Fashion Week vs. Fashion Weak vs. Fashion Strong!

Every now and then I’ll be inspired to write a blog based on another blogger’s post.  Yesterday I received the latest blog post from Catherine of “Not Dressed As Lamb”.  Her post,  Why I Don’t Go To London Fashion Week , touched on a subject that hit home with me.

Fashion Week.

Lately for me it’s just Fashion Weak.

From Milan Fashion Week.  Take that NY off the blazer, make the pants more fitted, wear with a different shirt and a smile, and a pair of pointy-toed kitten heels and this is a winner.  The second photo looks like Grandma from The Little Rascals (below)  I can’t even with the other two photos.  Very fashion weak.

Image result for the little rascals grandma

i.e. that second photo on top of this. That had to be inspired by Grandma!

As I’ve become older, and, I like to believe, more sage in my thinking, I’ve realized that fashion is something I don’t look at the same way I did when I was younger.

*Flashback to around 1966*

I remember spreading out on the living room floor on Sunday afternoons.  We attended Mass early in the morning, had our Sunday Roast dinner at exactly noon.  A bit of studying for school and then the enjoyment of taking the New York Times magazine and carefully reading about all the latest fashions of the times.  These articles would focus completely on the clothing and the designers. Mary Quant and André Courreges were my designer idols at the time. I was eleven years old, and at 62, both still remain my favorites.

I love this stock photo from alamy.  Mary Quant fitting a model. I would wear both of these dresses today!

And my favorite–Courreges!  This photo is from 1968 and I would be gloriously gleeful to have every one of these dresses in my closet now…

They speak to my style of simplicity!

Luckily for me, I have my revered Couregges hand-me-down that Bonaparte’s aunt, Daniele gave me..

….and here’s how I wear the bolero!  

There was a time when fashion designers were revered because of their talent for constructing beautiful ensembles and their know-how with fabrics and draping.

Vintage Dior.  This timeless look is so feminine and beautiful and the draping is just gorgeous!

Then—in the 1980’s fashions started to change.  Slowly, it wasn’t just about the designer’s talent anymore but it was about designer-as-celebrity.  Fashion started to be about who was wearing the designs.  Enter the celebrities.  And this is where my interest started to wane.

Don’t get me wrong, designers were coming into their own in a different way. Designers were now becoming celebrities in their own right.  The focus was less about their talent and more about their social lives.  Halston was everywhere.  I remember being at a huge fashion event dinner—an event where Halston was attending and he had a circle of models around him the entire time.  The only time they weren’t at his side was when they were in the ladies’ room.

Halston–he’s the first true “celebrity” designer of the 1980’s that I remember but his clothing was so beautifully simplistic and not complicated! Damn. I would wear every single one of those outfits and the shoes and the belts!

Anna Wintour turned Vogue into a rag when she started putting celebrities on the magazine’s cover—which put celebrity in the foreground and fashion a step back.  And my girl Grace Coddington, despised celebrities on the cover—she wanted models (so did I)

And this all trickled down to fashion week.  No longer are the old-school socialites the important ones sitting in the front rows.  Now, you have the Kardashians, other Z-list celebrities, bloggers and influencers.  And yeah, I know, I’m a blogger.  But I, along with most bloggers, can’t even afford the high price of the fashions at fashion week.

Calvin Klein was fashion strong when he started the designer jean craze. Now he’s fashion weak with having the Kardashian sisters campaigning his underwear line.  Sorry Calvin, nothing is still coming between me and my jeans. And, when I buy drawers, I’m not buying designer drawers to ride up the crack in my ass!  The cheapies will suffice just fine!

Those tighty whitey panties remind me of when I was pregnant and ended up wearing my ex-husbands underwear because mine no longer fit.  Every day I prayed as I entered the subway that I would not get into an accident because the rescue workers would think I was a cross-dresser!  

Or has fashion week been dumbed down to fashion weak?  I think it has.  What’s happened to Haute Couture?  Where is it hiding?  Mr. Karl—are you reading this?  Fashion has been dumbed down because there is no more elegance in fashion.  The sophistication level has hit rock bottom. The beauty of Haute Couture was that it could be easily inspired by mass-marketed clothing manufacturers and women in all age ranges could find a way to style those simple designs.

There is nothing beautiful or creative about this look.  It’s sloppy and pretentious and ridiculous. Fashion weak. Period.

I also wonder if true fashion has taken a turn for the worse due to the casual vibe of society.  Office casual (of which I am guilty of following), sloppy, slovenly attire at airports and en route in the air, pajamas at hotel restaurants.  I fear elegance is becoming extinct.

Runway fashions today are extra, overdone and just aren’t beautiful.  Although I have to admit, I do like a certain ensemble from Redemption.  In fact, I love it.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

This ensemble from Redemption is gorgeous.  The only change I would make is the shoes.  This is fashion strong!

These days, I’m finding myself in love with smaller clothing companies like Sofistafunk The Skirt Company.  This company is a throwback to chic elegance with an edge and me and my style love that so much. Its as though the spirit of Dior returned with a very very modern vibe. I discovered this company on Instagram and immediately fell in love.


….SOFISTAFUNK!!   I’m so in love that I am ready to cry because this skirt makes me want to be back in NYC for good!

Look at that freaking skirt!!!  If I had a formal event to attend, I’m telling you, I would not think twice about one of these looks!

That middle pic, I would wear tight sateen ankle length pants with it for a 1950’s vibe.  Ms. McIntosh is great because she is designing for “everywoman” and not just a choice few!

Arlinda McIntosh is the creative director and founder of the Sofistafunk label and I’m almost jealous of her because –well, if I was a designer, I would design just the way she does.  In fact, I already have it in my delusional mind that when the time comes for me to be the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, I’m wearing one of her  skirts and not the floor length either because I wanna move on the dance floor and shake moneymaker!

One of these skirts will be my “mother of…….” when any of my kids get married!  FASHION STRONG.  FASHION STRONGEST!!

The styles are simple and not complicated and absolutely gorgeous and every woman from 18 to 98 can slay these items! That’s the beauty of McIntosh’s clothing. Man I hope her company is around for a long, long time! And no–I’m not being sponsored–I just love her stuff!

And that being said, my new runway is the carpeted aisle that separates the cubicles at the office.  I shall saunter and strut my stuff up and down that aisle in my very office casual way.

Here’s a look at some of my casual office looks from this past week.  The weather put a big damper on my desire to wear heels simply due to my clumsiness so I ended up wearing lots of flats!

I wore this dress with boots on Monday.  The weather started to get really bad…

I went plaid and wore these suede j. crew flats in the rain. Luckily they weren’t ruined!

My favorite long bob, Swami from Freetress gave me a great head of hair in the rain. I wore old clothes a years-old pair of Campbell pants from J. Crew and Repetto ballet flats. My nat et nin bag came out of hiding!

Another extremely casual look–hopefully next week I’ll dress up more!!!

My personal favorite look of the week.  White Uniqlo jeans, blue suede Via Spiga flats, an L.A. tee from J. Crew–I HAD to have it because of my son Jake’s move to Los Angeles from NYC!  I wore my beloved navy Schoolboy blazer from J. Crew and one of my favorite wigs–April from Bobbi Boss.  I dunno–I just loved this look!

Let me know what you ladies and gents think of Sofistafunk.  I swear to God, I haven’t been this knocked over by clothing in a long time.  Too bad Bonaparte has me on a no-buy for now because I need to rock one of those skirts!!  You can check out more beauties on her Instagram feed @Sofistafunktheskirtco

Oh…and this camo skirt!  I would love it even more in a shorter version but this is amazing!!!

Anyway, I gotta go.  I’m in serious need of a mani-pedi and face wax!  Those chin hairs have got to be taken off!!!!!

The great and ever-fashionable David Bowie.  Fashion!


About Catherine

Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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41 Responses to Fashion Week vs. Fashion Weak vs. Fashion Strong!

  1. I agree with you, fashion week does nothing for me. The models are elementary aged girls, painfully thin, and they don’t smile (probably because they’re starving). On top of that the styles are NOTHING l would wear. Now, that Sophistafunk? Yes, give me a skirt, perfection!
    I love your work outfits! My favorite is the white denim with the LA tee and blue blazer – the pearls are fabulous, so my kinda look. I’ll be your co-workers love seeing what you’ll wear each day!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kellyann! You are so right about the models? What is it with underfed and miserable looking models that the crowds seem to love? If I was walking the runway and making their salaries, not only would I be smiling from ear to ear, but I would be dancing up and down those runways. Those skirts–right? I need to get me one!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. HelloIm50ish says:

    I saw the same post and I agree that the designers are catering to the grungers!
    There isn’t one look I was loving and I bet Queen Elizabeth had a hard time watching the runway sitting next to Anna Wintour.
    Poor Queen!!


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Robin, I’ll tell you, Catherine’s post was great food for thought. But just who are the designers designing for anyway? Is the under twenty-five grunge set even able to afford those designer duds anyway? Fashion has hit rock bottom–and the poor Queen!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. Momcat says:

    Only good thing about London fashion week was the arrival of the Queen! There were some great photos of her laughing and when you see what garments were being paraded in front of her…no wonder!! On the other hand at 91 she looked more alive and fresh than Mme Wintour beside her.
    All this nonsense about wearing ‘jammies’ to breakfast in hotel dining rooms, airplanes etc. In other words, lowering the dress code to the ‘People of Walmart’ level is just plain lack of respect. Look how Wintour refused to take her sunglasses off even for the Queen, lack of respect. She says she wears them to hide “boredom”, lack of respect. The guy the Queen gave the fashion award to did not remove his baseball cap, lack of respect. If the people who have their faces all over social media have no respect for the Queen, well no wonder the plebs are wearing pyjama bottoms to dine in public! It’s not about lack of style…its lack of respect for themselves and those around them. My nephew’s fiancé wore a vagina bearing skirt with no tights ( did have a thong on) to her future MIL’s birthday party last year. My MIL and this girl’s future grandmère-in-law, commented to me “Are you enjoying the show?” The fiancé played non-stop on her iPhone even at table!! Total lack of respect. Did I mention she also has a B.A. In law? Yup. Can’t wait for that wedding! But hey if Wintour can’t role model respect for the masses then we will have vagina exposing garments at family dinners…it all filters down.
    When my late brother escorted his sons into a restaurant, even at a very young age his first comment after being seated was “Gentlemen, your hats!” Old fashioned? Maybe, but also a sign of good manners and respect for those around us. Frankly, today most fashion runaways in the world ( but not all) insult the intelligence of the public. Lack of respect. It’s catching.
    Ah you look swell in all your outfits! Total respect!:)

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat!! I’m hoping you are healing very well and feeling much better!!! Don’t even with Wintour. She is such an arrogant bitch. Her lack of respect for everyone and everything makes me wonder at how ridiculous the fashion industry is anyway. Not only is there a lack of respect but there is also a lack of consideration and kindness. What kind of society have we turned into?
      The baseball caps and any hat on a guy is rude. Growing up, my brothers were trained to never wear a hat/cap indoors. NEVER! I raised my sons the same way. And in our home, when we have family dinners cell/mobile phones are taken away by Bonaparte. He refuses to have any lack of respect in the chateau! I’m still disgusted with Wintour’s smug wearing of sunnies to hide boredom. That is the height of rudeness. XOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. jilly says:

    The only woman in the public eye that has looked stylish, elegant and up-to- date recently is to my mind Michelle Obama. She seems to be able to combine freshness and cool with a fashion ( small f ) which is just part of her intelligence and womanliness.
    My mother’s role model was our Queen and I used to long to be grown up and wear those leather court heels and a wide swishy skirts with a little short sleeved top and pearls, but needless to say, when I was ‘grown up’ it was jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes all the way. If I wore those fabulous 50’s styles now it would look as if I had been to a party where Frankie Valli and Fabian were on the record player and gone to sleep behind the sofa for 50 years.
    I was pretty appalled by the general lack of good manners in the presence of Her Majesty but she outshone them all and managed to have a good laugh too. The essence of grace and style.
    I worked while I was young for a famously stylish member of the Aristocracy here in the UK.
    I asked her once what was true style and she told me ‘ true style is being comfortable and making others comfortable, never, ever being seen to make an effort , just dressing to please your own self and relaxing ,The Queen exactly.
    As for PJs in the hotel restaurant and not dressing up for a spacial event…Yuck ! Shows no self respect and nothing but contempt for others . What a lot of fun these people miss out on dressing up to go to the theatre or for a nice meal. Living in London for a while I used to take myself for a glass of wine at the Ritz sometimes after work and would look in bemusement at groups of people in sports clothes and trainers checking in or sitting about, what a waste of a chance to look and feel fabulous , what a downsizing of the event and how sad.
    I know we can depend on you Catherine to always live and dress up to any event and ENJOY !


    • Catherine says:

      Hi Jilly! I LOVE your comment and especially love that woman’s thoughts on true style. She hit it!!! Perfectly. I think the Queen is one cool lady. She dresses so conservatively–matronly, actually and she doesn’t care what others think–that’s one of the reasons I’m a fan of hers. And she is just so gracious and above the rude behavior that surrounds her!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  5. fiona says:

    Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci…I’ve got an earworm now! It seems to me that it’s so often about the designer, not the design. Dressing from head to toe in visible ‘designer’labels is vulgar in my view.
    I agree about Anna Wintour, couldn’t believe it when she featured those Kardashian people and Victoria Beckham on the coverof Vogue, that would give me reason enough NOT to buy it. Btw I also thought she showed a complete lack of respect by wearing her shades in the presence of the Queen….not classy at all. At least the Queen seemed to be having a good laugh at the ridiculous ‘fashion’.
    I do like those skirts by Sophistafunk but with all those gathers they’d make my arse look bigger than the Kardashian woman’s!

    • Catherine says:

      Fiona. Ugh. When I see people dressed in head-to-toe designer not only is it vulgar but it showcases a complete lack of creativity and style. It’s ridiculous. Actually, I’m a bit wide in the ass but those skirts are so well-constructed with a waist the it would be flattering.
      Wintour–what an ignorant, arrogant woman. If the Queen was sitting next to me, I would show her the most tremendous amount of respect. I would be a complete fangirl!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. ZoBeautie says:

    That pantsuit would get me into Hillary’s club no problem though…

    I love all kinds of different looks. I love 90’s grunge, I love 60’s mod, I love the more risqué and sexier vibe of today. What I don’t love is artistic laziness, like splattering paint across a canvas and expecting high praise for it.

    Fashion can be and has been political, daring, infamous, controversial, and beautiful. My favorite t-shirt is a call to raise children without gender boundaries. It’s poignant, not careless.

    Designers just need to *care* more, instead of putting out pieces just to say they did. We’ll wait for the quality content if we have to.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Zo. Yes. Yes. Yes!!!! I cannot stand artistic laziness and am with you. I’m also with you on the Tee’s. I like a great and wonderful statement tee rather than a trashy one that says something like “Im With Stupid” then an arrow pointing to the side–it’s vulgar! All children should be raised without gender boundaries!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. Margaret says:

    Love your red bolero, so chic! That pic of the baggy outfit is pitiful, the designer obviously hates women. I’m so tired of these desperate attempts in the fashion industry, it’s so pathetic. Wow, the skirts from Sofistafunk are gorgeous and so flattering! Now there’s a designer who “get’s it”.

    Congratulations and best wishes on your new job Catherine, hope all goes well!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Margaret! Thanks so much!! Ugh. That baggy outfit is an insult. Period. Is it the new version of The Emperor’s New Clothes or what???? Yeah–I am in love with those skirts and am so happy that there IS a designer out there who is designing feminine and beautiful clothing!!! XXOXOXO!!!!

  8. Juliet says:

    I so agree with you – and you are looking mighty fine – love the outfits and you know what, the real problem is these designers dont like humans – initially I used to think they didnt like women – that is why they chose such thin and emaciated females that looked like little girls. Then I decided they didnt like little girls as the thin emaciated women didnt even look like them any more but like pre pubescent boys, and NOW I have decided they dont like pre pubescent boys even – as every single model looks glum and sickly and utterly miserable.

    Personally I think it is time – maybe even beyond time that we rose up and pointed out where these “designers” lead we aint gonna follow, especially if they are paying these celebrities to wear these clothes (although I guess you have to pay these kardashians to wear anything???? they dont seem happy covered up). Surely as older women we should create our own culture and reference points – I am sick of people telling us what to wear or what we are not allowed to wear – but these clothes??? I dont even want to wear

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. You know–for me, I don’t even know if it is a question of whether or not the designers like people. For me it’s that they are just pretentious a-holes that are trying to pull a fast one over. True talent lies in beauty and savoir faire–something of which is surely lacking.
      Oh man, you already know that nobody ever better tell me what to wear!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. Loved this different take on fashion week. Can’t wait to see how my take on the week evolves when I’m older.

    • Catherine says:

      McKenzie. That’s a very astute observation. I’m sure that your take will definitely change as you get older. In fact, I know it will because as you get older you are more in tune with your personal style and what you love and don’t love. After all, you know you better than anyone else!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  10. Bridget says:

    I think you need to read the book “Hijacking the Runway” it’s interesting, well-written, and talks about celebrities taking over the fashion world and companies. You’d probably find it as interesting as I did when I read it.

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  12. doodletllc says:

    Sofistafunk…Yes! She gets it. Love the full skirts, taffeta and those petticoats…I own 3 pettis and can never find skirts to wear them…this line is perfect…not costumey or frumpy…fun and so wearable for any age. You’re right!

  13. Love all your looks, Catherine. I agree about the high fashion shown at fashion week(s). I have zero clue what is amazing about these shows and clothing (that no one would wear anyhow). As for that sofist-funk line. OMG, I was thinking same when I saw your first image of it. Mother of the bride beyond appropriate—funky MOB. I’m going to be mother of said bride September 2nd and I will be checking out the prices of these beauties. I like the idea of a skirt with a casual top maybe even a T with pearls. It’s an outside ceremony.

  14. ninasee says:

    That boot on the runway is so ridiculous haha! Love your red bolero 🙂

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  16. I defiantly think some outfits on the runway now at every ridiculous haha. I love the fashion of the past, I actually just wrote about that I hope you’ll check it out!

  17. nora.tulip says:

    The title you have selected is brilliant!
    I agree with you on some terms in regards to fashion. It has been abused by making tasteless looks branded as “avant-garde” or artistic and creative. It has become simply disastrous and waste of good material.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nora! So glad you agree. Whatever happened to refinement in clothing? Don’t even get me started on the “avant-garde”. While I realize that clothing along with fashion is a form of self-expression, it should stop short of appearing as though one is wearing a costume!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  18. pixigal says:

    Super great page! I love your work!!

  19. Into The Eco says:

    I love the little red cropped jacket you had on. Classic!! Very cool! Love timeless pieces. xx

  20. Jen Biggs says:

    These pictures were super cool to look at. I REALLY enjoyed this post!

  21. This post is so very personal yet so informative and insightful. Thank you for writing this!

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  23. i really like this blog its amazing!! feel free to check my blogs too! <3 🙂

  24. Callie says:

    This post is so accurate! I wish classic styles would come back!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Callie. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m so tired of baggy and the “avant garde” in clothing. I want fit back. I want actual elegant style and I want classic style back. It’s good to see I am not the only one!!! XOXOXOXO

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