A Damper On The Holiday Weekend? Only Weather-Wise!

Now that the first day back at work after Memorial Day Weekend 2018 is over, we can wax sentimental over the three-day that just passed.

I hope everyone had a better Memorial Day then the Eagle that I flew on. He doesn’t look too happy!

I’m hoping everyone had a great weekend no matter where you are!

For me, it was relaxing and somewhat quiet but it was fun and we kept busy.

We were able to enjoy drinks on the deck but as soon as dinner was ready, the raindrops fell so it was back into the house.

Image result for atypical60 drinks on the deck

Raindrops that keep falling on my head are fine–but once they hit the Kir Royal, it’s time to head inside!

You must understand something.  During the summer months, Bonaparte is obsessed—absolutely obsessed with the weather and weather reports.  He was mumbling in French the remainder of Friday evening simply because the rain put him in a foul mood and the forecast for the three days was not good.

Uh oh!  Someone wasn’t too happy with the weather report!!!

Roman arrived Saturday afternoon and we drove into Center City to pick him up.  But let me backtrack for a minute here.  Saturday’s forecast was rain.  And upon waking up, the dark gray clouds were hovering above.  Since I knew Roman was coming, I headed downstairs to bake a “good loaf” of bread and to make the salmon rillettes.

Ahhh…those tasty Salmon Rillettes!  Any time of year is a good time for them!!

And then a strange thing happened.  The sun came out.  Finally, a smile on the Frenchman’s face.  We both headed out on the deck for some sun and after an hour the clouds returned.  It was that type of day.  Clouds.  Sun. And the temperature stayed beautifully toasty.

It got really hot outside.  Hot enough so that I wore my shortest wig–Lacey by Envy!

It was good to have Roman home for a couple of days.  And it was good to have a buddy to watch a baseball game with.   And once again, we attempted to have dinner out on the deck and this time we enjoyed a lovely dinner for three!

Aug 20, 2016; Detroit, MI, USA; Boston Red Sox left fielder Andrew Benintendi (left) center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. (center) and right fielder Mookie Betts (right) celebrate after the game against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Red Sox win 3-2. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The photo may be dated, but boy, it’s so good to be able to sit back and watch a ball game–especially when it’s the Red Sox!

Sunday’s weather was awful but you know, I really didn’t mind.  You just can’t get too upset about the weather when you don’t need a winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots.  Shorts and a tee will suffice!

How bad was the weather?  Even Chippy was upset!!!

The rain didn’t bother me, I went out like this–only I had loafers on my feet and an umbrella overhead!

And what else is there to do when the weather on a holiday weekend is bad?  Why—go to the outlets, of course!

Look who I ran into at the Lindt Chocolates shop!  My good friend Roger Federer.  He stopped me from over indulging!  I love Roger for watching out for me!

Bonaparte wanted a new pair of pants, Roman had gift cards from the past two years that were still in his wallet, and I will never pass up the chance to go to J. Crew Factory!

J. Crew Factory had 60 percent off everything!!!!!!!  That store was mobbed!!!

We all had good luck and then it was on to………

I’ll be wearing my new tee on…………guess what day?

The movies!

I’ll tell you something.  Living in Phoenixville has its perks.  And one of those perks is The Colonial Theatre. I freaking love that movie theatre.  So, do my kids—and now Bonaparte does as well!

And one can always enjoy a refreshing beverage such a beer or wine whist viewing the show.  This is Roman’s beer.  I passed on a beverage!

We saw…. RBG—or rather The Notorious RBG; a truly inspiring documentary about a truly inspiring woman. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  What a woman!!!!  It doesn’t matter what your politics are or whether you are to the left or the right—this movie is not about that.  It’s simply about the life and career of one of the most paramount women in the United States at the present.

The Notorious RBG. Ruth. Bader. Ginsburg.  She’s the bomb and I need an RBG Tee!

There were parts of the film where the three of us were moved to tears—as was the entire audience!

What an incredible woman.  What an incredible life.  Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg is a woman to be revered and admired by all!

If you get the chance to see RBG—please by all means go.  And take your daughters and granddaughters too!

Image result for supreme justice ruth bader ginsburg

She can’t cook.  She loves the opera. And you will be very surprised to find out who one of her besties was!

Movie over, we took a walk up the street to The Foodery for beer and some chips.  Oh yeah, it’s a Holiday weekend and any phase of diet is thrown to the curb!  I’ll go back to my strict food on Tuesday!

The Foodery in Phoenixville has quite the selection of beer, ales, stouts, ciders and other beverages!

In my large family, we have a contingent of Boylan’s.  But OUR Boylans have never ever partaken of a Shirley Temple….unless it has booze!

Roman turned me on to these chips. Crab Chips. At least they’re gluten free!

Because the atmosphere was as thick as pea soup, we opted for dinner indoors!

The gougeres are NOT gluten free. I ate some anyway.  

I did manage to throw together a delicious corn salad.  Here’s how you make it:  2 cans of corn, drained.  A chunk of Queso, sliced and diced.  Small can of jalepeno peppers, diced and drained.  One small tomato, diced.  Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix.  Drizzle with Rice Vinegar.  Mix again.  Sprinke with Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning.  Easy and delicious!

Last week Bonaparte wore my wig. And after an evening of Kir Royals and other beverages,  my son put the wig on.  His bio hair is much thicker and wavier.  The family that has a sense of humor about wigs together, stays together!!!

And yesterday’s weather was pretty-much the same.  Gray, misty and a bit cooler.

Roman—being very much like me, lost his wallet on the Metro North.  (I lost a wallet by placing it on the roof of my car then driving off.  My most recent loss of wallet was the one Chippy ate!)

We headed off to the mall where he found the perfect wallet at the perfect price at Fossil.  And you know, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been in a Fossil store and I forgot just how great the leather goods are at that store.

Image result for fossil king of prussia mall

Not kidding.  Next bag I purchase will be from Fossil. I forgot how nice the brand’s leather goods are!

I spotted a great bag that is similar to the Longchamp Cuir satchel.  And the price is a lot less expensive.

This brown leather satchel is gorgeous. And at 25% off of the $178 price, it’s a good buy for a bag that’ll last a long time! Click for another Fossil bag that’s very similar and a GREAT price on Amazon.com

Roman ended up with a simple leather wallet that cost him less than $35 and the quality is stellar.

I made a new bestie!  Kesha!  If you are at the King of Prussia Mall stop by Fossil to see her.  She’ll help you pick out the greatest leather goods–whether it’s a watch, wallet or tote!

And then, just as quick as a snap of the finger, it was time to return to downtown Philly to drop Roman off.  And I got sad.   Why do I get so sad when the kids leave?  Seriously, I can’t stand to see them go.  Once a mom…

Related image

Bye Roman!  See you when we get back to NYC–hopefully in a coupla weeks!

And that was it.  No parades.  No cookouts.  No hot dogs.  Just a lovely, quiet, chill Memorial Day weekend!  Sometimes the best weekends are those weekends when there is no fanfare or parties to go to or events to drive to.  Sometimes, the quiet times are the ones that can make a Memorial Day weekend—well, memorial!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and took a moment to reflect on the true patriots of our beautiful America.  The true patriots who went to war and fought for our freedom and the true patriots who’s selflessness made America great.

Thank you to those who served and gave your life for us.

Here’s the trailer for RBG.  You won’t be able to resist her!!

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8 Responses to A Damper On The Holiday Weekend? Only Weather-Wise!

  1. debwlv says:

    Where to begin? What a great post! I can relate to so much of what you posted … I love your crazy, goofy family with their quirky sense of humor—-very much like mine (I KNOW it’s the Irish in us—-I went to Ireland with my sister a couple of years ago for the first time and I said to her, Oh, here’s where “my” people are, FINALLY!) I too made the mistake of raising independent, high functioning human beings who live full, apparently perfectly happy lives, far away from their mommy. I am both proud of that fact, and simultaneously second guessing my success at it……….Thanks, as always, for the laughs, the wisdom, the pictures, the fun…keep it coming!

    • Catherine says:

      LOL DEB!! We have so much in common. But it’s so true–on one hand I’m incredibly proud of my little kiddles but on the other hand it saddens me to no end that they are insanely independent. Isn’t Ireland great??? A few of my cousins and my favorite Aunt are headed there this summer and will be visiting with family over there!
      Thanks so much–I’m really glad that you enjoyed this post and others!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  2. Fiona says:

    The weather has been iffy here too and in France it has been stormy for days. Laughed at Roman…now we just need to see Chippy in your wig! Haven’t heard about RBG but saw Darkest Hour last night…. outstanding performance from Gary Oldman.
    Roseanne Barr all over the news this morning, that’s one career over then. Unbelievable?!

    • vavashagwell says:

      Yes to Chippy in the wig next!! I truly hope Roseanne Barr is done, but I have my doubts. She has people who actually support her views which is unreal. I want to see RBG, too. Thought Darkest Hour was pretty good, but I think I should have seen it in a theatre.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Ummmmmm Chippy would EAT my wig! I love the fact that my family loves to joke around with my hair though. It’s a good sign! Gary Oldman is one of the greatest actors around and I’m looking forward to seeing The Darkest Hour.
      Let’s hope Barr’s career is finished. I’ve never thought her to be funny at all. She’s annoying, cloying and just trashy. XOXOXOXOO

  3. Looks like a great weekend was had! Love the fun picture of your son in your wig! Each time I stop by here I leave with two feelings – one, I want a wig and two – I am hungry, your food pics all look so good!

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