My Favorite Wigs of 2018 Part Two—The Budget Wigs!

Budget Wigs.  Fashion Wigs.  Inexpensive Wigs.  However you refer to them, they can be a great value and an asset to a wig collection.

Let me explain.

Wigs run the gamut of prices.  You have the luxury wigs-running from the high hundreds into the thousands.  You will not see me in one of these wigs because I have a mortgage, car payments, food to buy, utilities to pay for—this summer my daughter’s wedding and travelling!  My priorities are more aligned with Activities of Daily Life.  I’m certainly not being negative with this grouping, it’s just that the average woman can’t afford to spend thousands on one wig.

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That’s right–I’m an average woman and with my budget wigs, I can feel like a runway model!

The Bridge Wigs and Budget wigs are the ones I wear.  Although the Bridge wigs are more expensive than the Budget wigs and are better constructed, there is something to be said about the budget wig.

First of all, if you like variety with the hair you wear, it’s good to have a mixture of both Bridge and Budget wigs.  Where you have to work a bit to get the budget wig to appear more natural, it isn’t a painstaking effort.  All it takes is a tweezer and powder for the parting space, a scissor to cut the lace and you’re good to go.

raven symone wig GIF

You may also want to use a bit of wig glue to stop the wig from shifting!

My last post showcased my favorite Bridge Wigs of 2018 and, in this post, my favorite Budget Wigs of 2018 are coming straight atcha!

These wigs assist in giving my better wigs a longer wear and shelf life. These are the wigs I wear if the weather isn’t that great.  They are wigs I’ve worn to the office many times.  I’ll wear these wigs to the dentist and eye doctor and I’ll wear them for just plain fun!

katy perry wig GIF

That’s right!  Wigs are plain fun!

A word of caution, though.  Not all budget wig sites are created equal and there are a ton of rip-off wig sellers out there.  If you see a photo of stellar hair and you see a price that looks too good to be true–it is too good to be true.  Below is a stock photo of Gabor Wigs “Sweet Talk”.  She’s a beauty that retails for around $230 USD.

A seller on Amazon, ELIM is offering this wig for $19.35 USD. This is not the wig you will get.  They are not selling Gabor’s Sweet Talk for $19.35.  Who knows what you will end up with if you purchase from a company that steals others’ stock photos.

You have to be knowledgeable when purchasing a budget wig!

ELIM Short Blonde Wigs for White Women Curly Wavy Synthetic Female Hair Wig Full Wigs with Wig Cap Z118

This is Sweet Talk by Gabor Wigs.  She is NOT a Budget wig. If you see a photo like this on a site that you are not familiar with, please know you will not be getting a good value. You will be getting a rip-off rat’s nest!

Most of all, Budget wigs are a fantastic value and for women on a fixed income or budget and are incredibly affordable.  So, come along and take a look at what made the cut for 2018!  And in no particular order….

Storm by Model Model—Color 4. Dark Brown

Model Model Storm.  She’s been a favorite budget wig of mine for over a year.  Here she is in the shade Number 4–a rich dark brown!  Slightly angled, she’s that perfect non-styled style!

I have five Storms.  Ranging from color 1 Jet Black to this—Dark Brown.  My only wish is that Model Model would make this gorgeous wig in lighter colors!  She’s a lace front and the density is incredible but—as dense as she is, I’ve worn her in the hottest weather and she still remained so comfortable!

Another look at Storm in brighter light.  The parting space on this 4X4 silk lace front can be trained to go to either side or the middle!

She’s one of those “unstyled” styled wigs that I like.  Angled and just past the shoulders, she wears very well and wears long.  With the budget wigs –I find after a couple of washings they’ve had their day.  However, with Storm, she lasts through quite a few washings!  She always looks great and she was one of my 2017 faves as well!  At around $35 on wig sites, she is at the top of the budget wig pricing and is an incredible value.

Here I am in St. Tropez–summer of 2017.  The Storm I’m wearing is natural black—1B!

Bobbi Boss April Wig

Bobbi Boss April in the shade–TT1B-613. The top area is a 1B natural black fading into 613–a light blonde.  I don’t know what it is, but I love this ombre wig so much!  The hair color isn’t the most natural ombre but who cares!  Part of wearing a wig is slaying it–and every time I wear this–I slay!

I freaking love this wig.  Believe it or not, I find the budget wigs make a better center part than many bridge wigs.  There is nothing I don’t love about April. I love the Ombre dark-to-light.  The length of the bob is great, the density is fabulous and she’s hot stuff.  She gets a lot of wear out of me!  Around $29. she is a fantastic buy.

Here’s another April in the shade 4327.  A blend of lighter golden browns.  She needs tweezing and powder but she sure looks great and for the price, you cannot go wrong!

Bobbi Boss Lyna

Bobbi Boss Lyna–in the shade TT6/23–a more subtle ombre than April.  But nonetheless another great center-part bob.  I love the density of Lyna and she’s very blunt–but this blunt straight look is one I’ve always achieved with my bio hair but it was too curly and frizzy!  I love wigs!

Truth be told. Bobbi Boss is my favorite of the budget wig brands. The company knows how to make a quality unit at a very purse-friendly price.  Lyna, another center-part wig is a shorter bob.  The funny thing is that Bobbi Boss makes Lyna in a sleek model but it’s too little and close to the head for me.  The volume in the regular Lyna is perfect.  The shorter style makes it an excellent choice to wear with textured sweaters and fabrics in the winter and remain comfortable during the hotter months.

Here’s Lyna again. This photo is from the video review I did on my YouTube channel.  Look how nicely she falls!

Bobbi Boss Chyna.

Image result for atypical60 bobbi boss chyna

Bobbi Boss Chyna (BTW, I almost named my daughter Oona, Chyna, but ended up going with my Gaelic roots instead).  A long bob–LOB.  This is such a great unit and she’s silky and holds such a great shape!

Yes!  Another Bobbi Boss! Chyna came late to the sorority but has gotten lots of love from me this fall through winter.  I longer bob—a lob if you will, she’s not as dense as the other wigs but still packs a punch with the gorgeous silky texture of the hair fibers!  The color, TT4/Choco is a great blend of lighter brown tones!

Hmmmm. I think I’ll wear Chyna to work tomorrow!!  She looks pricier than she really is!

Heraremy Ariana—OET 1B30.  This. Is. The. Greatest. Value.  I got her last winter at the price of–$19.99! And the hair is dense, and very, very thick. A blending of reds, she’s a knockout of a longer wig.  Tangling has been at a minimum and she is very well-constructed!

Ariana.  There’s a good amount of hair here and it makes for a great winter wig because it keeps the head warm!

Another reason this was a great value–minimal tweezing needed at the parting space!

Swami by FreeTress Equal.  Another big-time favorite of mine.  I have five Swamis because this center-part long bob is a realistic, wonderful head of hair.  My bio hair looked like this after I put it up in beer-can rollers, blow dried each section, rolled it back up and flat-ironed it.  A process that took over two hours.  This process takes less than a minute to put her on.  All I have to do is adjust the ear tabs!  She’s under $25 on many of the wig sites.

Swami–by FreeTress Equal.  Another center-parted longer bob–but she’s dense and I’ve had to thin out the darker-colored Swami.  

Swami in the shade PB Coffee.  This shade is the most unusual shade ever and I’ve only seen it on Swami. I tell you, these budget wigs are terrific values!


PB Mocha–Swami is made of Futura fibers–maybe that’s why she lasts a good amount of time! 

Justine by It’s A Wig.  Justine is another wig that was a favorite of 2017 and made it through to 2018! And yes, this is another wig that I have multiples of.  She always looks fresh and the hair fibers are soft and silky but not doll-like.  It’s like clean hair that was just washed.

Justine by It’s a Wig.  I’ve got multiples of her too!  She’s incredibly natural looking and this is the one wig that I’ve been stopped for the color–TT3147.  I like the lighter blends of brown.  Not too dark but not quite blonde.  It’s a flattering shade!

Look closely at the hairline.  There is a slight demarcation at the parting space. That’s due to the soft lace.  I normally dab a spot of “Got 2 B Glued” or edge wax and it keeps the lace down.  I cover with powder and concealer and am good to go.  That’s the difference between a budget and better wig.  And trust me, it’s no big deal!

…and if someone can notice that–they are standing too close to my personal space and need to take a step back!!

This is the budget wig that I’ve had women stop me in public to ask where I got my hair colored! Hey.  I’m serious.  This is a killer wig for an inexpensive price point!


Hair loss, as I said, is devastating.  And you would be surprised at the amount of “snobbery” within the wig community.  Yes. It’s true.  You have women who look down on synthetic wigs; women who only wear “brand name” better wigs; women who claim that budget wigs are “cheap” looking and the list goes on.  It’s disappointing because you would think that women would be more supportive of each other.

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You don’t have to spend a bundle in order to get a decent wig.  Do not allow wig snobs make you feel less than your perfect self!

In my book, a wig that makes a woman feel better about herself and gives her confidence is a winner and a valuable head of hair—at any price.  And if someone can’t afford the best of the best, there’s plenty of options.

That’s the beauty of wigs.  And don’t ever take my budget wigs away from me!

comedy no Sticker by CBCunimpressed comedy Sticker by CBC

Thanks to the great Catherine O’Hara for her stunning portrayal of Moira Rose the wig-wearing ex-soap opera star of the TV show Schitt’s Creek!  

For those who may be interested, here’s my YouTube video that I did on these wigs.  You can get a better look at them (sort of—my lighting stinks)!

If you are going through hair loss, please head to various sites. Head to YouTube and educate yourself because once you get used to wigs and toppers, your life will change for the best!!

If you are interested in these wigs, any of the budget-friendly wig sites has them.  Among the ones I shop at:  Hairsofly Shop; Sam’s Beauty, Go Beauty  NY


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9 Responses to My Favorite Wigs of 2018 Part Two—The Budget Wigs!

  1. Debe says:

    Nicely done you look awesome as usual!

  2. The one of you in the New York shirt is gorgeous!

  3. Anne says:


    I have always been confused about your use of tweezers and powder on the budget wigs. Could you explain to me why you use these and how? Thanks!

  4. Momcat says:

    OMG!! Moira is a hoot! I love her wigs hanging on the wall. She has every color. Funny you should mention her. I was watching Schitt’s Creek last night and thought of YOU when I saw those wigs!
    I don’t wear wigs ( God, that sounds like it’s against my religion or something🙄 I still have my uber thick but thinning hair, it’s good to be prepared in case;) can you tell me the life span of your ladies? You own a lot of wigs so you must rotate them often. How many wears per wig? Do the budget units have the same lifespan as the higher priced girls?
    When I get my bio hair colored next week I am taking that photo of you in the most requested color wig. That is just a beautiful caramel! I am trying to lift my color out of the dark brown, because the grays stand out so darn much against the dark.

  5. Margaret says:

    All beautiful wigs CATHERINE & it is amazing how well you suit all the different shades & lengths.
    Just thinking of ladies who wear wigs in The Gambia (referred to as caps there).
    I wonder at the motivation for wearing them. It seems to be, as does skin bleaching a means of copying western ideas of beauty. Most but of course not all of these ladies would be living hand to mouth.

  6. Nancy says:

    I told a woman at the gym, who has cancer and had almost lost all of her hair, about you and your wigs. She had already bought one but doesn’t t wear it. She told me what hair löss does to a human

  7. It’s a shame that women can’t be nice to one another! i mean really! Ugh. Anyhow, my hairdresser gave me a catalog for The Wig Co. yesterday and everything looks so good but I am so afraid to order, I need more time to investigate I guess. The two toppers I have I bought from Top Secret Haircessory at a show here in Orlando. They are based in CA so it’s not a place I can pop into often. All this to say, THANK YOU for sharing so much of your knowledge. You are the Wig Whisperer! I seriously think you need to start a consulting business, helping women find helper hair and getting past the nervousness that accompanies taking the leap!

  8. I love your wigs and think you look fabulous in them. I am confused as to wat you mean by tweezering and powder? I only ask as I am tempted to get a wig to wear on night’s out.

  9. Maryellen Reardon says:

    I LOVE Schitt’s Creek! But – ‘fess up. How many wigs do you have? And how many wigs, minimum, must a woman plan to have to keep them fresh, washed, etc? I don’t wear a wig, but the cancer drugs I am taking are making my hair thinner so it could be this is a route I will take one day, Thanks!

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