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Cathe Cat, Cathe Cat—Where Have You Been? Well..I Have Not Been to London..But I’ve Been Baking Croissants!

….to see the Queen. That’s for sure. Overall, and as an outsider looking in, I think the Queen was a good egg. And although I’m not British and the only familiarity I have with the Royal Family is the tea … Continue reading

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Baking From Scratch, Losing Weight And Saturday Randomness!

I woke up to an email from a reader of the blog today.  Our friend,  Simmy, happened to stumble upon a Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie mix at Target! At the price of $4.99 to make 12 cookies, this is less … Continue reading

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During the Holidays, Preparation is Key. How I’ve Done It.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas Day is a week away. I started decorating the house just before Thanksgiving.  We bought our tree a little over a week ago.   The major cleaning of … Continue reading

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Lipstick and A Stuck Bowl–This Can Only Happen to Me!

Happy December!!!Before I go on with this post, I must share something.   I’m so emotional right now because it is one of those moments where you realize you taught your daughter well on the subject of high/low shopping. Happy December!  … Continue reading

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Shhhhh! Don’t Tell Anyone—But I’m Glad Thanksgiving is Over!

Seriously.  Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday.  As much as I would love to have been the perfect hostess on this favored family day, it’s always been quite dysfunctional for me. As much as I would love to imagine … Continue reading

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And A-Weigh We Go. Off To Run Some Saturday Errands

This weekend brought forth a lot of action. On Friday we had the inauguration, which I refused to watch—but don’t think I didn’t scope out the fashions—and that’ll be another post. Friday’s inauguration crowd on the left.  Obama’s inauguration crowd … Continue reading

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Buns and Baking–a Snowy Saturday!

The snow from last night is now a mix of icy rain—it’s just a yucky day.   It’s ok, though. I’m going to spend my time baking and making a supply of malted milk crumb for future Momofuku Milk Bar cake baking. Now … Continue reading

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Proust Would Be Proud!

It is  a dreary, wet and totally iced-over Sunday. Today is one of those “Yeah-I’m-taking-a-shower-then-putting-my-pj’s-back-on” kinda day. I got the roller-set working (btw, this roller set will be a part of tomorrow’s posting on female hair loss), and the face … Continue reading

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A Great Weekend In Brooklyn, NY!!!

What a weekend!  My Christmas gifts from the kids included a great stay at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a “Bake the Book” class at Momofuku Milk Bar on Metropolitian Avenue, and a great dinner at El Almacen, an … Continue reading

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