A Most MAC-nificent Concealer

Remember about a week or so ago I mentioned that I purchased yet another concealer?  The concealer is by MAC and I said that I would review it.

No longer in the box, this is being used on a daily basis!

Well, almost ten days later, I’m happy to say that this is a gem in a glass bottle.  But I have some things to say first.

MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer is so good, I may try MAC foundation!

In reading reviews, I noticed that a number of women of pro-aging age were not crazy about this particular concealer.  Some reviews stated that it looked dry and cakey and settled into wrinkles.

Image result for wrinkled faces

Umm…you age.  Wrinkles are a part of life.  Unless you can afford fillers or a face lift!

And after wearing this every day for over a week, I can honestly tell you that either the application process was not carried out properly or too much concealer was applied. on those who didn’t care for it.

This did not, and I repeat did not cake up on me nor did it appear drying.  I have to say it didn’t “settle” into my lines either.  It’s all in the application!

Take a good look at my face.  The lines are there.  The lighting was good.  But the concealer blended in very well!! (Oh..that Essence mascara is greatness!)

But—let me make one thing clear.  I’m not trying to conceal or hide or erase those fine lines around my eyes or anywhere else on my face.  I’m working with the concealer to minimize the appearance of redness and freckles that have turned into age spots.  The lines are the least of my concerns because lines and wrinkles are a part of pro-aging! Hellooooooooooo!!  Let’s be realistic here. (and this is why I don’t use filters and keep things real)

And let’s move on.

Concealer is one of those items that I’ve only started to use the past two years or so.  Don’t get me wrong.  My BareMinerals Well-Rested has been a Holy Grail product for me for years.  And I only use it in the corners of my eyes but it isn’t used as a concealer anywhere else on my face.

Besides covering the redness and other imperfections, I like concealer that also highlights my face a bit.  Using it in a shade lighter than my foundation makes the skin look a bit more refreshed.

So, here’s how it goes.

I’ll pump a tiny bit on the outside of my hand.  And when I say a tiny bit, I mean a tiny bit.

Use a light touch with this pump. That was the hardest thing for me to master!

The hardest thing to do with this concealer was to use a light touch with the pump—if you don’t too much product will come out.

That’s all you need–actually even a little less. I’m heavy-handed!

One small pump is all you need to do all the concealing or highlighting you need.

After I dot the product on my face, I blend with a damp beauty sponge (I use Real Techniques). My apologies for the state of my sponge but I use things till either they fall apart or until Chippy eats them.

That little dot goes a long, long way!

And when I blend, I blend very, very well.  Then I’ll spray a mist of water and pat the sponge once more.

OMG. If my blending sponge gets any messier I’ll catch Impetigo. Time to get the backup out!

That’s it. No powder over it. Just my next step which is contour and blush.  And I’m done.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer does the job. Covers and glows!  

What I love about this is the consistency. It’s a thicker liquid but it isn’t a dry or batter-like liquid.  The consistency is incredibly workable.

For my complexion, the NC15 is the best bet.  It’s Neutral Cool and works very well with my fair skin.

NC 15.  Neutral Cool with beige undertones.  This is a nice one. I think I would go a shade or two darker for foundation.

The price is $24 and for the cost-per-use, it is money well-spent. This will last, I can guarantee over a year.  The glass bottle holds .3 oz of product.

For some bizarre reason, I feel that the product is housed safer in glass!

In my stash I have quite a few different concealers running the gamut of very inexpensive up to pricier.  I can tell you that there is a difference between the MAC and others.

I do like the MILK concealer but at $27 for .2 oz, it’s a bit overpriced for the cost-per-use.   I feel as though the small applicator sponge soaks up more product than applies to my face.  The product is decent though.

Milk concealer on the left and Maybelline on the right.  Although I really do like the Milk concealer, I don’t think I would repurchase now that I’ve used the MAC.

And I am a fan of the Maybelline Age-Rewind concealer.  It doesn’t have a ton of coverage but does give a nice finish to the skin.  At around $7.00 for .2 oz, you need to apply quite a bit to get the look you want so the price-per-cost could be better.  I’ve gone through three of these in less than a year.  That’s twenty-one bucks.  My basic math is going with the MAC.

Ain’t no concealer gonna get rid of my lines–I just want to even out my complexion and conceal the flaws!!!

So that’s it.  A little review of a MAC-nificent concealer. I do believe this will become a Holy Grail product for me! Let me know what concealers you like!!  And what you look for in a concealer!

I was listening to Carla Bruni today on my commute to and from work.  She’s really a good musician and I love her raspy voice. This song, Raphael is supposedly about her husband, ex-President of France, Sarkozy.   Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t–but it’s a sweet song!

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  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks Catherine – I’m still getting around to buying new makeup and so many products. I love your posts and will look at the Mac. I have the Maybelline but it always seems to me so dense if that makes sense

  3. NickyB. says:

    I love MAC. I’ve been using the Studio Fix compact powder for years. I’ve been looking to use concealer. I’ll definitely try this one! Thank you!

  4. Lise says:

    Which Essence Mascara is it? I have used a few but was not happy… Lise

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