More Greatness of Makeup Samples, Some Lip Cents and More Stuff for the Mature Ladies!

It started out simply enough. I ran out of Well-Rested. If you’ve been following my misadventures, you know that bareMinerals Well Rested is a Holy Grail cosmetic product for me.  As soon as I get to the bottom of the barrel, I make a beeline to the mall to replace it. I won’t even dare take the Well Rested that I have in my travel bag out to use as a replacement out of fear I will forget to place it back in its secure little travel home.

My beloved Well Rested. I’m very territorial with this stuff. Even Chippy knows better. Note the face cloth I have under the product. I protect my little vanity! Note the tweezers for the chin hairs!

I also had to run to J. Crew.  Last month I ordered a cute off-the-shoulder dress.  Vacation is coming and it looked like a great little frock to wear after pool and beach time.  The dress, in a Medium, was just too big.  I wasn’t wearing the dress—the dress was wearing me.  The dilemma was exchanging for a smaller size or just returning the dress.

The dress. I love it but it was wearing ME!

Naturally, Bonaparte had to accompany me because he is my spending police—or rather my non-spending police. He lives in a fog of stress worrying that I have secret credit cards stashed into the C-cups of my bra or tucked into a secret compartment of my wallet.

So off we went.

I stopped at J. Crew first and ended up trying on a few things before deciding to size down in the dress. And with some left-over money from a gift card, purchased a cute tee.

I ended up purchasing the “Salut” tee–it’s going in my suitcase for vacation.  I tried on the white pants with the tiny stars and they were too transparent for my taste and looked a bit like pajamas. I LOVED the orange dress but the fabric is just too heavy for this time of year.  I sized down in the off-the-shoulder dress. I really like it!

Next stop. bareMinerals Boutique.  I could have gone into Sephora, but I happen to like the service of this brick and mortar bareMinerals shop.  And while making the transaction for my beloved Well-Rested, I glanced at a display for liquid gel foundation.

As much as I love Well Rested, I’ve never been able to wear the brand’s mineral foundation. My skin is very dry and the fine powder just never worked for me.  My crossed eyes almost uncrossed at the surprise that BM was now selling a non-powder foundation.

The BareSkin foundation costs $29.50. Not bad considering what I usually pay for a good foundation.  The spectrum of shades was impressive.  But not taking any foundation for granted, or having it be a complete fail which translates into a waste of money, I asked if samples were available.

The sales assistant told me she could prepare a sample and chose the shade Bare Natural 07 for me.  She also made it a point to tell me that I should not apply the product with a blending sponge.  A brush is needed to apply.  It was a humorous moment as I told her that my dog, just a couple of days earlier, dined upon the fourth beauty blending sponge that I had.

Mlittle goodie bag.  I’m telling you, I’ve been wearing Well Rested for over five years now. I love this stuff!  LOVE it!

She also gave me a couple of samples of other products and off I went.

Who doesn’t love a mask?  Even better when it’s a sample you never expected!  I haven’t used these yet–but I will use them real soon!

I tried the foundation when I returned home from work last night.  I wanted to write about it but I also wanted to try the foundation in its “bare” state. Without a primer on my face.

The sample really had enough for two full applications.  Chelsie was very specific in her instructions too! I appreciate that!

As instructed, I shook the small sample very well.  When I squeezed it onto my hand, the foundation felt more liquid than an actual gel. It didn’t feel too thick but the color seemed very dark and more yellow than what I’m used to.

Yikes!  It doesn’t match my skin tone at all!

The application process with the brush was fine. The foundation didn’t feel cakey or heavy, but certainly was not full-coverage as I was told.

When I looked in the mirror, the color looked uneven. But more disappointing was that it made my skin appear dry and every single line in my face was more visible than ever.

I KNOW, my lips are chapped. I was biting them while working on a project. But the color is “off”..

It gave a very matte look, not dewy and, in my case, not moisturizing.

See how dry my skin looks? I’m wondering how much or how little a primer WOULD work?  I really like a foundation with a more dewy, luminous finish.

If you inspect closely, you can see the makeup falls into little lines and the color really is uneven.  It also could have been because the color was just so “off” for me.

All is not lost though.  I’m going to go back for another sample. This time for a much lighter foundation and I’ll apply primer first.   I will make my final assessment with the next sample.

But that’s the important thing.  Ask for a sample before you purchase a good cosmetic.  Oddly enough the $6.00 elf Flawless Finish Foundation I have gives better coverage.  But the point is that samples are priceless.  Having a sample will allow you to really try the product on your own terms.  And don’t ever be afraid to ask for a sample—you are thinking about an investment for your face!!!!

The bareMinerals shop was very generous with the samples. Sephora is very generous with samples—always has been. Nordstrom is also excellent in their generosity with giving samples.  I try to purchase cosmetics in sample-friendly establishments!

Foundations need to be chosen wisely. Some have a great tendency to oxidize. Others end up drying your skin and others can feel like a ball of grease.  Samples will save you money and aggravation.

Hey. Have you heard of LipSense?  This long-wearing lip product achieved a cult status!  There’s a lot of hype about it.  And supposedly can only be purchased from a distributor but I saw it on Amazon.  It’s friggin’ expensive!  And I am not one who likes to spend money on lip products because none of them wear too long.

$25 for this tube!  It promises to keep your lips moist.  Look–I can use all the goop, grease, oil and whatnot on my lips and they STILL chap.  I think if you have a tendency toward chapped lips on a continuous basis, nothing will help. I’ll pass on spending this kind of money on a lip color. But that’s just me….

If you want a long-lasting lipstick that isn’t as expensive. Might I recommend Cover Girl Outlast lipstick?.

I’ve purchased Number 550 three times and am very happy with it. I wrote about this lip product twice before because I think it is an excellent product. And a less expensive price than the expensive long-lasting lip products!

I wanted to see just how long this product would last.  I started this experiment earlier in the week when I wore the orangey-red from the All-Day Custom Red collection.

This peachy-redish-coral color is Number 800. I wore it in the photo above and the color lasted through most of the day.  It was applied at 6:45 in the morning and Lasted well into the afternoon. I took this photo around 2 PM–almost 8 hours. I cannot complain.

On Sunday, while after doing my roots and giving myself a roller set, I decided to see how long this color would last…It’s another mauve, which I like a lot..

Because my lips are so naturally pigmented, I added a bit of concealer.  Mind you, I had NO other make up on at all. I gave my face a rest!

Here we go–about 10 in the mornin’!

Around noon. Moments before my green shake!

About 1:30. This stuff ain’t goin’ nowhere!

3PM and the color is still where it should be. You like the toilet paper covering my rollers?  I’m a class act.  The paper absorbs the moisture from my hair and gives more volume when I take the rollers out. It’s kind of a joke these days because I just plop a wig or topper over the just-set hair. Oy vey!

4 o’clock and it wasn’t off yet.  I would say it wore off after my second aperitif!  But the point is–this lipstick really DOES last!

This is $7.49 at Walmart and worth every cent!  And this stuff has been around for at least 12 years but doesn’t seem to get the love it deserves.  Oona wore it to Irish Dance competitions when she danced because the stuff didn’t transfer onto the very expensive dance dresses she wore.  It really does stay put.  I my not have had the most active day on Sunday but I did finish a green shake, a banana and chewed some gum and the color stayed on.

OK I’m also late to the show here.  I worked long and hard on that wig post from Sunday.  But-I have some good news for the ladies who are thinking of a wig purchase.  Divatress sent me the news that they ship internationally. You can get an estimate when you place items into your cart. In addition, I received some coupon codes for this month.  For new customers use NEWDIVA10 –it’ll get you ten percent off your purchase.  The other coupons are SPRING5 off an order for $70 or more and SPRING10 for orders of $100 or more. I think I’ll use one of these coupons. 

Anyway, here’s a “sampling” of the clothing choices that I wore last week.  I’ve had these clothes for years so they are as “long lasting” as the lipstick I just wrote about!

This was last Monday’s outfit. The weather was crummy. I didn’t feel like dressing up much and I decided to wear this dress that hadn’t fit me in years.  Gap. On sale. Very simple look..

I wore this last Tuesday. Another bad weather day. I love the Tory Burch tunic. I got it during a huge internet sale. 75% off. This is a size 10 and didn’t fit me for a long long time. Her tunics run very small and I’m happy to say this fits very nicely now.  Some tunics can be a bit loosey-goosey but the fit on this one is very flattering!

Wednesday (on second thought it may have been Thursday) was my “homage to Air France “flight attendants day. The navy dress. The scarf. The fake hair pulled back.  Another simple look and very professional!

Hands down, this was my favorite outfit last week. Navy pants. Navy blazer, orange Repettos, the orange and blue scarf I stole from my daughter and an orange Longchamp bag. I really LOVE this look. 

Casual Friday. I dressed up a torn jeans and sneakers look with a lady jacket.  I paid twenty bucks for this jacket about three years ago at Nordstrom Rack. It FINALLY fits.  All in all, every item I wore last week was years old with the exception of the jeans, which I purchased last November and the sneakers which I purchased in March (or was it the beginning of April).  That lipstick I’m wearing–I applied it Thursday morning–ONLY KIDDIN”!!!

Speaking of long wearing and long lasting, here’s a “sample” of one of my favorite songs that has been long lasting in my world. James Brown’s “Hot Pants”  Uh!!!

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29 Responses to More Greatness of Makeup Samples, Some Lip Cents and More Stuff for the Mature Ladies!

  1. KEWLM0M says:

    Hi Cathe! As usual, another great, informative post! I wonder if you could tell me, does the Bare Minerals Well Rested behave like the regular Bare Minerals foundation? Their regular foundational doesn’t work for me – it’s drying and seems to accentuate any lines in my face, a lot like what you said. What’s different about the Well Rested? And TYVM for sharing your tireless work to be our best selves!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kewl! Thank Goodness the bareMinerals Well Rested does NOT behave the way the powdered foundation does. I would not be able to use it if it did! I use the well rested in the corners of my eyes where the blue is. It covers everything without that drying thing. I love it!!! It’s the best concealer ever. A little goes a long, long way!!! And you are welcome!!! OXOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. Liz McGarry says:

    Cathe…do you know of any wig maker who makes a topper in white? My Irishness has blessed (?) me with white hair and pink skin. I am 72 years old and dyed my hair for many years as I started turning grey when I was 18. I stopped about 5 years ago and don’t want to go back to my old brown, highlighted hair. My hair is getting very thin and I’d like to have a “plan B” ready for when I need it. The lightest color topper I’ve found has been “salt and pepper” which doesn’t work for me…I appreciated your help with my foundation issue even though the iT compact didn’t come in a color that worked. please advise about toppers…Thanks so much…you’re my hero! Remember…we are nouns(elders) not adjectives (elderly).🤓

  3. Penny says:

    That bight orange (or is it red) dress looks stunningly great on you – and it’s too heavy? Does that mean it’s too warm? Wow, it’s still quite cool over here in the UK and seriously I loved that slim look. You are in great shape.

    Re: makeup I find I simply have to put on a primer beforehand and then my foundation is good. I use Trisha Cusden’s Look Fabulous Forever foundation and find it covers well and looks natural. But I don’t wear lipstick partly because I chap and partly because I wear quite a lot of eye makeup and I think for me anyway, it’s one or the other and I choose the eyes. Btw, I’ve never seen Outlast lipstick in the UK. A pity as that’s another thing, lipsticks always fade and don’t start me on the feathering around the lips! Another great post! xxxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Penny. Yeah. The orange dress was beautiful, but the fabric was just too heavy for warm weather wear. During the summer, I love lighter weight clothing. I can’t justify a dress like that for this season and during the winter, I like sleeves!!
      Thank you THANK YOU for mentioning that your lips chap. Mine chap all the time and once the lipstick wears off, I swipe Chapstick on my lips!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  4. Anne says:

    Loved all of your outfits this week, Catherine! 🙂 And really loved your hair in the side pony tail. Very becoming and youthful looking!


    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Anne. I’m a big fan of the side pony because I think it is much more forgiving than a regular back pony. Its too much bother and work to get the hair to go back “just so”..that’s why the messy bun was made for me!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Bridget says:

    A friend of mine sells Lipsense, and I gave one a try (wearing it today, actually). It’s nice, and you don’t use much at one time. The last time I wore it, I had to take it off with the remover when I washed my face at night! I don’t know that I’ll order more colors, but I do like what I have. It was worth a try. 🙂 Especially since no matter what I try, my lipstick just will not stay on at all, or if it does, it dries my lips so bad it’s just not worth it.

    I am in love with your Reppettos! I long for a pair, but …

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget. It’s good to hear an honest review of Lipsense. Now I’m intrigued! Oh..those Repettos. And they wear very well without looking old and craggy.!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. Julie says:

    I like your style. and your a pretty lady with makeup or with out. I keep having to rub foundation out of my wrinkle lines, any tips on this, or is this what us older ladies do?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Julie. ThankI you for your compliments!!! Ugh. That foundation in the lines! What I found is that if I use a small amount and use it mostly where the lines aren’t its better, but I buff, buff, buff like crazy with a brush. That’s why the cosmetics ads tick me off so much. Enough with the airbrushing. Show foundation the way it really is!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  7. Margaret says:

    I like Well Rested too, and used to love their powder foundation but my skin became too dry for it after I turned 50. I guess it’s for the best, my bureau was a total mess back then, even with towels! I tried the liquid one that you tried and had the exact same results. Now I use It Cosmetics CC Cream with SPF 50 (but it looks a bit pasty), or their Celebration Foundation which has good coverage and is not drying. Love the J Crew clothes, so nice and Springy! Have fun shopping for your trip!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret. I have never been able to wear bareMinerals powder foundation at all. I looked ghastly in it. I purchased one of the powder foundations back in..around 2005 and it was a huge mistake. But I cannot live without Well Rested! I really need to check the iT foundation out–especially if it isn’t drying. That’s my biggest gripe with my skin. It is so damned dry!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  8. fiona says:

    Great outfits this week Catherine especially loving the jeans and jacket combo which showcases your ace figure…no muffin top there! Haven’t seen the Covergirl Outlast here but have bought a Max Factor product which is a similar two step stain and gloss. I’m looking forward to having a nosey at the French cosmetics this weekend. xx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Thanks but I’m great at disguising my muffin top! You know–Max Factor used to be sold here in the states and the makeup was great..then all of a sudden, you couldn’t find any Max Factor products here! Have a great, great weekend to come!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. eveange33 says:

    Ah thank you again for this post and your humour which is the best here. I do not wear foundation, at all. I used too when I was a ballet dancer and had to have kind of heavy make up on. I tried when younger to wear some on a daily basis but it always went messy, I can’t find the right shade and well, I don’t care. I do not wear concealer nor even blush or from time to time, when I remember I have some. I know that when you age you are to wear some make up especially on the face but I always and still rather prefer to have a really good moisturiser and serum than foundation. I have BB cream though. I use organic cosmetic for my face and body since 2003 and will never go back. But I still read the review with great curiosity as I find that maybe I am missing a lot without foundation on! As for chapped lips, do you apply lip daily and under your lipstick? I always do that because I know lipstick is not enough. By the way I really like your roller AND the toilet paper which should always been put in good use! I like your your orange Repetto, my favourite colour. You can find some on Ebay or, when in Paris, at the Repetto outlet in the 9th arrondissement (lucky sizes only and some models only too).

    • Catherine says:

      Eve. A REPETTO OUTLET? IN THE NINTH? Oh man. I hope we get to Paris next November. We are bypassing Paris and flying to Nice next month. But I’ll be on the lookout for a new pair of Rondini sandals this time around.
      LOL. Those roller sets are the best–but I do go through a lot of toilet paper!
      One thing–I hardly ever wear foundation when I’m in France. I think it may be because I don’t see a lot of women wearing it as much as here , but I’m outdoors so much that I get a decent color (I use a lot of sunscreen too). My eye makeup is worn every day!
      Oh..and when we do grocery shopping at Geant in Mandelieu, I’ll be stocking up on a little lip balm I picked up last year that was the greatest. I’m buying a lot of it!! XOXOXOXO!!!

      • eveange33 says:

        Catherine, So I gave a better look to this outlet for Repetto in Paris. Here is the address: Coté Danse 24 rue de Chateaudin 75009 Paris. You can reach by the metro tube stop Notre Dame de Lorette on line 12 I think. So if ever you stop in Paris on your way to the south of France you can go to this shop. And the sales start in June 28th for a little bit over one month. Just saying. And I’ll even be happy to meet you if you will!

      • Catherine says:

        Marie–thank you so much for that address. Hopefully I will be in Paris in the Fall–it would be great to meet up. Hey. I’m hoping Macron is doing well in the election today!!!!!XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  10. JulietC says:

    Looking fabulous missus. I love (love a bit much maybe) samples – when armageddon hits and people are counting tins of peaches or skanky old packets of soap I will be rustling in the back of my wardrobe counting my beloved samples of slap. Oh yeah others will be well-fed for longer but I will be happier in my skin (I can stand to lose a few pounds). Seriously, samples are vital if I am parting with money – my skin reacts, makeup can flake off or get rubbed away or disappear half way down your neck but just as importantly I want to see it in different lights and think about how it feels. Kiehls are fantastic for skin care samples – really good and so far they suit my skin.

    Besides sometimes I give myself a mini spa when the other half is away somewhere – I get all the samples out, line them up, change the bedding and towels and PJs and stuff, put on the favourite music and just wallow – bliss!

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet. Three words: Creme de Corps!! That stuff from Kiehl’s is fantastic! I have a ton of samples stashed away that I’ll be packing in my travel kit!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Gillian says:

    Catherine, I thought of you the other day when I was at Nordstrom Rack. Having been so amazed that you were able to find a pair of Paul Green Cayanne’s there, I never thought that I would have such luck. But guess what! I wanted them in ‘smoke’ metallic (the same shade you have) and there they were — one pair, in my size, at a fraction of the original price!
    The Cover Girl Outlast lip color looks great on you! I like CG Outlast 3-in-1 foundation in “creamy natural” but I’ve wondered if I should graduate to something better. Your reviews are so great and always fun to read. Also love your outfit posts–you always look wonderful–a fashion inspiration!

    • Catherine says:

      Gillian! So—did you buy them??????? OMG. Please say you did! I almost fainted when I saw those shoes and they are as comfortable as slippers!!!
      Hey. If the 3-in-1 works for you, keep using it until it doesn’t work anymore!!! Thank you so much for your positive words–they keep me going!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. Gillian says:

    Catherine, yes, I bought them! Honestly, I couldn’t believe they were there. And you’re right, they’re so comfortable! Just love them. I also have a pair of Paul Green chelsea boots that I found at the Rack on super clearance–those are great too, but the Cayanne’s were more exciting–I’d been coveting them forever!

  13. Catherine says:

    Gillian — I AM SO GLAD YOU MADE THE PURCHASE!!!!!! Send me a pic!!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

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