What I’m Wearing. The Summer Face. And I’ve Been a Naughty Girl

Things are back to normal. And I have a confession. I’ve been a naughty girl. Since arriving home over three weeks ago, I’ve been petrified to get on the scale. I knew I gained weight over vacation, and then some.  But it wasn’t until I arrived home from work Thursday evening and was getting changed that I saw something I did not like.

It was the vision of me in my panties.  They were a bit tight. So, I tried on my favorite jeans, which I haven’t worn in a while because I don’t wear jeans in the summer heat.  They were tight.  I mean tight!

Yeah.  I was naughty, and I’m pissed off at myself but, I gotta turn it around!

And so, I thought about it. Not getting on a scale means I refuse to face reality. So, I took the scale out. I gingerly stepped upon it and saw an 8-pound gain.  150 pounds.

Time to focus on getting that 8 pounds off and back to eating healthy.   I asked Bonaparte to stop by the market to pick up a 6-ounce slice of salmon for me for tomorrow and fresh spinach.

I will have my weekend aperitif because I refuse to deny myself.

There are just some things you do not deny yourself. Mine is the aperitif on the weekends. WEEKENDS ONLY!!!!

And on Saturday we headed into Manhattan to meet my sons for lunch.  Jake, the oldest, is moving to L.A. on Tuesday.   The company he will be working for is relocating him, but he needed a bit of help with some packing because of his broken wrist. I baked cookies for him.  ( I am working on a blog post about this)

Now that I’m back on track and have that out of the way, I’ll be going back to a weekly report on the weight.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the summer face.  Between the spray tan and the sunscreen I applied to my face, I had a major breakout when we were away.   My face is darker and the freckles are out in force. I like that.  But it means a different and less intense makeup routine.

My summer face..the only thing fake is my hair!

I’m forgoing foundation and wearing a bit of the Charlotte Tilbury primer instead for a bit of a glow.

Although I’ve had this since November, I’ve been using it a lot during this summer.  If you recall my Tilbury Makeover...

Mally’s Nude Attitude Eyeshadow Palette has become my summer “go-to”.  I like the neutrals and the bit of shimmer is quite nice—it’s not too shiny at all.

I’ve had THIS palette over a year. Thanks to Adrian from Mally, this is one of my favorite palettes ever–as you can see.  My Mally Makeover was the greatest and taught me some great everyday looks!

But—the greatest buy of the summer has been e.l.f. Intense Ink Eyeliner.  Holy Cannoli—the best $3.00 I’ve ever spent on a liner. It beats any high-end liner I’ve ever used.  The felt tip is long and comes to a very sharp point—perfect for drawing that line!  The product itself is dark and does not fade. I can’t say enough about this. I’ve already purchased backups!

You know me–I refuse to travel with high-end cosmetics–especially given my track record of losing things and leaving things behind. I purchased one of these liners before our trip to France and this–is…..epic! And let me put this out there. e.l.f. is NOT  a mature woman friendly cosmetics company. They are obsessed with younger bloggers. I’ve reached out to them and was rejected and I STILL use and love this…

I love the end result of this eyeliner pen from e.l.f.  It’s a cinch to use and lasts all day!  Best three bucks ever!

Do you ever go shopping at Sally Beauty Supply?  I often find fun buys on lip gloss.  And the gloss is often on sale.  Two that I have are from Femme Couture.  They are XXL Plumping gloss and I’m a fan.  The gloss isn’t long-lasting and I don’t think it really plumps, but the color and shine are beautiful.

Two of my favorite summer look glosses.  Staying power isn’t that great but who cares?  I apply a few times over the course of the day–there’s plenty in the tube!

I keep it very simple during the hot weather!

Now for what I’m wearing.  Here’s a look at this week’s outfits and then some.  I don’t know about you, but during the very hot days, I like wearing loose dresses. Old Navy came up with a gem of a dress this season.  A jersey swing dress. The price ranges from $10.00 to around $15.00 depending on the sale.  I ended up purchasing five of these.  They are the greatest summer frock! Have a look.

You’ve seen how many times I’ve worn this $10 Old Navy Swing dress while on vacation. I can’t stop wearing it.  BTW,  it’s also a great dress to wear during a bit of a weight gain.  It hides “ma belly” very well!

Yes–it’s another one of the swing dresses from Old Navy.  I paid $15.00 for this one! 

My black jeans from Primark, remarkably still fit thanks to the stretch. These jeans are also not heavy so they are good to wear for rainy summer days!  

This gauzy J. Crew Factory dress is light and airy for hot summer days.  The Fleur d’Oranger Intense is beautiful and lasts all day.  The Rondini Bikini sandals I got last year have been my most-worn sandals this summer!

Nothing beats the heat like white.  This is a dress I purchased last year,  packed last year AND this year to France and never wore it–until last week–and I ended up wearing it twice since I returned.  I’m digging the new Rondini sandals with it…

..on repeat. This time with different hair and my new Longchamp bag that I got at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  You know–I don’t buy clothing at the Nordies Anniversary sale because everything eventually ends up on sale, but I always make it a point to either make a bag or boot purchase.  I have enough boots but I needed a navy bag and had been looking for one for a long time.  You know that I’m very brand-loyal and was thrilled to see this Navy Longchamp as a part of the sale.  I dressed it up with an Hermes scarf! Whatdya think?

Another Old Navy dress–this one from last year.  A loose poly-cotton-linen blend. It’s paired with a 5-euro scarf I picked up at Geant hypermarche.  Groceries and a scarf–almost as great as groceries and the bathing suits!  I’m wearing my almost ten-year old Rondini Tropezienne sandals with this. This happens to be one of my favorite summer looks!

Maxi time!  OMG–yet ANOTHER purchase from Old Navy!!  A simple maxi from last year and worn with a paisly scarf from J. Crew that I can’t even remember how old it is.  Cheap dollar earrings from Walmart and Rondini sandals and I’m good to go!

Another maxi look. The skirt–yeah. Old Navy. From a few years back.  The tee–from Gap from years back.  My new Rondini’s and Red Longchamp give this an Americana Red-white-blue fun summer look.  I also want to add.  I may spend money on my bags and shoes–but I’ll go low end for summer clothing!

Poly-linen skirt from J. Crew factory and a cute jersey shell from Ann Taylor–I have no idea when the shirt was purchased because it was that long ago!  I’m completely into wearing sandals during the summer. My feet need to breathe and sandals are the next best thing to barefootin’ it!

Same J. Crew factory skirt with a white Old Navy Tee this time. THIS JUST IN!! Bonaparte laundered the skirt–he put it in the drier and I think it shrunk in length. I need to iron it later but I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear it anymore.  Lesson learned. Do not put any clothing of mine in the drier!!!!  I’m not mad though–he’s a good man!

Last weekend we went to Stone Harbor.  I wore one of my 11-euro bikinis and used this Fragonard tote as a beach bag. But I have to tell you something. See that photo of me in the top right?  I was wearing my Tony of Beverly topper and had my hair in a messy topknot.  OK?  Well, I was in the ocean about knee-deep.  I stepped on a shell and bent over to check my foot. I fell head first into the ocean and my topper never fell off. I figured “what the hell” and dove into the ocean. I can now swim with a topper and it will stay secure. I’m thrilled that I can go back to swimming and the thinning and bald spots will be covered!!

As an aside, I’m reaching out to you to ask a question—since you know I’m awful at networking!!  Does anyone know a book editor?  I’m writing a book and am researching how to find an editor—and marketing myself is not my forte. Any information you can offer would make me a happy camper.

I had to sneak this photo of my Chippy. Is he not adorable or what?  I can’t figure out if he wanted his photo taken or if he was protecting the goods in the bag?  I am pretty sure he was just posing!

Thanks for reading and I hope the remainder of your weekend is a wonderful one!!

On the drive back from NYC yesterday, I took out a CD I hadn’t listened to in a while.  Reve Orange by Liane Foly.  She’s got a beautiful voice and is just a wonderful jazz singer. I love her! This song, Reve Orange gives you a sampling of her vocal talent!




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36 Responses to What I’m Wearing. The Summer Face. And I’ve Been a Naughty Girl

  1. 3C Style says:

    You reached out to e.f.l. and were rejected because you are not a young blogger? And you still do a nice publicity for them…

    • Catherine says:

      Dominique. I know. I’m an ass to do that publicity but the liner is just so freaking great. At three bucks, I don’t even care–but my revenge is adding the caveat that they are NOT mature woman friendly. I get the word out!! LOL!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Toni Soucie says:

    I love your style, Catherine. I’m 62 and dress very similar to you. I firmly believe just because I’m in my 60s does not mean I have to dress like an old lady. I try to take care of myself and dress appropriately but stylish. I scored a great summer dress at Old Navy for $10 and it so comfortable and it looks great. Iloved your beach story and your topper. Unfortunately, I don’t think my wigs would hold up to a dip in the ocean or pool. I love your writing and I hope you are able to find a publisher willing to share your words. Have. Great day.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Toni!!! Thank you!! It’s so true. We may be in our 6o’s but we don’t have to dress the old lady route. That ticks me off. I’m sick of the stereotype!! Old Navy is having an epic summer this time around!!! Thank you again!!!! I hope to find a publisher too!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. hipchick66 says:

    You’re writing a book? Awesome!!! I’m so happy and excited for you! I’m sad that my days in publishing are so long ago that I can’t offer any help but I’m rooting for you! Xoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Yeah Lori. I’m working on a book. God only knows what’ll become of it, but if I don’t try, I’ll never know–right??? Thank you for rooting for me–you have no idea how important your emotional support is to me!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. Love your blog. My daughter just moved to L.A. too. It’s hard for me to let go. I write it about it in my blog as well. Misery loves company–LOL.

  5. Liz McGarry says:

    I’m always so impressed by how you manage to put yourself together so well without breaking the bank…your Old Navy shifts are incredible…so flattering and such a deal! Your style is non-fussy, classic and elegant. Glad you’re home…sad for the loss of Dany…hope you’re OK with your son moving to LA. Remember, we are not elderly – we are elders!😎

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Liz..BTW, I loved the photo of your husband grilling that meat!!! Thanks though–I can’t stand spending a lot of money on clothing. I would rather spend it on shoes and bags. Old Navy had some mighty fine winners this summer! Yeah–it’s nice to be home but it was a blessing that we happened to be in France when Dany died!! Oh..no. I’m not OK with him moving–I’m happy for him–thrilled, in fact. But I’m really sad. I was crying at work today and almost ruined our dinner last night because I started crying. They grow up and leave…..XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

      • Liz McGarry says:

        When my son went off to college my ex husband and I drove him over to Pullman, WA. We also took his girlfriend with us. My son asked me if he and his girlfriend could share one of the two rooms we’d reserved which would have left my ex and me in the same room. I told him no and we were left with two pouty teenagers. We said goodbye to him at his dorm and we were left with his gf and me crying all the way home to Seattle with my ex-husband driving and having no sympathy…ah, the good old days! The cute person you saw in the Facebook pic is my current husband, Allen Mankowski…he was, and is, such a doll…

  6. Irene says:

    Love your blogs, especailly when you go to France. I enjoy your styling tips…ever thought of doing a blog on scarves , how to wear. how to tie?

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Irene, I have to go into my archives because I’m positive that I’ve done a blog post on scarves in the past. I need to do a search!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  7. Q.D says:

    I love a good swing dress! They are my go to flying outfit, teamed with a pair of leggings, a longline cardi or jersey blazer and sneakers (fashion sneakers, not actual running shoes).

  8. Juliet says:

    Love your style – it is so fresh and pretty. That fragonard bag is absolutely gorgeous and I can imagine it will be the lynchpin for so many outfit choices. Keep doing the video posts, I just love them – you are doing a book???? !!! Brilliant – I can’t wait

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet. Yeah. I’m going to try my hand at a book. God knows what the outcome will be because I’ve been rejected by everyone out there.LOL!! But thank you! Is that Fragonard the greatest? I live for those totes!!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!

  9. Julie says:

    Hi, 8 lbs isn’t bad, you only live once,you were in France can’t deny yourself. I usually give myself a taking too, sometimes it helps than sometimes it doesn’t. You probably have a lot more will power than me

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Julie. But it won’t be easy to get rid of. I’ve enlisted in Bonaparte’s assistance and he’s gonna help me. I’ve got the measuring cups out!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. DGGYST says:

    Your glasses make me happy

  11. doodletllc says:

    Love your summer style…love Old Navy crazy ridiculous prices and paired with fancy French sandals…smashing….you look fabulous, Catherine…freckles and all. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Jeanne. I just read your blog post. I forgot to add one thing. When I first got MY period my father chimed in with “time to keep your legs closed young lady”. Only in my family. Only. In. My. Family!!!! Thanks so much–isn’t ON great???? XOXOXOXO!!!!

  12. Bridget says:

    Vacations are treats, so unless your health situation is dire, enjoy, and then get back on the health track when you get home, is my thoughts on things.

    I love all of your looks, but wish so much I had at least one pair of Rondini sandals!!!

    And you know I love any post that includes Chippy – he is so adorable and looks like such a character.

    FWIW, my husband puts hardly anything in the dryer, so that’s not a problem. HIS thing is that he bleaches everything. WHYYYYYYYY??????

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Bridget! I agree–and this evening I had a lovely green salad with shrimp and hard boiled egg. It’s just a matter of eating less and more healthy at this point! Those Rondini sandals. I’m freaking obsessed with them. I live in them during the summer. Chippy loves them too–two years ago I had to have the sandals he chewed fixed and the Rondini folks did a stellar repair job!! BLEACH!! OMG. I would cry at that one!!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  13. patricia blaettler says:

    Shopping at Old Navy is like a treasure hunt for me. Every now and again I find ONE THING that suits me perfectly. And I find that they stay in good condition for a long time. I can’t wear a swing dress. With big boobs the silhouette created is very pregnant/matronly. That’s not exactly what I’m going for.
    My son just moved back to the east coast after a long time in California. I love having him back!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Patricia! Right?? It’s amazing–I’ve had quite a few winners from Old Navy and they are quite a few years old too! I’m not well-endowed in the boob area so I’m ok with the swing dresses. It’s the dresses with the built-in waistband that I absolutely cannot wear–they cut me in two and the waist is usually too high! *Sigh* you are so lucky that your son moved back from California. Jake leaves tomorrow morning. It sucks when they move far away. I’ll be writing a post on that…….XOXOXOXO!!!!

  14. Jenny says:

    Every time you get one of your Old Navy dresses out I wish I lived in the US so I could shop there. It’s the same with fabrics. I sew A LOT and your fabrics are so cheap compared to here in the U.K. I have bought from Etsy but was put off by the customs charges. However, if you buy enough fabric you save so much money it pays for the duty so maybe soon …

    My son went away at 18 to Manchester University which is 250 miles north and after athat had a year in Japan and then moved back to Manchester. It’s been 20 years since he was at home and I miss him every day. I miss my little grandaughters now too. Sometimes I long for the time when families weren’t so mobile and all the relatives lived in the same town. I know how my mother felt now when I moved away and I wish I had had more understanding at the time. xx

  15. Catherine, thanks so much for sharing this post on my link up! It is a featured favorite on my newest link up which just went live!


  16. Graeme Bishop says:

    Naughty naughty )))

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