There’s A Summer Face…And Its Pared Down and Natural!

Summer.  Less clothing.  No outwear.  Barefootin’ it outside.  Barefoot driving!

Image result for atypical60 l'aiguille the feet a rest from winter footwear!

We stay outdoors longer—even if it’s just to be a bit more comfortable after the sun goes down.

We’re always outdoors past twilight in the summer.  We were enjoying dinner on the beach in Theoule in this photo from a couple of years back!

Summer is more relaxed and casual.

And with that, the summer face is all that–natural, relaxed, casual.

With a good amount of SPF slathered over my face, I will allow the sun to give me a bit of healthy color. (I’m monitored by my doctor)

Well, lots of sunscreen, an umbrella overhead and a spray tan. This is my all-time favorite summer look.  It was taken in France about a week after I got sprayed so most of the color is SAFELY from the sun.  The only makeup I’m wearing is lipgloss, brow pencil and mascara.  

The color correctors, the contours and the heavier foundations are all taking a rest for a couple of months—and so is my wallet! There is something about this time of year that brings out the want to be more natural. And with a summer glow, we all look a bit more beautiful. Don’t you think?

Anyway, I wanted to touch upon some of my favorite summer makeup items.  You don’t have to spend a fortune and it’s nice to give your face a break from all the liquid and cream foundations we use during those cooler months. However, I do find that the summer products that I do spend a bit more on seem to last forever–I’m not kidding either!

Last summer I started using Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Baked Foundation.  I cringe to call it a powder but it’s unlike any powder I’ve ever used in my life. I can’t use powder because it’s really drying and my face is dry enough without looking like the arid desert!  But this is different. It is so finely milled and doesn’t come off as cakey or dry at all.  It’s great because it doesn’t melt when you sweat. It stays put and just gives a very light finish.  I purchased the foundation in a set from her website (and because the site does not focus on older women, I now purchase my Laura Geller makeup from either Amazon or QVC).

I’ve written about this in the past, but this is one foundation that defies humidity and grimy sweat.  I’m telling you, if this doesn’t dry MY skin out, it won’t dry anyone’s skin out.  

At $33 for the foundation, it may seem pricey, but it really isn’t when you consider the cost per wear.  I purchased this quite some time ago and still haven’t put a dent in it.  It’s a great hot weather foundation because it lasts all day.  Sweat doesn’t take it off.  Humidity doesn’t take it off.  Scrubbing your face will wash this off.  It’s lighter than air it is.

I have also been using the Wet’nWild Cushion foundation for the cooler, rainy days.   All my other foundations are on vacation until the coming of the Fall!

Eyes.  Since I have a tendency to stick with neutral shadows, I basically stick to the same shadows but with a lighter touch.

The neutrals still have it in the summer–with a bit of shimmer every now and then…like today!

This palette I made from individual shadows by Essence is a great summer choice.  A bit of shimmer and nothing out of the comfort zone…

And of all the Mac palettes I’ve made, this one is my summer favorite.  Quarry, the shadow on the bottom right is my all-time favorite neutral!

This little grouping of shadows is from a large Morphe palette. Most of the colors are warm–which are great for the Fall, but for summer, these are nice and light!

Mascara is my friend and I don’t use waterproof mascara because it’s like trying to take beach tar off my feet.  Luckily, I found an excellent budget-friendly mascara that stays put and doesn’t smear.  Essence makes a great, great mascara.

Hands down, this mascara is FANTASTIC!!  It makes the lashes look incredibly thicker.  Best drug-store brand ever!

To make the eyes appear a bit larger, I’ve stopped the heavy eyeliner on the lids and only tightline.

No eyeliner on the lids.  Just tightlined on the top water line.  It makes the eyes a bit larger and with my slightly hooded eyes, it’s a good thing!

A bit of blush, whether an inexpensive cream or a powdered one that’ll keep on your face all day will do just fine.  With a healthy dose of color from the sun, I find that I oftentimes don’t even do the blush during the summer.

Geller’s Baked Bronze-n-Brighten is much more of a blush for me than a bronzer..

My favorite “Dollar” blush.  elf cosmetics discontinued this stick blush and it is great. Lemonade is the color and I’ve had this for two years. Very pigmented and looks nice with a tan.  I loaded up and have two more in waiting!

Bronzer.  I am a fan and switch off between two favorites.  Wet n’ Wild’s Ticket to Brazil and it’s the best budget bronzer out there.  At $4.99 when you can manage to find it, it is a great buy.

A tip about appying bronzer.  Use a big fluffy brush.  A smaller one won’t do the job and could make the bronzer look like dirt.  Even if you decide to use  bronzer as contour, use a larger brush!Ticked to Brazil, No. 739 from Wet n’ Wild.  I’ve had this for over three years!  It’s fabulous for the money but is often hard to come by because it’s aways sold out!  It gives a nice color apres sun.  It’s one of my favesT

The Guerlain Terra Cotta is another bronzer that I love.  I picked it up quite some time ago at CDG airport for a very discounted duty-free price.  But even though this is pricey, it lasts forever and goes on very lightly. It’s completely buildable.

Although pricier, Guerlain’s Terra Cotta Bronzing powder is wonderful. It’s very light and for the fair-skinned can be built up.  It’s especially useful for those who do not tan!  And it doesn’t smell!

Body Bronzing.  I’ll come clean on this.  About ten years ago, I ordered Laura Geller’s Baked Body Frosting from QVC.   I used it for a few years and barely made a dent.  Then in a move, I lost it.  And forgot about it.  Then I saw it again and purchased it last year and I’m glad that I did.  This gives such a pretty glow to skin.  On legs, on shoulders, on your face.  It’s just a beautiful product.  For the price (I think $33 on it’s own for a huge amount–it’s $45 for a set with a huge brush). It is soooooooo worth it!  I love this stuff!

Note the size of the Body Frosting! It is HUGE!!!  And even though it comes with a small puff, I use a big brush to apply it!

The lips.  I’m usually wearing a cocktail of lip products throughout the year, but in the summer, I tend to stick with very neutral shades that lean more toward the neutral cool side.  I’ve been wearing Buxom’s Dolly and iT Cosmetics “Love” lip serum.  This lip serum has lasted me over a year.  I apply both over a very pale nude matte lipstick.  It’s because I have very pigmented lips and need to tone the natural color down.

From top to bottom (or left to right?).  Buxom Dolly Lip Plumper,  iT Lip Serum in the color Love and the lipstick is from NYX–but any nude will do!  You can see how they look in the photos of me above!

A budget Fake Tanner that I love is by Ocean Potion.  It’s so gradual and is light but there’s enough color that you don’t need to wear pantyhose.  And it smells good!

Although no SPF, this is hydrating. I use it as a body lotion!

So that’s about it.  For your interest, I’ve put these products on my Influencer List on Amazon: “Atypical60 Influencer List”.   (I refuse to link to cosmetics companies that won’t recognize older women on their sites which is one of the reasons I became an Amazon infuencer).

So how’s YOUR summer face?  Do you pare down?  Share your favorite summer cosmetics with us!

And speaking of  A Summer Face–here’s A Summer Place (God, I love this song so much–brings back childhood memories and the movie is so campy!)

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19 Responses to There’s A Summer Face…And Its Pared Down and Natural!

  1. Debe says:

    Wow love the look so pretty and refreshing!!!! Looks great. Speaking of mascara ladies I read this today. We have ALL done this at one time or another. Please remove your eye makeup before going to sleep!!!! Here is the article.

  2. Nancy says:

    Any tips for tight lining? I find it difficult to do…even with a strong magnifying mirror…I think mine is about a 10X and I still find the process challenging.

    • Catherine says:

      Nancy—-try to look down when you are tightlining and keep the pencil as close to the lid as possible. I use elf eyeliner and shadow stick and use the thin end—I may do a post on this. Answering on my phone so there may be autocorrect errors!!!💖💖💖

  3. 925brands says:

    Superb! keep sharing, smiles, happiness…

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  5. fiona says:

    Your make-up always looks very pretty Cathe. I’m wearing less make-up than ever these days. Have just switched to BareMineral powder which I love for it’s ease of application, much quicker at silly o’clock in the morning, although it doesn’t have quite the coverage of my liquid foundation, or maybe I just apply it in a lighter fashion? I also use a stick blusher, a real cheapy that does the job, so no need to spend big bucks…also loving the tiramisu lip gloss you recommended (and The Ordinary skin care btw)
    OMG that woman’s eyelids are hideous, why would you not remove your make-up? I’m lazy about some things, but never that.
    Thought you might like this latest post of mine.

    Bon weekend! xxxxx

    • Catherine says:

      OMG!! Fiona—I’m in my car—parked and ready to go into the office! I have a strong suspicion I will be reposting your music blog! I can’t wait to read it!!!!
      Funny how I can’t wear bareMinerals foundation but can do the Geller!! That Tiramisu lip color is the perfect neutral and I’m so happy u love it!!💕💕💕💕💕💕

  6. I gotta jump on that Essence train asap!

  7. patty says:

    Thank you for the wonderful recommendations. You look great! Can you suggest some tips for applying the tanning lotion? Thanks

  8. Hi C……been busy packing and getting ready to move.
    Thanks for the reviews of summer products. I will try the Laura Geller baked foundation……it sounds perfect.
    Thanks too for being such an inspiration.
    Love your thoughts on anti “anti aging” messages from cosmetic industries.
    If they embraced older women they would realize that we may be the ones buying product.
    I have very dry skin and have come across Suki hydrating body oil. Not oily,
    just really nice moisture that goes into skin… greasy feel. It has a lot of same ingredients that expensive oils have.
    FMLF (for me lovely face), after spf 55, I just mix foundation into little bit of moisturizer then follow with concealer over spots .Keeping it simple.We don’t have humidity when I am but sunny breezy day can leave me so dry as to feel crispy
    Best to you
    Chris D

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Chris. (eff this laptop. Every comment I make gets deleted if my hand just sweeps by a certain key–mythird attempt at answering you!) Fuck–it is now my FOURTH Attempt to answer you! I hate this laptop so much! *Deep Breath* Good luck with your move and THANK YOU for your kind words. I’m going to check out that Suki Oil! And yes. The cosmetics companies absolutely ignore our demographic. I know this because I’ve reached out to them all on this issue and the only one to work with me is Deciem’s The Ordinary and for that I will be loyal to the brand forever!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  9. What is tightlining?

  10. You look amazing!!

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