And Jouer We Go—More Makeup for the Mature Woman

This is a review of products that I’ve purchased on my own. I am not an affiliate nor do I receive PR.  I just think these products are wonderful and wanted to share them with you!

I’m just an average 64-year-old woman who wants to look nice.  Is there anything wrong with that?

I didn’t think so.

My morning face after the makeup is applied and the hair and clothing isn’t on yet!  T’was a time when it took me less than five minutes to get the face done.  Now…it takes a lot longer!  That’s proaging!  It’s my “me” time!

Let’s face it (pun intended).  As we age not only do our bodies and hair change but the biggest visible change is in our face.

And if we DON’T smoke our lines won’t be as bad!  And our voices won’t sound like tires over gravel1  But still, the most visible signs of aging are in our face!

Once upon a time our skin was smooth and free from lines.  We had brows—brows that we tweezed too thin.  Our chin was well-defined and we did not have jowls.

Ahhhh 29 years ago!  My chin was so well-defined. I had no wrinkles.  My skin was luninous and I had all my hair!  Times have changed…

There was no “eleven” at the forehead.  There were no sags, bags or deep wrinkles.

And at an even younger age, my skin was plumped up and I still had that glow…and that smug look!

And that peaches and cream complexion?  Well, it’s kind of dried cranberry and curdled milk so to speak.  We have redness. Not peachiness.

But it’s normal.  It’s part of the aging process.  Shit happens.  Wrinkles happen.  It’s time to pro-age!

That’s where the power of makeup comes in.  It enhances what we once had that may have faded a bit.  We can add shade and light and contour and give ourselves a natural glow.

Anyway, I’m rambling.  Let’s get to the meat of the subject.  (Why is my mind constantly on food?).

Always on the sleuthing trail for makeup that’ll be friendly to our mature skin, I’ve been finding some very decent stuff as of late. And I found another brand that is pretty darned friendly to the mature face.

The brand is Jouer.  And was started back in 2008 by Christina Zilber. You can read about her here from the Jouer website.

What intrigued me about the brand was her personal Instagram feed.  She’s very “natural makeup” in appearance and makeup concepts.  And after checking out her makeup line I decided to pick up a few of the products.  Out of all the products, the one that I found the most challenging is the foundation, but I’ll get to that later.

Ms. Zilber. She’s not just pretty and smart, but she has that perfect “no makeup makeup” look.  I like that!

So, come along with me while I show you what I bought and have been using.  I’m giving you the low-down.  Grab a coffee, tea, wine or bourbon and Jouer we go!

Jouer Rose Gold Blush Duo:  This duo is available in two sizes.  The regular size retails for $30 and the smaller, travel-friendly size retails for $18.  I picked up the smaller size and I can honestly say that this is a nice pair of fraternal twin blushes!  The Marigold shade looks dark but, on the skin, gives a nice warm flush.  The Rose Petal blush is gorgeous and gives such a natural hint of color.  They are powders that don’t come off as ashy or chalky.  If you have dry skin, a light swipe will give just the right amount of color to give that healthy and youthful cheek color of the youthful days.


I’ve put a dent in the Rose Petal. It’s such a flattering pink and oh-so-subtle!  Surprisingly, the Marigold doesn’t apply as dark as it looks.  It gives a bit of depth and can also be used as a bronzer!

Overall, I rate this an A.

Lucky & Luminous Crème Highlighter Palette:  Holy Mother of God!  Every woman over the age of 50 should have this palette in her collection. Yeah. I know that highlighter gets that bad rap because it’s overdone and many say the trend is on its way out. And many say that the highlighters aren’t friendly to mature skin but I call bullshit on that.  We need luminosity. A satin finish or a dewy finish is more attractive than a matte one and when highlighter is done correctly, it looks fabulous.  And glowing.  The highlighters are creams!  Creams! 

The cover of the palette is just so girly and feminine.  But–what’s inside is the greatest of all time!

And, as you can see, I’ve already dented the lilac!  Regardless, this is one crazy good highlighting palette.  The creams are insanely mature-skin friendly. I love these!

They are hydrating.  They are da bomb!  You can go subtle and light or a bit extra.  The shades are gorgeous.  Camellia white, but goes on as sheer glow. It’s so incredibly creamy that I was tempted to whip it and serve it over strawberries! Tiare and Hydrangea have a hint of more color when the light hits it and lilac has the slightest hint of pink.  I’m freaking in love with this.  My only concern is that I purchased this on Jouer’s “Kiss ‘em Goodbye” sale for $24. The product normally runs for $40 and is worth every dollar!  I’m wondering if this is going to be discontinued.  I certainly hope not!

From bottom to top:  Camellia, Tiare, Hydrangea, Lilac. Hands down, these four highlighters are fantastic!

Overall, I rate this an A +!!!

Essential Jet-Set Matte Eyeshadow Palette: Another item purchased at the Kiss ‘em Goodbye sale.  And at $12, this is another winner.  Allow me to ‘splain, Lucy!  It’s difficult to find a really good matte eyeshadow.  Oftentimes they can be chalky and apply patchy.  This isn’t the case. It’s a small and compact palette which makes it great for travel.  The shadow choices are warm and cool neutrals with one black shadow which I’ve been using as a liner.  The black shadows give a softer look than a harsh liquid liner does.  The choices of neutrals here are excellent and this is that palette you can keep in your desk draw at the office.  Even the mirror is good quality!  It comes with a double-ended brush. The pointed tip on the smaller brush is quite good for lining the eyes!  Overall, another A!

The smaller, compact size of this palette makes it a great addition to a travel makeup kit..

….having the shades named on the back is also a great touch.  I’ve been using “black card” as an eyeliner.  It’s much softer than liquid..

If you love the neutrals…this is a great little palette!

And, BTW, I’ve been using the smaller, pointed end of this brush to line the eyes.

Mineral Powder Bronzer: This was also purchased on the Jouer site’s Kiss ‘em Goodbye sale. I got it for $5!!  And I think I know why.  Jouer started out as a brand known for connecting items together and from the looking at the case, it looks like it could have been a connecting piece.  It doesn’t matter because the bronzer, in the shade Sunshine is pretty dang sweet!  It looks darker in the case than it does on the face!  And that’s just fine!

Now, if you are fair-skinned and want a soft glow as though you were out in the sun, this is great.  It is pigmented just enough for a natural bronze.  It’s not “dirty” looking like some bronzers can sometimes be. It isn’t orange either.  I’ve been applying with a large soft brush and the finished look is very flattering and not makeupish!

This bronzer IS a little bit of Sunshine!  I love the warm glow it gives off. In fact I like it so much that I ordered another in the shade Suntan. My fair skin needs it in the winter!  

I’m giving this another A.

Crème Eyeshadow Crayon: There’s so much I have to say about these eyeshadow sticks.  First of all, I’ve been a huge fan of Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks.  But…I am now going on record to say…I like these better!  These are actually creamier.  In other words, they glide on smoother and blending these out is easy peasy lemon squeezy! They blend out beautifully!  And I would like to address the price.  At $18 each, the price is well-worth it.  I’ll tell you why.  The Caviar Sticks retail for $29 each, which is quite pricey.  And other high-end brands are even pricier. These sticks are a great value!

Holy Mother of God this are incredible!  I’m absolutely in love with these cream eyeshadow sticks.  The formula is insanely creamy but they stay put all day.  And at $18 each, they are an excellent buy!

Left to Right:  Rose Gold, Venetian and Rococo. And let me tell you–Venetian is a gorgeous green!

Rococo and Venetian were purchased from the Jouer website and the Rose Gold was purchased at Sephora.  The dark green Venetian, and what a beautiful green it is was purchased on Jouer’s website as was the vanilla Rococo!  Overall, these babies are A + Squared!  They are that good.

I’m wearing a full face of Jouer here.  The Venetian eyeshadow is a standout.  Caveat–I mixed the foundation with my Wet ‘n Wild Photo Finish foundation for a darker shade. I’m also wearing Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter UNDER the foundations.

Jouer Essential High Coverage Crème Foundation: This is where it gets weird.  Foundation is one of the greatest cosmetics to even out our skin tone, cover age spots tones down ruddiness. And, depending what kind of finish we are looking for, can give us a luminous glow, a dewiness or even a matte finish.  But…sometimes a matte finish isn’t the best finish for mature skin.

With the addition of Hyaluronic Acid, I thought this would be moisturizing.

This is matte.  Very matte.  The matte finish can be remedied with a luminous product such as Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter or a luminous primer under this foundation.

But there’s more.  You need to really choose the correct shade for your skin tone. I purchased and it’s just too light.  There’s definitely a learning curve here in using this foundation.

The first day I wore the foundation.  It’s VERY light. I want to try this again but want to buy a darker shade.  In the meantime, I’m blending it with a darker foundation.  It’s super matte and shows texture of the mature face so I also want to play around with this.

In addition, my skin, just as is normal for aging skin is textured.  I’ve got large pores on my chin.

Wait. There’s more. This is full-coverage. Holy Cannoli it is incredibly full-coverage! And as full-coverage as it is, it isn’t thick!  It’s an amazing thing.  It’s a very liquid foundation, runny compared to thicker full-coverage foundations.

You literally only need a pump to cover the entire face.  I wore this foundation for three days in a row because I wanted to work with it.  At first it looked like a mask but after a few moments the mask-like appearance dissipated and oxidized to a slightly darker color. It was still a bit on the light side but I was able to remedy that with bronzer, blush and highlighter.  The second and third days I applied the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter under the foundation for a more luminous look.


I’m wearing it today. I primed with Embroylisse cream and applied Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter underneath. I have the Jouer cream highlighter over my Jouer Mineral Bronzer and used Subtl Beauty lip and cheek color on my cheeks for a more dewy finish!  I’m wearing all three Jouer cream eyeshadows I purchased and lined the top lid with the Black Card shadow from the little Jet-Set palette. Overall, I’m loving the look.  The hair?  It’s Head Turner by The Wig Company in the shade Number 10.

You also have to work quickly to blend it in—but that’s nothing new because there are plenty of foundations out there that need to be blended quickly.

Now, if Jouer can come out with a satin or dewy version of this foundation, it would be a spectacular event in cosmetics.  Because if this was not a matte finish it would be mature-skin friendly.

But I honestly think the matte finish of this makes it a far better choice for our younger peers.

I don’t even know how to rate this because as far as full-coverage goes, it’s an A.  The lightweight of it is another A.  But the matte finish is just not conducive to a dry, lined, and textured mature skin.  I really hope the brand creates a more mature-skin friendly foundation because the other products I’ve purchased are stellar.

That’s the thing about cosmetics though.  You can love a brand for 90 percent of their items and maybe ten percent don’t work.  Then there’s the brands that you love only ten percent of their items!

Two more points I want to address with Jouer.  The samples.  They give great foundation samples and concealer samples.  I ordered a few more items and also ordered darker foundation samples so we’ll see how it goes with the darker foundation.

You get a good amount of sample foundation.  I just ordered darker samples with my last order.  One pack is more than enough for an application.  Jouer delivers on the samples!

And, the brand’s packaging.  I’m a sucker for great packaging but an even bigger sucker for pragmatic packaging.  The boxes for the items are a bit on the larger side but there’s a reason, they are packed so that nothing will break.  And that’s a great thing!

Plenty of bubble wrap, larger boxes for product with cardboard “buffers” inside to prevent against damage while traveling…

And look how nicely the products are wrapped!  It’s like getting a gift!  

So that’s it ladies!  Overall, this brand is one to keep in mind.  I’m very happy with my purchases!  If there are but two items I think you should have in your collection they are, hands down, the eyeshadow crayons and the cream highlighter!

I am off to cook dinner!  Have a great evening!

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15 Responses to And Jouer We Go—More Makeup for the Mature Woman

  1. Debe says:

    In all of your reviews and trials what do you find is the best concealer for bags and circles? Short of surgery?
    They do not make Bonnie Bell White White anymore haha! Remember those days?


    • Catherine says:

      Hey Debe! Hands down, Maybelline Age Rewind. I didn’t even have to think about it. It’s the bomb! It isn’t dry. It’s very soft and dewy and it conceals and brightens at the same time. I am never without it! LOL! Bonne Bell White White was Great Great!! I sure do remember those days!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Linda Stevens says:

    That was really helpful! Thanks! I’ve never tried this brand but definitely will check it out .

  3. Cathe says:

    Well I’m a hell of a lot happier at 59, wrinkles and all than I was at 20! Go figure. Hope you have a great weekend too.

  4. marsha57 says:

    Oh, Catherine, you are busting my chops here! I DO NOT need any more eyeshadows or makeup…but, now I WANT some! Thanks to you I’ve actually been using my caviar sticks as eyeshadow. I’d always just used them as liners. Now, I think I need to look at these eyeshadow sticks…at that price…wow! I can get almost two for one! You make this whole making up the proaging face so easy!

    • Catherine says:

      Marsha. Holy Shit. Or rather Holy Stick! The Jouer eyeshadow sticks are incredible. I swear to you for the price they are creamier than the Caviar sticks and I never thought that could happen!!! Honestly! Have fun and let me know what you think of themXOXOXOXOXO

      • marsha57 says:

        You know what I love most about your blog…you’re real! You aren’t hyping anything in order to get something for free. Another blog I used to follow…Geez Louise! All she did was talk about her curated closet and capsule wardrobe…then, in another post she’s showing all of the clothes she got for free! So, what happened to that carefully curated closet? I mean, I’m all for free, but not the constant trying to sell me something. Then, there’s another by a woman of our age. She recently blogged about what “we” should be wearing…good basics, NO graphic tees, and absolutely no shimmer on the lids! That day, I was shopping for a new graphic tee and wearing shimmer eyeshadow (and probably four or five different colors). I’ve definitely reached that age…hallelujah…where I just don’t give a shit about the rules. If I like it and I think I look good in it, I’m wearing it! Confidence in oneself goes a long way toward looking good! And, you, my friend, exude confidence!

  5. Connie says:

    LOVED your review of Jouer! I tried it years ago and loved! Thanks for the reminder. You’re awesome!

  6. Juliet says:

    Those colours are sooooo pretty and they look really good on you you look so fresh faced and healthy with them. It would take an awful lot to haul me away from eyeshadow crayons of Bobbi brown or Laura Mercier but this is very tempting (their foundations not so much – too yellow). Ill have to investigate and see if they can be found in the UK.

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