I’m Wearing Expired Makeup Today. And Like Jimmy Cracked Corn—I Don’t Care!

Because Roman is going to be using the upstairs guest room, and that’s also where I put my makeup on every morning, I decided to tidy up a bit.

This is the “hidden” dirt that came off my vanity. It’s painted black so it’s difficult to sometimes see where the dirt is!  This is all from eyeshadow and powders!

Then one thing led to another and I decided to go through drawers and clean—really clean.

I found Euros!!  But—they’ll be saved for our next visit overseas-I can’t spend them here.

This is a sampling of the euros I found!  I need to take a flight to France so I can spend this.  CityPharma please!

Also found—or rather, rediscovered, was a stash of old Trish McEvoy makeup.  I’m telling you, there is a reason that I’ve never trashed this.

In this case, is a bunch of overpriced stuff….read on…

I’ll tell you the story.

Oh…. about 12 years ago—possibly 13 years ago, I wasn’t feeling too great about myself.  My longest-divorce-in-the-State-of-New-Jersey hadn’t yet been finalized. Bonaparte and I were dating.  Oona was still in high school—her senior year.   I was living in a small apartment which was awful.  I was stressed and…well, if you’ve been through this stuff—you know what I’m talking about.

It was one of those weekends that I was visiting Bonaparte in PA and I decided to stop at Nordstrom.  I thought it would be a great idea to purchase a bit of makeup. My spirits needed lifting.

Now—understand, I had no money and was in serious debt at the time—but it didn’t stop me from doing what I’m about to tell you.

I stopped by the Trish McEvoy counter and a sales assistant must have sensed my vulnerability. She grabbed me and went into one of those “you-need-this-to-make-your-life-better” spiels.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker and before you know it, I purchased $400 worth of product and an overpriced case to house everything.

Some of the makeup is no longer with me—but the leftovers are in this case.  And it was hidden in the back of a drawer.  I took it out and decided to wear some of the eyeshadows and blush powders today.  All are expired—I mean, it’s been over ten years.

The best thing about this case is that it can store all my little samples. I forgot about this!

Powder blush and bronzer is no longer my friend but I managed to use it today.

I used the highlighter?  or is it blush?  whatever, I used that as an additional eye shadow.

How did it go?

I’ve been spoiled by other brushes because these ones are nothing to rave about–and they aren’t inexpensive either!

It went alright.  And I mean a solid alright.  Not great. Not bad.  Just average.

I have six shadows and eyeliners in here.  The shadows are not very pigmented!

The purple shadows, although everyone says are universally flattering—I’m not crazy about them.  Neutrals are still my thing.

I’m glad for the lack of pigment because I really don’t like “colored” eye shadow. I’ll stick to my neutrals!

Surprisingly, the bronzer and blush weren’t that bad.  I had to throw away the concealer because it was way too dark.

Truth?  I’ll keep the blush and bronzer for the summer when my skin is a bit sweaty.  

And I used some of the bronzer on my eyes.  I also used an eyebrow pencil.

Overall.  “Meh”–I do like the eyebrow pencil though!

Oh–and the reason that I kept this Trish McEvoy case and makeup was to teach me a serious lesson.  No makeup like that is worth $400. Not now. Not ever. Never.

And never ever purchase makeup when you feel bad about yourself.  Aggressive sales people will sniff you out the way a dog sniffs out a buried bone!  I’m not saying that all cosmetic sales assistants are aggressive—because they aren’t!!  But Trish McEvoy’s sales people are aggressive as all get out.  Even when I worked at Nordstrom, they were shameless.

I’m off to run errands now and pick up Roman.  Bread is baked and smells mighty fine!!!

What say you ladies?  Have you had experiences like this?  Let’s talk.

I’m listening to funk on Pandora Radio today.  Here’s some Atomic Dog—remember this?

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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19 Responses to I’m Wearing Expired Makeup Today. And Like Jimmy Cracked Corn—I Don’t Care!

  1. Debe says:

    I have an Helena Rubenstein mascara that is the type with the metal wand with carved with spirals in the wand.

    Absolute (Did someone say vodka?)…oh the best wand ever made. Makes your eyelashes loooong!!!

    None of the crapolicious brush types!!


  2. Great post x

  3. shakemonkey says:

    Madame Bonaparte! Your Post was a Much Needed Pick-Me-Up for me today! You always crack me up and lift my spirits ( and believe me it is Much Needed right now as I’ve been nursing one of the nastiest flu of all times for 2 weeks now ). I love how you are SO adventurous with EVERYTHING!! I have A FEW drawers of OLD, EXPENSIVE and EXPIRED make-up and cannot seem to throw it out Nor wear it! I think it would “poison” my skin or something if I were to put it on( how weird is that?)….after reading your experience, maybe when I feel all better, I will CLEAN OUT my packed makeup drawers and maybe even reuse some stuff? I LOVE how you are in a MUCH BETTER place now in your life and that You Share your experiences so freely and openly with us all – YOU ARE AMAZING!! STAY WELL AND HAPPY, BELLE MADAME!!

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  5. Nancy says:

    Great and very informative post. I also had the experience of very push Trish salespeople….why do you think this link in particular has this? Do they get a higher commission than other cosmetic company employees? Its so weird because when you are sitting in the dept. store chair and they put the makeup on…you are convinced its the BEST ever but at home…not so much. I did find an acceptable eyebrow mascara with the Trish line…for some reason its been difficult to find the right color..at several diff. Sephoras they seems perplexed by this problem. The one bronzer I did like was discontinued…I KNOW you understand this frustration. Not sure yet how I feel about the underage concealer and eye base (or whatever its called) for the lid from Trish yet…still trying to decide.

  6. I have make up older than my children but there’s loads left so it seems such a shame to throw away! 😭 how bad can it be? Anyone ever get really sick using old make up? If not I’ll keep going! $400 though. Man, that salesperson should be ashamed of themselves.

  7. Juliet says:

    The only unfortunate thing about really old makeup is that I can’t test it on Gravel-Guy like I would with food (Gravel guy decidely doesnt do make up – which is a shame as he is my unwitting/unknowing guinea for so much in the frig). That said, I don’t have a lot of old makeup – I do have the odd perfume “mistake” that is used as a spray – again Gravel Guy (unknowingly) has helped use that up – he has the most revolting stinky running gear, I have been known to open the bag quickly then spray and seal it straight back up again until I am ready to load it in the washing machine, yes it is probably not doing any good but I don’t care 🙂

    I am not really a fan of bright eye makeup (I love a lippy in a bright shade) but I have learnt that there are neutral shades and neutral shades – some being decidely kinder than others. Bobbi Brown (them of the strangely yellow foundations) surprisingly do lovely eye crayons – they have a dusty mauve and a deep eggplant that go on and have a slightly plummy / neutral look, gorgeous.

  8. vinomama says:

    Like a dog sniffs out a buried bone… shameless! Lol!! I’ve got to agree with you Catherine, some of those salespeople are so pushy. It’s a real turn off!
    I love the eyebrow pencil on you & your sassy outfit. Have a great weekend! ❤️

  9. patricia blaettler says:

    It’s not the makeup, it’s the application. I had someone do my makeup at a spa once and I looked like a little kid with a dirty face when she was finished. But once I had someone at a department store in Cincinnati do my makeup and I couldn’t get over how beautiful I looked.

  10. Momcat says:

    Oh I remember well the day after the day before, having been sweet talked into over buying everyone from Merle Norman to Estée Lauder…and then a year later going through my make up drawer and saying “What the hell was I thinking?” I still find myself getting into overbuying on Sephora.com but when I get to check out and see the total I tend to delete and just buy only what I originally came for. I think as we get older it’s easier to say “No” also I stick to the tried and true so less easy to get talked into what I don’t want. That’s why I buy most of my beauty stuff on line or go to Sephora stores where the staff aren’t so pushy.
    FYI if you have a pile up of samples etc that are not opened and recent many women’s shelters will take them. Especially shampoo, soap, cleansers, but makeup and perfume samples (unused) might be appreciated too especially at Christmas for gift bags.( I often choose my free samples from Sephora with this in mind)
    Stay strong and don’t get sweet talked into buying crap you a) don’t need or b) isn’t in your budget!

  11. Susan D says:

    I’m currently using an eye pencil which has to be at least 20 years old and it’s just brilliant!
    Susan D

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