Can You Tell Me What I Wore This Winter?

Okay. I gained that horrific Pandemic weight. And as I write this, I am on the road to losing the weight my doctor told me to lose in January. I’m down to 162, now it’s 160, but it’s going to be a long road to drop twenty more pounds.

Alright. So I’m 2 ounces over 160 pounds. But I’m losing at a slow but steady rate!

No getting around it. My aging body doesn’t drop the excess baggage as readily as it did when I was younger. And it acquires excess baggage just by thinking about food.

Inspired by the ever-transparent and wonderfully truthful Jamie Lee Curtis (that is her REAL tummy–she refused to have a fake one for an upcoming film),  I, too, decided to showcase my piggy bits. These bits are taking forever to lose!

Here’s the thing. Last Fall when I laid my summer clothing into hibernation until Spring, I had no idea that the clothing to be unpacked for winter would be tight on me—or just not fit at all. No idea.

Could you please explain why I had the Gallstones to be surprised that my clothing didn’t fit or was very tight? Could it possibly be because I was a glutton? And a lazy one at that!

There were quite a number of winter clothes that were in hibernation along with the summer ones.

And that brings me precisely as to what I wore during this past Fall/Winter season.  It was weird because I hadn’t gained enough weight to go out and purchase new clothing. On the other hand, I did gain enough weight that only clothing with stretch, as in pants, along with skirts that contain stretch and Velcro or elastic waistbands were worn on repeat.

skinny jeans GIF by gifnews

Err, most of my jeans got this tight!

That doesn’t leave a lot of room for different looks each day as I headed into the office. But to tell you the truth, I don’t even care. Not only did Covid change the way I look at cosmetics with a “less-is-more” approach, but I also used that same approach to clothing.

I’m officially “basic”. Not trendy. Not chic. Not elegant. Just. Basic. And I’m fine with it.

Comedy Reaction GIF by CBS

Many are so insulted by being called basic. Me? I don’t give a flying fu..(Oops! I gave up cursing for Lent). I don’t care if I’m a Basic.

Not one for over-accessorizing, I wore my Hot Girls Pearls practically every day. I absolutely love the way these menopausal and hot-flash friendly oversized faux pearls (you keep them in the freezer) give my neck comfort and look incredibly flattering with crew-necked tops and sweaters.

I love my Hot Girls Pearls — an added feature is the magnetic clasp, and you can get them on Amazon–Here’s the link

But back to the “basic” thing. “Basic” has become such a negative word in the “fashun” world for a number of years. And it’s ridiculous that this five-letter word (Hmmm. Could Wordle be thinking of using this word soon?) has become such an insulting word.  I’m not insulted though.

I would rather be wearing a basic wardrobe as opposed to a trendy one. Think about it.  Trends die quickly.  The last “trends” I can think of that have stuck around and become mainstream are leopard prints and skinny jeans—and that’s out of how many trends?

Emily In Paris Fashion: The 30 Best & Worst Outfits | ELLE Australia

Yes. I would much rather prefer to be a basic and blend in than to be garish and vulgar in the latest trends.  Take a look at Emily in Paris to see the absolute worst ensembles of all time.

Zara and H & M don’t move my needle. Probably because I have perused both stores and have never found anything worth purchasing.  Old Navy? The brand may be fast fashion, but I’ve purchased many basic items from the brand that have lasted forever.  And let’s not dismiss my adoration for J. Crew.

Old Navy jeans. $15 on sale. I have worn them all winter. Paired with a J. Crew sweater and scarf it’s a nice basic look!

Anyway, I thought I would just showcase some of the outfits that I’ve worn on repeat from the Fall up until now. And funny thing is, the weather has been on such a warming trend I thought to get my warmer-weather clothing that still fits out of hibernation. And then it went back to freezing cold so forget it for a while.

Although slightly snug, I love this J. Crew blazer I snagged on Mercari for $40.

This outfit has been worn to the office so many times this past fall/winter that I feel as though it is a uniform. The elastic waistband on this J. Crew Factory skirt from years past, and J. Crew now-discontinued Tippi Sweater are a perfect match–as well as the Hot Girls Pearls!

My Christmas-that-covid-still-ruined dress. I think I actually wore boots twice this entire winter. The dress from Loft is a winner because a holiday meal can be enjoyed without having to undo pants at the waist!

The one skirt that managed to zip up to my waist without killing me. Another J. Crew beauty. I wore this when I felt like fake tanning my legs. Honestly, I did that a lot during the winter because it wasn’t super-cold.

Skinny jeans with stretch. Another pair of Old Navy dark wash jeans. Worn with a J. Crew tee, J. Crew blazer and J. Crew shoes found at Goodwill for $7.00 a few years back.

Short skirts, heavy sweaters, tights–proof that one is never too old to wear a shorter skirt.  I really did do the basic thing all season!

One of my favorite kilts. I may wear this tomorrow since the temperature took a springtime nosedive back to winter. The velcro waist on this SportsKilt  is so weight loss/gain friendly . I love this brand so much!

Basic black. Basic leggings. Basic top. And more Bass Weejuns. I really started to dress for complete comfort last fall!

Another Old Navy frock–and the second time I wore boots. That scarf? It’s from two years ago purchased during the pathetic Nordstrom Anniversary sale. It was probably the only item worth buying and I’ve worn it constantly!

I love these J. Crew Factory pants so much but I had to put them away because my belly got so fat that the waist was killing me. I swear I got sick at work because the waist was so tight. Hopefully, next fall or winter!

Leopard-print pants with a ton of stretch. From Target. A trend that went mainstream. I love leopard print but tend to not overdo it!

These Katy jeans by Kut From The Kloth have become a mainstay during the past few months as well. I wore them to Paris. OMG. It’s SNOWING outside.  Okay, back to the blog. I wore these a lot. A LOT!!

Again with the Katy jeans. And the pearls!

The camel coat I purchased in Paris before the lockdown? I wore it almost every day during the late fall into the entire winter. That vintage coach bag? I got it during lockdown for $45. It’s the greatest used investment of all time. I freaking love it.

I wore this recently. My favorite AG jeans are snug around my disgustingly overblown belly, but they are beginning to fit a lot better. Two months ago I couldn’t even zip them up. It’s a rare occurence for me to wear a white button down shirt because I find them so awkward to wear under a blazer but I like the look.  Repetto ballet flats–very basic, complete the look!

And another basic look to give a monochromatic winter vibe. Leggings and a heavy sweater. And as is the case when I’m home, bare feet!

And when I am home I mostly live in pajamas these days or leggings and a tee shirt.

Atypical 60 | A Typical Blog. A Typical Woman. A Typical Take On Life. With  An Atypical Twist! | Page 2

Old Navy Pajama Bottoms–how I love you. I’m most comfortable in an outfit like this. Sadly, I cannot dress like this at work!

So how basic have you become? Do you think Covid had something to do with it or just because as we age we become more comfortable with our taste? I think it’s a combination of both! How about you?

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Far from perfect, but enjoying life as a non-perfect and flawed individual at 60 years young. I'm still wondering what I'll be when I grow up! The characters in my life's screenplay include my better half. He is a refined Frenchman who grew up in Paris and summered in St. Tropez. I grew up in Long Island and summered in Long Island. I am not refined. My three grown children are also a big part of my life. For their sake, they happily live where their careers have taken them! But I can still mother them from a distance! I write about the mundane. I write about deeply shallow issues. But whatever I write or muse about--it'll always be a bit on the humorous and positive side! It's all good!
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23 Responses to Can You Tell Me What I Wore This Winter?

  1. Liz says:

    Oh I look forward to reading your blogs! I prefer being “basic” in clothing as well, with some shiny accessories.
    Also love making fun of Emily in Paris and you always deliver! Lol

    • Catherine says:

      lIz. We basics need to sororitize! Alpha Kappa Basic! And I am so happy when I snark on Emily in Paris. It’s practically a hobby. If you want a REALLY great show on Netflix check out L’Agence. I think the English title is The Paris Agency. It’s incredible. Follows the Kretz family who sell luxury real estate in France. The family is so stinking loveable! XOXOXOXO

  2. Nancy says:

    I think you look great and are way too hard on yourself. You rock jeans and pencil skirts as I wish I could. Talking about shopping.. I feel like I do not have a store for someone in her mid 60s, who wears an XL or XXL (depending on cut), stylish but classic, no multiple tiers/smocking/puffy sleeves (I am not a little girl), reasonable budget but not going to spend 150.00 on a casual dress. Anthropologie is my fave and I do find some things but want a “go to” store…long long ago it was more…quality and style no longer for me…Nordstroms sometimes but not often….Gap…nope….Target …again, used to be but those babydoll styles are too much for me…Have not tried Boden BUT I am not a big print person, prefer solids as well as knits…there items often look clingy but maybe I am wrong on that. Ideas? Recommendations??????

    • Catherine says:

      Nancy–thank you so much. But you bring up an excellent point. There don’t seem to be ANY stores that specialize in women our age–it doesn’t even matter what the size is. But I do know that many brands are inching toward larger sizes which is great.
      Don’t even get me started on that puffy sleeve smocking look. I dressed Oona like that when she was a toddler. What is with that prarie, prim, freaking fundie look in clothing lately? I went to Target and nearly puked from the overly-sweet looking dresses. Ugh. Ugh. Ugly!!
      Nordstrom has turned into a high-priced bargain basement. I only go to Nordstrom these days when I want to walk through to the mall. The store has really reached low levels. Talbots is awful. Cheap quality where the quality used to be excellent. And the clothes have gone from classic to matronly. Want an ugly Christmas sweater? Go to Talbots! I’m glad that I stick to basic styles because I’ve had my clothing for years! XOXOXOXO

  3. Juliet says:

    Yep “basic” here too and for the same reasons – I am a total splodge at the moment, anyway what is wrong with basic? I like to call it “pared back” but basically I am lazy and quite happy to admit it. The basics work – I am such a clutz that any extras get caught or snagged or whatever – take today I decided on a whim to paint the utility room then the kitchen then ran out of paint bought more paint finished the kitchen only to find that I was probably wearing as much as the walls — if I had more than my scruffy jeans and vest top I can only imagine how much extra paint I would have ended up trying to scratch/flick off. I just want to also say you rock the colour of your bio hairi and the blonde shades too.

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Juliet! OMG. I remember well, when the children were young and I would randomly decide to paint one of their rooms. Without scruffy clothing worn and I would be splattered from head to toe! Basic is where it’s at! XOXOXOXOX

      • Juliet says:

        I have just been looking at the dresses or what passes for such garments at the Oscars – now I think our paint splattered casuals or our pyjamas are pretty cute in comparison….. I hope you are going to give us your take on what some of them were wearing. Casual and or
        basic are pretty darn classy and elegant in comparison

      • Catherine says:

        Hi Juliet. I didn’t watch the Oscars. Award Shows have made a turn for the worst but I think you’ll like the blog post I’m working on now. It’s about the Oscars –only about the slap!

  4. Joan Brown says:

    Basic and classic never goes out of style. These staple items are easy to mix and match and always manage to create dozens of outfits. Love all of these looks!

  5. Bonnie says:

    I love your blog posts with all the pictures, etc. I appreciate every post, even if I don’t comment often When I look at my closet, I see that most of the enjoyable pieces I own, I purchased at a boutique shop. Don’t let the word “boutique”scare you. The boutique stores i go to, find small largely, unknown brands that are good quality and have a number of price points. They also know their clients’ tastes, age range and buy accordingly. They don’t have to appeal to the masses. And their sales are of their own merchandise, which they want to get rid of for the forthcoming season. I wear these pieces over and over. Hope there are some in your area to check out.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bonnie. And I’m going to take your advice and start checking out the boutiques in my area. My daughter is a boutique shopper and has great clothing! Thank you for that! XOXOXOXO

  6. Momcat says:

    There is also Poshmark where I have found some good purchases. Some people I know can’t stand the thought of wearing previously loved garments but the stuff I’ve bought has been close to brand new. Maybe they wore it once or it was a gift that the previous owner didn’t care for. I think the idea of a ‘uniform’ for everyday is pragmatic. I have leggings and tunic tops. Easy peasy to throw a coat over with boots. Four month old grand daughter pooped on my leg last week, just changed to another pair of leggings! Maybe others prefer jeans and T shirts or a skirt and sweater it’s all good. I see nothing basic about the idea. Makes life easier and if that’s basic then I guess I am. Anyway rather be ‘quelconque’ then ‘ringard’ 🙂 I think your looks are classic and timeless. There are very few people who used Covid time to lose weight and get buff most of us got lazy or put on a few pounds so don’t fret. Listen I half sat on a kitchen chair the other day and my son looked at me and said “ Mom your bum is waiting for you to move over so it can sit down”!! Quel brat! He’s right I keep feeling like something is following me around!! Too much sitting = too much booty.

    • Catherine says:

      Al, I love Mercari and Poshmark. Every item I’ve ever purchased has been in fantastic condition with the exception of a recent vintage coach bag that smelled of cigarettes. It’s still airing out. Lesson learned-always ask if the item comes from a non-smoking home. I’m very much the uniform woman. Comfort and knowing what works is key! LOL. So far I haven’t had grandchild poop. I’m sure the time is coming! XOXOXO

  7. vavashagwell says:

    cute outfits!!! I have a white Maine Coon cat, so my outfits are geared towards not showing white fur. LOL. I rarely wear black because of that. Lately it’s mostly straight legged, high waisted jeans in raw denim. I’m a shoe person and that’s where I put my energy. Jeans, sweatshirts or sweaters and I’m ready to roll. I’m going to edit my closet because I have decided I don’t like wearing anything at all tight. Have begun to sew my own wardrobe too.

  8. Nancy says:

    Catherine- could you please do a post asking readers to recommend boutiques they like that are (also) online? Being from a small town in IN we have 2 boutiques but they are geared towards “going out” clothes for girls in their 20s and don’t go over a size L 99% of the time. Thanks!

  9. Lise says:

    I love your ‘basic’ outfits, which are really not basic. I do know what you mean though. In recent years I am leaning towards more classic, ‘basic’ items. I have picked up 10 pounds over the last year and really would like to lose them before summer. Better choices!!

  10. marsha57 says:

    I am right there with you on the weight thing! I actually lost 20+ pounds the first year of this f*(*(*&g pandemic. Then, my anxiety hit and I packed on 30 pounds. I joined WW, but that’s a laugh…if you tell them you like potatoes, they make them a 0 point food! I just need to stop eating, plain and simple! You have great legs which always matter more to me than a little bit of a pooch! Can you tell from that comment where I’ve always carried my weight…my legs! Girlfriend jeans are skinny jeans on these thighs! But, I’m gonna beat this and get back into my whatever they call them now jeans that I like!

    Thanks for always being honest yet so doggone funny!

  11. Baa Gold says:

    It’s not basic honey those are classic styles & we all know the
    classics never go out of style~

  12. Honestly Catherine, you always look stylish in your basics. So keep on doing what ever you’re doing . It works. You dress the way real woman dress. Including PJs. I like your lighter makeup. I’m using less also. Trying to create the French look.You’ve got style no matter what you wear!

  13. Tracy says:

    Thank you for your honesty! I love your looks, especially the “hair options”. 🙂

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