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Baking From Scratch, Losing Weight And Saturday Randomness!

I woke up to an email from a reader of the blog today.  Our friend,  Simmy, happened to stumble upon a Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie mix at Target! At the price of $4.99 to make 12 cookies, this is less … Continue reading

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During the Holidays, Preparation is Key. How I’ve Done It.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Christmas Day is a week away. I started decorating the house just before Thanksgiving.  We bought our tree a little over a week ago.   The major cleaning of … Continue reading

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Lipstick and A Stuck Bowl–This Can Only Happen to Me!

Happy December!!!Before I go on with this post, I must share something.   I’m so emotional right now because it is one of those moments where you realize you taught your daughter well on the subject of high/low shopping. Happy December!  … Continue reading

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Shhhhh! Don’t Tell Anyone—But I’m Glad Thanksgiving is Over!

Seriously.  Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday.  As much as I would love to have been the perfect hostess on this favored family day, it’s always been quite dysfunctional for me. As much as I would love to imagine … Continue reading

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And A-Weigh We Go. Off To Run Some Saturday Errands

This weekend brought forth a lot of action. On Friday we had the inauguration, which I refused to watch—but don’t think I didn’t scope out the fashions—and that’ll be another post. Friday’s inauguration crowd on the left.  Obama’s inauguration crowd … Continue reading

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Buns and Baking–a Snowy Saturday!

The snow from last night is now a mix of icy rain—it’s just a yucky day.   It’s ok, though. I’m going to spend my time baking and making a supply of malted milk crumb for future Momofuku Milk Bar cake baking. Now … Continue reading

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Proust Would Be Proud!

It is  a dreary, wet and totally iced-over Sunday. Today is one of those “Yeah-I’m-taking-a-shower-then-putting-my-pj’s-back-on” kinda day. I got the roller-set working (btw, this roller set will be a part of tomorrow’s posting on female hair loss), and the face … Continue reading

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A Great Weekend In Brooklyn, NY!!!

What a weekend!  My Christmas gifts from the kids included a great stay at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a “Bake the Book” class at Momofuku Milk Bar on Metropolitian Avenue, and a great dinner at El Almacen, an … Continue reading

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