I’m All Lit Up Again! And More Reviews!

True dat!  But I’m lit up with a nice healthy glow.  Over the weekend I was putzing around Ulta.  I needed a distraction from grocery shopping so I decided to stop by to see if there were any new and inexpensive cosmetics I could discover!

That glow isn’t from a few glasses of wine. It’s from the new liquid highlighter from Wet n’ Wild!  Keep reading….

Anyway, I’ve been on a Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics kick for a while now.  I just cannot believe how the quality of this brand has improved over the past couple of years.  And while I was wandering, I came across a Wet n’ Wild display.  What I spotted was a liquid highlighter and naturally I had to buy it.

Highlighters are rather intriguing to me.  And they are way overused on Instagram and YouTube.  Highlighters are supposed to give a subtle glow and not make you appear like the glare from the sun at 5:30 in the evening when you are driving on the highway back from work!

This Wet n’ Wild MegaGlo Hello Hallo liquid highlighter comes in a small tube/bottle/jar–whatever.  I paid $5.99 for 0.5 fluid oz.  It may not seem like a ton of product but believe me, a tiny amount goes a long way!  As usual, it is a cruelty-free, vegan product.

This is a beautiful highlighter!!

The applicator is a doe foot—which is great for dotting the highlighter on.


This is the perfect applicator for the product!

The color is Rosy and Ready–it’s a beautiful pearlized mauvy-pink and glides on so smoothly.  It is very mature-skin friendly and lasts throughout the day.

Here’s what it looks like on my hand. It’s very luminous.  That photo at the top of the blog–I took it this morning and the glow lasted all day!

Overall. I give this an A+!!!

Don’t ask me why, but I ended up also purchasing an eyebrow pencil.  It was an impulse purchase for sure.  Nothing can compare with the Anastasia Dipbrow gel that I use, but for a change, I figured this might be decent.

The pencil?  It’s NYX Precision Brow Pencil.  The pencil itself is actually nice.  A spoolie brush on one side and a retractable eyebrow pencil on the other.  Why am I not crazy about it then?  OK—I purchased the color taupe and thought it would be more pigmented.  I like a dark brow and this just wasn’t dark enough.  It isn’t bad but it isn’t great.  It cost ten bucks and for eight dollars more, the Dipbrow is far superior.

Quite honestly, I don’t think this is worth the ten dollars I paid for it.

Thankfully, this photo from MakeupAlley provides a better look.  The tip is squared off. It isn’t bad, but it isn’t great!

Overall, I rate this a C.  Not that impressed, but it isn’t awful!

If you haven’t been reading about the vast assortment of color correcters, I’ll refresh your memory.  Do you remember years and years ago, back in the 1970’s when Revlon came out with color correcters in little rectangular bottles? I had the green to hide my redness.  It never worked.   The product was discontinued.

Color correctors are back.  And guess what?  I don’t think they do all that much.  I purchased the Wet n’ Wild Cushion Corrector.  In green.  It’s actually pretty good as a regular concealer.  The product is hydrating and doesn’t dry up.  The coverage is very good.  However, regular skin-toned concealers do the same job.

I love the packaging though..

Despite the horrible lighting, this really IS green!  There is plenty of product in this little cushion and the coverage is decent.  I paid $5.99 for this.

Overall I give it a B+. It isn’t bad at all, but it works more as a concealer and all my concealers cover my redness!

Speaking of green, the company I work for treated everyone to bagels for St. Patrick’s Day! Oy vey!  I’m trying to take it easy on carbs but for 6 WW points, I couldn’t resist a raisin cinnamon bagel.  No butter or cream cheese kept it at a solid 6 point breakfast.  I’m back to tracking!  For dinner I made a 9 point omelet filled with mushrooms and two slices of cheese.  Tracking will keep me in line!!

This guy greeted everyone in the cafeteria today!

This will go down in history as the year I ate bagels for St. Patrick!

Those are my little reviews for this evening.  And the winner in this…

Hello Halo from Wet n’ Wild Megaglo!

I’m going upstairs to watch TV with Bonaparte!!!!!  Here’s the trailer for Witnesses–It’s soooooo creepy!!!!



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14 Responses to I’m All Lit Up Again! And More Reviews!

  1. I’m loving Wet N wild’s powder highlighters so I will have to check out the cream one! Looking fab as always xoxox

  2. Another review. I am not impressed with Ulta. I went there with the express purpose of getting your Wet and Wild. They had one cushion piece of makeup and maybe 6 liquid containers of makeup. I had a 20% coupon discount. Thought I’d buy an expensive Clarins oil. Turns out at the register the coupon only applied to a Loreal mascara. Never again. That’s why Amazon is doing so well. I could have saved a lot of time and effort and just bought the makeup online.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Sandy. Ugh. I can’t begin to tell you HOW many times I’ve been screwed over at many stores about that fine print! Ulta may not be my favorite cosmetics store ( I think the Sales Assistants are awful–they ignore anyone over 25) but the price point on the lower end cosmetics is great!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Jilly says:

    I’m so glad you are testing products that are mature skin friendly and INEXPENSIVE !
    Most reviews I just zone out of as soon as the prices are mentioned . Just because we have survived so long doesn’t mean our income has survived with us . I hate it being assumed that over 60’s automatically have a big disposable income.
    Keep it up Cathe, It’s the way to go.


    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much Jilly! It’s so true–just because we are “a certain age” doesn’t mean we have money to literally throw around. We are wise with our spending choices and let me tell you, budget makeup is just as good, if not better than the luxe brands. It’s all in the marketing!!! XXOXOXO!!!!

  4. Miss Bougie says:

    You look fab in the picture. All glowy; so pretty.
    Do you think you could post about brow pencils in general and Anastasia dipbrow gel in particular? I’d love to hear your take on that. How do you go about them and why do you like the Dipbrow? I am always moving from one product to the other, never having really found one that suits me completely.
    For the benefit of this little community here I’d like to share about a product I recently discovered. It’s the 1.0 clarifying lotion by Clinique (around 25 euros). Not the 1, which contains some alcohol, but the 1.0 which does not. My skin is is dry and sensitive and ……mature, and this lotion is just great for cleansing. It says twice a day but I only use it every other morning, as it’s an exfoliation lotion. It leaves the skin really smooth and clean without drying it out. My CC cream glides on perfectly. Just thought I’d mention it.

    • Catherine says:

      B, you bring up great points. I just love that Dipbrow because I think, overall, it is a great product. It goes on the brows very nicely, it’s pigmented and STAYS!! I’ll definitely work on a post about it. Thanks for the inspiration!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

    • patricia blaettler says:

      I HIGHLY recommend Wunderbrow. My only caveat is that you should use a brow brush, if you use the brush it comes with it’s too difficult to control the application. It’s under $20, it’s easy to use and looks good.

  5. Renee in Northern California says:

    Hi Catherine,
    Your skin looks so pretty! I’ll definitely, have to try this product. BTW, thought I’d mention that I actually had a good experience at Utla today (I’ve commented here previously about being ignored). Upon entering the store, I was immediately greeted by a very lovely and helpful Clinique Representative. Long story short, I ended up purchasing more that what I initially intended to and was given some nice free samples to try! Such, a nice way to start the weekend!
    Speaking of the weekend….Have a terrific one and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!

  6. Theresa says:

    You look great! Did you apply the Halo before or after foundation? And where did you apply it…above cheekbones or more? Thanks!!

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