M”eye” New Obsession!

Alright. So maybe it isn’t qu”eye”te an obsession.  But—I do have a new “thing” that I’m loving.  And it has to do with the eyes in case you haven’t figured it out!

In fact, it’s eye shadow.  My new thing is creating palettes just for me and only for me.  I’ll explain.

Now that I’m back in the office mode, I like waking up a bit earlier in the morning.

I wake up rarin’ to go!!

Taking my time applying my makeup is very enjoyable and Zen for me.  Bonaparte brings my cawfee, I savor it and get ready.

I love the message in my mug!!  It’s nice to start the day with!

But, while getting ready, I also like  having less of a choice in what eye shadows to wear. I have palettes with many colors to chose from and even though most of the palettes are neutrals, there’s an awful lot to chose from with the non-color colors!

Don’t get me wrong. I love this Morphe palette. But when getting ready for work, I don’t want o spend time mulling over what shade to wear!

And while perusing the internet I found out about the MAC palettes that you can create yourself. I touched on these vaguely in another blog post but didn’t go into detail.  Anyway, I ordered one palette and liked it so much that I went to the MAC store at King of Prussia mall and purchased another.

Here’s the  first palette I ordered online from the MAC site!

This is the palette I purchased online from MAC’s site.

What I love about creating your own palette is that you can shop for specific shadows that you know will look good on you and that you will continuously wear.  The price is right.  Six dollars for each shadow and the empty palette is eight bucks.

So, get this.  When we left for DC last weekend, I figured that I would do a video in the car about the shadows.  I did and haven’t uploaded it to my YouTube channel yet.  Anyway, you know how I’m always writing about not bringing good makeup with me while I’m traveling in fear I may leave it behind?

Well—guess what?  When we arrived home on Sunday, I couldn’t find the two palettes from MAC that I used making the video.  I was freaking out that I left them in the hotel.  I chalked it up to a personal “I told you so” and ordered a third palette from MAC.

It wasn’t until I placed my order that I realized the other two shadows might have been left in the car—and they were.  They fell under my seat.  I was so thrilled and happy to know that a third shadow would be coming my way.

On Tuesday the third palette was delivered and it is a beauty!

The shadows came very securely packaged in this black envelope..

..wrapped in black MAC tissue paper…

I purchased five refill shadows. One–just in case..

Here’s the empty palette. You place the refills into the little circular areas and …

..Voila!  Here’s your instant palette!  In the palette top left, Tempting. Top right, Vanilla. Bottom left, Satin Taupe. Bottom right, Quarry.

The shadows on skin.  From left, Tempting; Vanilla; Satin Taupe; Quarry. 

I’m telling you these MAC shadows are very mature-eye friendly.   They aren’t chalky and the pigmentation is just enough that the shadows are buildable.

MAC sent me a tiny sample of mascara. I think this will be perfect for lower lashes!

I’ll use this Upward Lash on my lower lashes! It’s a nice sample!

Some looks:

The shadows I have on my eyes today are from the new palette above.  They are very subtle!

This was from the first palette with the peachy pink shadow..

And this from the palette I purchased at the MAC store in KOP mall!

I would say I’m all set for now!  I think three of these MAC palettes will suffice for many looks!

Hey. I also mentioned in passing a great tip for applying foundation.  Ohhhh…this one is life changing!

I saw it on Wayne Goss’s channel.  And it is so simple that it’s insane!

The thing is–Wet n Wild’s Photofocus foundation is great on it’s own but with the Argan Oil–it is brought to another level of greatness!

Add a drop of oil to your foundation before applying.  I’ll put some foundation on the back of my hand then add a drop of oil.  I have both Argan and Marula oil.  Doesn’t matter.  One drop is all it takes.

The Ordinary sells Marula oil that is perfect for dropping into your foundation!

The oil blends in so well and the foundation literally glides on your face and doesn’t settle in the lines and wrinkles at all.

In all the photos of me in this post–I am wearing foundation that I’ve dropped oil into and the difference is very visible–or rather invisible!!

And it makes sense.  Do any of you remember years and years ago when cosmetics companies actually made oil-based foundations? I do.  And then these oil-based foundations just disappeared!  I guess it happened when the cosmetics companies decided to toss the older, mature woman out to pasture.

I remember the days of oily foundation. When the foundation was left unused for a while the oil would separate from the foundation and it would have to be shaken to blend–like salad dressing!

Adding the drop of oil brings the old-school, oil-based foundations back to fruition.  I’m not talking about moisturizing foundation—I’m talking oil!!! This has been life-changing for me and every foundation I have whether the cheapest or priciest is better with the oil!

Honestly. Try it and you really will thank either me or Wayne Goss!!! Let me know–please!

On another note, I’m being very good with not overeating.  It’s tough.  I’m not ready to weigh myself yet. I’ll give it till the end of March to step on a scale.  But I’m trying.

I was listening to an old Fleetwood Mac CD on the way home from work today and I forgot how much I loved this group.  FM always made me feel happy and I ended up driving the entire commute with a huge smile on my face!  Do you remember “Monday Morning”?

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21 Responses to M”eye” New Obsession!

  1. The new eyeshadows look beautiful. Ps you are always making me want a wig LOL I love all the different cuts and colors you have been rocking latley!

  2. Molly says:

    Love your MAC pallettes, Catherine. Beautiful choices in colors. And thank you for the tip on adding a drop of oil to foundation. I will try it. Your blonde wigs are beautiful on you, by the way. They look young and fresh! Please continue to keep us updated on all things. 🙂

  3. Anne says:

    I mixed coconut oil with my foundation, love it. It’s summer in Australia so coconut oil is still liquid,

  4. Linda says:

    Great post and full of helpful information. Thanks Cathy

  5. Miss Bougie says:

    I love Mac do it yourself palettes. I have one as well which I use mainly when travelling. Mine resembles yours that contains the vanilla shade. Small and compact it fits into my small makeup pouch, which contains tinted CC cream, several eye brushes, brow pencil, eye primer, mascara and one lip gloss. It easily finds its place, even in my carry on bag.

  6. ejsna says:

    You’re an inspiration: beauty, enthusiasm, positivity. Are you back to work in Wall Street? But I think Ms. Anna Wintour should give you the platform😁. Cheers!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi ejsna!! Thank you so much! I’m not back on Wall Street these days but am ejoying my new position very much!! Yeah–I’m all about Wintour giving me the platform!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. What a fabulous concept and so affordable! I need to do this the next time I need eye shadow. I am so glad you found your other two palettes!

  8. patricia blaettler says:

    I often use oil on my face before foundation. It gives the dewy look that I yearn for.

  9. MAC has some very nice make up. Your palettes look very pretty and you look beautiful in all your pics! – Amy

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