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Who Needs The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale When You Can Get The Goods At Nordstrom Rack?

That “N-Sale”. Everyone raves about it.  Bloggers abound as well as influencers get all warm and fuzzy over it. They rave about what you have to buy—mostly because they are getting a commission from that “N-sale.”  I’m actually happy the … Continue reading

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Is That Sale Really a Bargain?

It was during this past Christmas shopping season when I spotted her.  I left the office and headed to the mall to pick up a few gifts.  I was lucky.  I had extra cash in my Longchamp bag because I … Continue reading

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I’ve Done Some Shopping………

Alright. I’ve learned quite a bit about handbags while working at Nordstrom, and have been educated about “brand name” handbags, I’ve learned that some of the popular brand names are really good while others—well, they are pretty crappy. Naturally, my … Continue reading

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