What’s in The Vault? It’s The Money I Saved and More!

Hi All!  Well, in my last post I did a review of all the new drug-store brand makeups I purchased.

One item was left out of the review mix because I was just too lazy to take my old eye makeup off and replace it with the new!

Sometimes I just take the wig off, take the bra off, leave the makeup on and chill!

And that new eyeshadow palette is part of The Vault Collection by Morphe.  It’s a collaboration with a very famous beauty guru—Jaclyn Hill.  Sorry to say that I don’t follow her because I’m not into that overly glamourous look and I think that’s what she’s into.

Image result for the vault collection

The Vault Collection from Morphe consists of four separate palettes.  The one I purchased is  Dark Magic on the bottom left.  

Actually, I’m sorry-not-sorry I don’t follow her.  For if I did, there’s a chance I would have passed this shadow palette curated by Jaclyn Hill.  Why would I have passed it by?  Apparently, there’s a lot of negativity with this palette.

Image result for jaclyn hill

Jaclyn Hill is a little bit over the glamour chart for me. But I would love to get my lips filled like hers.  Is she photoshopped or full of fillers?  I don’t know but the Vault palette I have is good so I’ll leave it at that!

Not from me though.  The palette was $15.00 and was worth every cent.  In fact, compared to the price of higher-end eyeshadow palettes, I was able to deposit more money into my savings vault!

A slim and pared-down palette–easy to store..

And the colors are right up my alley.  Neutrals and deeper-hued colors.

Here’s the swatched shadows:

From the top row of the palette.  You will notice that the color “poof” really looks like nothing. It goes on almost nude which makes a great base for the rest of the colors.  “Power cut” is a great metallic that can be applied as light as possible or full-on glitz.

And from the bottom row. It’s funny because in the lighting the colors “busted” and “inside job” look a like. Fact is “busted” is a gorgeous teal whereas “inside job” is a deep green–like a Christmas tree!

The colors look better swatched on my fingers.

Anyway, the past two days, I wore the shadows from this palette and I’ll tell you this–the colors can work as everyday neutrals with a bit of an edge.  I’ll show you.

This was yesterday’s look and you can see that the eyes are not overdone.  I did apply a bit of “power cut” on my lids. Who says women over 50 can’t wear shimmery shadow?

You can see how a light touch makes for a nice eye. I even managed to apply some shadow to the lower lid!

This morning I applied the shadow “Shhh” as a transitional shade from crease to under the brow bone.

Shh” is a caramel brown–it’s got some brightness and even though it looks warm, it’s flattering to all.


Next up was the shade “potion”.  Its an olive green, which is a shade that usually looks so awful on me–but this is a bit on the brighter side so it worked out very nicely. I applied this to my crease.

Surprisingly “potion” is an olive green that works!

The first two shades applied and building up the eye.   Excuse the hair. I need to color my roots but wearing a wig every day makes me very lazy!

Next I dipped my finger into “power cut” and applied it to my lids.  This shade is absolutely gorgeous.  In my pro-aging, I’m finding that I really, really love the glimmery shades!

“Power cut” is my favorite shade of the palette. It’s just so beautiful and looks great on.  Applied lightly its so flattering and not over-the-top!

This photo is out of sequence but see how subtle the “power cut” shimmer shadow is on the lid?

The eyes were finished with  “Diversion” on the outside of the crease and along the bottom lash line!

“Diversion” is another shimmery shade.  It’s not as bold as “power cut” but it is well-pigmented and goes on nicely!

Bottom lid was lined with “diversion” and the entire eye look turned out perfectly for an everyday look!

Another look in better lighting.  I also want you to look at the lines around my eyes. They are there and not going anywhere.  Still–those lines will not stop me from wearing the makeup that I want to wear. I ignore my wrinkles for the most part!

And here’s today’s look.  The eyes look great for using a lower-end eyeshadow palette–don’t they?

When I tell you that I am now convinced that the lower-priced eyeshadows are just as good as the higher end–I’m not kidding.  Look.  How many of us are makeup artists?  How many of us are going to press events and fashion weeks?  The great majority of us are normal, average women living normal, average lives and having a wonderful time being us.  We want a look that is attractive, basic and nothing flambouyant.  I have to say that the “Dark Magic” palette I purchased was money well-spent.

What say you?  What are some of your favorite eye shadows that you didn’t spend a fortune on?

I’ll be packing for my weekend trip to Cincinnati tomorrow night.  Mother and daughter will be looking at wedding dresses!   And in closing today, I give you my new YouTube video on The Power of Wigs!  It explains a lot!


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17 Responses to What’s in The Vault? It’s The Money I Saved and More!

  1. Nancy says:

    How do these shadows compare w/MAC shadows?
    Did they last all day?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nancy. The were just as good as MAC and I have about five MAC quads that I made my favorite shadow of all time is MAC’s Quarry and these were just as good. It’s now 8:30 and the shadows are still on. a tad faded but they’ve been on since 6:30 this morning!!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Debe says:

    Great colors wow I am usually afraid of shimmer but using it slifhtly like you did works!! Love that leopard top also!
    Have a fun weekend!!!

  3. emjayandthem says:

    Fun post, I will check these out. I, too, love makeup. An eye shadow that I love and go back to over is made by Alexis Vogel — my favorite is “Dare” – it is a taupe/grey brown that makes my green eyes pop – you can use it daily as a neutral or layer it for a more dramatic look. And it lasts for YEARS – worth every penny!


    thanks for all the tips, you always look GORGE!

    🙂 MJ

    • Catherine says:

      Hi MJ. I just went onto that Makeupconnection site and WOW!!!! I bookmarked it!! Thank you so much for linking it!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

      • emjayandthem says:

        You’re very welcome – check out the Alexis Vogel Eyeliner Crayons (creamy and rich and they last a long time, too) as well as all the eye highlighters. Years ago I bought the Alexis Vogel (Hollywood Makeup artist) VHS (no less!) tape & make up kit and I’ll tell you what, you wanna smokey eye> Holy Schmoley. I find the face makeup too heavy/cakey for me (prefer IT cosmetics) but I’ve not found ANY eye shadow/pencil/highlighter combo that comes close in quality. Tip on the shadows though, the light ones are REALLY light .. but the dark ones pack a punch and last for years. My favorite contrast/contour eye shadow (to pair with Dare, see what I did there, ha) is smolder (think Pamela Anderson Kitten eyes). Not sure if they still carry it but it’s a keeper, too!! Have fun 🙂

  4. Christine G says:

    Your wig video was wonderful! I think you always look so beautiful in them. I don’t have the need for one, though I do have to battle a couple of cowlicks at the crown of my head. Per my hairdresser, since my hair is now thinner than in my youth, there isn’t the weight needed to keep them in line. Oh, well, that’s life. Did you know that Nora Ephron had a name for the bald spot many older women get when their hair gets thinner and their gray roots are showing? She named her bald patch “Aruba”. Hahaha, I loved that.

    Take care, and thank you for being you. 💕

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Nora!! OMG. I LOVED Nora Ephron and that’s so funny she named that bald spots!!! Who knew thinning hair could be such a bitch!! Thank you though. My wigs are my besties!!! XOXOXOXOX

  5. Juliet says:

    I love a subtle shimmer – Bobbi brown pencils (my favourite) have a soft shimmer, I think they make us look younger – no one really has totally matte skin, dewy skin shimmers after all. If I had seen a picture of the young woman, I would have thought “hmmm not for me” and bypassed it – but those colours are actually lovely, so I am delighted you found and reviewed them – hopefully I have learnt not to be quite so judgemental next time 🙂 The colours are lovely on you

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet! I absolutely agree with you about the soft shimmer. I LOVE a shimmer!! But I’m glad that you like the shadows I reviewed. Look–a few months back I would have NEVER gotten shadows like this but after trying them I love ’em!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  6. What a great find! I love a fabulous eye palette that doesn’t break the bank and this one looks good. You do such a beautiful job on your make up. I’ve been wearing more cream eye shadows lately since I started wearing contact lenses recently. It’s amazing how a little fleck of eye shadow can feel like a boulder in my eye!

  7. Catherine, my daughter was a Make up artist for a number of years and still loves to play around with all things make up. She has a number of things she loves and recommends. I just recently bought a matte palette from Elf. The colors are rich and work even better with an eye primer. That palette you got looks really fun. Your wig video was so informative! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge and experience. Have a great weekend! – Amy

  8. Maryellen Reardon says:

    Thank you so much for always speaking your truth. And you look absolutely lovely! Keep rocking!

  9. Cindy F says:

    Hi Cathy,
    Just love your blog and have followed for a long time from Australia.
    This comment is totally off topic as I have noticed that you no longer ‘comment’ on Trump’s antics but I just wanted to let you know that you probably have a kindred spirit in Gabby of Design Mom and she has been articulating beautifully on the subject recently.
    Thank you again for a terrific blog.
    Cindy F

  10. Margaret says:

    I also thought those colors looked too dark but your eyes look very bright in them. Pretty! I like Bare Minerals shadows because they don’t irritate my eyes, plus they last forever. After seeing this I’ll have to play around with the darker shades some more. Enjoy your trip and good luck dress shopping!

  11. alishamorton says:

    I LOVE those eye shadow colors! I have been wearing the same color for years now and would love to branch out and where different colors from time to time. I think I missed where you can buy the eye shadow palette?

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