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Paris Without Danièle. Part Trois

Alrighty. We’re winding the weekend down and I’m hoping this isn’t becoming a bore for you to read, but I’ve just got so much to say about so many of the little things that occurred so take my hand and … Continue reading

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Paris Without Danièle Part Deux

We left off going back to the hotel to get a well-needed sleep.  But before I continue I’m just going to move back a bit—OK? We took a nice walk on the Seine on our way back to the hotel. … Continue reading

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Paris Without Danièle. Part Un.

Hi all. We are back from what was the shortest visit we’ve made to Paris, the circumstances certainly not the best, but I want to tell you about our weekend.  I’m dividing this into three parts for your convenience. I … Continue reading

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Merci and Thank You For Your Condolences

In a few minutes I’ll start to pack for our trip to Paris.  It isn’t going to be our usual kind of visit.  There is no jumping up and down in excitement.  There will be no planning on what sights … Continue reading

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Rest In Peace Ma Gigi. Remembering Danièle Delorme

It’s funny how signals and messages are sent. Saturday morning Bonaparte and I made our regularly timed call to his aunt, Danièle. She didn’t answer her phone and we figured she was out and about. Even though it was early … Continue reading

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A Dreamy, Ethereal Sunday Morning With Federico Fellini!

Its’ past noon on this chilly Sunday.  Gone are the summer Sundays of jumping out of bed early and driving to the Shore or parts unknown to explore.  Gone are the lazy summer Sunday mornings of sipping coffee and catching … Continue reading

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Just Because I Disagree With You Doesn’t Mean I’m a “Hater”! Use a Different Word for Crissakes!

We need to have a little lesson today about vocabulary.   Vocabulary is a body of words that we use. Yes. I am afraid we need to take MANY steps back to learn and to use and to appreciate basic vocabulary! … Continue reading

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The Temping Temptress is Back at Work! (For a While)

Hi everyone!  The past two weeks have found me as happy as a little, medium, big-ass clam. That would be me. A happy little clam–only with more clothing and makeup! I started a temp job as an administrative assistant.  Even … Continue reading

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A Revisit “Atypical 60’s Open Letter To Society” Our Gun Laws Need to be Changed!

Hey all, I’ve lost something and I’m looking to find it. It’s my sense of humor! I’ve looked under the bed. And under the sofas. And in the garage. And in all the cabinets and the pantry. And in the … Continue reading

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My Dinner With Bonaparte. 10.3.2015

Autumn. Saturday.  Damp. Cold. The darkness sidles in earlier and earlier.  I’m on the sofa being lazy, as usual, with a blanket wrapped around me. The weather actually hit a temperature so low that I could wrap myself in a … Continue reading

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