I Got Framed! Let’s Talk Eye Glasses!

It was time for me to get a stronger prescription for eye glasses.  Between looking at a computer all day and looking at figures, my eyes were becoming a bit weaker.  And as a life-long wearer of eye glasses, I know when the peepers need a stronger prescription!


When I say life long I mean it!  I wore glasses as a child. And back in the day, frames like these were my only option.  

My current (now my old) glasses are five or six years old.  And the basic reason I hadn’t gotten a new pair was twofold.  I love the frames and hadn’t seen anything similar.  Those Giorgio Armani frames  I have cost a small fortune.  And even with the medical bennies I had at the time, they still ended up costing a fortune.

The second reason is that I was scared that the doctor would find something horribly wrong with me. What if there was a tumor behind my eye?  What if the skin cancer that I had years ago, showed up in my iris or retina?  What if I have glaucoma?  What if I really am going blind?  How would I put my makeup on and do whatever hair I have left on my head?


Yes. If it’s eye -health related or any health-related question. I never say that I’m Okay. That’s because I never know if I am or not!

Trust me. I’m not the greatest patient on earth and many eye professionals sort of didn’t want me back a second time.  I’m not that girl who gets a “reminder” from the eye doctor.

Anyway, with my new vision plan, Davis Vision, I perused through the selection and found Dr. Lucas Baird and his practice, Baird Optical. I loved the fact he was local and that he had a brand new practice! It meant he hadn’t dealt with difficult people like me!


If you live in the Philly suburbs and need a eye exam or new glasses, take a trip to see Dr. Baird! Your eyes will thank you!

Not since my days of Dr. Stevens, my childhood-into adulthood eye doctor, and the one eye doctor who tolerated me for many years, has my eye exam visit been so comfortable, pleasant and non-stressful.   This young doctor is going to have a very successful career ahead of him. Between his genteel manner, his knowledge, his great bedside manner, and his love of dogs—he’s great!


Dr. Baird!  Isn’t he so cute?

He assured me that I did not have a bad eye disease and I was not going blind and he did so without that look that says “This one is crazy”.  He was kind and attentive—or perhaps just respectful of old people! Either way, Dr. Luke made me feel comfortable! I was glad to have a new eye doctor I could trust!

OK—now get this– I went into Dr. Baird’s practice with every intention of not getting frames from the selection he carries.  Instead I figured I would go to a fancier, more hip center for frames. Because, after all, I’m hip. And I can also be a bit of a glasses snob. I was even thinking of waiting for our upcoming trip to France to purchase new frames but the fact is—I needed new glasses yesterday!

So, while waiting for my dilated eyes to simmer down, I looked at the selection of frames offered.  And I saw some very fashionable ones! I saw some downright great ones!  One pair, in particular, had a rather heavenly glow about it.  I was mesmerized as I walked over.  They were round—just my kind of frame. They were black. The color I love. They were—Ray Bans!!! I couldn’t believe it.


This stock photo may be tortoise but my new frames are black. The frame is RX2180V.

I’ve always had a fondness for the cool, hip brand of eye wear known as Ray Bans, but their frames never quite looked that good on me.  I have a square face.  Ray Ban is infamous for those slightly oversized squared, Buddy Holly type frames that just do not look good on my square face!


Yeah. It’s hip to be square and even more hip when you have a square face and find those perfect round eye glass frames!


And, unfortunately, this type of frame does nothing except enhance the squareness of my angular face!

If you have ever needed eyeglasses, I’m sure you’ve read the many articles about the “best frames for your face shape”.  Since I am well-aware of the shape of my face, I pretty much know what works best for the square face—and it ain’t squared glasses or any angular-cut frames.


These charts are actually pretty helpful when it comes to finding out the shape of your face.


And rounded frames really DO flatter the angular and squared face!

Some years back, it seemed that no matter what your face shape, the only choice in eye wear was the square or rectangular frame.  This was not a good look for most people. And I’m still flummoxed as to why rectangular frames are still incredibly popular.



A throwback from the days when I could not find any frames except rectangular ones. And the fact these transitional lenses looked even more horrific on me makes me wonder why I still have them!

Let’s take a look-see at some of my frames over the years. Shall we?


I call this look my “Sally Jesse Raphael” look.  Red oversized frames. Just like Sally Jesse Raphael’s!  They were huge. And I LOVED them.  Here I am with Jake he was almost two years old so this was in 1985.  I know this is crazy but I still love those frames!


Sally Jesse in her iconic glasses!  I wish they would bring these back!  I would get another pair. In a minute!


A little less “Sally” but still oversized and round!  I love that lip color.  


The glasses are a bit smaller and the frames thinner. I also loved these glasses too!  And YES. THAT is my real hair! It was very big and I miss the bigness of it.  It looks more fake than the real fake hair I wear now to make my thinning hair look thicker!


I stuck to the round thinner frames through my auburn hair days!  Then switched back to thicker ones as my hair got longer!


Oh my goodness! What a GHASTLY look!  This is my hot mess look and those glasses don’t help!  Those awful frames do nothing for my face. Not that it would matter. This was when I was going through my divorce. I was having fun with the kids.  Oona or Roman snapped this lovely pic of me while I was cleaning the house.  Boy–was I ever in need of a haircut or what??????  At least I was wearing a nice shade of lipstick! 

img_9207Looks like I got a well-needed hair cut! But the frames..are they rectangle?  Are they oval?  They are somewhere in the middle and are way too small for my big face!


Oops!  Back in time to the thin, large, round frames. The more I look at these, the more I miss them!  I also miss my unwrinkled face!


Now we’re back to the unflattering rectangular frames. Ugh!  And while we are at it, I’m not thrilled with that bobbed hairstyle either. It was too high maintenance. Cheers!


Here I am in Paris clowning around on Pont Neuf with Daniele and our friend, the actor Antoine Bourseiller.  I miss both of them. But the glasses–I can’t even describe the shape. Somewhat round. Somewhat rectangular.  Too small for my face.

me-square-glassesI wonder who was driving while Oona and I were posing?  I’m horrified by that pale lip color I’m wearing. I look washed out. Maybe I was sick.  But the glasses. See what I mean about the squared shape?  It really isn’t flattering.  At least the frames are larger!

img_9172I found this pair while cleaning out a closet a while back. I don’t even remember when I got them. There’s a reason I can’t remember–they are a very bland frame.  Not flattering and not non-flattering. Just boring.


The glasses that I’ve had for a few years now. I love them. And they are presently in Dr. Baird’s hands getting new lenses so that I have a back up pair for my new eye glasses..


My new, round Ray Ban Frames! I ADORE these frames. I LOVE them because the frame is thicker than my beloved Armani frames and they are bigger. Not to mention the prescription is stronger and I can see better!

And guess what?  Bonaparte isn’t crazy about my new frames. He likes the Armani’s better.  But I’m the one wearing them so…..

Does it really matter what  frames you wear when it comes to eyeglasses?  The only thing that matters is this.  Are you comfortable in the glasses.  Do you love them? Do you feel you look great in them?  Do you feel confident in them? Do you love how they look on you? And–can you see better in them?

And that is all that counts!  Hey. Get your eyes checked. Sight is one of the senses. And with sight we get to see how beautiful our surroundings are. We get to see the beauty of life. And that is so important. Donja think?

And finding the right eye doctor counts too!  It’s funny–as I was writing this post, Bonaparte checked the mail and look what came!  A “Thank You” card from Dr. Baird and a gift card to …Starbucks!  That is the nicest gesture!  Thank YOU Dr. Luke!


I’ll tell you, I was thrilled and touched to receive this. Usually eye doctors close up the door when they see me coming!

New glasses. Better sight. What other song could I end this post with than Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now”!  It’s a beautiful song.

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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27 Responses to I Got Framed! Let’s Talk Eye Glasses!

  1. hipchick66 says:

    Love your new frames, and your old ones! We glasses wearers know better than anyone else what suits us. I’m one of those that does look better in more rectangular frames, although I miss my oversized ones. My prescription is so strong, even with high index lenses, I have to go very small or the weight would crush my face!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori. Right? It takes a long-time eye glass wearer to know what works for us! I find that a more delicate face looks much better with the rectangular frames! But I thought it was funny that Bonaparte didn’t care for my new glasses because, to me, they look tons like my old ones–then again, my eyes……XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. Momcat says:

    Girl, I am loving those frames…and your personal history of eyeglasses photo museum! I have really severe myopia and astigmatism and my first glasses (at age 8) were those crazy cat eye frames with gold glitter… I didn’t about the teasing because I could finally SEE. I got contacts at 16 ( the hard kind) and that was 47 years ago. I can’t wear soft lenses so moved up to Boston lens or gas permeable lenses. Lately my old eyes can’t tolerate long stretches of lens wearing so time to upgrade my glasses. Yes my last pair were the rectangles and they were RayBan. My son, who is a hipster and therefore devoted to RayBan Buddy Holly’s, told me to go to Costco and check out the sunglasses in the prescription farm department. I did and although I didn’t find RayBans the lady found me a great pair of Italian shades that Costco transformed into regular prescription glasses for me. I get plenty of compliments and they gave me the sunglass lenses so the frames can be converted back should I move on to another frame when I get a lens upgrade. Yeah, Costco has awesome, stylish frames. Who knew? Also dirt cheap.. because my lenses are really expensive due to the complicated prescription. I get my contacts through my optometrist who had many a sleepless night creating those puppies…we worked on that prescription for weeks, he’s that kind of perfectionist. Lucky both my husband and I have insurance but doesn’t cover the whole cost.
    .You look like a young Jackie Kennedy in some of those early shots but I think your longer hair is more youthful looking than the bob, I bobbed my hair last year and added about ten years to my face…back to my shoulder line now with light layers, much better.
    Off to Québec City next weekend for a belated Valentine celebration avec mon mari. You gotta get up there sometime!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Momcat! Oh. I know about those pricey lenses for sure! I had surgery when I was five. I have an ambliopic eye, astyigmatism and other stuff going on. I wore glasses since I was two, And the good Dr. Stevens told me that to protect my good eye, I would never be able to wear contacts because if anything ever did happen to my good eye I would be walking around with a seeing eye dog. Regardless though, I do love glasses. They’ve been a part of me forever. But, some years bring better eye looks than others!
      The bob. Ugh. Yes. I do think longer hair is far more youthful and flattering than the bobbed style. It takes a certain something to wear a bob if you aren’t a child!
      And the Costco–I’ll check the frames out there. I need prescription sunglasses and don’t want to spend a fortune on frames!
      I’m dying to go to Quebec but a certain “someone” doesn’t want to venture up to Canada during winter months! He loves Quebec and wants to go back but when it gets warmer!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Liz McGarry says:

    Cathy, you look great in both the Armanis and the Ray Bans…If you find a shape that works, stick with it. I’ve been wearing glasses since age 11, tried contacts but my eyes are too dry, and have been through the good, the bad and the (very) ugly in terms of frames. I see so many older women wearing “invisible” glasses…rimless or with very thin silver or gold rims…I think this look has an aging effect, especially on those of us white haired, pink skinned Irish types. I recommend frames with a little heft to them and with some definite – not too pastel-ish – color. I take my fight against invisibility very seriously and think very visible eyeglasses are a step in the right directions!

    “Always remember, we are NOUNS (elders), not ADJECTIVES (elderly).”
    Keep up the good fight…

    Liz McGarry

    • Catherine says:

      Liz. Those rimless invisible glasses are just awful! And you are 100% correct –they have an aging effect on anyone who wears them. It’s true though. Glasses should be seen! If you pick the right frames, they can be incredibly flattering too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Your story about not being the best patient reminded me of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine couldn’t find a doctor to diagnose her mysterious rash, so funny! I’ve been wearing reading glasses for a few years now, got tired of the drugstore styles and found a cool pair from Anthropologie with lavender arms and burgundy around the lenses, everyone thinks that they cost a fortune but I got them on sale for $25.00.

    I love bold framed glasses because they’re more of a statement piece than just being utilitarian, and your new ones are so similar to the Armani’s that they also look great on you. Nice!!

    • Catherine says:

      Margaret. I so indentify with Elaine Benes. I just got back from my physician (I’ve had the worse stomach bug since sunday evening) and was “Am I ok”, “Is my blood pressure ok” “do I need more tests” “Is my heart ok”? The doctor gave me a very happy “goodbye”. I think she was happy to see me leave!
      I like a bold glass too. They are more fun and more of a statement. I do like that suggestion of what you did with the Anthro frames…..XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Nancy says:

    Hi Catherine–
    Funny you should write a post about eyeglasses–I am an eyeglass-aholic! I wear glasses (no-line bifocals these days) and have had a history such as yours–the big Sally Jessy specs, the John Lennon-ish tiny wire frames, the oh-so mod Oscar de la Rentas in a flesh-tone color, men’s black Rayban wayfarers to name a few–I’ve had all kinds. I’ve been known to buy sunglasses I’ve loved, and then have my eye dr put the new prescription in them. Result–I have about six pairs I rotate (some are slighter weaker prescriptions from years back that are my back-ups) but my faves are Gucci tortoise shells and Tommy Bahama black and white frames. I even have a very very old bent up pair for “bed glasses” so I can watch tv from bed. Since I often roll over on them, they are so sprung and hideous. But that’s their purpose.
    I love your frames (I had similar ones in red but I didn’t rock them like you do) . And, btw–I do like the rectangular frames in the pic of you and Oona.
    I think it’s cool to have trademark frames as you do. I also think it’s neat to change the frames depending on the day,the whim,the mood, the weather, the news the hangover level, the caffeine level, etc. And I think it’s cool that you write about doing your eye make-up so eyes look great behind frames. That has helped me lots, so thanks thanks thanks for those eye makeup tips.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy! You’re welcome!!! I actually like your idea about rotation. Now that I’ll be getting the Armani frames back I can rotate between the two–and those “bland” glasses in the post. I can use those as “Bed” glasses. That bed glasses thing is the greatest! I”m glad you shared!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. Luísa Vasconcelos says:

    Hi Catherine, I also had my history with eyeglasses and HATED them. I had myopia and behind the lenses my eyes looked so small. I felt that, looking at me, all people could see were eyeglasses. Fortunately, about 25 years ago I had laser surgery and the result was wonderful. But, you look f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c and your frames are great. And your smile really lightens your face. I almost can hear your laughter. For some reason, this brings me the importance of the self image we grow up with. For several years I used to feel a sort of an ugly duckling which deeply marked my teens and young adult years. Now, this kind of makes me laugh and I know how to make the best of how I am but, at the time, it was really important. Maybe because of that, I like to tell some of my teenager students how pretty they are and suggest small changes to enhance their best features. ;))
    Anyway, I always love to read you stories. In your funny and gentle way you manage to touch subjects that are really important. I mean, if we really pay attention, what really matters in life is the sum of many many apparenty unimportant things.
    And, very, very important: you really should come to Portugal. You’d be amazed at how beautiful the country is. I live in Lisbon and I can assure it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Just google some images. And, for you, the prices are fantastic and the food and the wine!!!
    I would be delighted to give all the suggestions you need. Besides, the idea of speaking french is really appealing. Besides portuguese, it’s the language I feel more comfortable with. I’ll be happy to email my contacts in case you decide to come.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Luisa! O.M.G.!! You hit on a great subject here. I think most of us have gone through that “ugly duckling” phase. Trust me. I had a pixie cut because my mother couldn’t deal with my mass of frizz and curls–this was at 12 through 13 and those years are so formative. I had a unibrow. My upper lip needed to be waxed. I was a mess! As I got older I learned how to deal with the features that I was born with. And looking back, I am glad I wasn’t beautiful Jane Birkin stated it so well when she said that she was glad she wasn’t born beautiful because it is the young beauties who have the most difficult time aging (not verbatim). Wise words! Oh. I would LOVE to visit Lisbon. My son Jake went to school with a girl who moved here from Lisbon and I loved to hear how beautiful it is there from her mother! I hope someday I do make to your city and we can meet each other!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Bridget says:

    I need to get new frames to go with my new Rx, but I haven’t been able to get out with my broken ankle, so I have to wait a little longer. I had a pair of glasses that were PERFECT, but I broke them a couple of years ago, when I had a bad fall. And the frames were discontinued. 🙁

    Finding glasses for me is tricky, since I have trifocals. Hopefully I’ll be able to replace my current pair which are making me stabby!

    Love the new glasses, btw!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget. Don’t you hate that? When something you love is discontinued. That’s why I’m glad I took good care of my Armani frames because…..they’ve been…discontinued!! I am awaiting the new lenses for them!! Get that foot better!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  8. You do know how to choose frames that suit you. They all look trendy 🙂

  9. calensariel says:

    Good Lord! You were makeup to clean the house??? Those first squat square glasses make you look like Yoko Ono! And I LOVE Sally Jesse glasses. I’ve had two pair. They’re my favorite. 😀

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lady Calen! LOL. Yeah. It was a bad time for me. You can tell by the awful shade of lipstick!! I love the reference to Yoko. I think she’s one cool lady! But yeah. Those Sally Jesse glasses are my favorites of all time! They need to make a comeback!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. Discovering glasses for me is dubious, since I have trifocals. Ideally I’ll have the capacity to supplant my present combine which are making me stabby!..Love the new glasses.

  11. Murphy says:

    I love your blog! And thank you for admitting to your fear about going to the eye doctor- I have some of the same fears and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Your new glasses are pretty on you!

  12. Julie says:

    You look good in glasses,not everyone does. Whenever I go try on glasses, I always have to bring someone, I cannot see if they look good on me. that’s a problem.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie! Thanks. After living my life in glasses, though, I”ve gone through the good and bad years. I found my niche with the round frames!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  13. doodletllc says:

    Catherine – Love the photographic history of you and your glasses…I see how the round frames suit your face better than the rectangles…these new frames are fun and that’s what it’s all about!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jeanne. Thanks!! It’s fun to see those different frames through the years. Hey. Your daughter has been in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all is well!!! XOXOXOXO!!

      • doodletllc says:

        Thanks Catherine for your thoughts and prayers. The doctors are thinking she had mono that negatively impacted her blood. She is still in pain and has missed a good bit of school but I see a glimmer and am hopeful that she is getting better. 2017 has been a rough beginning for us all.

  14. Penny says:

    I have a real problem with wearing glasses and don;t like my look at all. But you, you’re so right in them! I love your new glasses and you look great in them xxxx

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