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A Paler Shade of White Eyeliner!

Yes. That weekend is coming up. Labor Day weekend! It’s going to be a busy one.  Roman is going to be visiting before returning to work on the set of Fallon and the new season of SNL will be upon … Continue reading

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How Was Your Weekend? We Finally Got Around to Buying the Summer Flowers!

Our plan for the weekend was to drop Chippy off at doggie daycare.  We would then drive to Stone Harbor and enjoy a day at the beach. Plans change. Upon waking up, I just didn’t feel like making the drive … Continue reading

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Under the Chics. A ReFrenching Look On Finding Your Own Style!

If you know me, you know how much I love my trips to France.  Trust me, the three weeks we spend in the South of France during the summer aren’t’ enough for me.  The trips to Paris?  As a city … Continue reading

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I’m a Gilded Girl. Not a Golden Girl!

Gold. What a word.  It has so many meanings.  Gold jewelry conjures up visions of wealth. Unfortunately, I won’t be purchasing any of this anytime soon. I did not win the 700 million dollar Powerball last night! During the summer, … Continue reading

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Not Much Ado About Nothing! A Relaxing Weekend!

To be honest, our weekend was productive and relaxing at the same time.   I mean, other than my weekend blog posts it was relaxing! It started out with a nice rainbow on Friday evening! On Saturday morning, I organized … Continue reading

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The Alluring Message of Allure Magazine. The End of Anti-Aging. Or Is It?

I’m skeptically thrilled.  Not only did Editor in Chief of Allure magazine, Michelle Lee, have the balls to put an “Old Lady”, i.e. the beautiful Helen Mirren on the cover, but she also put out a call to the beauty … Continue reading

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Laura Geller. Are you”Effing” Kidding Me? You Made a Foundation That’s Amazing AF!!

So why aren’t  you marketing it to the older woman? This is so passive-aggressive.  I love the product but I have issues with the brand… Read on. I know, I know.  It seems like lately, I’m on a foundation kick.  … Continue reading

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Waisted Again! And More Randomness.

It started out as a simple photo that I took to post on my Instagram account earlier this morning.  I decided to wear a dress that I had for years but never bothered wearing.   The dress was purchased when I … Continue reading

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Saturday Musings. Why Is Everything I Love Discontinued?

It’s Saturday. And let me start off by telling you I’m slightly pissed off at the meteorologists in the Philadelphia area.  It was supposed to rain today.  And it was supposed to be cooler.  Instead, the atmosphere in these parts … Continue reading

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Getting Testy Over Lip Color! Another Pet-Peeve!

Sunday,  I went to a baby shower. Isn’t this cupcake beautiful?  I ate every last bit. Let’s hope I’m better at my diet during this week! It’s been a long time since I last attended a baby shower, and next … Continue reading

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