Great Makeup Mature Skin Needs! Seriously. You NEED This!

Trust me on this one ladies!  I’ve got another review for you. It’s in-depth and honest—and I hope you enjoy.

For quite some time I’ve been eyeing the brand Trestique.  And after seeing one of my favorite YouTubers, Kerry-Lou of Silver Style Studio (I’ll post her review at the end of this post) reviewing the brand’s Essential Eight, I was certain that I needed to try it!

Quick And Natural Makeup - Kerry-Lou takes the Trestique 5 minute challenge! - YouTube

I’ll post the link to the video at the end of this post but seriously. You HAVE to see this–and follow Kerry-Lou because she’s the best for the mature woman!

Lo and behold, Trestique sent me an Essential Eight kit of my own to test and review.  And after three weeks of using the products, I’m here to give you my opinion on each product in this Essential Eight Kit.

I was so happy to receive this box from Trestique–but would the products deliver?

The products came packaged in a sturdy box, and within the box all products were housed in individual boxes with listed ingredients, a description of the product and an illustration of the product’s specific details.

Neatly packaged and lots of information about each product on the individual boxes.  I couldn’t wait to try!

All products are cruelty-free, when possible, vegan, and made in Italy. They are also fragrance-free! Each tube that the products are housed in are magnetic. This is genius because placed into the pouch, they aren’t moving around. They are staying put and this is a wonderful asset for travel!

I literally couldn’t stop smiling when I opened the box!

The Essential Eight comes with a cylindrical, zippered pouch—each one made from a recyclable plastic bottle. Sustainable thinking!  The pouch holds the eight essential products used for the Five-Minute Face!

Check out the little handle. It’s great for carrying around. And this little case reminds me of the beer can purses that were so popular back when I was in high school!

And there’s also a built-in mirror!

The Tint, Moisturize & Blend Face Stick:  This creamy stick is domed at one end and at the other, has a built-in sponge.  The shade I chose is Cape Cod Stone.  As my skin is fair, I figured this would be the best shade for me, and it was! It’s super-creamy and is NOT a full-coverage foundation. In fact, it isn’t touted as a foundation at all. It’s a tinted moisturizer that lends itself incredibly well for evening out the skin tone.  These days I find myself going the less-is-more route and this works.

The face stick.  This tinted moisturizer is a wonderful choice if you don’t want full-on coverage. It’s light but does give the skin a nice glow and is buildable!

To apply, I just glide the stick lightly across various areas of my face then either blend in with my fingers or a Real Techniques brush.  Then set with a dampened blending sponge.  I haven’t used the sponge that comes with the face stick simply because I am hesitant to put a damp sponge back in a closed tube. I don’t want mold. However, if traveling, I would definitely use it and allow to air dry while I’m out and about. Overall, this is great. I’ve tried tinted moisturizers in the past  and was kind of “meh” about them but this stick won me over big time! It’s better, IMHO, than Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer which I’ve purchased and used once. That’s right. Once. $40 down the toilet.

Super creamy-this tinted moisturizer blended in beautifully.  

The Conceal, Cover, and Correct Crayon: Again, because my skin is fair, I ordered the Porcelain shade. And again, this is incredibly creamy! There’s decent coverage with this and I’ve been switching from finger application and using the housed-blending sponge dry.  What’s great about this is it’s creamy without being greasy. The finish is more on the satin side rather than matte—which I happen to think is very mature-skin friendly.  There has been no issue of the concealer caking up into fine lines. This blends in very well with the tinted moisturizer stick and I’m very, very pleased!

The Conceal, Cover and Correct crayon. This is another wonderful product.  Creamy as all get out but stays put and doesn’t look greasy and doesn’t collect in the lines.  Incredibly easy to blend as well!

I’ve been using under my eyes for a glow as well as coverage.

Color +Contour Cheek Stick:  WHOA!!!  I chose this in St. Barths Pink. This is super-pigmented—a bright pink stick of candy!  But once applied it blends into the prettiest flush of color. I LOVE this!  I even experimented and wore it on my lips which looked beautiful. On the cheeks it lasts but on my lips it didn’t.  It’s a moisture-filled stick of color!

Very pigmented but glides on with a natural flush…

Im loving this cheek stick!  Although I ope to apply with…

…my Real Techniques brush and setting with my InStyle beauty sponge, the built-in brush isn’t bad at all!

Define Sculpt + Set Brow Pencil:  I chose Mocha because I didn’t want to go too dark. Sometimes really dark brow pencils can look harsh.  Now mind you, I’m not crazy about brow pencils to begin with. But this—HOLY CANNOLI! I was beyond pleased with how well this brow pencil performs!  The tip of the pencil is slanted which gives for a more precise application.  It fills the brows in beautifully without being to harsh or heavy looking.  And at the other end is a brow mascara.  My go-to brow mascara is Glossier’s Boy Brow and this brow mascara is just as good if not better.  I actually prefer the wand in this one because it’s slightly wider but still gives great control. An added plus is it’s two products in one.  Who doesn’t love a multitasker? Wait! There’s more. This is great for contouring your nose!!!  Definitely a multitasking product!

THIS!  Hands down THE best brow crayon on earth. The precision tip is literally foolproof and in the background is the little wand.

Here’s a better photo of the wand.  Honestly–this is two great products in one. It changed my view on brow crayons/pencils, etc.!

Color + Blend Shadow Crayon:  Alright. I’m going on record with this one.  I have quite a few eye crayons/cream eye shadow sticks.  The Laura Mercier sticks, at $29 per, can be difficult to blend on the mature eyelid and over time, dry out.  The Bobbi Brown sticks at $30 per, are creamier than the LM ones  but not as creamy as Trestique Crayon.  I do use a primer on my eyelids before applying any shadow regardless of whether a powder, cream or liquid shadow.  The shade I chose is Tahitian Shimmer. This is a very light brownish-almost taupe shimmery shade. It literally glides on so smoothly that you barely need to blend. This shade is so wonderfully appropriate for everyday wear. What’s also remarkable about it is that you can line your bottom lid with this shade and it looks so pretty—not hard or harsh at all. I like this shade so much that I’m pondering ordering the brand’s Cream Matte Crayon in Porto Purple.

This shade, Tahitian Shimmer is such a gorgeous neutral. Shimmery but subtle it is a no-makeup makeup eye.  The texture is very creamy–which is great for mature lids–there’s no pulling and the shadow stays put all day!

This shadow stick is really a dream!

Line, Sharpen + Smudge Eye Pencil:  Ding! Ding! Ding!  We have a winna here!  I kid you not! This eye pencil deserves to be on the “best” product list everywhere!  I wasn’t expecting much because my relationship with eye pencils has been daunting at best and “throw-in-the-trash-immediately” at worst!

Creamy AF! But..the tip is so stinking precise!  I can actually line my upper eyelid again! Hosanna! Hosanna to the Highest! And tightline?  OMG. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this gem of a pencil.  I have it in Santorini Black Sand simply because I love me a black eyeliner! It’s crazy—this stays put ALL DAY!  And… glides OVER existing eye shadow. It doesn’t get all blended in with other shadows. I LOVE this!

I’ve been using this every day since I received it and the tip stays pointy. I LOVE this.  For a long time I’ve stopped using liner on my lids but now I’m happily back to lining the lids. Another creamy textured product but the lids stay lined until you wash it off!

It also tightlines beautifully!

And you can use the smudge tip for a smoky look!

Good Vibes Mascara Curler + Lash-Enhancing Mascara: I have this in Iceland Black Lacquer.  First of all, I don’t like to spend money on mascara.  I’m a five-buck L’Oréal Voluminous gal! But we need to talk about this.  There is a built-in lash curler at one end. It’s small and unlike the eyelash curlers we are all familiar with.  And there was a bit of a learning curve for me due to extreme clumsiness and bad eyesight in my right eye.  I pinched my eyelid the first attempt—not badly or anything– I just couldn’t grasp the lashes the way I was supposed to.  But………. once I figured out to go on the lever with a bit less pressure, I discovered this curler is pretty decent and works!  As for the mascara—it’s very good.  Lashes don’t get all clumpy and the effect is quite nice because the separation of the lashes makes for a lengthier appearance (I am using Latisse so my lashes are a bit longer these days anyway). The wand is excellent in applying the mascara and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. In fact, I like it better than the Thrive mascara. My only “thing” is mascara has such a short shelf life that spending $25 makes me balk.

Here’s the mascara tube. It’s rather other wordly looking due to the curler. 

There’s a slight learning curve with the eyelash curler but I like it because it grabs smaller sections at a time..

And the wand distributes the mascara very evenly!  

Matte Color + Shiny Balm Lip Crayon. I chose Florence Fig for this lip crayon and am soooo happy that I did.  When it comes to lip color I’m a bit….odd to say the least.  I don’t like anything too dark. I do shy away from mattes because on a mature mouth, they can be a bit drying and appear harsh.  Many lipcolors turn a bit orange on me and I do love a shiny pink.  But—I was extremely and pleasantly surprised with this crayon.  It truly is such a natural lip color that it goes on looking like your lips—but better.  And even though it’s a matte, it’s creamy enough so that it doesn’t tug at my old-lady lips. It’s just applies nicely.  I apply straight from the tube then smudge it in with my fingers. And the best part is the cute little lip balm that is at the opposite end.  It’s so cute but so balmy moisturizing!

Florence Fig!  And look to the left–it’s the matching balm! How cute is this?  The best thing is that this shade is a perfect neutral. It doesn’t oxodize and is perfect if you want some color but not too much and the balm keeps the lips moistened!

Perfect everyday makeup!

Overall. I have to say, this makeup is excellent.  All the products are wonderful and do a great job on the mature face. Again—the tinted moisturizer stick is not a foundation but for those days when you just want a hint of evening out, it’s great!

The finished face! 

How much do I love these products?

Here’s another look with a more intense application of lips and eyes!

Enough that I ordered their mini-sticks and a mini case to use for travel and to throw into my purse.  The brand is currently having a half-price sale on these little products.  They don’t come with the attached brushes but honestly it doesn’t even matter because the cosmetics speak for themselves.

I ordered the mini-sticks and mini-case.  And…

I used them all TODAY!  Top left photo proves how great the concealer is. I waxed my upper lip with wax strips and got a bit rough when I pulled the wax strip off.  I cut myself. Trust me it isn’t herpes!  Anyway (because we all know that anywaysssssss is not a word…), the mini concealer did a fantastic job in covering my self-inflicted wax wond perfectly!

So, is this a Five-Minute Face? Yeah. It is. However, I like to take my time applying my makeup in the morning.  I have my cawfee. I listen to my music.  I relax and take my time! It’s all what you makeup of it!  And this is definitely mature-skin makeup at its best!

Here’s the link to the sale (and I am NOT an affiliate and don’t receive any commission—I just really believe in the brand).  Have a look-see. I honestly think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!   Trestique Sale

Here’s Kerry-Lou’s YouTube review and tutorial.


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14 Responses to Great Makeup Mature Skin Needs! Seriously. You NEED This!

  1. Beautiful! The shades really flatter you. I’ll definitely be checking Trestique; a brand I’m not familiar with (until now)! Thanks for the honest review. Have a great week!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you so much! Yeah Definitely check the brand out. It’s good to have a mature-skin friendly brand and the products are really hydrating too! XOXOXOXO

  2. Ellen M Efros says:

    Catherine, I love, love, love your posts and am always excited to see a new one in my inbox. I have a question that hopefully you will answer. Between Lupus and aging, my hair is getting thinner and thinner each year so I am contemplating a wig but don’t know where to begin. I did buy one on line but it looks like I’m wearing someone’s little dog on my head. Do you have any recommendations for someone venturing into the world of wearing wigs? Thank you so much.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Ellen. Watch every youtube review you can. The stock photos of the wigs can be deceiving at times–it’s so much better to see them on a real person. Also, know your face. Is your face square? Diamond shape? Oval? For example–a square face needs layering to soften things up. And do you have a short neck or a long one? All these things come into play with the wigs. Personally, my three favorite brands are Estetica Designs; Gabor Wigs; and Raquel Welch wigs. All are expertly made and the quality is stellar! XOXOXOXO

  3. Joan Brown says:

    Bought it…love it! Love the creamy texture and the case keeps it all together and organized! It’s all you need!

    • Catherine says:

      Hey Joan. Did you receive the products yet? Are you using them? Honestly, I think they are wonderful. Glad you ordered! XXOXOXO

      • Joan Brown says:

        I am collecting one piece at a time, not the whole kit. I have the Cape Cod Stone tinted moisturizer and have been using it and loving it. I ordered the large black case and plan to store my current crayon collection (Nudestix, Bobbi Brown, Jouer, Mally, etc) and add to my collection with Trestique as I go through what I currently have. In other words, use up what I have and replace with Trestique one piece at a time. This is how I do it, to see what items I prefer. I love the idea of having everything all together and organized at my fingertips.

      • Catherine says:

        Joan! That is soooooooooo pragmatic! I’m following y9our stellar advice! XOXOXOXO

  4. Momcat says:

    Honest opinion…how does it compare to Nudestix? Probably price wise the same but longevity? Ease of application? I love the Nudestix but find they are way over packaged ( the tin is cute but how many do we need!!) they don’t hold a point very well either.
    How do you sharpen the crayon? I love the built in brushes. I like the pouch and the mini option too for travel or purse.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Mae. I prefer Trestique to my Nudestix. They are just less bulky and easier to glide on. Don’t even start with those tins! But…the point on the crayon twists so it doesn’t need to be sharpened. It’s good stuff! XOXOXX

  5. Hi Catherine,
    This is Anand also known as @dancinglightofgrace on Blogger’s World forum where you were a member. Recently there has been an admin change. You were called to respond in a thread by Sandeept who is another admin. Can you please respond to that thread?


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