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Let’s Talk Highlighters For The Mature Woman–You CAN Do This!!

If you aren’t familiar with highlighters, might I suggest you take a look at one of the many random photos on Instagram of makeup artists and you’ll get the full gist of what they are! Source: Instagram/mariya.ae–This blogger made her entire … Continue reading

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Mascar-ee Me Back to Ol’ Virginny

That’s right because if I went back in time to old Virginny West Virginny I could use coal on my eyelashes and probably get the same effect on my lashes. This could be the new mascara! It’s time to lash … Continue reading

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Come Get Ready With Me. How I Put My Gorgeous Face On!

It’s that hour of the morning.  Coffee has been gloriously sipped and I’m now awake for the day.  Not much is going on.  It is biting 15 degrees outside.  I need to do some grocery shopping, baking and writing. Ahhhh. … Continue reading

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A Revisit of An Oldie But Goodie Lipstick Friend. And A New Visit From Chico’s!

Hi All!  Well, with the new year upon us, it’s back to normal with beauty and fashion reviews. Today I’m revisiting an old lipstick friend. In fact, I’ve written about this lip product in the past—but new year, new packaging … Continue reading

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You Highlighter Up My Life! Highlighting the Mature Face

I have to say, I felt as though I was channeling my inner Mrs. Kravitz this morning! I need to get out of the house more often because I am turning into Mrs. Kravitz–the iconic nosy neighbor! Chippy ran to … Continue reading

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