Let’s Talk Swimwear for the Average, Mature Woman.

It’s been a while since I ventured into the fashion posts. Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve posted regularly but here we go.

It’s summer.  It is hot outside.  We need relief.  We can go to the local pool. We can, if we are lucky enough to live nearby, head to the beach. We can take a drive to a lake.  We can put the sprinkler on the lawn or back yard and have fun at home. We can lie on our deck or tar beach with a spray bottle to make us comfier.

Or perhaps the pool and the sea in the background?

And we can do this wearing a bathing suit. What’s that you say?  You don’t like the way you look in a bathing suit?  Girlfriend. We need to talk.

schitts creek comedy GIF by CBC

That’s right! Let’s get down to business. Talking about what we’re gonna WEAR at the water!

Sigh. I know how you feel.  It is getting on my last nerve to look through Instagram posts, online shopping stock photos and department store catalogs of women in bathing suits. It seems all the photos are of youthful, toned younger women or the mature woman who looks like Helen Mirren.

Helen Mirren rocking a bikini aged 79. | Helen mirren bikini, Celebrity swimsuits, Dame helen mirren

Whilst we all adore Helen Mirren and love the fact she’s a great spokeswoman for the mature women–the average over-60-year old kind of doesn’t look as toned as her.

In addition, the majority of these photos are retouched to erase the dimpled cellulite, veins and texture from any skin that is not covered.  And lest we not forget that all these women modeling swimwear have perky titties, rock hard abs and no hips.

Don’t even get me started on this garbage.  It is so stinking obvious that this “dress” type swim thing is geared toward the mature woman–and look who is modeling it. Need I say more?

These are not the average and older woman. And it’s actually shameful that we don’t see the average woman in these posts or ads. No wonder women are intimidated.  It also upsets me that many women refuse to even wear a bathing suit because they feel their bodies are not perfect.

With a pandemic weight gain that I did start to lose but then fell off the wagon, I was somewhat hesitant myself about donning swimwear this summer.  Last summer we went to the beach twice. Twice. I couldn’t take wearing a mask at the beach—it was just too hot and too stressful so we basically spent every weekend home.  But this summer it’s different.

I’m wearing the damn bathing suits.  It is too hot and humid during our Mid-Atlantic/Northeast summers.  And after working all week at that job, I want my weekends, weather permitting, to be spent enjoying the ocean spray, the sun smiling down at me, sitting at the edge of the breaking waves reading a book.

But please allow me to backtrack a bit.

I used to wear two-piece bathing suits and, when much younger, a modest bikini. Even into my fifties, depending on my weight that year I still opted for the bikini.  Mostly because my longer torso made it nearly impossible to find a one-piece that fit!

Me. Five years ago. I was still soft but now, my gut hangs low and too and fro! 

And then my body really started to change.  To be honest, I think the aging process hit all at once. My belly, although never rock hard and a bit soft, became softer than a warm marshmallow.  My thighs took on not only excess cellulite but the skin started to appear a bit like crepe paper.  And even though I don’t have varicose veins, I see some little purple veins appearing more and more.

Ewww! What’s this?–you ask! It’s an extreme close up of my crepe-laden leg after frolicking in the freezing cold Atlantic and drying off in th sun! This is real life ageing!

My waistline has gotten thicker and the girls a bit saggy. The arms flabby.  It’s nothing to get horrified with because you put ‘em all together and it just means I’m an average, over 65-year-old woman. And that’s the body I have.

And that’s okay. I don’t need to wear a bikini these days, nor do I need to be the best-looking or in-shape woman at the beach or pool or where ever.  All I want to do is look nice and presentable and comfortable.

Yeah! That’s right. I just want to look presentable and halfway decent! 

I’m not ready for those swimsuit dresses and personally, I don’t like them on any woman. They look cumbersome and when you get down to it, really don’t hide anything.  The only thing this type of swimwear does is age a woman and make her appear matronly.

Sorry but I have a major issue with these swimsuit dresses. It has nothing to do with size nor age. They just are not flattering-and once more, we have a younger woman modeling a swimsuit geared for the older demographic!

And these two women, albeit, they are young, are insanely beautiful in these one-piece swimsuits–proving that all sizes look fantastic in swimwear!

Anyway, let’s take a look at the bathing suits I do have and wear regularly.  You should also be aware that I’m on a self-imposed “no-buy” these days.  I purchased one of these suits prior to my no buy so I’ll start off with that.   In addition, all of these swimsuits have been purchased beginning in 2019 from Amazon.

All of these bathing suits are my regulars now. And every one of them is from Amazon. Quite frankly, I have never been big on spending a ton of money on bathing suits and these have been purchased over the years!

All are under $30—in fact, I’ve made an Idea List for you to print and take with your when you are looking for swimsuits at a store or boutique if you prefer to not purchase on Amazon:

Bathing Suits I’ve Purchased from Amazon and Actually Wear-Bathing Suits for the Mature Woman!

So let’s take a look at each of them and I’ll tell you what I like and what could be improved:

Below is the first-ever one piece I purchased from Amazon a few years ago. Oona had one in white and I really liked the look–it looks far more expensive than it cost.  And although I love the design, I save this one for laying out on the deck at home. There’s a reason.  This swimsuit isn’t exactly long-waist friendly. When you’re long-waisted it’s difficult to get the suit to measure up in the right places. The top makes my boobs look super saggy simply because the torso length of the suit is short.  It’s really a shame because this suit is such a stunner but I still wear it on the deck where I can bask in privacy. If you are short-waisted or shorter is stature, this is perfect for you.  Honestly, when I purchased it, I forgot Oona is shorter than I am.

This bathing suit is just so nicely designed and well-made but I’m too long-waisted for comfort!

In this photo I’m wearing insert pads to give the suit a better silhouette.

Next up is this paisley number. I was looking for something on the bright side and found this. It was a stretch for me because I prefer solids but I love the colors and the design of this one and it is comfortable and long-waist friendly!


The ruching gives a flattering fit across the middle..

Take into consideration–if you are like me and not real busty, the top can look a tad flat…

And you can’t go around trying to hand-push up your girls but..

These bathing suit pad inserts are wonderful to slide in!  They really make your shape look a lot better!

Here’s another one. This is a halter top as well, but the way it’s designed, when you tie the top it gives a good lift to the top. 

And you can also adjust the top panels to give more or less coverage around the bustline. But what I really love about this is the two dresses that you can wear over the suit..

What I absolutely love is that I have two dresses to match this swimsuit.  I actually wear both dresses to work and both are also Amazon purchases. Anyway…the first dress is more casual, directly below, it has a looser fit so if you are on a special vacation and want a cohesive look to your beach/pool ensemble you can’t go wrong!

If you are on vacation or at a resort, this dress is a wonderful coverup.

A bit dressier but the same tropical pattern, this shift would be perfect for a pool party or headed to dinner directly after the beach or pool.

This dress has a more bodycon vibe but for dinner directly from beach, it’s great. A pair of strappy gold sandals and you’re good to go.  

Below is my favorite swimsuit. I love it so much that I bought a second one in a deep purple.  There is not one flaw or issue with this suit.  The squared-off neckline is so flattering–it’s got a good space inside the suit to slide in hard cups. The ruching in the middle really helps to suck in those piggy bits AND it’s long-waisted friendly.  It is modest and classic and just wonderful!

This–even if I was twenty pounds lighter, this is that one-piece I would make sure to have in my pile of swimwear!

Here’s another look at the neckline and the way the fabric drapes.

And another cute dress-as-coverup! This J. Crew Factory dress is at least ten years old but would make a great coverup for a lunch or dinner date after a beach day!

Same bathing suite in deep purple. OMG. I really love this suit!

And the fit really sucks the piggy bits in while remaining extremely comfortable..

It’s just such a nice suit!

Last of all, we have another navy suit, long-waist friendly, and a bit of mesh on the top. This is another really comfortable bathing suit!

And remember, you can always use an oversized scarf as a pareo to tie over your bathing suit!

My son, Jake, brought this back from Tahiti a few years ago and it’s been used every summer!

So yeah!  Don’t let imperfections or a bit of a weight gain stop you from wearing a bathing suit. There’s a reason they are called swim and bathing suits. They are for swimming and frolicking in the waves and cooling off in the summer!  Don’t care what others think.  This is about you.

When you are looking for a swim suit, look for comfort of course. But also, bend down, if the bottom rides up your cheeks, then opt for a different style or larger size.   With one-piece suits if you have a long torso, don’t settle for a suit that doesn’t have the length in the mid section. Trust me, the suit won’t work–that suit I think is the prettiest is the one I keep for home!  If you are not full-chested, those foam pads work wonders to give more shape to your body. That’s the thing with one – piece swimsuits sometimes they squish your top.

And most of all, wear what makes you feel good. BTW, if you decide to purchase any of the Amazon suits that I have, remember that I do receive compensation–I just wanted to put that out.

Happy summer!!!

This was my beach look last weekend. My favorite suit in navy, an Old Navy coverup that is about eight years old, an old, old J. Crew beach bag and Amazon sunnies!

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21 Responses to Let’s Talk Swimwear for the Average, Mature Woman.

  1. Maryellen says:

    I love the squared off one. Does it run true to size? I always feel I need a size up in bathing suits….

  2. Denise says:

    I think you look stunning in all of them! My least favorite – but it could be the picture – is the leaf print. There seems to be a dark edge on one leaf that seems to give you a roll you DON’T have. If I think you are being too critical of your shape.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Denise! Thank you so much for you compliments! Yeah. I noticed that the leaf suit does kind of give off a bit of a roll around the belly vibe.Thank you for pointing that out! XOXOXOXO

  3. Linda Boyte says:

    Thank you for being honest. It’s refreshing for a woman to freely take pictures of themselves in less than “perfect” condition thanks for the courage to wear a bathing suit or shorts. I haven’t worn either for years.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Linda. Hey. I’m on a mission to show what real life looks like. I’m so sick and tired of the smoke and mirrors. I swear to god, I can’t even look at some instagram posts anymore –and I’m talking mature women–they blur and filter the shit out of themselves. Who are they fooling? I want every bump, vein, and flaw to show! LOL. I wear my imperfections proudly! XOXOXOXO

  4. marsha57 says:

    I think you look fabulous in each suit! Buying a swimsuit has always been so stressful. Now, at 63, I don’t really care what anyone thinks. But, I still hate the process. My biggest issue with my body is my thighs…couldn’t slide a credit card between ‘em! That makes summertime extra stressful…gotta think about the chub rub! I would kill for your legs! Do you have a link for the purple suit? We are…wait for it…going on vacation in July! We have been locked down tighter than…well, my husband’s wallet…since March 2020! I need a couple of suits for this beach vacation in Hilton Head. Thanks for another delightful read!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Marsha. The link is in the blog post. It takes you to my Amazon store front. Scroll down to the idea list with the bathing suits. Click on the burgundy or navy one and it’ll bring the swimsuit up. Honestly, it’s such a gorgeous suit. You’ll look beautiful and enjoy your July vacation! XOXOXOXO

  5. Joan Brown says:

    I love all of your swimsuits! Very pretty on you. I too buy mine on Amazon! I feel the price and quality are outstanding!

  6. cathe says:

    LOVE the blue suits on you. I haven’t worn a bathing suit for over 2 years & not looking forward to it. But thanks to you I’m going to think about a new look.

  7. Bonnie says:

    An interesting topic. I applaud your willingness to keep wearing one. Being more vain than you (I think) I haven’t put one on for a few years. But then I don’t go to the beach much either. If this post gives some others the courage to don a swimsuit and wear it with pride, then you should feel you have accomplished your goal. I agree with others here, you look good in your suits. Enjoy your summer swims

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Bonnie! LOL. I think we all have our nuances of vanity. That’s why I got fillers around my mouth! But for me it’s just that I hate being hot. I just want to enjoy the beach and jump in the waves. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this summer will not give us that great weekend beach weather. But I’m hoping! XOXOXOXO

  8. I have two swimsuits – one is a tankini with a skirt bottom, and the other is a one-piece with a skirt bottom. I think I look good in both of them, and am happy with them. I think you need to wear what you feel comfortable wearing, and even though I am an old lady, I don’t feel that my swimsuits make me look matronly.

    I think more than anything else you should wear what feels good to you. You look great in your suits and you like them, which is great.

    As my mother would say, that’s what make horse racing.

  9. vavashagwell says:

    FAB. Love the suits and I agree about those skirted ones. I have small boobies and so I always keep my eye out for suits that have some sort of padding and a ruffle. I tend to prefer one piece suits too, and have a long torso. Might have to do some shopping and look for a new one! It’s not exactly hot around here at the moment though (high of 70 degrees) but before long it will be nice to put on a suit and sit out in the backyard by the little pond and waterfall!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Vava. Yeah. Those padded swim suits are key for me. Having a long torso is problematic with clothing in general but when it comes to bathing suits that are made for shorter torsos, we long-waisted women can walk around with a painful wedgie all day. And we don’t need that! XOXOXOXO

  10. Sharon Thomas says:

    You look fab! Wish I looked as good! You have great humour ….sure you’re not British! I’m trying to find a fat suit for a get away in 2 weeks. Nothing out there to hold my sagging boobs..not to mention my stomach! It’s all so depressing. Never ever did I think when I became older would I look like this. I really try hard not to let it get me down. All my friends back home in England always look stylish and non seem to have gained weight.

  11. Marsha L. Calhoun says:

    Always nice to see someone embracing reality with gusto and style! Also, I was pleasantly surprised to meet you on Facebook this morning talking about your experience with Boom – I felt quite smug already having learned of your adventures and opinions through this blog!

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