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Atypical60’s Best of Beauty for 2019!!!

We all come across new favorites with each passing year.  Let me tell you, last year was no exception.  There were quite a few items that I discovered and earned a place on my “Best of Beauty” for 2019. Most … Continue reading

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About Tuesday Last Night…And Some More Makeup—Is it Mature-Skin Friendly?

So, as life turns out, I was unable to make it to the WW Studio on Tuesday evening. And NO—I’m not bailing out.  There’s a reason I didn’t go. I may have missed the meeting, but I’m diligent with the … Continue reading

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A Lighter Shade of Pale……. LIPS!

Bright lips are everywhere.  And again, and again and again, I see ads for red lipstick.  And again, and again and again I read and hear how all women can wear red or burgundy or dark lipstick. Me–with the big, … Continue reading

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Everlashting Beauty—An Extension of My Love for the Fake!

Fake tan.  Fake Hair.  Fake Nails.  No fake boobs because I don’t think they are healthy.  What else is left? I’m a vision of fakeness—but at least I’m honest about it and keep my fakeness real!! Eyelash extensions!!!!!  As you … Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Highlighters For The Mature Woman–You CAN Do This!!

If you aren’t familiar with highlighters, might I suggest you take a look at one of the many random photos on Instagram of makeup artists and you’ll get the full gist of what they are! Source: Instagram/mariya.ae–This blogger made her entire … Continue reading

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A Most MAC-nificent Concealer

Remember about a week or so ago I mentioned that I purchased yet another concealer?  The concealer is by MAC and I said that I would review it. No longer in the box, this is being used on a daily … Continue reading

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Getting Cheeky With Mature Skin

The only powders I will put on my face are “Well Rested” by Bare Minerals and my powdered eyeshadows.  In the summer when my face gets a bit dewy (which is fancy talk for sweaty), I’ll add a powdered bronzer—very, … Continue reading

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