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The Best Solution for Giving Back That Luster to Aging Hair!

It’s bad enough that we end up with turkey neck, wrinkles, and saggy bits as we age. I understand that. I don’t necessarily like it, but I can sort-of accept it. But worse than turkey neck, in my most humble … Continue reading

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A Hairy Piece of Change, I Am!

Have you ever heard the saying “You’re a hairy piece of change”? I’m not sure if it is an old saying about someone who’s somewhat cheeky,or if my dad made it up. But he used that expression with all of … Continue reading

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A Hair-Raising Weekend. And Other Stuff!

As this weekend winds down, I’m playing with my hair.  Well, I’m playing with the hair that arrived in the mail on Friday. If you aren’t familiar, I suffer from hair loss.  It is a topic I write about over … Continue reading

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Hair I Go Again!!!

I went to see hair stylist/cutter extraordinaire Adam today.  My hairs were in dire need of serious trimming. Adam is always happy to see me. I think. Now he has two heads of my hair to cut!! Yeah. You read … Continue reading

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