Life’s a Beach! No Matter Where You Go—So Enjoy It!!

You know that at this particular time for the past ten years, we’ve been on the ever-sunny and every-pleasant Côte d’Azur.  Our favorite pastimes there are relaxing at the pool and spending time at both the beaches in Cannes and L’Estagnol.

Image result for atypical60 theoule sur mer

Some go on vacation to get in touch with nature by hiking and doing that nature stuff. This is my idea of getting back to nature–relaxing and doing nothing by the pool in Theoule!

We ain’t there this year and that’s ok.  It gives us time and opportunity to revisit the great expanse of beach here in the Northeast.

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And YES!  New York City is home to some great beaches like Coney Island and The Rockaways.  (My dad was a cop at Rockaway Beach–the place I was born!)

If you grew up near a beach or any large body of water, then you are well-aware of the summer pleasure you enjoyed while younger.  If you still dwell within a decent drive to the beach, then you are also aware of the pleasure the ocean brings.

Photo taken by Anthony22 at Wikipedia

This photo brings back so many memories of Robert Moses Beach.  I grew up ten minutes away and spent many a summer day here from my grade school days all through high school.  Sometimes my friends and I would skip school in the spring just to spend an hour or two here.  My favorite beach of all time!

I can tell you this—as one who suffers from extreme anxiety, when I’m at the shore or any beach in particular, it’s the only non-medication that sooths my soul and calms my nerves.

Is it the scent of fresh clean air with a hint of saltiness to it?  Is it that salty, cool spray the touches your face like a feather as you bring your chair down to the ocean’s edge? Is it the sounds of waves crashing or the seagulls doing that bird noise that they make?  Or perhaps you enjoy watching a child experiencing either delight or fear at their first trip to the huge sea.  For me—it’s all of these reasons.

Yesterday, Bonaparte woke up early to a gorgeous blue sky devoid of any clouds.  The sun was out and bright and I swear I could hear the sun saying.  “I’m baaaaack”—after weekends of lousy weather.

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Yo Momma!  Daddy Cool is back in action and he’s hot!!

I was assured that all the necessary items such as towels, chairs and sunscreen were packed in the car. Bless my Frenchman’s heart.  But I still threw some essentials into my straw bag such as my sunglasses, water, and intellectual stimulation in the form of a book and trashy tabloid magazines (Don’t judge).

Yeah. Yeah. If I was royalty, I would have looked great after giving birth too!  But the REAL dish is Jennifer Anniston’s tool of an ex-husband Justin Theroux.  What a creep.  And the Star never lies *cough*!

After You. The sequel to the most tear-jerker book of all time, Me Before You.  This book is making me cry too.  I’ll be reading the NEXT sequel, Still Me after I finish this.  I’m telling you, I need to get to the beach every weekend just so I can read!

My cheap $7.00 Walmart watch never stops ticking.  The perfect beach watch because the band is rubber.  Take it off before swimming though.

Cheap two-buck hoops also from Walmart give a nice beach vibe to my ears!

I opted for a bikini instead of a one-piece because I wanted to get a bit of sun all over.  I shaved my thighed burns so I could sit any way I wanted too!

On my feet I wore my first-ever pair of Rondini sandals.  They are about ten years old now!!

And I wore a sleeveless coverup with pockets to finish the look off!

We dropped Chippy off at Doggie Day Camp and at a little after Seven in the morning, we were on our way from the Philly suburbs to the beautiful Jersey Shore town of Stone Harbor.

You’ll be happy once you are with your posse there Chippy! 

And away we go!!!!!! I’m the classiest passenger on earth.  Feet on the dashboard, the Frenchman mumbling in his native tongue that I’m dirtying up the car…it’s heavenly!

It was such an enjoyable day that I never got around to taking any photos after we unpacked.  But the umbrella was up, the beach chairs were unfolded, towels placed gingerly over the sand and it was time to bask in the rays and the warmth of the sun.

We arrived a little after 9 AM.  Look. At. That. Sky.  I wish every weekend day during the summer was like this.

The little trail to the beach…

Who’s that man and WHAT is he carrying?

Why…it’s BONAPARTE and he’s the only person I know who brings his own personal chaise cushion to the beach to place UNDER his beach towel due to the comfort level.  

I, on the other hand, am more of a beach bum. This and a towel are all I need!

We also noticed that nobody was tanned yet—I mean everyone at the beach had the last of the pasty hue.  And we blamed it on the extreme lack of gorgeous summer weather.  Usually by mid-June you can spot that one person who’s been working on their tan since mid-April; those who attended the George Hamilton school of tanning.  Or should I say George Hamiltan?

Ahhh..George HamilTAN! My husband could give him a run for his tanning.  

And FYI, this is the only sunscreen that was packed.  I believed my tanning god of a husband when he said ALL the sunscreen was packed. It wasn’t.  This was purchased in France and even though it works very well, I still want my Coppertone spray!

What also struck both of us was that the Atlantic was very calm yesterday.  Almost glassine.  A bit like the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the view from my umbrella taken a couple of years ago.  The water yesterday was even more calm than this. Oh my God. I love the Atlantic so much!

We talked about the difference between the Atlantic beaches we are so familiar with and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Atlantic has much wider beaches, where the Mediterranean’s sandy coast isn’t as wide.  The areas of France that we beach at have rocky surf.  You have to walk over the bumpy bed of rocks before hitting the soft sea sand.  But once you get to that point, you can swim and float and let the sea take you out what seems like miles before you get into the deep waters.

The beach at L’Estagnol. It’s calm and I kinda like swimming in it more due to lack of waves!

Not as wide a beach area but still very relaxing and swim-friendly!


The Atlantic isn’t as gentle nor is she as friendly.  She can be fierce with her undertows and her waves full of rage can knock you out and roll you around to the point of danger.

Related image

Getting caught in waves like this can be a bit frightening and challenging!

Still, growing up on Long Island and spending time at Fire Island beaches and The Rockaways, you learn to respect the ocean.  You become aware of how you can handle both you and the sea.

You can spend the day stress-free with a good book.  There’s something special about bringing a book—an actual paperback book with pages that you turn and dog-ear.  It’s so much better than reading from a tablet.  The book may get splashed with the sea but it really doesn’t matter because the heat of the air will dry the pages in minutes.  The humidity can make the book expand—just like hair that gets puffy from the sea’s humidity.  But that’s part of summer!

Image result for dog-eared books

I’m in the 25th percentile.  I’ll only dog-ear MY books!  But it’s cheaper than a book mark!

And when you tire of reading, you can take your chair down even farther to where the waves break and can be mesmerized by the tide greeting you and then leaving you just as quickly. It’s a very relaxing feeling.

We had the best time—just the two of us.  It was one of those days that just made me happy to be with my husband because wherever we go, we make a great team.

BTW, I wore a wig to the beach yesterday.  Last time I was at Stone Harbor was the summer before last.  I still had enough hair that I was able to put it up in a topper with a messy bun.  Those days may be over, but I have to tell you, the wig I wore was beach perfect. It’s Lacey by Envy Wigs and the color is Toasted Sesame. She got sprayed with salt water, got sand in her, and remained in fine shape.  She even protected my head.  And I never felt uncomfortable!

Me  enjoying the sun under the umbrella and under my wig!

The seabreeze threw her around quite a bit….

And she remained beautiful–even upon leaving to go home! I got a lotta freckles yesterday too!  A lot!  

Amazon has accepted me as an influencer and I’m thrilled to be working with them.  And so, I’ve begun to create “Idea Lists”.  Today’s list is in connection with this blog post— Have a looksee on my Amazon store:  “Life’s a Beach”.  I ordered thesleeveless dress with pockets because it’ll make a great beach coverup—it’ll also be cute as all get-out!  Thank you and happy beaching!!!

One of my favorite Beach Boys songs (I have so many).  I don’t quite know what it is but the beach boys just go along with summer!

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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18 Responses to Life’s a Beach! No Matter Where You Go—So Enjoy It!!

  1. Debe says:

    Omg you look so cute!!! You look like sun kissed wind blown surfer girl!!!

    I on the other hand does the word beached whale hmmm maybe????

    Just flew from Wisconsin to Chicago to Virgins for business. Can I say I do not miss Chicago and hate O Hare? Does that airport ever stop building they have been working on it since the 1960s!!! Get off at gate whatever and walk miles ….the angry Badger was not happy!!!


    • Catherine says:

      Debe. Do not even get me started on O’Hare. I have NEVER and I mean NEVER left that damned airport without a delay. In fact, thanks to O’Hare airport, I missed my flight to Australia and had to wait 11 hours at LAX. Then on another flight their was an issue with the plane. I detest O’Hare!!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. Juliet says:

    What a gorgeous day – please send some towards Glasgow, the weather is a bit “meh” and we are all a bit blue as the Art School has just burnt down again – I passed people crying at the barricades on Saturday – all really gutting. Still, on a positive note you look mighty fine – that wig is absolutely perfect on you for the beach, you just look superb (you both look superb) and I am super jealous of the beaches – Scotland has some fine beaches up north but sheesh are they cold after my childhood Pacific. We lived about 6-7 miles from the beach but my sister and I would cycle from really young (9 and 11) to the beach and go swimming etc and then cycle back. Christchurch was so safe 🙂 Keep enjoying the beach – I feel I am getting some much needed vitaminD just admiring the photos, whilst I am stuck inside knitting

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. Oh. The Pacific. I won’t even venture to put my big toe in the Pacific–it’s too cold. But I’m hoping that Glasgow gets better weather!!!! XOXOXOXXO!!!!

  3. Nancy says:

    Hi Catherine–
    It’s Nancy from Az–fulltime reader, sometime commenter. I just wanted to weigh in and say how I loved the post with the blue skies and ocean. Living as I did in upstate NY as a youth, I seldom got to wear my swimsuit or use my beach bag since we weren’t near an ocean and the lakes that were close were cold as s–t all summer long. Now that the hubs and I live in Az, however, with a 300+ sunny days/year and a pool just steps outside the door, I am far more attuned to the beach/water/pool vibe. So I do like to read your suggestions and ideas and finds about related products.
    I already have purchased, and am loving, the Ever Glow tanner from Ocean Potion. I haven’t used a self-tanner since early days, but I can deal with this one, and so far, so good. I also have followed your advice with the Goyard rep tote–very useful for the pool and other places. So, just thanks for the posts, and keep ’em comin’! Sorry you can’t get to France this summer, but you’re doing it right at home, it appears.
    (BTW–how are you doing on WW these days? Just rejoined (a summer project), and my first week was 4.5 weeks. Hoping to whittle a few more off the old backside at weigh-in this week.
    Carry on, and have a great week–

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy! Where upstate are you from? We used to go to a lake in Monticello that was beyond freezing and when we were young kids, we used to go up to The Police Camp in Tannersville that was a resort for NYC cops and their families. It was a blast!
      But I’m thrilled that you like the Ocean Potion. I think it’s one of the best self-tanners because it’s nice and light and gives color without being orange–and it smells good! And that tote–I ordered a second one!!
      Ugh. I’m TRYING my best with the WW but the time of the meeting changed to an earlier one and I can’t get out of work early enough to drive to the meeting. I’m making an attempt to continue this at home. I teeter between 145 and 147 pounds and those last pounds are just hanging on. I keep trying though!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

      • Nancy says:

        Hi again—
        We lived in two little towns in Otsego County. One lake we went to for summer day camp was Gilbert Lake. We also spent time in the Finger Lake region near Keuka Lake. Man, those lakes were freezing; no wonder I never learned to swim. (I can, however, float around on a pool raft with a magazine and a cool beverage like a champ!)
        Ocean Potion is super good. What color is your second tote? I have the khaki, which I love and which is nice for spring/summer, and considering the black/brown for fall?
        I hear you about WW meeting times–I can get to weigh-ins during the summer but when school starts again it is going to be a challenge. We will just do what we can.

  4. bluetulips says:

    The beach is my happy place, I have been fortunate to live close to the beach, think less than an 10 minute drive pretty much all my life. (see all the pics I post on my instagram) I mainly go to the beach for long walks and dip my toes in the water. I haven’t gone swimming at the beach in years. I pretty much keep out of the sun. I have fabulous childhood memories, on hot summer days when it was school holidays, December – February, my dad would come from work and say, are you ready lets go to the beach. We would go swimming and then get fish and chips for dinner. Feed the chips to the seagulls. I jealous now, it is Winter here, think layers of clothes and getting so hot in the shopping malls. Drives me nuts. You look fabulous and glam for the beach Catherine, enjoy your summer xxx

    • Catherine says:

      HI D. Thank you!!! OMG. I love your IG beach photos!! It’s during the summer that I wish I was back living on Long Island. Its such a summer-friendly place. Tons of canals, and the bay was always nice for walking to in the evening. Being two hours away from our favorite NJ shore beach is like being landlocked for me–LOL!! But I swear when you grow up near the water, you always want to be near it!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  5. Bobbi says:

    I remember your bit about your appointment with the dermatologist and I asked if she recommended any sunscreen.
    The July CONSUMERS REPORTS has an article on sunscreen.. the ratings are on page 47, after an interesting article about how they rated them.
    I’m pretty sure you could find it at the library if you don’t want to buy the magazine.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bobbi. I”m going to head to Barnes and Noble tomorrow to check it out. I tried online but there are so many different articles to peruse from. I’m very interested to read what they say. I pray coppertone is on that list–if not for anything else, just the scent!!!! Thanks so much for the heads up on this!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  6. Momcat says:

    Ahh , we love the beach soo much we bought a slice of it on beautiful Prnce Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province. Have been holidaying there for 20 years and love the casual life style….and lobster! We’ve renovated the beach house and are renting it in the summer until we retire next year. We will go in June and September for now. The beach goes for miles, just me and mah dog walking it, so peaceful!! Yup, wear full sunscreen SPF 50 if available, had my thigh carved up due to melanoma seven years ago. Not going down that road again…and I don’t do sun, never have. I love that people thought I was my husband’s daughter at a recent function…better yet a few thought my youngest son and I were brother and sister ( he’s 41 years younger) granted there were many elderly present…so maybe the eyes weren’t that great!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Momcat!! You fetching young woman you!!! I’ll bet your husband and son got a kick out of those comparisons. Prince Edward Island!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. That’s one place I would love to visit. I would eat lobster every night!!! I”m happy that you have that beach house and will be able to enjoy it for retirement. That’s wonderful!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

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  8. Lise says:

    I totally get Bonaparte’s need for comfort on the beach 🙂 Lise

    • Catherine says:

      Tee hee. Lise. He brings that mattress to every beach!!!! He even has his “France” mattress which is lighter for travel!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  9. doodletllc says:

    Ahh…Robert Moses…days spent there from early, early morning till after sunset…my mom would say that the car drove itself there. It really is a beautiful beach and a special nod to Old Robert Moses for having the vision to have the beach open to all. What a fun day. Thanks for bringing us along. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Jeanne. Oh the memories I have of Robert Moses. The sunburns I received from Robert Moses. And the beach is still beautiful!!!! Glad you enjoyed the visit!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

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