What I’m “Hairing”!

For those of you who may not be too familiar with my blog, my life isn’t all about what I’m wearing.  It’s also about what I’m hairing.  I hair–or rather, wear, wigs.

My favorite wig–“Storm” by Model Model.  I have five Storms.

It’s due to the irreversible damage that I did to myself because I have a condition called “Trichotillomania”.   I have spent a lifetime pulling my hair and, in the most disgusting habit since nose-picking, picking at my scalp.

I refuse to be ashamed of this and I refuse to be embarrassed about it. It’s who I am.

True. I don’t.  I pulled and picked for most of my life.  It is what it is!

My life has been one of anxiety.  I’ve had twitches and nervous coughs as a child. I also exhibited some OCD. My parents took me to a doctor about my coughing and twitches when I was about nine years old.  The doctor suggested to my parents that they take me to a phycologist.  They did not and nothing was ever mentioned again. Ever.

Back then, it was basically taboo to talk about anxiety or any sort of emotional disorder. And to take me to a doctor—forget it!!!

Boo Hoo!  Back in the day, nobody addressed emotional disorders. Now it’s talked about but still carries a stigma!

And so, anxiety and stress became a part of my life.  And in dealing with it, I pulled at my hair. And picked at my scalp. It was a way of almost soothing me.  And it caused permanent damage.  Because of the picking and pulling, my hair never grew back. Add to that menopause and the natural process of aging and my bio hair just isn’t what it used to be.  I’ve lost more than half of my hair.

This is me every day.  “I’m OK!!!”…

And as I write this, I’m suffering from more anxiety.  The phone rang. It was a recording reminding me to make an appointment for my annual lady exam.  This causes tremendous anxiety for me. I have Pap anxiety, mammogram anxiety, colonoscopy anxiety, skin check anxiety, work anxiety, driving anxiety, weather anxiety, crowd anxiety, traffic anxiety (different from driving anxiety), error anxiety (I effing flip out whenever I make a mistake)  and any other anxiety that you can think of. I have anxiety if a framed picture or piece of art isn’t exactly even. I will go around straightening them.  MY LAPTOP KEYBOARD IS ALSO ANOTHER CAUSE OF ANXIETY!!!

This pretty much sums up my anxieties.  

Regardless, this is a post about the hair that I’m wearing.  So, let’s talk about it.

Wigs. They have a  bad rap with white women.  And don’t tell me otherwise!  Younger women, bloggers, and vloggers will extol the virtues of hair extensions till kingdom come –but mention a wig and the mean girl spirit comes out.

No. This says stereotypical wiggy wig! He looks like Captian Kangaroo for chrissakes!

In the White Community, wigs haven’t become fully accepted or mainstream. Wigs are something women wear when they are sick –that’s the stereotype.  And while that’s true, there are many other reasons women wear wigs.

Women do suffer from hair loss. Just as men do.  There are women who have female pattern baldness, women who have alopecia, women who have Trich and many other reasons.

My mission is to get women to see that wigs are fun. Wigs are cool.  And—wigs are convenient.  They offer us the hair that most of us wish we had.

Catherine O’Hara’s character, wig-obsessed Moira Rose, on the comedy “Schitt’s Creek” makes me so happy–she’s ridiculously funny and the fact she’s wearing wigs makes me love her and the show even more!

And so, I’m doing another wig post today about…you guessed it!! What I’m hairing!  Let’s go!!

Hair I am au natural!  I took a shower this morning and let my bio hair dry naturally. There’s no need for me to blow it out while I’m wearing a wig.    Toppers, which used to work fine to disguise the loss and now only an option if I’m wearing an updo, are not worn that much anymore.  I can no longer get away with “just a topper” if I wear my hair down.

My clean hair.  I’ll be honest.  If I had all my hair back, I would wear it like this all the time.   I dig my waves. But, take a good look…

From the top and the back, it’s not a good look.  I sprinkled some Miracle Hair Fibers on my head.  They work pretty well and are less pricey than Toppik. 

These are the two that I wear and have worn on a regular basis in the past.

This topper is by Uniwigs.  It is the Yaki Texture Topper in the 14 inch I don’t know if Uniwigs still sells the yaki texture topper anymore but they sell the Brazilian Straight. I have that too but didn’t take a photo–

As you can see from the photo, this topper does make my hair look thicker.  The only slight issue I had with this was that the color was not a true jet black and in certain lighting, you could tell and I had to play around with the placement of the clips all the time. But other than that, it always looked nice when my hair was blown out.

Next is the 18″ Enhancer by Tony of Beverly. I have three of these. If you click on the link, you will see that the enhancer looks ridiculous on the model but IRL it looks fine.  If you also scroll down on the link, you will see a review I wrote exactly a year ago. Before I went full-on with wigs. I wrote a few things about wigs I no longer feel the same way about. That’s because I became educated and did research!

Here’s the Tony of Beverly Enhancer.  The lace top is very dark which is great for no scalp peeking.  For the money, this topper is an excellent value and looks fabulous put up…

The Uniwigs topper doesn’t fare that well pulled up because the lace is softer and lifts like crazy.  This TOB Enhancer stays put. This is the one I wore when I fell into the ocean and it never came off–so I ended up swimming in it and never had an issue!  This topper is $55.00 on the Vogue Wigs site.

And now that I’m wearing wigs, I try to look for wigs that resemble my natural hair.  As I’ve written in past posts, I wear hair by companies that are geared to the African American market. This is due to the texture of my hair and the luster of the AA wigs. They aren’t overly shiny! They look realistic.  And they are affordable!

This is Sage, from Model Model.  I cut a couple of inches from the length but she resembles my hair when it was blown straight.  Sage is dense and has a lot of hair–just like I used to have.  BTW–older women CAN wear long hair–even longer fake hair! She is $34.95 on Divatress site–but shop around because she can be found for a lesser price.

Sage again–but in a ponytail.  This wig makes a nice pony but I did pull my bio hair out in the back and blended.  I also had to secure with more pins due to the weight of the hair. 

One other thing I want to mention about Sage. Although the hair itself is heavy and dense, the wig is very comfortable during the summer heat.

Here’s the stock card from Sensationel Empress Rita wig.  She’s on sale for $21.59 on Glamourtress.com

Here’s how Rita looks on me.  A nice length with nice density and a very light silky yaki texture.  Nice summer wig and nice for date night or even everyday wear!

Next up is Riley.  She is  $22.99 on Sistawigs.com.  I purchased this unit from HairsoFlyshop.com on sale for $9.99. I bought two.  I cut the length a bit. This is Bonaparte’s favorite wig. I like it but it isn’t my favorite.  I wear it to work quite often.

My newest wig. Samala from Janet Collection.  It’s a human hair blend. OK. And on the stock card,  Samala doesn’t look all that appealing to me because of the color–but the price and length had me intrigued.  Then I saw a video review from …

..TheHeartsandcake90 on YouTube and went for the purchase!

I LOVE Samala! And I’m thankful for that great review or I would have passed on this. It is a flattering wig and just the type I like–again, very similar to my bio hair when blown out.  I paid $19.50 on Elevate Styles for Samala!  Note–sometimes the shipping fee can bring the price of a wig up substantially–my tip is to check out ALL the sites for the best wig and shipping prices!  I like my shiny lip gloss!

Next is Justine from It’s a Wig.  This is my second favorite wig next to Storm.  I wear Justine a lot!!  I “justine” ordered another one!! I’m wearing her off my face in this photo.

Mmmmm. mmmmm!  Look how pretty Justine is.  Thick but not overwhelming. Perfect length.   Stunning. Just. Stunning!

I paid $28.95 for my new Justine at Divatress–and worth every penny because my first Justine washes and wears very well!!!

As you can see, I stick pretty much to what resembles my bio hair.  I also like the “no-style” style. I’m not into fussy wigs–just as I was never into a fussy hair style with my bio hair.  And I think that’s the most important thing to look for when making a decision to buy a wig.  Stick to what you would wear for your bio hair. Don’t stray too much or you won’t be comfortable. Then–after a while head outside the box.  I’m toying with the idea to go lighter in color a dark color with lighter highlights.

In the meantime, I have always loved bobbed hair.  When my bio hair was shorter, I used to wear it in a bob–but I’ll tell you, it took forever to get it right.  Nobody could cut my hair into the kind of bob that I wanted because my hair was just too thick, curly, frizzy and unmanageable.  I would get it cut into a blunt bob and set it in big rollers, then blow dry it and it looked great until the humidity set in–then it looked awful. That’s where wigs can also help. They can give you that style you always wanted!

Ok–so I know I said that I don’t really like a “do” or a styled style–but I still love a bob. Here’s a sampling of two of the bobbed wigs I have–and they ain’t easy to maintain during the day either. However, for a fun change up….

This is the Brown Sugar Silk Lace Bob BS 609. Another wig I ordered from Divatress. I paid $29.95.  It’s a beautiful unit and unlike a few other bobs I’ve tried in the past, this keeps its shape during the day!

One view…

..and another. I literally plopped this on top of my head so it looks a bit sloppy at the part, but this is a great, great bob!

Here’s a bob that gets a TON of love with wig reviewers.  I have to admit. This is also a great bob–Copper, by Bobbi Boss!  I got this so long ago that I can’t remember where I purchased–and I have two!  It’s more like a Lob on me due to my short neck, but this is a great unit!  The price point runs the gamut from $25.00 to $39.00–so if you like this, shop around!

Other info:  I don’t wear a wig cap or a wig grip. I simply put my hair into two braids and pin them up Swiss Miss style.

Two braids pinned up is what works for me!

And today, I washed my favorite wig–Storm. Here’s how I wash my wigs:

Fill the bathroom sink up with cool water and a capful of wig shampoo.

Brush the tangles out before submerging in water.  I use a wig brush or paddle brush–whichever I grab first.  And I’m not gentle when I brush out those tangles–it’s ok though, the wig is synthetic and strong…

Into the sudsy water, she goes. I place her in gently then swish.

Look how filthy the water gets.  I don’t overwash either.  This was three weeks coming.

After rinsing the suds out from the shampoo, I drain the water and refill with more cool water and two capsful of fabric softener. YES! Fabric softener makes the greatest conditioner for synthetic wigs.

Three weeks of wearing this wig and this is the minimal shedding….

Combed my bio hair before washing and this was my shedding.  …….Yeah.

Let the wig relax in the conditioner for about five to ten minutes then rinse.

Some like to blot the wig with a towel. I don’t do that. I simply take the wig, put it in a net and place in the bathtub.  Let it dry and then brush. Turns out like new!

Yeah. So, Storm is in the bathtub in the guest bathroom now.  I’ll keep the wig there for 48 hours to ensure it is completely dried. Then take it out of the net, give it a gentle brush and it’ll be good as new.

That’s about it–and that’s what I’ve been hairing.  

Oh. And today, I ended up wearing the Brown Sugar Bob BS 609!

In the car, running errands with Bonaparte. A bob was in order today!

Thanks for reading–and if you ever want to change up your hair–you can always do it with a wig!

OK.  Maybe to some wig-wearers are a cult. And that brings to mind one of my favorite bands from the ’90’s.  The Cult. And this great song that I almost forgot about–had I not been turned on to “Amoeba Music-Whats in My Bag” on YouTube. My sons got me hooked.  Musicians visit Amoeba Records in L.A. and pick out CD’s, albums, books they want.  And they talk about it on this YouTube show.  Anyway, one musician picked out a set by The Cult–and I went back into my memory.  “She Sells Sanctuary”. Ian Astbury rocks–and he can dance!


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35 Responses to What I’m “Hairing”!

  1. Toni Soucie says:

    Catherine….you really do rock your wigs!! I started wearing a wig four months ago due to hair loss from medication I take for Crohn’s Disease. I got tired of blow drying my hair, only to be upset seeing all the spareness on the top and back of my head. I got the courage to go into a wig shop and absolutely loved the way it looked. However, the wig I purchased was pricey. . Since then, I have purchased two additional wigs online, which were much cheaper, and I absolutely love them. For me, wearing wigs is freeing and makes me feel better about myself. Last week I had a medical procedure and the nurses were complimenting me on how beautiful my hair was😊

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Toni!! Thank you!! Over the past year, with the loss getting worse, I’ve learned to educate myself on wigs, thanks to my obsession with YouTube videos on wig reviews. I literally could watch wig reviews on youtube all day.
      That’s why I won’t go into a wig shop. They are ridiculously overpriced in their synthetic wigs. I go to a local beauty shop that sells many of the wigs I see online. And Toni, the online wig sites that I mentioned are excellent. All have excellent service, product and prices. I love the lace front and stick to wigs that are much like my bio hair.
      But you’re right–wigs are freeing–and they free up our time. LOL. I was picking up pizza a couple of weeks ago and while waiting the girl behind the counter complimented me on my hair. I told her it was a wig (I was wearing Storm). Well, she called another girl over and we had a huge conversation about wigs. It was so much fun!!! Wear your wigs well girlfriend!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. Marsha Wilson says:

    Catherine, I so appreciate your candor about your hair condition. And I love how you don’t see it as a problem as much as an opportunity to try on different wig styles and feel good about yourself. I am encouraged to know that life doesn’t end if one has to wear a wig.

    I was diagnosed last year with Lichen Planopilaris which is an aggressive form of alopecia. Its cause is unknown, and it is apparently difficult to treat.

    It falls into the category of autoimmune diseases which might as well all be classified as “we don’t know why you have this, so sad, too bad, stinks to be you”. I already have one other autoimmune disease, and once you have one, it increases the chances of developing more.

    So, your posts about selecting, caring for, and styling wigs are really helpful. I haven’t begun wearing wigs because I am still in the stages of having topical treatments and even trying injections in my scalp. I may see some slight evidence of improvement, but I may be fooling myself. I think my young hairdresser is reluctant to be frank about what she sees that I cannot see.

    Thank you for your generous spirit! You look lovely in each one of the wigs you have shown us.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Marsha! OMG.! Thank you so much for your supporting and comforting words. I have to tell you, I did research on topicals and various forms of regrowth treatments and they were just way too expensive and time-consuming for me. I came to the realization that my hair won’t grow back and accepted it. One place in Wayne by me wanted a huge deposit and the cost was thousands of dollars because the treatment took years!! My thinking was to just buy a wig/topper and I researched all that too. Best of luck in your treatment, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it works for you!! And if not, come to me and we’ll talk wigs some more!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. Haylee says:

    I can’t believe how cheap they are! I know you shop around but I would have expected double that for a ‘basic model’.

    I’m always a little jealous of how great your hair looks – my own hair, even without hair loss, never looks that good! (But then my hair is thick and coarse and hates humidity… I think you’ll know where I’m coming from!)

    The image of your natural hair from the top reminded me so much of my Nana. She dyed her hair jet black from being in her late thirties when she lost her first husband (my mum’s dad) – she went white overnight. Then she began losing hair. She’d spend ages trying to brush into a style that hid it then would ask me to help out. I’d never heard of Toppik or similar until reading your blog – perhaps it wasn’t around when she was alive (15 years ago) but I so wish we’d had the knowledge you’ve explained here – it would have made her feel so much more comfortable.

    I think the advice you’ve given is fantastic and I hope it goes some way to lifting the taboo of wigs – I know I’d certainly consider one now if I ever needed to.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Haylee!!! Oh…I’ve shopped around and I’ve gone on sites to compare the price point of “expensive” synthetics to the less expensive ones that I buy and those expensive wigs are way, way, way overpriced! Hahahaha! Oh, I know where you are coming from!!! I HAVE that hair and I don’t worry about going outside in the humidity anymore because the wigs don’t frizz!! Thank you, though, I do hope the taboo of wigs is thrown out the window because they really are fun and free up the time spent “doing” the hair!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. Susan D says:

    You are so kind and generous to share your hair problems and solution. For anyone needing to wear a wig your research and information is invaluable and must take away a lot of stress for a lot of people. You look fantastic in all your wigs and they look so natural.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Susan!! I do think that more and more women are opening up to the issues of thinning hair and solutions. Thanks again for your support!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  5. Though your blog is about wigs, I immediately connected to all your anxieties/phobias. I’m anxious about everything in the universe as well and it’s always nice to meet someone else in the club. 🙂 As far as wigs go, I’ve always wanted to buy a purple or pink hair extension to clip someone in my longish hair. Now I’m inspired to go and do it. Any advice on colored hair clips?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Cathi. It’s true. I’m glad that I addressed the anxiety/phobia issue because it is another topic that nobody wants to address. Geez, I was ill on my way to work today because I had to make my annual lady part appointment. Here you have to make it two to three months in advance. My hands were shaking and then I made the appointment and my anxiety lifted a bit but only for a short while. Now I’ll worry for three months until I go. Then I’ll worry more. It’s a vicious cycle it is. But be comforted to know you are not alone my friend!!! Go for it with those colored extensions. Be careful with the clips though. Make sure you take them out very carefully because your bio hair can be pulled out if you are too hasty!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. Bridget says:

    I know the reason I’ve always hated wigs is because I’m used to the terrible ones people wore when I was a kid that SCREAMED “I’m wearing a wig!!” And I work with a woman who wears a terrible wig, and I always want to direct her to you. (But I don’t know her well, and therefore feel it’s none of my business.)

    I think your hair always looks amazing, and seriously if you didn’t talk about wearing a wig, I would never even suspect it. Keep sharing info, that’s what we all need!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget. Yayah!! THat’s why I did a ton of research before wig purchases. I’ve seen women wearing wigs that just did not suit them and they didn’t know how to manipulate the wigs. Thank you though. I try to get as close as possible to my natural color and texture and I have found that in the AA wigs. I love ’em!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. HelloIm50ish says:

    I really enjoy your candor about why you have hair loss but I think all the wigs look great on you.
    Women do have some type of hair loss after menopause and women do wear wigs.
    For all types of reasons too.
    Whether it’s illness or anxieties ( stress causes lots of problems) I know wearing wigs or hair extensions is becoming popular with women of all color.
    I remember my mother wearing a Raquel Welch wig back in the 70’s and she did it for a different hairstyle.
    I wear a ponytail extension when I’m in a hurry or my hair is having a frizzy moment. My friends were surprised when I told them it was an extension after wearing it to parties. They love how I look in them.

    You keep being authentic about who you are. You’re just delightful!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Robin, THANK YOU!! We need to be supportive of each other and talk about subject matter every now and then that is a bit of a taboo! So many women suffer from stress and anxiety and it needs to be brought out and not hidden. Same with hair loss. That’s what wigs are for and they are fun and easy! Is your pony extension the clip on one or the tie one? I had a tie one and for the life of me could never get it secured right!!! Thank you so much for your support!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  8. calensariel says:

    My hair has always been thin and fine. I used to wear it up for special occasions using a “wiglet”, but washing it proved to be such a pain in the arse. Too bad your blog wasn’t around then!

  9. I didn’t know it was Tric you suffered from-Our youngest has the same problem. I went with her a couple of week ago to Bravados. a wig store in Kansas City and they worked with her and she has a beautiful John Renau. I have thin and fine hair and it has thinned a small bit over the years, but nothing dramatic. For fun I tried on a “topper” you could say and it just blew my mind how much better I looked-needless to say, they didn’t get it off my head and paid for it on the spot. My oldest daughter also wears wigs, but for a totally different reason. I’ve been thinking about doing a blog on it with each of us writing about our experiences. Rachelle doesn’t mind talking about her problem either-she even goes to a support group for it.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Terri. Yeah, it was my ob/gyn who “diagnosed” me. I had been going through years of blood work and never really came “clean” until I was in his office and I started pulling my hair in front of him, I was so nervous and anxious I didn’t realize what I was doing. He came over and immediately started asking me all sorts of questions about my “pulling” and further picking and it was an epiphany. He nailed it. I had never been so relieved in my life. It’s a weird condition, I’ll tell you, but the severity can have drastic results. Wigs keep me from pulling and when I take the wig off, my hair is up so I don’t pull or pick, but the damage is done and nuthin’ is growing back.
      PLEASE do a blog post on this and the wigs–it would be very much welcomed by so many people!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. Juliet says:

    I love all those styles on you. And I really applaud your honesty on anxiety – I do think for some people it runs in families, I am pretty sure my late dad had anxiety issues, I am also pretty sure he had OCD and quite probably autism. My son has OCD, anxiety, PTSD and was diagnosed with autism in his twenties – yet he functions – to say I am in awe of him and his courage is an understatement. Do I have anxiety – yes, I have anxiety issues from social situations, being stuck inside if there are no windows, with time keeping (a terror of being late), with driving (a terror of getting lost), of petrol stations, of peoples fingernails, of feet, of …… But it helps to give it daylight and talk about it.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet! Your son must be quite the exceptional man–and with a strong spirit!! I do think anxiety does run in families too. My mother’s side of the family had some issues and my mother had major anxiety issues as well. It isn’t fun but it does help to bring it out into the daylight–you are absolutely right on that!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Leah says:

    Thank you for your honesty.

    And I have to say it again, I cannot believe how natural your wigs look. Any clip in hair extensions I have gotten look way too shiny. I am so I
    impressed. And I LOVE the styles of your wigs.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Leah. I’ll tell you, last year I received a box of hair extensions to review from Irresistible Me. They were not shiny at all, the luster was incredibly natural. In fact, I saved them even when I had to go full on wig. Anyway, my niece has very long, thick black hair, but loves to make it even fuller when she goes out. When I told her about the extensions she went crazy and I gave her the box. She was thrilled. Check out the brand. It’s very good. And I thank you for complimenting me on the style of wigs I am wearing! Thank you!! XOXOXOOXO!!!

  12. Susie says:

    The wigs you choose are pretty styles and look great on you. It is amazing how natural the part in the wigs are. I also like that they are now making wigs that aren’t shiny like doll hair. I have been considering buying a topper to cover the ever-widening part in my hair.

    As I was reading about your anxiety about your doctor appointment, I am all wound up with anxiety about the cancellation and rescheduling of a gynecologist/oncologist appointment. They cancelled my appointment for day after tomorrow and rescheduled it for next week instead. I must be evaluated by a gyne/oncologist due to an ovarian cyst. I just want the appointment to be over with, already. It is stressing me out, and when I am stressed, I eat. I’m overweight and should not be stress eating, so that increases the anxiety, too. I guess everyone has their own way of dealing with anxiety.

  13. Judy says:

    Regarding your anxiety over your annual lady parts exam….we are the same age and unless you have had, or have, some sort of issues, you do not need an annual exam anymore. I had gone to a few years between exams prior to the Last time I had mine (age 58) I asked the doctor how much longer these visits were necessary, she said sine I’d had no issues every 5 years was fine and after 65 I could stop. So don’t just keep doing things because that’s what you’ve done for the last 35 years, especially if they cause you so much stress. Things change! Bodies change!. Ask questions! And I like the bob best.

  14. 3C Style says:

    What a great post. You don’t have to convince me that wigs are cool. I grew up with a mom that had five wigs, one for every working day of the week. They all were in deferent colors: red, dark brown, blond, dark blond and light brunette. My mom did’t had any health problem. In fact, she had gorgeous hair. It was her way to have fun with fashion I guess. This was back in the seventies and wearing a wig was more common back then I think. When my mother died, eleven years ago, I don’t know why exactly but I went to a local beauty shop and bought a very pricy wig (made of natural hair). I only wore it three or four times but I know it’s there if I ever need it. Just like my mom was. Reading your post brought back lots of good memories. I might do a post on wigs (which I know nothing about) in honor of my mother. Thanks to you!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Dominique. Thank you!!! It’s funny but I remember during the ’60’s and ’70’s lots of my mother’s friends had wigs and “falls” and it was all in fun. Somehow wigs lost their humor and joie de vivre–wait. Maybe people lost those two qualities!! Please, please do a post on wigs. I think it’ll be fun and we can see what your mom looked like back in the day when she wore them!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

      • 3C Style says:

        Since I know nothing about wigs the
        post would definitely have to be about my mom and the impact of her wigs on me. I thought she was so cool! And yes she was.

  15. Enid hogrobrooks says:

    Great tutorial Cath. FYI if you want to curl a synthetic wig, use large cold wave rods and place the wig on boiling water in a bowl gor 10 minutes. Rinse in cold water and let dry. Remove the rods and yiu have permanent curls😁

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Enid. I have my Justine soaking in boiling water now–not to curl but to get rid of the tangles and frizz at the end. I tried rods with another wig and they made indents–I didn’t do the rods right. I still have to practice!!!! Thanks for the heads up!!! XXOXOXO!!!!

  16. jacqui says:

    Wow, what an interesting read, such great information – you look fabulous and how great to have a choice each day. Thanks for sharing this. Jacqui

  17. Jeanne says:

    Hi Catherine…I took my time reading your wig post. We are not yet at the maybe we need a wig stage, but the next round of treatment is coming and wigs may be in the future. I know I sound evasiveness…sorry, I don’t mean to…anyway, I’d love to see a post on exactly how to put a wig on…I bought a cheap sample one for my daughter and we really had no clue how to proceed. Watched a few YouTubes but it just wasn’t happening. Just a thought for you. Thanks. You look fabulous in all the styles. Any ideas for wigs for teens?

  18. Enid hogrobrooks says:

    Love it!

  19. Enid hogrobrooks says:

    Great mascara

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