Snailed It! A Look at Korean Skincare!

Skincare products.  Can we have too many of them?  As my skin continues to pro-age, I’m always on the lookout for hydrating products that don’t cost a fortune.

This is just one minisule sampling of the skin care products that are in the house…

Let’s face it.  The promises that luxury brands make can be so misleading.   $100 and up isn’t going to make that pricey cream stop the process of aging.

Crème de la Mer, 16.5 oz.

Forget the $100!  16 ounces of this costs $2,160 at Neiman Marcus–but you get free shipping! I would rather put the money in a savings account for a neck lift.

If it did, we would all be strutting our stuff wrinkle-free like Perma Prest clothing—and even Perma Prest needed to be ironed!

Remember Perma Prest? My mother would iron Perma Prest clothing on the lowest setting. 

At this point, the most important quality of any skincare product I use these days is hydration.  Having skin that feels a bit plump, soft and full of moisture is paramount these days.  Nothing is getting rid of my lines except a face-lift or fillers that I cannot afford.

And for what it’s worth, I use cosmetics to even out my skin tone and get rid of the redness.

I am also well-aware of supplements that are taken in capsule form or powder form and consumed because “beauty starts from the inside out”.  That’s why I eat vegetables and fruit.  I’m not putting any supplements into my body because who knows what the long-term effects are? I’ll take my chances with putting stuff on me instead.

Image result for collagen supplements

I know many believe in putting this stuff into their bodies.  Unh Uh not me.  I’ll eat pig’s feet for collgen and vegetables and fruit for vitamins.

That being said, lately, I’ve been intrigued  by Korean skin care products containing snail slime or snail mucin—the benefits that it is natural and moisturizing.

Would I let snails crawl on my face?  Of course I would!  But it’s more pragmatic if I just buy products containing snail slime!

So off to Amazon I went and I let my fingers do the shopping at a snail’s pace! (Caveat–the prices on Amazon are better than on some of the Korean brands’ websites some of which are not secure sites so I didn’t add links)

I did go shopping at a snail’s pace

Not wanting to overspend, I limited myself to three products:

All In One Snail Repair Cream by Mizon, a Korean beauty company

The All In One Snail Repair Cream

Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, a serum also by Mizon

Snail Repair Ampoule–a wonderful serum!

Gold and Snail Hydropatch by Petitfee, another Korean beauty company

In this little jar lies the most fun…under eye patches!

All three products contain snail slime.  All three products are extremely affordable.  For the 60 eye patches, the price was $11.15 and for the two products by Mizon, I paid $15.44 and I will purchase again.

Let’s take a look at the products.

Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, Ingredients:  Snail Secretion Filtrate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Panthenol, Glycereth-26, Punica Granatum Extract, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Extract, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Trehalose, Copper Tripeptide-1, Human Oligopeptide-1, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract, Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Extract, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Tropolone, Sodium Polyacrylate, Adenosine, Coptis Japonica Extract

It warms my heart to see Snail Secretion Filtrate as the first-added ingredient.  80 % in fact.  I’ll say that’s a darn good amount!

It’s a clear thicker liquid but very moist and spreadable!

The serum is a clear substance that drops out in a perfectly round little circle.  And that one little drop spreads all over your face evenly.  It does feel refreshing and hydrating.  It did not and continues to not irritate my skin.  It has no scent and dissipates quickly.   I’ve been using this before I add the…

One drop is all you need because…

It spreads beautifully and oh boy–it’s very hydrating!

Mizon All-In-One-Snail Repair Cream.  Ingredients:  Snail secretion filtrate, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid, glyceryl stearate, hydrogenated vegetable oil, dimethicone, triethanolamine, carbomer, butylene glycol, peg/ppg-17/6 copolymer, polyacrylate-13, polyisobutene, polysorbate 20, sodium polyacrylate, caprylyl glyocol, adenosine, ethylhexylglycerin, tropolone, sodium hyaluronate, portulaca oleracea extract, betula platyphylla japonica juice, arnica montana flower extract, artemisia absinthium extract, achillea millefolium extract, gentiana lutea root extract, alcohol, camellia sinensis leaf extract, centella asiatica extract, copper tripeptide-1, Rh-oligopeptide-1, propylene glycol, rubus idaeus (raspberry) fruit extract, beta-glucan, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, disodium edta.

There’s a ton of moisture in this small jar..

….slightly tacky at first but that feeling disipates and the moisture is sealed in.

It’s nice to know that this contains 92% of the snail secretion filtrate!  This feels so nice because it glides on.  Slightly tacky but very “wet” with moisture when it dries the skin feels soft.  It isn’t like other moisturizers in that they can sometimes feel “filmy”—this has no filmy feel whatsoever after drying.  A small amount goes a long way!

Again.  This is no miracle product where your lines will completely disappear.  But it does give your skin a softness and suppleness that comes from hydration.

Gold & Snail Hydragel Eyepatch. Ingredients :   Water, Glycerin, Calcium Chloride, Butylene Glycol, Ceratonia Siliqua Gum, Xanthan Gum, Carrageenan, Snail Secretion Filtrate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Ethanol, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, CI 77861, CI 77491, CI 77891, CI 77480, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Artemisia Princeps Extract, Citrus Junos Fruit Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Fragrance.

The opened jar of the silicone eye patches.  They are floating in moisture.  These feel so freaking good it’s crazy!!

I was surprised to see that the Snail Secretion Filtrate was the ninth ingredient listed!  Considering water and glycerin as the first two ingredients added, though, made me realize why these patches are so moisturizing.  Do they work to get rid of wrinkles?  No. At least not for me they don’t.  But—they feel so freaking refreshing on the face.  And they do plump the undereye area up.

You can see from the photo that the patch covers a good area of skin under the eyes.  I’m telling you, I LOVE these!

Proof for me—I have a cold.  And a bad one at that. I woke up this morning and yesterday morning and my eyes were puffy in a very bad way.  My eyes looked like two little slots.  Very hooded and just sick looking.  I placed one under each eye and went back to bed to relax for a while.  After 15 minutes I placed the pads on the top of my eyelids and puffiness subsided.

Before and after.  I have a really bad cold and am home from work today.  When I woke up, my eyes were so affected by this cold that they were puffy and swollen.  I did use all three products today but I relaxed in bed for a while with those patches on my eyes and the puffiness went down as you can see in the after photo.  I also have makeup on but the makeup doesn’t get rid of puffy eyes!

These little silicone pads are also great at multitasking.  After using them for their original purpose, I reuse as “guards” when applying eye makeup.  They work wonders against shadow fallout and bottom lash mascara!  Of the three, this is my favorite simply because of the multitasking and the fact that my eyes feel great after using these.  I feel awake.  It’s a nice feeling!

We all like affordable.  We all want products that work to some extent.  I can honestly say that these products snailed it!

Seriously.  I’ve been using these products for almost two weeks now and I’m pleased.  

All of these products were purchased by me on Amazon.  I’m now waiting for the snail foam cleanser and the blur/primer to arrive.

Image result for mizon snail foam cleanser

Eagerly waiting for this cleanser to arrive!

Image result for beauty shot face blur

I’m interested to see how this primer works.  It isn’t expensive and hopefully it will do the job of being a decent blur product!

The price was right on both.  Have a look at my Korean Beauty Product Idea List to see some of the products and browse through Amazon to check out the products. It’s fun!!

You know–this whole aging skin thing can be somewhat daunting when you look in the mirror and realize that the face looking back at you has just gotten……well, old!  And we can’t erase the years away but we can still look our best!  We  need to work with what we have and try new items.  I have to say, I’m glad I hopped aboard the Korean beauty train.  The prices are right!

Have you tried any Korean beauty products?  Let us know in the comments!!!  And thank you!!

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18 Responses to Snailed It! A Look at Korean Skincare!

  1. hipchick66 says:

    I use a really nice Korean serum from CVS and it makes my skin very smooth, only costs $12.99. I also take supplements for my body because I don’t get enough from food, and the bonus is that I do think they help my skin as well, especially the collagen I take for my knees! Whatever works for each individual!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lori! What’s the serum? I’m telling you, I’m really liking the Korean skincare and affordable to boot. OMG. I wish I didn’t get enough food. I get too much food! But you’re right whatever works for each individual is what counts!!! XOXOXOXOXO

      • hipchick66 says:

        Elisha Coy Moist Up Serum. CVS carries a few Korean brands. Some are more expensive. And I wish I had more of an appetite for good food, but I lost that over the last few years.

  2. Debe says:

    Wow interesting article! Eye patches are interesting! I have heard of this product but was nervous.

    Thank you for sharing this love your articles! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend!

  3. Juliet says:

    Really interesting- I am tempted by the eyepatches for sure. I’ll have to investigate properly when I’m back home – we are having a late holiday for a week and heading home to Scotland via London tomorrow. I am totally with you on good food benefiting the skin – especially greens: spinach, chard, rocket…. all phenomenal for the skin. In the mean time I am a giant walking peach – we are in the French alps, we stayed in a tiny place called Auris and the last 2 days in Bourg St Maurice and I have eaten everything, I may be a complete heifer but I tell you French food is sooooo good!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet! I’m jealous of your late holiday–aren’t those late summer ones the best? Have a save trip heading home tomorrow! Oh those eyepatches just feel like a mini-spa for your eyes. They are just so refreshing. I may have to give myself an evening treatment later on!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    • Debe says:

      Lucky you hope your trip is fun!!!!

  4. Haylee says:

    I can’t say this is something I would want to try – I’d rather stick to my honey. But I do hope that anyone who does use it would think about the welfare of the snails. The link I’ve posted is about an Italian man who has found a way to harvest the slime humanely. Previous to his invention, snails were killed for it. Unfortunately, knowing some of the other ingredients found to be acceptable in some cultures, it would worry me that the new method wasn’t always used. They might be a pain in the garden but they’re still living creatures!

    • Debe says:

      Hi what type of honey do you use for products. I know my one MD promotes the honey they use for healing. Sorry brain freezies.

      Thank you!

      • Haylee says:

        Most honeys work as they all have antibacterial/ anti-inflammatory properties. But the general, store bought types tend to be blended and therefore weaker. Manuka honey is supposedly the best. The higher the UMF rating, the better (and more expensive!). I use it for all sorts – healing cuts, sore throats, face mask, baking. Always seems to help.

  5. Susan Marinelli says:

    Catherine, I gotta tell you, your articles always make me smile. I am plus size, and don’t use much makeup, and don’t do Nordstrom’s. so many of your posts don’t apply to me. However, I read your postings religiously, because you are my age, and you are hilarious! My first thought when I read this was “why are Korean snails any better then the ones in my backyard”? After all, both leave a trail of slime. Is Korean slime more beneficial?:If anyone can answer that question, it would be you.
    Nevertheless, I am going to try Korean slime, just because I want to know how it feels.

    Keep posting. You have a devoted follower. Have a great weekend.

  6. candidblonde says:

    It’s true Korean skincare is incredible! I have been a fan of the snail serums for the last two years and it works amazingly. And its so affordable compared to a product from France. Thanks for the post it was a great read!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Candid! OMG. I’m completly won over by the Korean Skincare and am going to branch out into the makeup. I just ordered a brow product that’ll I’ll be reviewing when it arrives and I use it. The affordability is crazy!!!!! And your welcome!! XOXOXOXOXO

  7. I love Korean skin care, especially the Cosrx line. Love their snail mucin essence and every acid toner I’ve tried from them!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

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