And Isla Love Her!! Reviewing a Short and Sassy Nugget of Fake Hair!!

Ok ladies!  I’ve got a wig review here.  It’s something somewhat out of my comfort zone because the wig is a short one.  Not boy short like my seventh-grade school photo which left me traumatized for life, but short in the sense that the wig comes just above chin length.

The unit is Isla.  She’s by Tony of Beverly and she is absolutely adorable!

Is this wig the cutest or what?  Don’t mind my sweatshirt!  I took some of these photos before I got dressed!

Before I continue on with the review, though, I want to reiterate the importance of checking out other reviews of wigs you may be interested in.  It’s a good practice to Google the wig you want and then head to see if there are any YouTube reviews or any reviews of the unit on websites.

There is a reason for this.

When I first saw Isla, I passed her by.  The stock photo that wig websites carry do not do this wig justice. She looks three hundred percent better IRL!  I would have never known that had Lori of @bluuu54 on Instagram not posted photos of her in Isla.  I was blown away at how great this wig was.  And this is the beauty of social media.  I follow quite a few women who wear wigs and it’s always great to see how different wigs look on different women!

The stock photo does not do this wig the justice it so deserves.  She looks so much better in real life!

Anyway, I pulled the trigger and ordered Isla from Name Brand Wigs.  Let me just say, I had a few questions and Leah from Name Brand Wigs was incredibly helpful.  The customer service at this site is just stellar.  I’ll definitely be ordering from them again. In fact, I ordered my second Jamison wig from them!

It’s always nice to receive a little note explaining little differences each wig may have!

I received the wig on Thursday.  It was sent by Name Brand Wigs in a plain brown box. In the box was the Tony of Beverly box and inside the box was Isla wrapped in a hair net.  I also received a little note and coupon from NBW.

Name Brand Wigs also has great prices for units that are not inexpensive.

Tony of Beverly has a nice elegant little box and I’m a sucker for nice packaging!

I put her on right away, without styling.  Straight outta the box, she was less styled, but nonetheless very well-made.  I took her off and with a shake, Isla became full of body.

Right out of the box, Isla is cute but not to her fullest potential!

She needs to be shaken like a little cocktail. However, if you want a straighter look, this is great!

I ordered the color “Rooted Sandstone” a combo of a darker root with lighter hair. Blonde and ash tones.

A closer look at the color!

The cap itself is incredibly comfortable.  The ear tabs are small which is great for those of us who wear glasses.  The adjustable straps are Velcro and not like bra straps.  There are no combs and I think I will add a comb to the back for extra security.  Trust me though, this cap fits beautifully and the lace front is undetectable.

The layering is gorgeous and the wispy feathering is great to soften the angular structure of a square jawline like mine.

Here’s Isla after a little shake.  I adore this wig and want her in another color!

Here’s a few more photos of how she looks in different lighting!

In the car…

Combed straight

Fluffed Up!

Finger styled

Front pulled back..

Another view of the front pulled back!  Isn’t she just the cutest nugget of hair??? I love her!

And to give you more information, here’s my YouTube review!!!  Enjoy!

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36 Responses to And Isla Love Her!! Reviewing a Short and Sassy Nugget of Fake Hair!!

  1. LA CONTESSA says:

    I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XOXO

  2. Julie says:

    Looks very nice. I haven’t seen a bad wig yet, your wigs all suit you.

  3. cgcopy says:

    You look great in that wig, Catherine — I really love it on you!

  4. Aimee Robinson says:

    Love that wig on you! Long or look great in both!

  5. Debe says:

    Awesome love the wig and color! You are rocking it!!!!


  6. J says:

    This is your look–short and sassy–fits your personality! The long hair hides your lovely face. This is it!

  7. This is very cute on you, Catherine! I especially like it clipped back at the bangs. 🙂

  8. Linda says:

    I love it on you. You look wonderful.

  9. Linda Boyte says:

    Gorgeous!!! Love it. So cute.

  10. chrisforhair says:

    You do more for wigs than sellers like me! (Or the catalogs…) Nothing looks bad on you, long, short and everything in between. AND I love your attitude(s) Keep writing please…

  11. Toni says:

    This style is so flattering and youthful looking on you. Perfection.

  12. BlingTreeG says:

    Love it! You look beautiful …

  13. Miss Bougie says:

    I can’t be original here with my reply, because I agree to all of the above. Love you with that wig! Short hair suits you, especially with the fluffed up and finger combed look. Very very cute, love it!!!

  14. Holy cow – that Isla is phenomenal on you – short and sassy and SEXY!!!! I swear I want this wig! Thank you for the video – it is so helpful to see you put it on from start to finish! Fabulous!

  15. Denise says:

    FANTASTIC! And only cause I’m older than you would I dare say I think the shorter/blond look is far more youthful to you than the long/dark. You’ve lost a good 10 years!

  16. Leah says:

    Hi Catherine! Loved this post! You really pull her off so well. The cut and color are just gorgeous on you! I remember speaking over the phone about this style, and it makes me so happy she worked out for you! Thank you so much for being open and sharing. You are truly helping others! -Leah at Name Brand Wigs

  17. Eleanor says:

    Catherine…I just found the info an your earlier post…sorry to have bothered you… Ellie

    Sent from my iPad


  18. Lovely – looks great and the shorter choppy style really suits you

  19. Do your work colleagues ever say anything about your gorgeously different looks you work every day?

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