Everlashting Beauty—An Extension of My Love for the Fake!

Fake tan.  Fake Hair.  Fake Nails.  No fake boobs because I don’t think they are healthy.  What else is left?

I’m a vision of fakeness—but at least I’m honest about it and keep my fakeness real!!

Eyelash extensions!!!!!  As you are aware, I am unable to wear false eyelashes because the glue bothers my eyes.  In addition, the Frenchman hates when I wear falsies—usually because I’ve done a lousy job applying them and I look like I’m ready to do the Walk of Shame after a shameless evening!

Anyway, a lash studio, Amazing Lash Studio,  opened up in the shopping center near my office.  I was intrigued.  My lashes, which used to be so lush that even Elizabeth Taylor would have been envious (Ok—maybe not).  But over the years my once-lush and full lashes have fallen out and I’m left with sparse little bird lashes.

Image result for elizabeth taylor lashes

It’s true–back in the day, I had lashes that even Liz would be jealous of.  I used to be asked if I was wearing fake lashes!  But I wasn’t!

When I had a very well-paying career I bought Latisse and enjoyed it but I no longer use Latisse because I’m no longer well-paid!

Trust me, this stuff worked!!  In the hot summer, people would stand in front of me because when I batted my lashes, it cooled them off–that’s how long my lashes got!

Mascara?  You know I love it because I go through it like a newborn goes through diapers.

But the thought of lash extensions kept creeping into my mind.

Nevertheless, I decided to make an appointment.  Oona was thrilled because she thought it would be a good idea for her wedding.   That’s right “Mommy-as-guinea-pig”—and I’m always happy to oblige.

And so, yesterday Bonaparte drove me to Amazing Lash Studio King of Prussia (even though the location is in Wayne), to get my lash extensions.  By now you’re most likely asking “Why didn’t she drive herself”?  Yeah.  The reason is that The Frenchman doesn’t trust me near any grouping of stores.  With Oona’s wedding approaching and the trip to Paris he booked (next November—our Thanksgiving tradition), I’m on a strict spending budget.  I’m just going to refer to my husband as Monsieur Ricky Ricardo!

Image result for ricky spanking lucy

And just as Ricky questions Lucy about spending…guess who also gets questioned????

It was, however, with trepidation that I decided to get these extensions.  Oona mentioned that when she lived in Manhattan many of the women she knew had them and it was obvious when they had a bad job done.

Then I read that if you get extensions to not get clusters and make sure you have individual lashes applied.  The upkeep can be pricey so there was a lot to take into consideration.

My biggest thought was—is this a thing for the mature woman whose lashes are scarce.

With no mascara and minimal eye makeup,  I was ready for my lash extensions!

Since the lash studio opened only a day before I was a bit nervous about any glitches.  But I marched on in anyway.

I simply could not pass up the Grand Opening Special!

Immediately, I knew this was going to be a fun experience because the women working there were genuinely nice, friendly and very welcoming.  It’s an amiable place with no snobbery.

Desiree and Leah of Amazing Lash Studio.  Could they be any cuter????  And so charming and fun!  Half the positive experience is the staff and this staff couldn’t have been better or more professional!

And if you are familiar with any part of Philly’s Main Line—it’s not the most welcoming area!  Especially if your hair isn’t blonde! And you don’t drive a Beemer, Mercedes or Land Rover! Or if you seriously think you are Tory Burch’s twin sister wannabe ! Seriously. The staff is remarkable and adorable and not at all “Maineliney”!

Seriously–every woman and her mother–and daughter on Philly’s Main Line think they are the Main Line’s own Tory Burch.  (Whose namesake store, BTW, is the snottiest store ever–and for what–cheaply made goods..)

I was handed a tablet to enter my information, and the types of lashes offered were explained.  I went with the “cute” lashes.  Not only are they cute but they are incredibly natural looking—more on that in a bit.

I went with the “Cute” style pictured on top.  I think for the wedding I’ll go with Sexy!

My appointment, for 11:00 was punctual.  It would take approximately two hours to have the extensions applied.  That’s not a big deal for me because that’s the timeframe to get my nails and a pedicure done.  Beauty takes time ladies! You can’t rush beauty!

Charlene was my lash technician.  I warned her ahead of time that I had garlic the previous night so my breath probably stunk—and she was a great sport!


Charlene immediately put me at ease and any concerns were erased.  She applied my lashes beautifly AND she was fun to be with!

The end result?

I was flummoxed!  When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how natural the “Cute” lashes looked.  And for a moment, I was sorry I didn’t go for a more dramatic lash—then I realized how much my lash extensions looked…. well, just so natural!  Like the lashes I used to have—and I was thrilled!

It’s so dang difficult to take a decent photo with my not-so-smart iPhone.  But–take a look at the lashes and check out the length–they are so natural!

Let’s back track here and get on with the procedure and review—shall we??

I was led into a private room, where I met Charlene.  She explained the procedure and I laid down on a very comfortable table/bed with pillow and cozy, fluffy blanket!  Soothing music was playing in the background and I thought I would fall asleep from the relaxation quotient!

My eyes were taped semi-shut; the tape was placed below my eyes and on my lid.  This wasn’t uncomfortable in any way at all.  In fact, with my conversations with Charlene, it was almost impossible to feel anything!

It might look uncomfortable but trust me–it wasn’t at all!  The lashes were taken off the strip and placed individually.  It was a “lengthy” process but the time flew by quickly!

The individual lashes were placed among my natural lashes.  I have no idea what kind of glue was used but it worked like a charm.  My sensitive eyes didn’t have a reaction. There was no irritation and the procedure was painless and to tell you the truth, it was very relaxing—like a massage for my eyes.

When the lashes were set in place, a mist was sprayed over the eyes and that was it.

The tape was taken off and I was able to head to the mirror to see the result.  Unfortunately, I can’t see without my eyeglasses so I had to put them on and I was completely surprised at how natural the lashes looked.

The only adjustment I needed to make was to shift my wig back into place–but I was so happy with my lashes that I overstepped my boundaries once again and..

gave Charlene a kiss on the cheek!

It was literally impossible for me to tell the extensions from my natural lashes. And the big test was when I got in the car and showed Bonaparte.  He was blown away.  In fact, last night while we were enjoying our Saturday night aperitif, he took a closer look and wanted to know where my natural lashes were!

The lashes–no mascara just lash extensions that look much better IRL because my iPhone camera doesn’t do any justice!

Now for the rest of the details:

I asked if this was, in fact, a good idea for the mature woman who has lost her lashability over the years.  The answer was a solid yes.  The lash extensions can be made to give you an appearance of thicker lashes.  Some women may want a cluster or two or some may want individual lashes.  It all depends on what you want.

There’s no long-term damage because the lashes fall out on their own.  The lashes are individual.  However, if you prefer to have clusters for more drama, they are available.

I also asked if mascara or eyeliner could be worn with the lash extensions.  Only if it is a water-based mascara and a water-based eyeliner (Note to self—get to Target later this afternoon to buy water-based liner and mascara).  Oil based products will break down the glue.  Amazing Lash Studio does sell their own mascara BTW, but I’m cheap when it comes to mascara!

The “setting” timeframe is 48 hours.  No water near the lashes for 48 hours.  This is difficult, for me, at least because I’m a nut about cleansing.  However, I used Micellar water on wipes and that’s how I took my makeup off.  I’m looking forward to the “after 48 hours” timeframe! I was able to apply my face serum and moisturizer with no issues!

You can’t sleep on your stomach for the first 48 hours.  This is no biggie as I can sleep standing up for cryin’ out loud.  If you are very used to sleeping on your stomach—try your side—sleeping on your back is preferred.

I was having a “moment” while cutting shallots for dinner last night because my eyes started to tear up and I was afraid to mess the glue.  But it turned out fine.  In addition, we watched the last episode of Season Three of “Dix Pour Cent” and I started to cry—but held the tears back because of the extensions!

Dix Pour Cent–a sometimes hilarious series about a Parisian talent agency. I was crying at the season finale because I knew it would be a year till next season.  Thank God my lashes weren’t damaged!

When I woke up this morning, there had been no lash fallout.  And I again, “washed” my face with Micellar water and about 25 wipes and applied very light makeup today.  I am surprised that I really didn’t need mascara (but, you know, I’m extra so I will buy the water-based stuff).  My lashes look great!

My lazy eye needs extra time to wake up but I swear my lashes look better today than they did yesterday!  It’s like cold lasagna–it tastes better cold and after a day or so.  My lashes looked great this morning! (ugh. I’m sooooooo cross-eyed)

Other information you need to know.

OK…and this will be my only constructive criticism.  But let me reiterate on how wonderful the staff is.  Honestly, I would bake cookies for them and hang with them because they were that nice!  My criticism is with Amazing Lash Studio as a corporate entity and not with the products they offer or staff.

There is a membership.  This is not my thing and I’ll tell you why.  I have commitment issues. There is a minimum of a 1 year service contract with no cancellation. And if you upgrade there’s also an additional charge—albeit you do pay member prices as opposed to non-member prices.

Now—if there was a month-to-month membership, I would be all about that. But the one-year commitment doesn’t sit well with me.  I’ll be very transparent about my feelings—in the past, I’ve had issues with gym memberships and other memberships—remember Curves?  Yeah.

I’m so on the fence about this because for the price of the $119, you get two lash refills per month and that’s not a bad price but I just cannot commit. I’m currently mulling over the $69.99 per month…..


But—I know me.  And I know that stuff happens.  After a day at the office I’m in no mood to take the time out for a regular appointment because I just want to get home.  Trust me, I’m the person who waits until my nails lift and break before getting a refill.  For the price of a membership, I don’t think I would be on top of the refills.

I’m not saying the membership isn’t a good thing—I’m saying for me it isn’t conducive to my behavior!

I have made an appointment to go back for a refill in three weeks and I’m definitely keeping the appointment but I honestly don’t know what will happen after that–although I may do the $69.99 a month. I just don’t know–and I hate when I’m indecisive!

What I do know is that I definitely will be going back for lash extensions before Oona’s wedding and I’ll get a bit more drama added.  And—I will be going back for lash extensions before heading to Paris for our annual Thanksgiving trip.  I think these extensions are travel godsends! And the less time it takes for me to get ready in the morning and before heading out to dinner—the more I get to hang in my favorite City!

That’s it on the membership. And I think Amazing Lash Studio as a corporation, should consider addressing a month-to-month.

The other “Other”.

The introductory price of $69.99 was absolutely one hundred percent worth it!  Absolutely!  But—I ended up spending more money on the maintenance kit bringing my total price to $140.00.  The kit was Seventy bucks. Was I suckered?  Nope!  I made the decision to purchase and here’s why:  I want my lash extensions to last as long as possible.  And…since I plan on returning for special occasions and travel purposes, I want the accessories.

What did I buy?  Take a look!

My goodie bag with the goodies I bought!

My purchases.  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I’m such a sucker for cute packaging and this is so stinkin’ cute!!!  The red matches my nails!

The eyelash foaming cleanser which I can’t wait to use.  One more day!  I have to be careful though because the bottle resembles shaving cream so if I don’t have my glasses on, I might shave my legs with this! 

The lash coating gell to protect my extensions–I’m all about this–especially since I just noticed its made in Korea–I love me my Korean beauty products!  This is used twice a week!

This lash comb is to make sure the lashes don’t stick together from the glue.  I love this thing!

I used it this morning! 

My overall thoughts are that the lash extensions are a great asset to the mature woman.  Menopause and aging take away our brows and lashes—it’s a fact.  We have thinning lashes and the thickness we once had fades—as an alternative to wearing false lashes, I think the extensions are a great thing.

But with everything—there’s things that need to be brought to mind.  Amazing Lash Studio is impeccably clean and orderly.  The staff is knowledgeable and professional and I can say that the staff at the King of Prussia location is great!

My only trepidation is the membership–I’m really on the fence about this because I didn’t take the offer yesterday so I don’t know if it’ll be offered when I go for my refill–it’s the chance I have to take!

I’m still slightly shocked at how natural these extensions are!

That’s my review and, as always, I try to be as transparent and honest as all get out.  I highly, highly recommend Amazing Lash Studio for special occasions, pre-travel preparation—especially if you are going to be away for a week or so.  If you are of the “mature” demographic, I recommend this. And if you are diligent about keeping commitments, the membership may be a good thing for you.

I’ll be back in three weeks–and I’m sure three weeks after that because it’ll be close to St. Patrick’s day….then my birthday…then when I fly out to Cincinnati at the end of April…then…..

Have you tried lash extensions?  If so let us know in the comments?  Are you traveling soon?  Special Occasion coming up?  Thinking about trying them?  Add your thoughts!

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14 Responses to Everlashting Beauty—An Extension of My Love for the Fake!

  1. Nancy says:

    I never tried then as I have very long lashes of my own. With a good mascara they are already full. So I’m blessed with that. I think I would try it if I hadn’t full lashes of myself. Great job they did on you!

    • Catherine says:

      Nancy. You’re really lucky–man. You don’t have to worry about your weight. Your lashes are long! LOL!! But I thank you for admiring the great job they did. I’m telling you I really am so pleased!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Catherine, you are just full of good information!! Your extensions look fabulous. I never even knew they did this sort of thing on a regular basis. Guess I’ve been hiding under my usual rock. Ha, ha. Thanks for sharing your experience. – Amy

  3. Nancy says:

    Question…do they show up well under your glasses?

  4. Marsha says:

    I cannot get past that horrible misspelling – eyelashe’s. How can anyone look at that and think it is correct?

  5. Margaret says:

    Your post are so entertaining and informative.
    I have seen a lash extension demonstration once held at an ex colleague and friend’s car showroom. Rosie (aged 68 ish then) was considering having a go . Rosie is of Irish descent also and Adds a breath of fresh air Wherever she goes.
    Your extensions look lovely and you are so brave to have them done. Charlene looks lovely and I think the hug was well deserved.
    Love the Liz Taylor & Lucille ball references.
    I lol towards the end as I could just picture mum saying ‘Jesus, Mary & Joseph’ at such an antic. Mum often added ‘sweet’ before word Joseph to give greater definition ❤️

  6. Penny says:

    Very informative Catherine, great post with amazing detail, so good, but not for me as I have an eyelid condition and have to be incredibly vigilant with the cleaning of my eyes and what goes on my eyelids and eyelashes. But interesting and for some a good thing I’m sure.

  7. So pleased your lashes are a success – they look ever so nice. I had my lashes curled and tinted after having a patch test to see if I got a allergic reaction. No problem – however 24 hrs after having the treatment I got conjunctivitis – result being this was a first and last time to anything close to my eyes. Love – Jill x

  8. Fiona says:

    Glad it was a good first experience for you Cathe, they look very natural. Personally I’d have been slightly worried by the mistake on the sandwich board outside…..not professional at all, they should get that sorted. Also I would never pay a membership fee for a treatment and haven’t even heard of it here in the UK.
    What a relief that Bonaparte liked them! 😉 x

  9. vavashagwell says:

    I’ve wondered about eyelash extensions! Great post!!!
    I’ve worn contact lenses for over 40 years and am now moving away from those and gravitating towards eyewear. I probably won’t be trying the extensions only because I’m sort of not into maintenance things other than color in my hair….

  10. Cathe says:

    They look amazing!

    I wish lash extensions would have worked for me as I loved how they looked. They just didn’t stick and by the second day half fell off. I went to a reputable salon and they replaced them for free. But the time commitment was too much as I had to go in every week to keep them up. And they fell off when I went on the airplane. So I finally purchased Latisse and for the first time in my life I have eye lashes! The small bottle only cost me $120 for a four month supply. I was told I only need to use one drop per day if I used a super fine eyeliner brush. For me it’s a much less expensive option than extensions. But I do love the convenience of the extensions as I didn’t need to use mascara and could run to meetings without makeup. Unlike you I hate applying makeup!

  11. Interesting post – I’ve heard of and seen eyelash extensions on younger people – sometimes the lashes are so long you can tell – but yours is the first first person account I have read. I used to have really thick lashes, but they are thinner now, with age, so I will definitely keep this in mind.

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  13. Juliet says:

    Interesting post, I found it fascinating – would I find anything good value and similar in Glasgow, I’ll have to think. I do think however that nothing is fake if you’re honest 🙂 and I’d rather have fake bits and bobs added and a true heart than the other way around. I do think in this case the membership is probably a good idea, they will look after and maintain your lashes – think how much money you could waste on alternatives, yeah I think this is a good idea 🙂

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