Much Ado About Some Things!

Ok.  So, a few weeks ago, maybe actually two or three, I was in Nordstrom Rack checking out the discounted goods and I came across a cosmetics display.  There were some decent buys.  But the one that caught my eye was a cute little eyeshadow pallet by Too Faced.

In the past, I’ve had a couple of palettes from Too Faced and had been generally pleased. This was back when Too Faced palettes weren’t as pricey as they are now—and the palettes were smaller and more compact.

Thanks to mspurplemakeup at blogspot for this pic.  I loved this palette. It was small and affordable and all the shadows were used a lot!

This Too Faced Palette, I believe the name was Boudoir Eyes, was, hands down one of my favorite of all time. I hit pan on every single shadow. I see it is available on the Too Faced website. I think I will order because I LOVE this and forgot about it! I don’t remember ever paying the $36 that it is now though!

The palette that caught my eye is the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette.  Housed in a cute leopard print tin, this palette is nice and compact.  Three larger shadows that can be used as highlighters, three shadows and three wet/dry shadows.  This is a very pragmatic palette and the shadows can be used either every day or with a heavier hand, for the holidays.

It’s so cute in this leopard tin!

The colors are all great choices.  I LOVE  Tiger’s Eye!!

I’ve been using this regularly as of late and am just very pleased with it.  At $14.99, this is an excellent value—especially given the escalating price of drug store brands, this is a great little palette. (Note–it’s $32 on the Too Faced website)

See how nice and subtle the shadows are?  I’m liking this!

And in keeping up with the value aspect, on Saturday Bonaparte and I ventured off to IKEA.  One thing about going to IKEA is that I insist on going early—like when the store opens.  It’s just that it gets crazy-crowded there and the checkout lines are ridiculously long.  I lack patience.

Anyway, my mission was bedding.  We have a King-sized bed.  Bonaparte wanted to buy some new bedding and so did I.  But here’s the thing—we don’t agree on bedding.  Truth be told.  We can always find a compromise with mostly everything—except bedding.  I like bedding to be a bit on the funky side. Mismatched pillowcases, lots of pillows, throws on the bed.  He doesn’t share my affection.

Our present bedding.  It’s ok. I’m not thrilled with it.  I like a more mix-n-match, tons of pillows and throws kind of look.  The things I do for love!

He’s basic when it comes to bedding.  My suggestion was rather than get rid of the comforter that we presently have on the bed, to just get a duvet cover. After all, we have a dog. Chippy believes the bed belongs to him and if you have a dog, you know what that means.  It isn’t worth it to spend a fortune on bedding.

So, we get to IKEA, and thankfully, early because the store was giving away cutlery and big shopping bags.  This was a great and unexpected surprise for me because extra dining utensils are always welcomed—especially since we’ll have a full house for Christmas.  The addition of another big-ass bag for shopping is another plus.  Even if he didn’t find anything, we came out a winner with this free booty!

Certainly not a bad freebie!!  Am I right???

And I can always do with another one of these oversized bags for groceries!!!

We made it to the bedding area and finally decided on a blue printed duvet cover with two matching pillowcases.  I could make this work with navy and white sheets.

Well, as much as I love IKEA, the store’s goods sometimes get the best of me.  Whenever we get furniture from the brand, we always pay for the delivery and assembly.  It takes a rocket scientist with the patience of a saint to assembly the brand’s furniture and other larger items.

Yes. We paid for the assembly of the loveseat.  It would have taken us two days if we did this ourselves!

You would think putting a King-sized comforter into IKEA’S King duvet cover would be a piece of cake.  It wasn’t.  Apparently, the American king size is different from the Swedish king sized.  Our comforter was too big. I’m not talking about a California King either.  I’m talking regular, normal, basic king-sized bedding.

There was a solution though.  The downstairs guest room.  It was time for a bit of updating anyway.  My challenge was putting the Queen comforter that was on the bed into IKEA’s King comforter.  After an hour of matching ends up, and explaining to Chippy that this was not his bedding, the room had a new look.  And by the way, the queen-sized comforter fit perfectly into the duvet cover!

You know how dogs beg?  Well. I had to beg Chippy to get off this duvet. It only took an hour!

And our error turned out to be a blessing in disguise for the guest room. I made it work!!

Still, we needed bedding.  Bonaparte had an easy afternoon yesterday and we headed off to Macy’s.  I’m telling you, the bedding at that store is so freaking expensive.  Bedding everywhere is expensive.  We hit upon a one-day sale and ended up with a comforter set that we both agreed on.  And I’ll be able to make it a bit cozier with dark sheets and perhaps a throw.  Or two!

At long last, we found a comforter that would fit our bed. Now I can get rid of that other thing!!!

A smaller palette.  A bedding purchase gone wrong—but so right in another room of the home.  Free stuff.  It’s all fun and those simple things are what gives us the chance to make much ado about some things!!

As a side note, if you are interested in purchasing the Carrie wig that I reviewed in yesterday’s post, UniWigs has a special code for 10 percent off of the wig’s price:  CATHERINE10

It’s gray, and damp, and looks like rain may be headed our way so I’m going to get under the covers with Chippy and some good reading material!!  Enjoy the day!

I took off these clothes and am now in sloppy pajamas!!!

Hey. Does anyone have Windows 10?  Do you think it sucks as much I think it does?  On Saturday, Windows 10 automatically updated my laptop and literally, EVERYTHING was lost!  It was a deceptive effort to get me onto Microsoft Edge.  It took hours for me to figure out how to recover everything.  Then my video camera didn’t work.  That drove me into a frenzied state and I spent the entire day trying to figure out how to get my camera working.  I finally figured it out at 10:00 last night.  Technology.  As great as it is, it is absolutely horrific!

Here’s the video I uploaded this morning. And I talk about my computer issues and more!  Enjoy my rant. And look for Chippy and what he does!!!

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8 Responses to Much Ado About Some Things!

  1. Juliet says:

    How? I mean HOW do you get your beloved to go shopping – gravel-guy refuses and in fact if I was to get him into Buchanan Galleries I would have to dope him up with enough anaesthetic he would be unable to move his limbs. He hates shopping, doesn’t care about anything in the house and loathes spending money, I am in awe of people (women) who can walk next to their partner in a shopping environment and maybe even make conversation or stop for coffee. How do you do it?

    The house looks gorgeous by the way – loving the bed linen

  2. June says:

    Catherine – at least you did not buy a bed at IKEA!! I have also had that experience of the wrong size of duvet cover to cover a duvet I bought here in Canada and the Queen did not fit at all!!!
    Love all your posts on your blog!! From western Canada!!!
    PS I quite agree – bedding is so expensive. Here, bedding seems to go on sale in January!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi June!! Actually, we DID buy a bed from IKEA but we paid for assembly! We learned our lesson when we bought Oona a desk during her college years and had to assemble it ourselves. It took an entire weekend!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. Fiona says:

    Love the Paisley bed linen, which reminds me, I need to go to Ikea. I agree, you either need to go early or late otherwise it’s like being in the centre of a rugby scrummage. How fortuitous to go on a day when they are doing a giveaway. Xx

  4. J says:

    Sounds like you had fun shopping at Ikea. Wish there was one close to me but probably a good thing for my budget. Ah, technology…it’s the endless updating that seems to cause more problems than they’re worth. Glad you figure everything out! I have two wardrobes: out in public and at home and at home is looser, softer, and more comfortable. And worn more often. I am THIS close to living in pajamas!

  5. Right. U r quite good at selections. Wether the eye thing u had, what was it cat or tiger!Anyhow ur cover colours are very deceptive. Decent choice. Its worth the cause. Good day!

  6. Adryana says:

    I love IKEA shopping! It’s always like a little adventure between the aisles 😄 Also that outfit with yellow skirt looks wonderful on you! Very stylish 😎

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