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Much Ado About Some Things!

Ok.  So, a few weeks ago, maybe actually two or three, I was in Nordstrom Rack checking out the discounted goods and I came across a cosmetics display.  There were some decent buys.  But the one that caught my eye … Continue reading

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My House Stinks–But It Looks Festive!!!!

Oh God.  I’m sitting here at my bespoke office—the dining room table and I have a headache from the stench.  It’s awful. And it’s a good thing that Bonaparte is at work because he would get all “French” on me … Continue reading

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And Just How Long DOES It Take To Do A Load Of Wash?

Well now, if you are me, it depends on the load of wash.  Yesterday I decided to give one of our sofas a well-needed cleanse.   Since it was the beginning of the New Year, and the tree and all things … Continue reading

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