The Shoes of Summer. Sandals, of Course!

It could seem a bit odd that I’m writing about sandals this late in the season but better late than never.  Besides—as much as I love shoes, during the summer months, I enjoy giving my feet respite from being closed in to tighter footwear, heels and boots.  It’s kind of like giving my feet the freedom they so deserve.

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Like taking my bra off as soon as I arrive home from work, my feet need to be free of closed-in shoes at times!

The opportunity to be in St. Tropez to purchase another pair of Rondini sandals in person has passed me by for 2018.  However, the opportunity remains to order through their website. Rondini Website

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I never miss an opportunity to get a pair of sandals from Rondini!

Let’s talk about what I love about these sandals.

They are custom made for the feet.  When you go to the Rondini Shop, your feet will be measured in both length and width.  Yes—whether your feet are wide or narrow—you will get the best fit for your feet.  The sandals will be constructed at the shop and will be made within moments-although my foot is so narrow that for one of the pairs I had to go back a couple of days later.

Rondini sandals from Left to Right:  Bikini; Pouche Tresse; Salome

L to R:  Sahariennes 2M, my first pair ever and the Tropeziennes–my second pair!

But the beauty of ordering online is that the sandals will be delivered to your door.  And for custom made sandals, the price isn’t much more than the higher-end sandals you can buy here in the U.S. of A!

The leather sole simply does not wear down. It’s amazing!

These Tropeziennes are about eight years old and have been worn every summer, many times and the heel hasn’t worn down either.  For the money, and the price per wear, these were a great bargain because they are worn year after year after year!

The sandals just mold to your feet…

..and over time, the leather builds up to a nice patina finish..

Image result for atypical60 Rondini

This photo was taken last year but I’ve worn these a lot this summer..

Image result for atypical60 Rondini

The Tropeziennes are the most comfortable sandals I own.

Image result for atypical60 Rondini

Ain’t they purty?????

Speaking of the USA.  The next sandals I’m going to talk about are very “All-American”.  And the two brands have the same designed sandals.  But they are both different fits and different levels of comfort.

What’s more American than sandals with strawberries on them?  Ouch.  One leg is fake tanned darker than the other–how’d I do that?

The two?  Jack Rogers and Palm Beach Sandals.  Part of the preppy uniform.  Part of the American woman uniform.  Part of the Southern girl uniform.  And my girl Jackie Kennedy wore those Palm Beach Sandals all summer long!

I found this little comparison chart online and have to say, it’s pretty-much on point!

Palm Beach Sandals is the brand the Bonanno family created and created for Jackie Kennedy.  But somewhere along the line, Jack Rogers took over in popularity.

Image result for jackie kennedy palm beach sandals

Jackie in her Palm Beach Sandals.  My heart skips a beat when I see the way she dressed!

The difference between the two?  Well, in appearance—not much.  But in fit and construction.  Quite a bit.

Jack Rogers….

….or Palm Beach?  You be the judge!!!

Jacks have a synthetic sole and a leather upper, whereas Palm Beach Sandals are all-leather.

Synthetic sole….

vs. leather sole?  Hmmmmmm…

The Jacks, in the past haven’t had cushioning in the heel—making them very uncomfortable to wear until broken in.  Also—the Jacks have leather that stretches out to no end.

Look closely and you’ll see the outline of the cushioning in the heel of the Palm Beach sandals. 

My old Jack and no cushioning although my strawberry Jacks do have a bit of cushioning.  The brand may have tweaked the sandals a bit!

The heels of the older Jacks that I have are separating from the sole. Granted, these are old but not so old that this should happen on a quality sandal.

With the Palm Beach sandals—the upper sole is a bit wider than the Jacks, but the strapping across is made more with a better fit for a narrow foot.  There is cushioning in the heel area and my preference is that the Palm Beach sandals are a much better fit for me.  They are far more comfortable.

The upper foot area is slightly wider on the Palm Beach Sandals but the straps give a more narrow fit–which is perfect for narrow feet!

I’m definitely a fan.  The fit of the Palm Beach Sandals work better for me!

That isn’t to say that I abhor Jacks. In fact, I purchased a cute novelty pair of Jacks recently from Nordstrom Rack for $59.00 and they are pretty comfortable.

I have to admit, though, that I do like the style of these Jacks better than the other Jacks I have.  The strawberries are just so much fun and summery!

Both brands run in the $100 to $118 area for most models but you can find deals on them.  Jacks can be found at Nordstrom Rack.  I purchased the Palm Beach sandals for $39.99 per pair from Something You boutique on sale.  You gotta look around!

A few months back I ordered a pair of Tory Burch flip flops.  The Tory Burch company sent me a gift card for a pair of returned boots.  The boots were an awful fit and took years to break in.  The same thing with the Reva flats that I have from Burch. They were a bitch to break in!

Tory Burch Black Terra Flip Flops on the left.  My old pair of fancy Old Navy $4.00 flip flops on the right!

I gave the brand another chance when I ordered the flip flops.  (I believe the brand no longer makes these) All I have to say is that for the $79.00 or more that they retailed for, they are an absolute rip-off.  How can a flip-flop possibly be uncomfortable?  I can’t answer that but Tory Burch managed to do so.

They are only comfortable when I’m sitting down.  People pay for the TB logo.  Ugh.  What a waste of money–thank God I used a gift card!

The four-dollar Old Navy flip flops that I purchased many years ago and are still going strong are a million times more comfortable.


Image result for birkenstocks

People love ’em.  And I know they are comfortable but this isn’t my cup of tea.

No. I don’t own any with the exception of a rubber pair I picked up last year or the year before.  They are comfortable enough but the way the sole is molded, the fit is just a bit off for me.  I know so many women who love Birks and I’ve tried the regular ones on and they are comfortable but they style just isn’t for me.   I may give them another chance though.

When I made the purchase the $19.99 price seemed right but the top of the foot doesn’t fit me 100 percent.  They are comfy though. I’m wearing these as I write this.

Whatever style you like or whatever your budget, sandals, in my most humble opinion are a great choice for summer footwear.  Let your feet breathe!  Let them loose because come October, those dawgs will be back to closure until May or June!!!

But remember—look for sales and make sure those sandals are comfortable because during these summer months we are on our feet a lot longer than in the winter months!

Make your feet smile the way you do!!  And enjoy the rest of the summer!


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8 Responses to The Shoes of Summer. Sandals, of Course!

  1. Debe says:

    Love the strawberry Sandles! Had my 3 week pedi yesterday with new Opi color!

    I go every 3 weeks all year long. Come Jan after the Holdays no polish until May. I use a baking soda paste on the nails to whiten them up and let them breathe!

    My paws or hoofs are my main focus, I hate seeing people who should not be in sandles um you know I call them werewolf paws!

    You are always refined and look awesome!

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  3. Nancy says:

    I love those sandals! Very nice. But flipflops I only wear around the house and I buy them for €6 . I never understand the think about Birkenstocks. I am very sorry, but I think they are very ugly, all of them.

  4. Juliet says:

    As a kiwi I love a jandal (flip flop) but I am very particular (no naff spangles or icky flowery prints – plain and simple all the way) but only around home. As for sandals, I love (LOVE) Camper – they are so comfortable ansvsuit my feet as well as being incredibly robust. I think good quality is vital to summer sandals – you need decent materials that won’t rub or chafe bare skin, and cheap construction will make your feet sweat and also slide about. Not good!

    By the way, I saw a Marian Keyes thing about skin care – her skin is gorgeous and Irish and so lovely and she is so hysterically funny, so I thought I’d share….

  5. heididonner says:

    You always teach me something new. Thanks.

  6. The Lakewoman says:

    Wow…we all like something different! I love a cork bed sandal, no sweaty feet and molds to your foot! Also gives some height. All kinds of uppers…..funky to cute!

  7. Very interesting and educational post, Cath. I’ve heard good things about the Rondini sandal. I do not own Birks either. I love the pic of Jackie in her Palms. You didn’t mention the classic Dr. Scholl’s slip on wooden sandal. I have a pair that I wear around the house in the summer. I love how they feel on my feet. Plus the wood warms the foot ever so subtly. They are a little heavy though and I don’t make a long trek in them or anything. I love to slip them on to go on the deck and also wear them in the kitchen as the tile floor is otherwise kind of hard on the bod after a while. I don’t own any Tory Burch, anything. And will not bother since reading your reviews and the problems you’ve had with their products. 😛

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lisa. Oh–I think I was more upset about not going to France this summer because I missed another pair of Rondini’s than actually going to France! But you know, I thought about the Scholls and I should have written about them because I have a pair and I stil love them. And they make your legs look good. Ugh. Forget Tory Burch–overpriced goods. Way overpriced!! XOXOXOXOXO

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