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I Cover the Crew. Let’s Look at The February J. Crew Style Guide

My J. Crew Style Guide came in the mail this week and I just got around to looking at it. I’ve been with J. Crew since 1983, the year the catalog line of clothing came to be. I was a … Continue reading

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I Banish Thee To Room 101

Public employment contributes neither to advantage nor happiness. It is but honorable exile from one’s family and affairs.” Thomas Jefferson. A long time ago. You cannot imagine how joyful and filled with glee I was to be nominated for the Room … Continue reading

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Diary of a Snowed- In, Crazed Old Lady

Thursday, January 28, 2016 Dear Diary: Today marks the 7th day that I’ve been indoors. I’ve only been outside to shovel the one scoop of snow before Bonaparte lovingly threw my fat ass back in the warmth of the chateau. … Continue reading

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Holocaust Stories. A Family Torn Apart

Today is National Holocaust Day. I’m on the fence about this because the Holocaust shouldn’t have just one day of remembrance.  We should always have a piece of this placed in our memory bank—whether Jewish or not. It shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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The Old Lady and the Mediterranean Sea. Or Why Do I Stress Over Packing?

She was an old lady who traveled with her Frenchman in a plane in the sky and she had gone eighty-four days now without failing to stress about her luggage. In the first forty days her Frenchman had been annoyed … Continue reading

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Move Over Josephine! Bonaparte is Mine!!! (The Story of how a New York Girl and Parisian Man Met)

This gallery contains 16 photos.

I’ve had a few inquiries of how Bonaparte and I met. It was a post that I wrote when I first started blogging. So..without further adieu (screw the spelling–I’m working on another post). I present…..

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Snowmageddon 2016!

  Snow is so much better when you have  children at home.  I remember a couple of past Snowmageddons. One, in particular, was when we were living in New York City.  It was tons of fun because when you live … Continue reading

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My “Pal-Leo”—And A Successful Recipe Fail!

No.  I’m not cheating on Bonaparte with a guy named Leo.  I’m not hanging with DiCaprio either. Hey Leo. I think you are taking the Paleo diet too seriously. Leave the bear alone. Have some steak instead! My “Pal Leo” … Continue reading

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An Homage To A Grand Old Dame–Happy Birthday Miss Ruby!

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking about a special little lady. She’s been in my mind and my heart while I’ve been working on posts, and while I’ve been going around my daily duties. It’s hard to not … Continue reading

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Old Lady Beauty—The Importance of Being Sponge Worthy! Blending and Bargains and Hiding the Higgly-Jiggly Bits!

We are having a piece of furniture delivered today so I decided that I had better “put my best face on”—naturally I didn’t want to scare the delivery men because there could be a chance of their dropping this nice … Continue reading

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