What’s New With Me? Ohhhhh—Have Some Fun and Find Out!

It was a  fun weekend . Roman  was here for the weekend and we went to the movies.  The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville has viewings of old films and we saw“In The Heat of The Night” starring Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier!  Neither of us had ever seen it and I’ll tell you, after seeing this film, we have regressed since we’ve progressed!

Image result for in the heat of the night

Two powerful performances and an Oscar for the movie as Best Picture of 1967 and Rod Stieger as Best Actor.  This was one great film!

I’ve got some new stuff to share with you—so please allow me to take a moment here.  Recently I was accepted into Amazon’s Influencer program but I’m really confused as to how it works.  Here’s a link to my influencer thingy.  I’m still trying to make good on this:  Influencer – atypical60
Link:  https://www.amazon.com/shop/atypical60

God only knows if I’ve done this right so have a look see if you dare!! I’ll be adding more items  as I figure it all out!

Anyway,  I registered for the beauty site “Beautylish” last week.  I’ve been intrigued by the site because they sell The Ordinary products and everyone I know who buys from this site loves it.  I have to say, the way Beautylish packages the items is just so great. It’s like receiving a gift!!  Here are my purchases and the total came to less than $35.00!  Free shipping too!

Opening the box is like Christmas!  And that little velvet pouch contained samples!

look how cute the wrapping is…

And it gets better!

Here’s the products I ordered.  I can’t wait to use them…

And look–The Ordinary adds stickers that you can place on the products tubes, bottles, etc. so that you know when to use them!!

A sampling of Oribe shampoo and conditioner was included.  Too bad I don’t have enough hair to use the shampoo on!!! LOL!!

Now—while I realize that I have enough bags and don’t need any more, I will tell you that trying to hunt down a decent and affordable cross-body bag has been in the back of my mind for quite a while.  Seriously—what I have been looking for is a bag that looks a lot more expensive than it is.  I’m also looking for a bag that’ll hold my stuffed wallet, my overstuffed lipstick pouch, my phone, a pen and pad.  I need this in a compacted fashion. And price.  I don’ want to spend a fortune on a bag that’ll be used to literally (not “lich-ruh-lee) will be thrown into my car, then worn on my body and used for grocery and mall shopping—and when we go into NYC to mope around!

And so, before I picked Roman up at the Paoli station on Friday, I stopped at TJ Maxx.  I normally don’t bother perusing the handbag section because there are always a ton of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein bags which are hideous to me.  But—I took a look at the offerings anyway.  Just as I was ready to leave the section, I spotted a bag –and from my bad eye no less!  It looked really expensive but I was drawn to the color and to the simple design.  When I saw the price tag, I threw it in the cart!  $16.99!  Perfect!

Here’s a look:

Here’s the front of the bag.  Very simple design. No logos or anything. I like that..

Another frontal view.

Back view –has a zippered compartment

…the front flap folds over and also has a zippered compartment–you can also see how long the strap is and it can be adjusted

….this front zippered flap is great for hiding stuff..

this bag holds the important items in a very streamlined way.  I’m very happy with this $16.99 price!

I also stopped at the mall because I had to pick up my engagement ring.  Did I mention it needed to be repaired?  When I got mad at my computer and the whole printer debacle:  Here’s THAT post, I had a tantrum and started throwing things.  Well, I hit my hand against the banister and not only bruised it, but I loosened a prong that was holding the diamond in place.  Luckily it was repaired and I feel so much better now.  Let’s hope I don’t have any more temper tantrums in the near future!

Let me TRY to not lose my temper at my laptop anymore!

OK..so I stopped at Sephora and made a lip gloss purchase.  I’ve heard all about Buxom lip products and how great they are and I picked up this lippie.  The color is “Dolly”—it is a very nice neutral but I’m not crazy about this gloss.  Why?  Because it does nothing to plump up my lips—that’s why!!!  It feels very tingly—and that doesn’t bother me.  But I foolishly spent $20 on a product that clearly did nothing for me.  I learned another lesson.  Geez. I spent less money on a great handbag!

The color, Dolly, is a beautiful neutral but I’m just not impressed with this Buxom full-on lip cream.  It didn’t make my lips plumper!

Also, lately, I’ve been playing around with eyeshadow palettes.  I’m loving the Morphe palettes I’ve gotten—no doubt about it.  But, I wanted to get a smaller palette to use for a different purpose.  Ohhhh I may as well tell you…

I’m going back to work.  And I’m very happy because it will be in a corporate setting.  I’m not sharing the company’s name because I don’t know how they would feel about having a blogger on board.  I start on Tuesday and I’m really excited.  First of all, I’ll lose the weight that I gained from being home since September. Fifteen pounds of excess.  Am I upset?  Yes and no.  I’m upset that I had no self-discipline.  No because it was stress eating and stress eating is better than smoking.  Regardless, being in an office setting and focusing on the tasks at hand will keep me busy and back into a routine of eating meals at a set time.

But, I’ll also be thrilled to be back into nice clothing and sharing what I wore for the week with you. It’s been a very daunting roller-coaster ride because of the many interviews I had.  Hipster Jesus has been good to me!

I’ll be happy to share OFFICE clothing that will, once again, be worn.  This garb will be left for the weekends!

And that’s why I’ve been messing around with eyeshadows.  Since neutrals are my faves, I wanted to find a mix of the prettiest ones I could find.  Then I found out that MAC cosmetics has refillable palettes you can create yourself.  I like this idea.  Makeup Geek, an online company, also has palettes you can create as well.  The shadows, both from MUG and MAC, are $6.00 each.  The empty palette to hold four shadows from MAC is $8.00.  Not a bad deal.

I ended up creating two palettes—both neutrals with a bit of a kick. They’ll be great for work— if I’m running a bit late and don’t want to mull over a palette with 35 choices!

This is one of the MAC palettes I’ve created.  I’m wearing these shadows today.  

Here’s the other MAC palette I created.

Overall, I’m happy with the MAC shadows.  The are not as pigmented as I thought they would be; however, the less pigmented shadows are good for a subtle office look!

So that’s it.  Today’s look is with one of the MAC palettes and a blonde wig!  Hope you like!

I’m wearing the first Mac palette that is pictured.  My foundation today is The Ordinary Serum foundation.  On my lips is the Covergirl Outlast lipstick–a coral red.  Very simple.

Today’s eyes.  More subtle–a nice look!

Oh..I’ve been listening to nothing but funk for the past few days.  I created a funk station on my iPhone’s Pandora radio station and it’s great to listen to songs from the 1970’s!  Here’s Average White Band.  Pick up the Pieces!


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29 Responses to What’s New With Me? Ohhhhh—Have Some Fun and Find Out!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations on your new job! Also happy to hear about your Amazon project and your great new bag. Looking forward to the coming posts as new doors and experiences are opening for you!

    • Catherine says:

      Thanks Elizabeth!!! I’m looking forward to writing more posts because now that I’m back at work, I’m in a better frame of mind. Thanks so much!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  2. LA CONTESSA says:

    THE BAG was a GOOD BUY……………….
    YOU must have $2,000.00 worth of cosmetics in your BATHROOM!
    I find I use LESS as I AGE…………but I do enjoy the routine of cleansing morning and night!

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Elizabeth!! Thank you!!! That bag WAS a great buy. Tee hee–I guess cosmetics are my weakness. I can’t help myself!!! Ohhhhh my rings. And they are looking good because the jeweler cleaned them too!!! XOXOXXOXO!!!!

  3. Anna says:

    Congrats on the new job!!

  4. Sandra says:

    Best of luck in your new job. Your bag will match your tropeziennes!

  5. jilly says:

    Momma’s got a brand new bag’ and a brand new job! good luck and congrats, we want them to be nice to you.

  6. hipchick66 says:

    Congrats on the new job and best of luck! Nice bag and shadows too!

  7. Julie says:

    Congrats on the new job Catherine….I know it’s a struggle at our age!

  8. fiona says:

    Bonne Chance with the new job.
    I looked at your influencer thingy….I had no idea such a thingy existed! You are SO down with the kids and I am a dinosaur. xxxx

    • Catherine says:

      LOL!!! Hi Fiona!! Yeah. I’m going to have to look into the influencer thingy more in depth. I’m so down with the kids that they have to help me back up!!! XOXOXOXOX!!!!

  9. Vivella says:

    Happy to hear about the new job, it gives me hope! Also love the bag and the Mac shadows. Hope you have a good week!

    • Catherine says:

      Thank you Vivella!!!It’s true. There IS hope but it takes a long time. In fact, when I came home from the interview I hadn’t thought it went well–then all of a sudden, I got an offer!! I’m knocking on wood tonight! You have a great week too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  10. Bridget says:

    Congrats on your new job, that’s great news! (Though I must admit I’m jealous.) I hope it turns out to be someplace you’ll be happy and have lovely co-workers.

  11. Kari G. says:

    Congrats on the new job! I am going to look into your Amason page because I want to get some of the Ordinary products!

  12. Momcat says:

    Congrats on the job! Hope everything goes well. It’s nice to have a routine and it really helps with keeping the noshing under control plus it’s fun to socialize and meet new people ( Sheesh, I sound like my mother!!) I was thinking about retiring but I think I’ll hang in until 65 ( defined benefit pensions are getting rare…) I notice Sephora (Canada) is carrying The Ordinary at awesome price points. I might order me up some. I use the Retinol in Squalene from another company and that is the bomb for dry winter skin. I am going to try TO version as its a better price point. Lots of great revues on Sephora.

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat!! I hope you are healing well and feeling well!!! Thank you. Oh…I swear to you it was such a pleasure to wake up at 6AM, head to the room where I get ready. Enjoy my coffee, get dressed and drive to work. I’m a stickler for routine and it was great to actually come home at a set time, grab a quick dinner and not even think about food all day!!
      Definitely try The Ordinary’s stuff from Sephora. The prices are crazy good!!! I love their stuff so much!!! XOXOXOXOXO!!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing the full frontal!
    Of your new bag, ha!
    And congrats on the new job!

  14. Judy says:

    Thinking of you starting your new job today, Catherine. Hope it goes well and you settle down quickly and enjoy it. Love the bag, make up, everything!

  15. Juliet says:

    Congratulations on the new job!!! That is fabulous news, love the bag and love the make up – you’ll be absolutely ace by the way and they are damn lucky to have you

  16. So pleased about your new job – also happy for me as I’m sure you have some great office wear ideas. PS love the little glimpses of your slippers I see in some of your pictures

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