Replica Bags! Yes. I Did!

I purchased a replica bag. Yes. I did. And before you judge me, keep in mind that there are valid reasons for my purchase.  First of all I wanted to see just how a “replica” bag is constructed.  I wanted to see how it compared to the real deal.

And—I just felt like it!

Forget the Vuitton replicas.  The LV Neverfull bag still remains on my life-long bucket of things I want—and with 63 knocking on the door in a few weeks,  I don’t think it’ll ever belong to me.

Call me crazy for coveting this bag, but it’s a life goal for me. You can just imagine how green I was when I went to my sister’s house and she had a brand spanking new one!  And it was real!!

I just cannot bring myself to purchase a replica of a bag that I covet so much and dream about it.

Instead, I opted for a  replica of a Goyard tote.  The chevron design does something to me.  I love the design.  And in studying the various distant relatives in Replicaland , I came across one of the colors that appealed to me.

This photo from the New York Times showcases Goyard replicas on New York’s Upper East Side. How come I never saw these?

My choice was the yellow.  Yellow is a happy color. Yellow reminds me of warm weather.  Yellow looks great with Navy.

I perused the different companies offering replicas and finally decided on one from Agote, which I found on Amazon. (that link is my influencer site)

My Goyard “replica” is it an exact replication? No. But it works for me.

The wait time wasn’t long at all.  Less than a week.  The price was $59—not bad for a replica.  It came packaged securely.  The bag came with a replica Goyard dust cover.  I have no idea what a genuine Goyard dust cover looks like so this is no big deal to me.  In fact, I’ll most likely use the dust cover to store dirty clothing while traveling.

The dust cover. It wasn’t soft like the dust covers I have for my Longchamp bags. Note the spots of white ink to the right of the Goyard printing.

How did it compare to the real deal? Well, since I practically stalk women carrying Goyard totes when I’m in France, without getting too close to anyone’s personal space—it isn’t bad.

The strap or handle drop isn’t as long as the real tote and isn’t as wide and the size is off but other than that—let’s have a look—shall we?

This is a genuine Goyard tote that is currently being sold on Tradsey.  Luckily, they had a great photo.

The dust cover is yellow and, as you can see, much softer than the brown one that came with my replica.  The small pouch is attached to the tote with a leather strap.

The replica that I ordered.  The differences are in size. The strap drop is shorter and not as wide as the genuine Goyard.  The size of the actual tote is also a bit off  and more stiff and structured. Still–it isn’t bad.

The pouch is on a strap but isn’t looped the way it is on the genuine tote.

The stitching on the trim is fine. No skipped stitches and it runs evenly.  

The random “Goyards” with the address are pretty much spot on. If someone can spot the difference while I’m out and about, they are too close to my personal space.  The chevron prints do not touch, whereas on the genuine totes, the chevrons do touch.


All other stitching on the bag is very straight and it quite honestly pretty darn good!

I did find a bit of wonky stitching on the inside handle. I’m hoping that the handles hold up!


Another view of the stitching on the handles.

A view of the inside of the bag.  It appears to be very well-constructed and this is coated canvas–just as the real deal is coated canvas.

This tote hold a lot of stuff!  I honestly think it is sturdier than the Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote but only time will tell.

And I love the way the tote looks against a navy blazer.

Overall, I would rate this replica a B+ because I have no idea how long it will last.

Whether or not you think I did the “right” thing. Remember this. Not every woman out there can afford to spend $1,500 and upwards for a tote bag or any bag.  And if they want the look of a luxury bag, then purchasing a replica bag is a personal choice and nobody should be judged.

My other fabulous fake purchase was a couple of weeks ago.  I purchased another pair of Ardell Magnetic lashes.  This time I bought the “Accents”. These are smaller than the Whispies and more manageable.  In fact, I forgot I had them on.  They stayed put all day and I have to say, were a lot easier to apply than the other ones I purchased.

These fakes are great little “helper” lashes!  I love ’em!

I’ll definitely be purchasing more in the future.  As I age, I’m finding that my lashes are becoming more sparse. It’s a bit upsetting because mascara isn’t lengthening the lashes anymore.  I need a bit of assistance but eyelash glue irritates my eyes.  These little lashes are a great buy!

Take a close look. Not only do I have fake hair in the form of Estetica Designs “Violet” wig, but I’m also wearing the Ardell Accents magnetic lashes. They look very natural!

I’ll tell you—I’m a study in fakeness between my fake hair, my fake lashes, my “replica” tote—and, when the weather gets a bit warmer, my fake tan!

While I realize that the replica bags may not be ethical,  I also question the high prices of these  bags.  A few years back we watched an expose on Envoye Special, a French news show and they covered a segment on how much Chanel bags were really worth and the price was far, far removed from the retail.  So tell me—how ethical is that?

Besides,  have you ever seen a Michael Kors tote?  It’s an exact rip off of my dream Neverfull bag.

So why do people say that MK’s direct ripoff of the Neverfull is OK and other replicas are not? Granted–he doesn’t use the LV logo but this is such an obvious copy.  And it’s almost three hundred bucks!

I make no apologies nor would I lie by saying that my Goyard fake is real.  It’s a real fake!

Hey.  If you want to wear fake hair, or have fake titties, or have fake nails or fake lashes or a fake tan. It’s ok—in fact it’s downright fine!  There’s reasons for that fake hair, tits, nails, lashes and so on.

It’s the person’s heart and spirit that needs to be genuine!

It’s the heart that counts!

Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.  It could prove me wrong or perhaps you agree with me!  Let’s talk!

And speaking of genuine–Tom Jones is the real deal when it comes to a singer. I’ve been listening to him in the car. One of my favorite songs of all time is “It’s Not Unusual” because the song always makes me feel so happy!


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28 Responses to Replica Bags! Yes. I Did!

  1. I love that wig on you. It looks so pretty! As far as bags go, for me it is like jewelry. I don’t care what sort of name is attached to it, I just like what I like. Ha, ha. I love Tom Jones! I can remember watching him with my mom when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing. – Amy

  2. Q.D says:

    There is a little boutique near my house that does amazing leather goods, nothing big name brand, lots of Australian made stuff, everything is absolutely gorgeous. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a “replica” Birkin in the window, it wasn’t claiming to be a Birkin, or even a replica, but that is exactly what it is, and at about $12000 less than a base model I am VERY tempted!

    I used to have a fake Birkin that I bought in China years ago, I still kind of wish I had never sent it to the charity bins (what do you call charity bins? You know, the places you drop things off to be resold for charity in Op Shops like Vinnies). There is just something so opulently tacky about the Birkin that I want one!

    • Q.D says:

      Oh, and I use tacky as a term of endearment!

      • Catherine says:

        Oh Q. I know you mean opulently tacky as a term of endearment! I think that pretty-much nails it for my coveting of the LV Neverfull. It’s so opulent and logo-esque and in a bizarre way a bit tacky..that’s why I want one.
        Oh..we all have that bag we threw to the charity shops. I had one and I still regret it years later. An olive green plain old school Coach bag I was a moron to let it go!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  3. Elizabeth says:

    No judging from me, but I do have a question: For someone who doesn’t like “shouty” bags, isn’t a Louis Vuitton anything the shoutiest of all? That wig is fantastic, by the way!

    • Catherine says:

      Good point Elizabeth! I’ve coveted that bag for years!!! It’s the striped lining that goes it for me! That lining—especially the red one! It’s crazy —it is nothing more than a logo-shouting as on handles—but I love it!!
      The wig is the best replica I own!! Lol!!😉😉😉❤️❤️

  4. Gina says:

    I love fake bags! I would never pay the full price of a designer bag, in fact I think that the “inspired” bags are more genuine i.e. price!

  5. Momcat says:

    If a replica bag is well made and does what you need it to do I say go for it!! Gosh if anyone is so nasty as to judge someone for packing a fake bag they need to get their head out if their backside!!
    The ultimate win is scoring the real deal deeply discounted or at a rummage sale for 25.00!! That’s what happened to my friend…a hardly used Longchamp Le Pliage bag at a church sale, it even had the authenticity card inside!!! I have an ‘inspired by’ Chanel bag. I did pay 175.00 for it about thirty years ago ( that was a lotta clams then) I got to have a close up inspection of the real deal several years later…guess what? Mine was better made! All the little details and more were there, the stitching is perfect and mine was made in Italy,the real Chanel was made in China and had that mass produced look. Mine just lacks the CC logo.
    I so admire you putting your AUTHENTIC stamp on fake bags, too many links out there to overpriced handbags that turn out to be ‘gifted’ to the blogger or she just posts a link and doesn’t own or has never checked out the bag. So I guess the theory is that the more $$$$$ the bag, shoe etc that a blogger links her readers to the more the blogger makes. I PM’d one blogger to question her tactic and she said that her readership was well heeled and expected her to show higher end items. I call BS in that but whatever…… I am just waiting to see someone link to a Birkin bag!!!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Momcat. I swear I love you so much! I’m thrilled you PM’d that blogger. I call BS on so many bloggers and that’s why I’ve stopped reading a few of the more ostentatious blogs with their links to only expensive items. I’ll give you the links to the cheap-o’s! Your friend’s find was certainly a treasure. But I’ll tell you, I lugged that fake Goyard around the past two days and it holds a ton of stuff! It’s well-constructed and for a lot less money. I may end up buying another!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. Sharon Daly says:

    This wig is the best loo ever!

  7. The replica bag is too cute- I’ve always wanted a replica Louis because they are just too much money. I think this wig is my new favorite- love the lighter color and beachy waves.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Kenz. Yeah. I always liked the Goyard totes but there is no way I’m spending a ton of money for one. And this one is fine anyway. But the thing with the LV replicas is finding a really good replica and some of them are expensive too!!
      Glad you are liking the new hair–I think this is my new fave too!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  8. jcadie says:

    Please tell me where I can find a replica Neverfull. I can’t wait for the real thing any longer.

    Love the short hair on you😄

    • Catherine says:

      Hi J! I wish I could tell you where to find a replica Neverfull. There are a ton of sites that sell “replicas” (google), but many of them are kind of pricey. It looks like the most “realistic” replicas are from China!!! Ohhhhhh…thank you. I’m liking the shorter length too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. fiona says:

    I must’ve been going around with my eyes shut as Goyard bags have passed me by. Can’t say I’ve seen one either here in the UK or in France, but then I do realise that I am a country bumpkin! Love this yellow one of yours, so cheerful. Let’s be honest, how many of us can afford the real deal? Like you, I believe in living within my means so I’d have no qualms about buying a replica bag and quite frankly, anybody that judges a person on the basis of what’s slung over their shoulder seriously needs to get a life!
    I finally got my hands on the Nyx Tiramisu today, there’s only one shop locally that sells it and I bagged the last one! xxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Right????? My money is better spent in the bank saving for our next trip to France or for my 401K. I think A. either many women go into debt to say that they have a designer bag or B. Have a great replica and insist it is the real deal. I’m delightfully true about my fakeness!
      So glad you found the Tiramisu. It is a great color and I’ll bet it looks beautiful on you!!! XOXOXO!!!

  10. HelloIm50ish says:

    I have real Chanel and real LV,plus Coach, but my fake Kate Spades (charity tricky tray) I adore just as much!
    I never take the real deals to Paris or when i travel, but the fakesters go with me all the time. If someone tries to rob me, I will cry less! But I think they (the pickpockets) know they are fake too and leave me alone! LOL!
    How do you like the magnetic eyelashes?


    • Catherine says:

      Robin! So true!! The thieves will steer clear of the fakes! That’s why I travel with crappy luggage. I’m obsessed about my luggage either being stolen or lost.
      I LOVE the Ardell magnetic accents. The smaller ones work perfectly. I wore them both Saturday and Sunday and forgot I had them on. Stayed put all day. I’m heading over to the Ulta site in a while to order more!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Denise says:

    Lol thought I’d be the only one commenting on your wig. Absolutely love it and love the color. Now how to put this tactfully – ok, I can’t, honestly feel that as one ages dark hair is not only not attractive but actually ages one. If women of a “certain” age think black or brown is attractive or natural looking, guess again. I’d much rather a woman not pretend her hair is naturally dark but flaunt obviously highlighted hair. You look mahvelous darling! Oh, and FYI I am your senior by 9 years and color my hair lighter than its natural dark brown.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Denise. So true. The pitch black hair I had as a child looked great when I was young. Nowadays the black dye just comes off as harsh. I’m loving the lighter colors so very much!!!! I keep going lighter and lighter!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  12. Margaret says:

    I agree with you Catherine, I’ll take a “real” person over a fake one any day, regardless of how genuine their accessories are. I don’t pay attention to status stuff, it doesn’t phase me in the least. Love your new Goyard bag, it’ll look great with that new pink flamingo top! And the Violet wig looks great on you, you’re all set for Spring (if it ever gets here)!

  13. Mutton_style says:

    I’m not judging. That’s such a pretty yellow. The real deals are just so ridiculously priced. I have a replica bracelet. It’s not logoed.

  14. Karen says:

    Hi, just caught your post from a link. Love the bag, just been on Amazon UK and don’t think it’s available to order in the UK 😣! Still I have too many bags ( can a girl have enough though ?!!!) Good post,thanks Karen

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