About Tuesday Last Night…And Some More Makeup—Is it Mature-Skin Friendly?

So, as life turns out, I was unable to make it to the WW Studio on Tuesday evening.

And NO—I’m not bailing out.  There’s a reason I didn’t go.

I may have missed the meeting, but I’m diligent with the tracking.

I took all the winter clothing out from storage and put the summer stuff into storage.

Two of four binsful of summer clothing.  And yes. I had to put some summer footwear away!

And it took a while to do.  The storage bins had to be lugged up the stairs.   Summer clothing had to be taken off hangers and out of drawers.

Then the winter stuff had to be separated for the dry cleaner and the remainder hung.

And when I took my sweaters out of the bins, they all needed to be steamed.

Steaming these sweaters was actually a Zen experience. Like Ironing. The wrinkles just smoothed out in no time!

Might I add that this $19.99 steamer I purchased at Walmart last year did an excellent job.  Not only does it steam my wigs but it steams my clothing too!  What a little multi-tasker!

Originally, this was purchased to steam my wigs–okay?  But..it’s great for the sweaters too!  What a bargain!


My beloved French Hen sweater from J. Crew–and quite a few years back, is looking brand spanking new!

But back to the weight loss journey.

This morning I weighed myself.  147/148.  I’m thrilled with that number.

I’m thrilled with this number. Let’s hope next Tuesday evening the number at least remains the same!

I’ve been very good in tracking everything I’ve been eating.

And with this comes a realization that I don’t want to sit around all day stuffing food in my mouth.  The choices I’m making are wiser.

Lower-point foods and just being more cautious in general is doing the trick.

One point for four to five of these little cilantro and chicken wontons by CJ Foods that I picked up at Costco are a far better choice than a slab of cheese or a cookie!

But for more news….

The Wig Company, an online wig shop and Hairdo hosted an event downtown NYC on Thursday evening and I was an invited guest!  I’ll be writing more about this on my next post!

It was such a Cinderella moment for me!  I’m still excited about it!

And in my attempt to try out different makeup that could prove to be mature skin friendly, I purchased three items from the company Glossier.  I’ve seen the brand’s ads all over social media and until I saw a couple of YouTube beauty reviews from women I follow, I decided to order!

Glossier Boy Brow.  This is definitely a great brow product.  My go-to-brow gel is Benefit’s Gimme Brow.  It’s a wonderful gel that keeps the brows in place but I have to tell you,  Glossier’s Boy Brow does a better job of making the individual brows stand up a bit more which is something I like.  A lot.    At $16 for 0.11 oz, it isn’t cheap.  Gimme Brow is $24.00 for .1 oz.  Gimme Brow’s travel size is $12 for 0.5 oz.  I suck at math but I think the best value for the dollar here is Gimme Brow’s travel size.  It’s just a feeling.  If you are a math wiz, please let us know!

Glossier boy brow.  This little gel packs a punch to get the brows looking great. But the price for the amount of product?

I was thinking that perhaps I would replace Gimme Brow with the boy brow but there is definitely a different price point.  Both are great brow products though!

Regardless of the price, I rate Glossier’s Boy Brow an A.  Same with Gimme Brow.  A’s all the way around.  The weight is what keeps it from being an A +.  You would think there would be a bit more product!

Boy brow almost became “Dog Brow”. You-know-who got a hold of this. Luckily I rescued it just in time!

Cloud Paint has been intriguing to me for a while.  And I bought it.  $18 for .33 oz. It comes in a little tube.  Tubes can be temperamental at times and this is no exception. You squeeze too hard and too much product comes out.  Too light a squeeze and nothing comes out.  Catch my drift here?

Glossier Cloud Paint cheek color comes in a tiny tube.  And if you have a heavy hand, more product than needed will ooze out.  I’m not a fan of the packaging.

The color I chose was “Puff”, a light pink.  The dot of product that comes out of the tube looks opaque but when you blend it in, it is sheer.  Sheer is good but I just wasn’t wowed by this blush.  It’s a gel/cream and I love a good cream blush but this didn’t do it for me. It’s ok. Not the best and not the worst.   I rate it a B.

It’s the Brylcreem of blushes. A little dab’ll do ya! 

Next is Glossier’s Stretch Concealer.  Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner!  $18 for .17 oz.  A little goes a long way with this stuff.  The shade I chose is G11. Light Neutral.  The thing is, it isn’t so much that I need to conceal, I just love this because of the dewy finish it gives off.  And I think that is an excellent thing for mature skin.  A tiny bit is all you need and it doesn’t cake up.  There’s no fragrance either.

Glossier Stretch Concealer.  This was the best of the lot. It’s a bit on the very dewy side and absolutely great for pro-aging skin that needs a bit of hydration!

I give this a solid A.

Overall, the Glossier products that I bought are decent.  They are, in fact, mature-skin friendly because there’s nothing drying about the products. I think I’ll be getting the most out of the Stretch Concealer but the brand won’t be a Holy Grail for me.

I’m wearing all three Glossier products here. As you can see, there’s just a hint of cheek color so if you like that–it’s a go for you!

More Jouer.  I ordered two more Jouer products that were on sale for $5 each.  The Mineral Powder in “perle d’Ivoire” a pearlized ivory powder.  I happen to like this because it’s incredibly lightweight.  A touch of a big fluffy brush is all it takes to set your makeup and it isn’t drying nor does it cake up.

Each of these compacts were $5.00 each on sale at Jouer’s website.  They snap together to make one palette.  This is such a great thing!

I also ordered another bronzer, this in Suntan. It is a more cool-toned shade than the Sunshine that I purchased but continue to use due to the warm glow it gives off. And I also ordered a powder which is so incredibly lightweight! Perfect for setting the bottom lid makeup!

From left to right:  “perle d’ivoire” a nice and slightly pearlized powder; “suntan” bronzer which is a more cool-toned bronzer and more of a matte finish; and on the right is “sunshine” a warmer bronzer with a slightly satin finish.

All three snap together to form one compact and I’m just loving this. It’s a portable tan for the face.  This brand is really doing it for me.  And yes. I rate my little threesome an A+. The price per compact was fantastic.  And…the shades can multitask as eyeshadow!  What’s not to love?

OTOH, the majority of the pants I unloaded for winter still fit.  The camel pants, that are on the way to the dry cleaners can’t be worn until I drop at least five pounds.  But some are a bit tight in the belly but for all intents and purposes—they fit!

My favorite plaid pants from J. Crew fit. I’m thrilled..

All of my brushed velvet pants from Old Navy fit as well!  I have these in burgundy, teal and black..

Chippy is welcoming the winter clothing–either that or he’s looking for more boy brow!

As I write this, I’m filled with memories of the past few days and I’m so happy on quite a few points that I’ll be sharing with you shortly!!!

I’ll be back!!!!!

Stay tuned….

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6 Responses to About Tuesday Last Night…And Some More Makeup—Is it Mature-Skin Friendly?

  1. hipchick66 says:

    You may not be totally thrilled with the Glossier products, but your face looks fabulous, especially whatever base you are wearing. It all looks like perfection!

  2. Juliet says:

    I love this time of year – sure it is hard work sorting and settling things, but it feels so good. I call it the “reckoning” as do y’reckon it will do another year or shall I pass it on… it feels like shedding a skin or something, I love it. As for the make up – looking fabulous, and I dont have a blanket approach to makeup or skin care – I choose from various makers, and thats how I intend to stay as I feel whoever they are, they have to keep on keeping on trying to earn my buck – no matter how good they are, there is no reason for any skin care maker to rest on their laurels (although I do have a few absolute favourites)

  3. emjayandthem says:

    I loved your little french hen sweater – and this time of year – packing, sorting, ridding 🙂 I’ve given away a lot and taken some things to consignment and **BING BONG** made $$ 🙂 Used the $$ on new-to-me jackets & handbags – whee! Your makeup is always spot on, love all the tips you share ~ MJ

  4. Kewlmom says:

    Hi Cathe,
    Not a math whiz myself, but best value here is Glossier’s Boy Brow ($8 less for a tiny bit more):
    Glossier’s Boy Brow: $16 for 0.11 oz (3.12g)
    Benefit’s Gimme Brow: $24 for 0.10 oz. (3g)
    Benefit’s Gimme Brow: $12 for 0.05 oz. (1.5g) (travel size)
    (Travel size is actually .05 oz I think, not .5 oz.)
    And congrats on the scale numbers! You, however, are always an inspiration, because you always look fantastic, no matter what the scale says.

  5. Dawn Stonebraker says:

    I hope that you remain happy with the number on the scale. It shifts for all kinds of good reasons, depending on our health and happiness, doesn’t it? You look so happy in your photos…the hair you wear is perfect..and you enjoy experiencing with various cosmetic palettes. You find ways to be happy moment to moment despite loads of responsibilities. Might I add that you look good in photographs and take good “selfies”! So glad to see your accountants diligence about what various cosmetic items cost…and also your multiple talents amplified in your blog.

  6. Sue says:

    I love the plaid pants and jacket. Good for you on the diet. I have had a stomach bug for over two weeks so I feel I have lost some weight, by default. I just haven’t gotten on the scale to make sure. Also seeing your hard work inspires me. I am feeling the best I have felt in two weeks and I have wanted to get to my closet for the longest time. Here in California we can almost wear the same things all year round by adding or subtracting socks, cardigans, and jackets. I won’t be putting much to the far left of my closet but I will be moving my sweaters and longer sleeves to the right of the closet and tossing some things just hanging in there and never getting worn. Thanks for the inspiration.

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