Let’s Get Wiggy With Carrie From UniWigs LaVivid Collection

The FedEx man came to my door with a package today!  In the package was something I had been waiting for.  A wig!

Surprise!!!!  And was it ever!!!   Read on to see how my surprise ended!

This isn’t any wig.  The folks at UniWigs reached out to me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the Carrie wig from the LaVivid Collection.  The funny thing is, I was eyeing this wig for a while.  I’ve seen many reviews of Carrie and I’ve always thought that she was stunning and very natural looking.

Here’s Lace Front Carrie from the website.  This photo doesn’t even do her justice!

Now—for those of you familiar with my royal wigness, you are well-aware that I shy away from Euro-American wigs.  I’m a fan of African-American textured wigs because they best resemble my bio hair.  But the main issue I have with Euro-American wigs is that they lack density, look like doll hair and, for the most part, are very “wiggy” looking.  I’ve purchased these wigs from other companies and ended up throwing them in the trash because I looked ridiculous.

I was a bit skeptical.  On the other hand, before my hair loss became more intense, I did order toppers from UniWigs and was extremely happy with them.  In fact, I still wear them every now and then when I bring out my bio hair!

Yesterday I DID wear a UniWigs topper atop my bio hair!  It looked great and was nice to see me back in my naturalness!

Well, let’s look at the wig and my surprising results!

First, the wig was packaged very securely.  In the FedEx envelope was another envelope.  In that envelope was the LaVivid Box containing the wig. And more goodies!

The box was nice and compact. No wasted space here for the wig.  This is important to me because I store my wigs in their original boxes!

In the box, the wig came placed in a hairnet.  I love this.  I love this because I keep my wigs in hairnets while I’m not wearing them.  The head of the wig was also stuffed with tissue paper.  This is a good practice—to stuff the head part of the wig with tissue paper so that the wig will retain its shape.

This is the wig in the net after I took her off and before I restuffed with the tissue paper. I wanted to show you how I “shape” the bottom of the wig back into the net!

Also in the box was a wig brush, great for detangling at the end of a wear, a mesh wig cap, and another little package with two combs to be sewn into the wig and a sachet.

In that little package on the far left, where the combs are, is also a sachet.  This is a great idea to make sure your wig smells fresh!  The wig brush is essential.  I NEVER put a wig back into the box without brushing the tangles out.  Let’s face it–all wigs will tangle a bit after an all-day wear, if you want your wig to last then you need to brush it out after wearing.  The wig cap is also a great little addition, but most of the time, I don’t wear them. I find it more comfortable without it. That’s just me!

When I saw the wig, I was pleasantly surprised at the color.  UniWigs sent me “Brown Spice”, a gorgeous blend of brown ranging from dark to light with a hint of auburn blended in.  The depth of the color is spectacular.

This is how Carrie looks on me in natural (but rainy) daylight!  Bonaparte loves this color on me!!  The depth of color is absolutely gorgeous and I have a bit of my dark hair pulled out at the front!!

I figured that the parting space would need a good bit of tweezing, but upon inspecting, the parting space was perfect!  The other added benefit is that the wig has hard lace.  I’m a huge fan of the harder lace because the softer lace tends to roll back—and that can be annoying.

No tweezing needed on Carrie! Just a slight touch of face powder in the part and I’m good to go!

When I saw that Carrie had a left-side part, I knew we were going to be besties!

What I didn’t notice was that fake looking, Barbie doll shininess that so many wigs have.  The wig has a luster and a natural shine.  The kind that you have with your natural hair when you get a great wash, condition, and blow out at the salon.

The construction of the cap is stellar.  Trust me on this.  I have many inexpensive wigs that I love, and the wefts are not as well-constructed as on Carrie.  The wefting on the wig really impressed me.   A lot!

No skimping on the wefts.  Less expensive wigs tend to have less wefting, making the spaces wider in between the wefts. This is nice and compact!

The wig material is made in Japan and the wig itself is constructed in China.

It also has adjustable elastic bands with Velcro.  I’m digging this because I’m used to the bra-strap bands and they can sometimes be a challenge to adjust when you have long nails!

See the straps?  They can be adjusted with the Velcro tabs. I like that!!!!

Overall, this is a very well-constructed wig.

The lace front. From the inside!!!

Want to see how she looks on me?

Shades of Carrie.  See what I mean about the shine?  There is plenty of luster but not overly shiny.  I’m thrilled with her!

And the layers!  Oy vey!  They are so well thought out.  Longer layers are always more flattering and this is beyond my expectations!

At a price point of $188 USD, Carrie is not inexpensive, but she isn’t to the other extreme either.  She’s within the affordable price range.  I think Carrie is worth the money.

Do I have any cons? No.  But I have a couple of suggestions.

Well, it would be great if LaVivid had a wider range of available colors for this unit.  It would be wonderful if Carrie was offered in a natural black and in gray.  Many older women are going gray these days and many of these women have long hair.

My other suggestion.  LaVivid’s selections are shorter wigs.  And while I realize that not every mature woman wants a length as long as Carrie (I do!  I do!), a few shoulder-length or just below the shoulder length options, such as a long bob would be great sellers!

Albeir Awad, the wigs designer for this line is obviously a very talented man—please come up with longer selections!!!

Albeir Awad, wig designer at his craft!  

Below is the video from my YouTube channel.  It’s a fun one—because I was so excited that I couldn’t contain myself!!

I want to give a sincere thanks to the people at UniWigs for considering me for a review and I hope that I did good by you!!!

Here’s the links if you are interested in giving Carrie a more in-depth look!!!


LaVivid Collection

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26 Responses to Let’s Get Wiggy With Carrie From UniWigs LaVivid Collection

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    You wouldn’t know it wasn’t your own, the wig did you proud and you did it proud with your honest review.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ellen. Thank you so much!!! I’m telling you, I’m blown away by this unit. The density is fabulous too. I hope LaVivid creates longer and more wigs for older women!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. ellenbest24 says:

    Maybe they will now you have suggested it.😊

  3. Marilyn Weilbacher says:

    You know that I kind of enjoyed reading your blog until I read that you voted for crooked Hilary. Can’t stomach it anymore knowing that! What sore losers we have in this country. I know I should have compassion for ignorant people but no I don’t!]

    • Catherine says:

      Actually Marilyn, we aren’t on an even par. I do have compassion for those that voted for Trump–it’s because they don’t know any better and compassion and empathy is what they need. So we don’t necessarily agree but you aren’t the first person to call me ignorant. And–you know that ignorant is bliss so thank you for calling me blissful! XOXOXOXO!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Marilyn. You know that all comments are welcomed here. However, my friend, before you call me ignorant and a sore loser, please note that you spelled Ms. Clinton’s name wrong. It is Hillary. You just might want to check your spelling before commenting!

      And, no. I’m not a sore loser. Clinton had the popular vote. But since the Russians campaigned aggressively to sway “certain” voters against Clinton, the anti-American Draft Dodging Coward is now POTUS.

      Namaste. Or shall I say мир–that’s peace in Russian! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • Marilyn Weilbacher says:

        Maybe I spelled her name wrong because I never paid any attention as to how that obnoxious person spells her name. But you did see that I got crooked right. You’re not a sore loser??? Ah hahahahaha!!!😆🙃😜😄😂🤣 That’s great!!! Hahahahaha!!! 😝😆😄 Stop it girl right now! 😆🤣😂

      • Catherine says:

        I’ve finally been trolled! Or-rather Trollsky’d!!!!!!!

  4. cgcopy says:

    Really pretty on you, Catherine!

  5. 3C Style says:

    Catherine, this wig is one of my fav from your collection. I love this colour on you. Looking good!

  6. The Lakewoman says:

    Catherine…..love your wigs, love yours vids, love your politics!!

  7. altogirl2 says:

    I love this wig more than any other you’ve shown on your blog. It looks so natural and amazing on you, you left-winged liberal, you! LOL!

    • Catherine says:

      Tee Hee!! Altogirl! You know me so well!! LOL!!! But yeah, that wig is everything and a bag of chips. I’m so happy to have it for holiday hair!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. doodletllc says:

    Fabulous…30 years vanishes in a flash…really fabulous…love your putting yourself out there videos…and later for all the bashers in the mix…you do what you do best…stay honest and open and smart…leave those fools in the dust. 🙂

  9. Juliet says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous – really lovely

  10. bluetulips says:

    WoW, WoW, WoW, I love the colour of that wig, you look amazing and yes wipes off years, you look heaps younger than me. lol. A shorter version of this style would be nice..

  11. J says:

    You look gorgeous!

  12. I always had the apprehension about investing in a lavish wig that too online because many a time it happens that what you pay for isn’t what you get. However, after reading this one I am sure that I’ll be doing some surfing online and land on a perfect wig!

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