I Did a Thing. I Purchased from Poshmark!

If you are familiar with this blog, then you know I love a great sale. I love shopping at a discounted rate and rarely do I pay full-price for my clothing.

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Yes. I love shopping as long as I can get a great deal!!!

And although I’m not big on consignment shopping and thrift shop shopping, I’ll tell you why.  Since I’ve been in the Philadelphia area, I have not found a thrift shop that has measured up the The Red, White and Blue Store in Hamilton/Trenton, NJ.  The RWB Store is the Salvation Army thrift store that is, hands down, the greatest thrift shop ever.  Nothing can compare.

Image result for red white and blue hamilton nj

Hands down, the best thrift store ever. Oh how I miss this place!!

There is a Goodwill store in Phoenixville that’s not bad. I picked up a couple of items for the house and hit paydirt with a pair of J. Crew, Made-In-Italy, suede, pointy-toed flats that I have worn hundreds of times—and I paid $7.95 for them.  But truth be told, I just don’t have the patience anymore to rummage through the store.

I truly love these thrifted shoes but they need to be repaired!

I’ve perused a couple of consignment stores in Wayne, PA and throughout the Main Line but the prices charged are ridiculous. I’m better off waiting for an online sale for the brands I love.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been eyeing a pair of Lilly Pulitzer Kristen wedge sandals.  They really are nice but at $198, are just way overpriced. Luck was not with me during the Lilly Pulitzer After-Party sale and these shoes slipped by.

Image result for lilly pulitzer kristin wedge

The Kristen Wedge. And I love her.

But I really love them.  I’ve looked online for a good dupe of these sandals with no luck. Anywhere.

Suffice it to say, whilst perusing, I came across Poshmark. This is a site where people sell their used goods and unused goods.  Brand names abound, I decided to check out the site.  And ended up making three purchases.

Image result for poshmark logo

The Poshmark Logo.  I took a chance and signed up.

The purchases were a pair of pink floral pants by Gretchen Scott.  I’ve become quite the fan of this brand and for the price of $20, and waived shipping, I couldn’t resist.  The size, Medium, with three-percent stretch was right up my alley and my size.

The description was transparent and the price was right. And so, it was sold. To me.

In addition, I ordered not one but two pairs of Lilly Pulitzer sandals.  As I write this, I am awaiting delivery of the elusive golden beauty of a wedge, Kristen.  The shoe was advertised as never-been-worn and I’m assuming that it was purchased on sale for a quick turnaround.

I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival! 

The other item is the Abbey Wedge Sandal also by Lilly Pulitzer. Also advertised as never-been worn.   And in the box!

This was just one of the many photos the seller posted. She was very detail-oriented!

So how did my initial purchased from Poshmark turn out?  I’ll tell you in a minute.

There was a bit of “Oh shit, what did I do”-ness after reading Poshmark reviews.

Yes. After I made the purchased, I read reviews and I will tell you that most were not favorable.

But the good thing for the buyer is you don’t have to accept the delivered purchase. After receiving and inspecting, if the item ordered isn’t as advertised or is in dire condition, you can return the item and not be charged.  So, I breathed a sigh of relief after reading that.

Notice was received that two of the items purchased were delivered yesterday.  Earlier today, Bonaparte went to our mailbox and picked up the items for me.

It was eager anticipation on my and Chippy’s behalf and here’s how it rolled!

The pants arrived in cute packaging, a package with kitties which drove Chippy crazy.

Upon inspection, they were as advertised. They were worn quite a bit but I liked that because the pants were soft and comfy and stretched out to perfection.

Apparently Chippy liked the pants too!

They are lightweight and the ankle-length is one I love.  The shade of pink is a good one. Not pastel and not neon. It falls in between with bright green leaves.  Off the bat, these will be worn by me quite a bit.

The pants come just above my ankles and I love the length

I’ll wash them today because I want them to smell like my detergent.  Yeah. I’m funny that way.

They are lightweight, comfortable and look great!

I’m very pleased with the purchase.  Will I be purchasing from this person again?  Most likely if she has any other items that I might like.

I would definitely purchase from this seller again!

The Lilly Pulitzer Abbey Wedges.  Arrived in a USPS box and in a Lilly Pulitzer shoe box. This is good for storage in my closet.  Upon inspection I did see that these truly were never worn. The sandals are in beautiful shape.

Priority packaging..


In the box..

In excellent condition!

And they fit my narrow, high-instep feet perfectly.

Just imagine how great they will look after I get my spray tan!

I must say I really do love the way these look

The ankle strap has a good number of holes and I don’t need to take them to the shoe repair to have more added.

I also like that the ankle strap isn’t too thick.

These will be worn a lot during the summer months!

These will be a go-to summer sandal!

Will I repurchase from this seller?  Most likely. The price was great and the shoes are just as advertised.

Very, very pleased!

What I have noticed from doing some sleuthing on brands I like is that you have to be very cautious.  If a seller is using only stock photos, I would pass.  I want to see a photograph of the product in real life. Transparency is key.

In addition, shoe sizing is very important.  I noticed quite a bit of Repetto and Roger Vivier shoes for sale with the “American” sizing.  These are tricky to purchase if you do not know your European size!

For example, my shoe size is an 8 ½.  Translated to the Heyraud and Repetto brands, as well as Rondini sandals that I purchase in France, my exact shoe size is 39 ½.  With some of the Repetto shoes I take a 40. It depends on the style.

I love the look of Roger Vivier shoes but I’m not familiar with sizing and would be hesitant to make a purchase on Poshmark until I’ve tried the shoes on when I’m overseas. Only then can I make an assessment of the true size.

Image result for roger vivier gommette suede ballet flats

The Roger Vivier Gommete suede ballet flat. It retails for $625. I cannot afford to spend that on a pair of shoes.

Out of curiosity because I did see a pair of Vivier flats that I was interested in, I asked the seller what the European size was. She replied that the size is a 38. The shoes would be too small but they were a great price and the fact the seller replied was good on her part as a seller. She even recommended another Poshmark seller that also had great shoes for sale!

My instinct was to ask the European sizing because it’s crucial to know your sizing.

I added my question in the comment section under the photo. Poshmark doesn’t allow for  PM’s as inquiries.  When the seller replied, she said the shoes were a size 38. Too small for me but this was a great price!

Given the retail price of Vivier shoes, from a reputable Poshmark seller, it would be a good way to acquire a brand that may be out of financial reach otherwise.

However, for now, I’m putting a rest on shopping.  I wanted to try Poshmark out to see if it was worth trying.

Was it?

Overall, my first experience with Poshmark was a positive one!!

Yeah. I do believe Poshmark is fine. But you need to be cautious and look for real photographs!

Do you Poshmark? Do you thrift?  What’s your views on purchasing used clothing?

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18 Responses to I Did a Thing. I Purchased from Poshmark!

  1. Nancy says:

    Glad you had successful results…great items and very good prices. I have browsed but found it frustrating to sort by size and the few times I did look didn’t see many items in the XL category. Will have to try again.

  2. Susan says:

    Not many great thrift stores here but at an independent one I found a St John sweater/blazer that retailed for 700 bucks for 70! It came home with me; it’s a classic navy! Yay! I also found a pretty leather jacket for 40 bucks in olive green. You just have to look all the time. I already have vintage Bottega Veneta and Gucci bags but I do love a bargain! You did well with Poshmark!

  3. Karen Geherty says:

    What a great review of Poshmark. Will have to give it a try😊

  4. Peggy Daley says:

    I sell a lot on posh! Love ❤️ it!

  5. Momcat says:

    Girl, Poshmark is da bomb!! I have scored a couple amazing bargoons you wouldn’t believe!,, I have an addiction and I am not afraid to tell you..I am addicted to cashmere. Yeah I was paying full price to my ‘suppliers’ until I met my new pushers on Poshmark.. Oh yeah… a 795.00 cashmere wrap for 100.00 yes it had two tiny holes which I mended myself. But that thing has paid for itself over and over with nary a pill. And it’s LEOPARD!! but so stinking classy. I also scored a coral 30.00 and blue 27.00 cashmere poncho/wraps NOT EVEN USED. Girlfriend, I am talking Canadian dollars…I was so tempted by a pair of J.Crew pony skin leopard booties ( never worn, in box) for CDN70.00 but MSP 250.00 but I had heard J.Crew shoes were not too comfy so I passed and the seller had knocked the price and shipping down. Great place to look for high end bags like Longchamps…you didn’t hear it from me but lots of people buy stuff and I guess have buyers regret but we poor people benefit! Love Poshy!
    Secret is to ‘like’ stuff and usually within a few days the seller will discount it AND the shipping price. Those two cashmere ponchos retail for 185.00 each…One girls ‘meh’ is another’s OMG!!!!

    • Momcat says:

      I am replying to myself but whatever, Poshmark lists 39 as a 9. I commented to a seller who had the most gorgeous red ( new in box) ECCO shoes to ask if they were really 9 or 8.5 she messaged me thanking me for the call and told me that Poshmark lists 39 as a 9 which I know from buying European shoes it is not. 39 are 8 and 40 is 9. You have to know your product, I have Pikolinos ( Spain)which fit great in 39 but Reiker( German) I need 40.

  6. Lise says:

    Hi Cathe, I love your purchases, the pattern and colors of your pants are just up my street, and those sandals are very you – stylishly sexy (if I may say) 🙂 I love thrifting, here in Bulgaria we have pre-loved clothes available to us from all over the world at the lowest prices. I get amazing Italian made clothes in good condition sometimes as low 50 euro cents. I now prefer thrifting over retail, as I am getting much better quality, uniqueness and variety at such low prices. Lise

  7. Welcome to Poshmark Land-I’ve landed there just a few times over the years and my wish list is long. My latest score was another bag that I dearly love. I’ve only had a couple of dud experiences and Poshmark immediately returned my money. I think it’s one of the safest places to shop which is why I always go back. Posh Away!

  8. Cheryl says:

    Good for you! I shop on Mercari.com and I love it. I’ve bought everything from makeup to tops to boots and have only had, like, one miss. I don’t usually buy pants because that would be a hard fit for me, but for tops I measure my favorite from my closet from armpit to armpit and from shoulder to hem. I then ask them for those same measurements and only buy if they provide the info. The same for shoes – I measure similar styles that I own for length and for width at the widest point, I’ve had those purchases work out as well. And for handbags – I got a gorgeous Nordstrom $398 bag for $40!! When I was younger I spent the bucks on new, but in my 60s and on a budget, I’d rather buy high end products used than cheap products new. Downside: it is really time consuming.

  9. vavashagwell says:

    Nice purchases!! I haven’t tried Poshmark mostly because I’m have reduced the size of my closet, and the few new things I’m adding are things I’m sewing myself. Just made a really cute denim jacket for myself and some nice wool crepe pants I love. Next up: a linen jumpsuit! LOL

  10. Pottymouth says:

    No thrift stores here at all, but I do look when I’m in the uk especially in upmarket areas – you get some great bargains

  11. Kimberly says:

    Looks like you had luck with your purchases! Never tried Poshmark or thrifting. For me personally, my size is hard enough to find in clothing, and I am a size 5 in shoes. Imagine it would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. We do have a bunch of thrift stores around, though. Stopped by a Marshall’s today on the way to a doctor’s appointment across the metroplex, and I found a Gretchen Scott dress! I immediately recognized it thanks to you (such a cute tag); plus I had just read about your Poshmark purchase of this brand. I found the Tassel Tie dress/Frond Frenzy print in an XXS. Tried it on, and it fit my 5’3″ self great. Decided to purchase it for a whopping $39.99. Find the best bargains at those places! They do get random smaller sizes from time to time.

  12. Kalama Hochreiter says:

    Have bought several items, including linen shifts that I love in the heat of Arizona summers.

  13. Cynthia Floor says:

    I am obsessed with Tod’s loafers. Bought my first pair years ago for $3! Now I source ebay and Poshmark. I have more than dozen. Just can’t hack the heels any more. Except for special occasions.

    Sent from my iPhone


  14. Denise says:

    Must try Thredup.com. A lot of designer items, some with tags on them. It’s a second hand sight and I’ve found many nice items cheap!

  15. teena927 says:

    I buy and sell on Poshmark. @TREASURES4ALL is my closet. You can also sign up for Poshmark using code TREASURES4ALL and earn $10. Follow me. I accept offers. If you see what you want/like but don’t like the price, then tell me what you want to pay. thank you.

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