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My Consistent Inconsistency —Is it Just Me???

Why is it that I start out gung-ho with my weight loss plans, and then something happens to send me off the wagon? Is it just me who does that?  Am I the only one? Yeah!  Why am I?  Why … Continue reading

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Weekend! It’s Been a Busy One and It Ain’t Over Yet!!!

It’s almost three in the afternoon and the weekend is still going strong.  We’ve been very productive these two days. The weather, as muggy and cloudy as it is today, was actually a great thing because had it been beautiful … Continue reading

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Sliding Into a Summer Footwear Trend and Summer Shadows!

We’re “sliding” into that time of year!!  Barefoot driving.  No pantyhose (for me it’s an all-year round thing on that one).  Sneakers without socks or with those little sport socks.  Sandals. Flipflops. Barefootin’ time!!!!   And…a new and cute trend.  Little … Continue reading

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What I’m Wearing. The Summer Face. And I’ve Been a Naughty Girl

Things are back to normal. And I have a confession. I’ve been a naughty girl. Since arriving home over three weeks ago, I’ve been petrified to get on the scale. I knew I gained weight over vacation, and then some.  … Continue reading

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Ms. France-y Pants Has a Meltdown!

It’s true.  Miss France-y pants here has had a meltdown over such a ridiculous task.  Packing.  As you know, I wrote a post about the start of my packing chore.   Everything was all nicey-nicely organized—to a point. That’s right!  C’est … Continue reading

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A Summer Face. And the Cold Shoulder Just Got Hot!

Well, technically, it isn’t summer yet.  But with all the rain and chilly weather we’ve had, it’s more like March or October! On second thought, maybe I should be happy it isn’t full-on summer yet! I don’t want to be … Continue reading

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Summer Sandals, the GOAT of Totes and a Talented Friend!

I would not consider myself a flashy or formal dresser by any means.  Accessories are not my important thing either. I’m very basic. Casuality is more the vibe that I dig.  And when it comes to summer footwear and bags, … Continue reading

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