Prime Time! Are These Two Primers Worth It?

Because I fell in love with The Ordinary foundations that Deciem sent me to review, I decided to order both more foundation and the two primers that The Ordinary offers.

The Ordinary Foundations.  I used the Serum Foundation with the Liquid Primer and the Coverage Foundation with the Silicone Primer.  

You may have read mention of some of the primers that I use in my “Best of 2016” post. The Hard Candy primer is a very good buy at $8.00 and the e.l.f. primers at $6.00 work fine!

Both of these primers were included in my “Best of 2016” post.  It’s funny because looking back at that post, many of those items remain my most-used. These two primers, by the way, are very, very good!  And for the price, even better!

I’ve also spent quite a bit of money on primers—Hourglass for $54.  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer was a favorite of mine coming in at around $36 for one ounce. In fact, I have a travel sized Smashbox primer in one of my travel cases. Both primers are fine.  And I used them before I discovered the drugstore primers. Honestly, the Hard Candy and e.l.f. primers work just as well as the high end.

The Hourglass Mineral Veil primer was the most expensive primer I ever purchased. It was great, but the Hard Candy primer at eight bucks is a perfect dupe!  Sorry, but I won’t be spending a lot of money on primers anymore!

Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer was the first primer I ever used. I think it was the ONLY primer at the time.  I’ve always liked it but there are less expensive primers that work just as well.

So naturally, when I saw The Ordinary’s primers on their website, I had to try them out.  And they are Wayne Goss approved. How could I not place the order?

Wayne Goss approved!  Need I say more?

I ordered the High Adherence Silicone Primer.  At 4.90 USD for 1 ounce, this is a steal.  It’s less expensive than the e.l.f and the Hard Candy.  Also in the order was the High Spreadability Fluid Primer, at 7.90 USD for one ounce, it was still less expensive than the Hard Candy and tons less expensive than the Hourglass and Smashbox primers.

The two primers I ordered.  Left photo:  High Adherence Silicone Primer.  Right Photo:  High Spreadability Fluid Primer.

Ever the frugalista, I also ordered another Serum Foundation and another Coverage Foundation to ensure my free shipping. Did I mention that The Ordinary/Deciem offers free shipping if you order $25 or more?  And the items arrived at my door within 48 hours.  WTF??? How quick is that!!???

Down to the reviews.

Saturday, October 7th

I went to a blogger meetup (I’ll be writing a post about it later in the week—there’s a lot to write) in Manhattan—actually, in my old neighborhood on the Upper West Side! I wanted to look nice and pretty, you know what I mean?  I decided to use the High Spreadability Fluid Primer because Wayne Goss said it was great for mature skin!

The primer comes in a bottle with a dropper.  I thought this was a clever way to package the primer because it reminded me of the vitamin drops that my mother used to give us when we were kids. The vitamins tasted pretty good too!  Thankfully I did not attempt to eat this.

This fluid primer comes in a bottle with a dropper that reminds me of the vitamins my mother gave us when we were kids. This is like a vitamin for the face!  I also love that you can see the product so you can keep track of how much product you’ve been using!

Anyway, being careful not to allow too much of the primer to be dropped, I applied a drop on the back of my hand.  A clear and slightly thick liquid oozed out.  I was intrigued by the texture because I was so used to a more congealed product coming out of a tube.

One drop of the Fluid Primer. It certainly does have spreadability–and it is hydrating too!

I applied to my face and that little drop was sufficient.  Giving the primer about five minutes to set in, my face felt smooth and hydrated.  Oh. And the foundation I used was The Ordinary Serum Foundation. I did not use the Blur because I wanted to get a better feel for how the primer worked.

Face was done and not overdone.  Wig in place.  Let’s put this primer to the test!

Face made up, this primer would be put through a huge test.  The weather in New York was unseasonably warm, hot, sweltering and muggy.  Which pissed me off.  I wore my new Dover blazer and my deodorant did not last through the wicked weather.  As I write this, my blazer’s underarms are airing out and tomorrow I’m going to drive to the liquor store for a small bottle of vodka. Did you know that vodka rids underarm fabric of stink?  Yeah. It does. You’re welcome!

I’m not even speaking to Mother Nature these days.  Freakin’ bring on the cool weather and do my armpits a favor. OK?

I did my makeup at about 8:00 AM.  We left for the city at around 11:AM and arrived at 1PM. We drove around a bit because I wanted to check out my old neighborhoods and where the kids were born and wanted a bit of sentimentality before heading to the event.

Columbia Presbyterian Hospital–where Jake, Roman, and Oona were born.  I get sentimental whenever I pass this place.

At 2PM the event started and we had a photo shoot outside. It was hot as balls.  I could feel myself getting a bit worn from the mugginess and heat and didn’t have time to check my makeup for meltage. It didn’t matter anyway, because I’m not that girl who fixes makeup during the day.  I’m too lazy. Besides, I was more concerned with my wig shifting, which it didn’t. I’m telling you, I was so glad that I wear wigs because my bio hair would have turned into a Brillo pad from the humidity.

We arrived home at around 6:30-ish.  We stopped to get Chippy from doggie camp made a bread stop at Wegmans and headed home.

I ran upstairs stripped myself of the sticky clothing and went to town removing the makeup. The primer did its job.  Look at the amount of foundation that had remained on my face all day—through the heat and mugginess.

Wouldja look at that schmutz?  That is the foundation and the Fluid Primer held the Serum Foundation on all day.  Despite the heat and humidity, the foundation never melted!  I would say the primer performed beautifully!

Thumbs up on the liquid primer.  At $7.90 it was an incredible value.  And knowing that this works during the stickiest of weather, it’s even better!

Sunday, October 8th

Damn!  We woke up to humidity, heat, and rain this morning.  Friggin’ October.  I want to wear sweaters and jeans and blazers and scarfs and at this rate, I’ll be running around looking for the nearest Nudist Colony if the heat continues!

Since today is dedicated to writing, I won’t be going out—especially with the rain.  But, I’m still doing a full face.  Today I’m using the High Adherence Silicone primer. It will be used with the Coverage Foundation.

Today I am using the High-Adherence Silicone Primer.  Let’s see how it works!

This primer comes in a squeeze tube.  The consistency is a bit thicker than the Hard Candy primer.  It’s white—not colorless.  The texture is smooth and almost of a whipped consistency.  It glides on the skin nicely and the color dissipates once it is blended into the skin.

The Silicone Primer on my hand.

I applied this at around 7:30 this morning.  And although hot and humid and muggy- we turned the air conditioning on. I did manage to get dressed and did my entire face.  I figured it might be a nice idea to look human while writing.

I even wore hair with bangs today. And a nice bright lip color!

Well, I baked bread, I wrote, I procrastinated by watching Vivement Dimanche, one of my favorite shows on TV5Monde.  at 3:30PM I decided to wipe the makeup off my face.  It was a good 8 hours since I applied the primer and foundation.  How would the primer hold up?

Take a look.  The foundation stuck to my face like glue. At the cost of $4.90 for an ounce, this is ridiculously insane in the best conceivable way.  It’s dirt cheap.   It holds the foundation. It doesn’t dry the skin.  Overall, a great, great buy for the money.

Eight hours later.  The silicone primer held that foundation onto my face like Superglue!

So—how would I rate these primers?  A+++!!! Which do I prefer?  Well, considering that yesterday was like being in a virtual sauna, the fluid primer did not let me down.  The foundation stayed.  And Wayne Goss may be right—I do believe that primer to be great for mature skin.

On the other hand, the silicone primer worked just as well.  I’m thinking that perhaps the liquid may work better in the summer weather and the silicone may be better for winter.  I’ll keep using both and will be repurchasing.  For the price, I’m completely sold.

Remember.  These two primers—I purchased.  They were not comped.  I’m telling you, if you are a fan of primers, get to The Ordinary’s website and order these two products!

As a side note. The lip color I wore today is the CoverGirl Outlast All Day Lip Color. This Outlast lip duo has been around since Oona was in high school. She wore it when she was competing in Irish Dance because it lasted all day and didn’t transfer to those expensive dance dresses!  I revisited this product a while ago and have been pleased and purchased this coral/red from their newer shades.  Overall, this is a winnah. This stays on all day. I’m not kidding!

Well-worth the price–less than ten dollars. I think I paid about seven bucks for this at Walmart.

That’s about it for today.  I’ll have a review later on in the week on the SkinActives products that I was sent.  It’ll be a detailed review!

On the way home from New York, we were listening to French CD’s.  Bonaparte always laughs at the songs by Jacques Dutronc because he said the lyrics are just very funny.  Here’s Jacques with Les Cactus! I yi yi!  The video is also very funny.  He’s like the Ray Davies of France!


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34 Responses to Prime Time! Are These Two Primers Worth It?

  1. KEWLM0M says:

    I love this makeup on you! It’s so understated but so polished at the same time – and you can’t beat the price!

    • Nora says:

      This makeup looks great on you. I’m learning a lot here. I’m pretty new to primers and not sure what they can actually do for me. I have some redness due to broken capillaries and some red marks from old acne. So, I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear . It covers but is a bit heavy looking. I think I’ll have to try a primer to see if it enables me to use a foundation with a little less coverage. Appreciate all the research you’re doing.

      • Catherine says:

        Nora. Do yourself a favor. Try The Ordinary’s Serum Foundation. I refuse to buy Estee Lauder every since the brand dropped an older woman for Kendall Jenner. Lauder has always been known for a “mature woman” brand and screwed up with Jenner. I have no use for the Lauder products (even though Lauder practically owns every other brand). But I can’t even wear the Double Wear foundation because there is no shade to match my skin. And I have been told by others that it is drying. The Serum foundation is so much more friendly on the wallet.
        And both of Ordinary’s primers are great. But if your skin is super dry, I think the fluid may be a better choice!! XXOXOXOXO!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Kewl. Honestly. This is the shit!!! It’s the most unbelievable primer/foundation for the price. I’m thrilled to pieces because it is quality stuff at a great price without the advertisement and marketing so the products can be sold at a consumer-friendly price. I’m thrilled with the results!! Thank you!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. Yvonne says:

    Fantastic I’m in. Heard a lot about Ordinary from British bloggers. In fact that’s how I found your blog just over a year ago. Catherine you’ve seen pictures of me on Instagram do you think I’m yellow or pink for the foundation. We are going to New York instead of Phily for a conference but coming to Philadelphia for a wedding second week of December. I’ll confirm with you direct.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Yvonne. I would think you are pink. Let me know for sure the second week of December. It’ll be so much fun to meet each other–finally!!!! XOXOXOXO

  3. hipchick66 says:

    You have been looking so fabulous as of late! You always looked good but there’s something even better now. Maybe it’s that Fenty gloss? Lol. Kidding. I think it’s maybe a new sense of adventure or something like that. 🙂 xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Lori. I swear to god, I think the stress of not having to go to an office every day has had a positive effect on me. I don’t have to deal with the BS of office moles or others paying more attention to me than their own work. I’m far happier to sit down and write–I just need to make money off of it!! LOL!!! Thank you for noticing!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  4. Renee in Northern California says:

    I’ll have to check this out and the foundation, too! I love Trish McEvoy foundation but, has recently changed the formulation (hate when they do that) to mixed reviews. Soooo, I may as well try something new at such a low price point. Gotta say, your skin looks so radiant!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Renee. You know, Trish McEvoy products, for the most part, don’t work for me. Some years back I was suckered in to purchasing over $400 worth of product that is still sitting in the quilted carry pack for her products. The eyeshadows are very good. But her foundation is way too orange for me. And what I really don’t like about the brand is that the sales people are way too pushy. There’s a difference between being helpful and being downright pushy. I avoid the McEvoy counters like the plague.
      I used to LOVE Makeup Forever’s HD foundation and wore if for years until the formula was changed–once the formula changed, it was a complete fail for me.
      It’s funny how when formulations change or try to “improve” they no longer work for some of us!
      But yeah, definitely try The Ordinary–the price point is ridiculously low and I’m thrilled with the results!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

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  6. pasunejeunefille says:

    Catherine, you are really glowing lately. I hope that you can figure out a way to monetize your social media because you have a unique voice that speaks to us ladies of a certain age. Have you thought of doing any you tube videos? There are very few for our age group.

    Sadly, I absolutely hated the Ordinary high spreadability primer. I’m having much more luck with the porefessional by Benefit and the Laura Geller powder foundation that you recommended.

    Some of the other Ordinary products are good though. I love their resveratrol serum. The Niod range is good too as is the hand chemistry hand cream.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jane. Can you elaborate on why the high spreadability primer didn’t work for you? The feedback would be great because we all have different skin types and your thoughts can help. I am liking the Niod Neck Cream. I’ll be reviewing in a few weeks because I want to use the product before judging. I”m still amazed by the Laura Geller foundation. It seems to work for all skin types which is fantastic! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • pasunejeunefille says:


        The fluid primer didn’t work for me because I don’t think you played very well with my serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. My foundation just slipped all over my face and lasted for about an hour. At the time, I was using a Chanel foundation which worked just fine if I didn’t apply it with a primer. So I don’t know if it was the skin regimen or the foundation or both. Anyway, the liquid timer was a huge fail for me.

        As I said, I’m much happier with Benefit’s the Porefessional primer and Laura Geller powder foundations. They seem to work much better with my skin care and sunscreen.


      • Catherine says:

        Hi Jane! Good point! There have been times when I had to play around with my skin care products before applying makeup. I know there are a couple of serums that “bead” up when I apply primer–the collagen serum–I can’t use it under primer. We all have that special cocktail! Thanks for answering my question!! XXXOXOXO!!!!

  7. Q.D says:

    I have been without internet for the last couple of weeks (abroad, I love unplugging while away), so it is good to come home and catch up on my blog reading! (Also, we don’t really do Halloween here in Australia, and we don’t have Thanksgiving, so I love how early Christmas stuff comes out!)

    I have never really done primer, I am not quite sure how it works, but then I think all makeup is some sort of magic that I never really got the hang of. We are heading into summer so I am tempted to give it a try. I don’t really wear foundation though, I wear a mineral powder base (Nude by Nature) so I am not sure how it would go.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Q! When I was younger I never bothered with primer. Wait. Primer wasn’t even around yet when I was younger!!!! But, I find that as my skin changes with age, the primers are a good thing. They smooth out the skin a bit and work as a glue for the foundation. And during the summer–it’s definitely useful. Oh. the primer would work with a mineral powder base. I use a primer before applying the Laura Geller foundation. The key, at least for me, is the allow the primer to soak into the skin for about 5 to 10 minutes, then apply the foundation. I’ll usually either relax or do my eyes while the primer sets in!! I think you may like a primer!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. Juliet says:

    You have convinced me – I am exploring that brand when I get home, not wanting to skite- but!!!! I’m in Paris (the last of 3 days) and my girly pal and I saw the Dior exhibition, I may not be speaking sense for some time! Tell Bonaparte you have to go see it, it is his patriotic French duty to take you – it is unbelievable

    • Catherine says:

      Juliet. *starts to cry* I can’t wait to get back to Paris. I’ve heard nothing but raves about the Dior show. I woke up today to the news that Jean Rochefort passed away. Bonaparte was very upset because Rochefort was a friend of the family. He passed away almost to the day of Daniele’s anniversary. He was a very sweet man. I wish I was in Paris right now!! Enjoy the remainder of your stay!!!!!!!! Safe home to you! XXOXOXOXO!!!

  9. fiona says:

    I’ve only ever used primer a couple of times…it was by Avon and quite frankly it was shit…my make-up looked worse, not better. I chucked it in the bin. I’m tempted to get the fluid primer…does it really minimize pores though…my face looks like the surface of the moon. Your skin is the dog’s bollocks by the way.
    Wayne Goss is British…who knew? (you obvs) and he has teeth like Simon Cowell…he must be doing something right to afford those.
    Will look forward to reading about your blogger meet-up. xxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona. Avon. I’ve never been a fan of Avon products. They have never worked for me and god knows I’ve tried Avon tons of time because at one point or another it seemed like everyone I knew was selling the stuff. The primer fills into the pores making them appear smaller. I like that. And it’s worth the money because it’s dirt cheap. Oh. Thank you for the compliment on my skin. I’ll be doing a review later this week on some products I’ve been testing out for the past month.
      Wayne Goss. THE Wayne Goss. I love him. He must be doing alright with his YouTube to afford such nice teeth–right?? He’s great though. I love the way he gets all excited over products he believes in! I’ve binged on him so many times!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. bluetulips says:

    I don’t wear primers much, willing to give this a go. just ordered the High Spreadability Fluid Primer, price was AUD $13.90, I couldn’t stop laughing at your comment ” don’t have to deal with the BS of office MOLES” 😜😜😜. Love it xxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Dianne. True dat. You know the type I’m talkin’ ’bout. That sneaky person who lurks in every office. They are tight with management–at least they believe they are. They will take bathroom breaks and on the way too and back they will be watching every employee to see who isn’t with head to desk and they go back and report. In the meantime, they are so concerned with everyone else, that they don’t do shit!
      I had an incident when I was at Fiserv. The center manager was besties with one of the managers. This manager could NOT stand one of the girls who worked in the mail area. The girl was a doll. Anyway, she would have to take the bus from Philly over to Trooper where our office was located. She would often arrive early due to the schedule, so she would stop by my desk and we would talk about her mother, her boyfriend, her nails. Very much the small talk. Anyway, the bestie manager runs into MY boss, the Center Manager to tell her that Tayna and I were trashing everyone in the office. When my boss called me in to question that I went batshit crazy. I jwent on and on about how she (my boss) should be questioning the ethics of a woman who “tattles” and spreads lies. Since that day on, I’ve NEVER trusted any co-workers (except Tayna and Jennifer, the HR manager. She was great and one-of-a-kind). That’s why I want to work for myself, but damnit, it is hard to sell yourself!!
      Oh, back to the primer (once I start yapping about myself……) Give it a go!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  11. LA CONTESSA says:

    IT certainly held up for YOU!Funny SANDRA and I were just having a CHAT about primers and foundations!She feels hers are TOO SHINEY!ANY HELP THERE?ANY INPUT?
    I know she would appreciate!XOXOX

    • Catherine says:

      Elizabeth. Go on The Ordinary’s website. Order both primers. For the price, they are less expensive than those in the store. The Fluid gives more of a dewy finish while the High Adherence is more of a matte. Either way, both primers were fantastic in keeping my foundation put–especially the Fluid since it was so hot and muggy in NYC!!!! Hope this helps darlin’!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  12. Sandra says:

    Hey, funny seeing La Contessa here. Yes, i’m absolutely intrigued by your primers and your foundation. You look fabulous. I had never heard about Ordinary. But of course now I will go over there and check them out. I thought i was the only one obsessed with YouTube makeup videos. oh, also Hamilton and carpoolKareoke. But I’ve been using the Hourglass primer but I’m excited to try the Ordinary. Is there a powder you use to keep the shine off your face? I find I’m way to shing in photos. Are you happy with the Ordinary foundation? So many questions.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy. OH. That photo of you and Frank Underwood. I’m so jealous! Anyway, thank you for your compliment! Oh God. I can’t get enough of those makeup videos. I watch them all. I just bought a webcam and once I figure out some flattering lighting, I’m going to start making vids. I already have a couple of scripts at the ready!
      Definitely check out The Ordinary. You can order through their site. I’m really happy with the primers. I used to use the Hourglass but for the price, I found that Hard Candy had a great dupe for eight bucks! And The Ordinary’s primers are even less expensive. I don’t use powder at all. My skin is too dry. But—you can see from the foundation that came off on the cotton rounds, the primer kept everything in tact. If my skin wasn’t so dry, I would use powder but I just don’t want to take that chance!!! Always nice to hear from you!! XXOXOXO!!!!

  13. eveange33 says:

    I never used a primer before as I really don’t understand what it is for but, I do use The Ordinary stuff, the hyaluronic acid and the squalane. Although I did order as well some foundation (but never used yet as I am not familiar on wearing so much make up).
    I agree with others Catherine, you seem in peace now, at least on what we can see from your pictures and blog post. I do hope that is true and wish you the best.
    I discovered the Ordinary stuff through a beauty blog and was really interested in such stuff, rather cheap but with glowing reviews. I am very happy to report that the items I used, hyaluronic acid and squalane, did me me good so far. I do have dry and dehydrated skin as well so having strong help in the matter of creams and serum is very important to me, more than make up. Those 2 things did more than a good job. In fact, it was a very good surprise and I will order again. My skin is way less dehydrated now: granted, I mix this with other stuff but I am sure this is really helping to improve my skin. I do not have (yet?) redness on my face which would require to “hide” it with make up. Maybe in a few years (which I hope not!) but I try to avoid it although I know one can’t really avoid it. I am on sick leave right now, things are tough at work. Oh and I must say that this lipstick on your small picture below is really becoming you, you look beautiful. Today is my special half century day and it feels … weird. So I am happy to read you again as I did the days previous, this really helps me a lot.

    • Catherine says:

      Bon Anniversaire MB!!!! And you will have a wonderful year! I have the squalane and the hyaluronic acid for review but haven’t used them yet. I have another review to do then I’ll be testing both. I’m glad to hear they are working products!! And thank you, I do feel more relaxed being home.

      • Catherine says:

        Hey, MB, did you hear about Jean Rochefort? We are very saddened–especially Bonaparte. Rochefort was a friend of B’s family. I had the pleasure of meeting him and what a sweet man. The film industry lost an incredible and versatile talent. R.I.P. XOXOXOXO

  14. jacqui says:

    Nice to hear about your primers, I use Nivea post balm for men, this was recommended by my daughter and I’m really getting on well with it. x Jacqui

  15. Mutton_style says:

    Thank you so much for this experiment. I’m using a Mally primer. Like your pads show, they are full of foundation at the end of the day but I hadn’t realised that was due to the primer. I also didn’t know about vodka. Very handy tip

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Anne Marie. Yeah! The primer is the glue. And look how filthy those cotton rounds were. I’m using Mally’s Poreless Face Defender as an additional “setting” agent. I tap the sponge into the product then tap on my face. Overall, I’m a Mally fan. Her Nude Attitude is my favorite eyeshadow palette and I recently purchased a second one due to hitting pan. Oh. The vodka. It’s great for taking the stink out!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

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