness makes my wrist look smaller), and I am a sucker for earrings, especially as I have made a few of my own. I have come late to the world if make up – mother always thought it was fuss and nonsense and she pretty much made it clear that no amount of make up was going to make me less than plain (do I have hang ups because if mother? erm…..) but it helps – otherwise I have a pale face with pale eyes and look invisible. What I do care about in terms of detail is the way things are cared for – buttons that look like they are on their last dangle, hanging threads, coats needing a brush down etc – just that unkempt look drives me nuts.

    The important thing about details is how it makes you feel – that little bit if titivation lifts the mood I am sure, and that lifts people’s perceptions of you.

    I don’t do anything to my nails apart from short and clean – I have a phobia of people going near them and I need them short for various hobbies, but scruffy has no excuse!

  7. Yvonnew says:

    You always look great and so well put together and you know what suits. Brillant💫

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