The New Office Casual and Some Inspiration from Adam Ant

There’s so much for me to say today that I almost don’t know where to begin.  I’ll start here—back in September, I was a bit shocked to be let go from a job that I had for just over a year. In hindsight, I’m glad because it led to a better position with a very well-established company.

And  remember that I was giving myself the six-months of receiving unemployment benefits to concentrate on the “branding” of my blog and Instagram? What it came down to was this: I have absolutely no business acumen.  I despise networking.  I’m not full of myself although I am the center of my universe—but there’s a difference.  I  like to keep things real.  Anything I write about in a review, you know that I use and approve. If I don’t approve, you’ll know it!! During that six months of trial and error I also realized that I want to just keep my blog as it is.  I don’t want it to change.  I don’t want to become one giant advertisement.

Yeah..I got some new stuff to tell you!

However, some good did come my way.  I’m now an Amazon influencer (but still trying to figure out the process) and I have become an influencer for  Every so often I’ll receive a product from a company or small business to review and that keeps me happy.  If I do make any monetary rewards from my Amazon influencer program, it’ll go in the bank saving for that day when any one of my kids gets married! So, when you see a link for an item that I recommend, it’ll direct you to  my page at  My Amazon Atypical60 Page

Now that that’s out of the way, I have to say that I enjoy going to work in the morning and I’m very focused on what I do.  My little cubicle is my little corner of the working world and I love it that way.  I’m also thankful that I was hired, at 62 years old, by a corporation that is certainly not ageist!

My little corner of the world. A private cubicle where I can focus on the work at hand!  I love being part of a team and…J’aime travailler toute seule–I love working all alone. This is so perfect!! My new happy place!

It seems, though, that “office casual” or “business casual” is here to stay.  I get that.  Some of the staff  works from home two or three days a week and I’m sure nobody is getting dressed to the nines.  There is something very comfortable about dressing down for work.  You don’t have to worry about shirttails hanging out or a run in your pantyhose (if you wear hose, I don’t).

But—I have a closet full of skirts and as the Spring enters, I’ll be choosing to dress up a bit more.  The weather has been absolutely horrific this past week and I was happy to be dressing casually. Especially Friday!  A surprise snowstorm blew the power out at the office and we were let out early.  That was a good thing because traffic was atrocious on the commute home.

Have a look at what I wore this week to work. Then I’ll continue…

Monday had me dressing “casually” in a kilt skirt, tights and a J. Crew turtleneck sweater! I think a kilt skirt offers ease and comfort. It isn’t a too-snug fit and there’s ease in movement.  Tights are a great alternative for those of us who hate pantyhose and haven’t fake tanned the legs in a while. Keeping the tights/shoes the same color gives a nice long line for the legs!

Tuesday brought the kilt-comfort to a new level.  While I realize that keeping the tight/shoes one color. I make an exception for loafers!  My beloved Bass Weejuns add to that office casual environment–especially when I’m up and running to the printer!  (mine needs to be installed!).  A hunter green turtleneck sweater (I freaking love those sweaters from J. Crew!) blends well with the plaid kilt and I matched my bag with my tights!  Oh. I forgot.  I’m wearing my Justine wig from It’s a Wig. I can’t tell you how happy I am that my fellow co-workers are so accepting of my wigs!!!

Wednesday morning we overslept. I blame it on Tuesday night’s full moon. I didn’t sleep well.  I literally threw this ensemble of casualness on without a thought.  My ten dollar burgundy pants that were purchased at Old Navy.  I paired it with a hunter green Tippi sweater from J. Crew–I love the combo of green and burgundy.  I wore a neutral pair of Tory Burch Reva flats. (I have an upcoming blog post about the latest installment of the TB boots from hell saga coming up…)

Even though I overslept, there was still time to hang with Chippy before leaving for work!

Thursday brought about another fun casual look.  The weather has been so awful and I wore the faux suede mini skirt from J. Crew.  I love this skirt because of it’s simplicity.  Tights and boots gave it a 1960’s vibe and a leopard scarf from Dollar Tree (yes–a buck) gave it a fun and toasty look!

The black and tan combo is another favorite of mine!

I’m also enjoying my “getting ready” time to put my makeup on!

FRIDAY!  Oh what a disaster!  I’m so glad that I really dressed down.  We had a snow storm that turned out to be quite the surprise.  High winds and trees knocked down. The snow was heavy and wet. The power went out at work and it’s a huge office so we were let out early.  Anyhoo, yours truly wore shoes with no socks and I was sliding around the parking lot till I got to my car.

Then when I did get to my car, I couldn’t find the scraper so I scraped the snow off with my hands, then a gust of wind blew the snow all over me.  I had to laugh because it was so funny.  The commute home was awful but I didn’t care because I had my music on!

Friday’s snowy day outfit!  I had no idea it was going to snow!  I must have been out of the weather loop!  I took Friday Casual to a new level with my AG torn jeans!  Not a good choice when the weather is cold and snowy!  Every time I wear this striped sweater from J. Crew, Bonaparte tells me how much he loves it.  It is a great little sweater.  I also opted for ruined shoes.  OK. I knew it was going to rain but not snow–so I decided to wear these old, worn out TB Reva flats.  They are falling apart. I’m not kidding!

What say you?  Would YOU throw these shoes out?  I wouldn’t–because they are great in bad weather. I don’t want to ruin a good pair of shoes but I’ll wear ruined shoes when conditions call for it….

I brought the snow into my car. On second thought perhaps I should not have opted to wear those ballet flats. My feet got cold!

Ok. Anyway, you know how I love to listen to music in my car and I have a ton of CD’s.  The other day, I was looking through my selection and was feeling nostalgic as I slipped Adam Ant’s greatest hits into the player.  After really giving his songs a good listening to, I realized that Adam Ant truly was and is an inspirational man.  “Goody Two Shoes” was an homage to not drinking or smoking but not in a preachy way. He did it with sauciness and humor.

Adam Ant. Then and now.  Although “now” I don’t like his nails.  But he definitely has a Johnny Depp twinning thing going on!  

But—to me, the most inspirational of his songs is “Prince Charming”–the lyrics are so inspirational and we can all learn a lesson from them.  Overall, it’s a feel-good song about respect!

Don’t you ever. Don’t you ever.

Stop being dandy showing me you’re handsome.

Prince Charming. Prince Charming.

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of….

Don’t you ever. Don’t you ever

Lower yourself, forgetting all your standards.

Prince Charming. Prince Charming.

Ridicule is nothing to be scared of….

Silk or leather, or a feather

Respect yourself and all of those around you.

 New Wave music, punk rock—whatever you want to call his music, the lyrics are prolific, profound and perfect.  His words are inspirational.  Respect yourself and everyone else and don’t be afraid of ridicule.

Mr. Ant was also inspirational in my love for military jackets.  Hey.  The man’s outfits were greatness!

Ladies–this man is one of my fashion inspirations.  I don’t need no runway. I don’t need no Anna Wintour. I don’t need no fashun bloggers because I got Adam Ant!

And this hat.  I’ve always yearned for a bicorn hat–it’s so Napoleonic.  I think an upcoming project will be to try to make one! Why isn’t this hat sold in stores?

I’ve always wanted that perfect military jacket and I finally found one that would be great for office and errands.  Gap.  I called three stores and they don’t carry it.  I went to King of Prussia mall today, stopped at Gap and they sold out but never restocked.  This is just my luck.  I’m hoping that I can order the jacket online.  Bonaparte has me on a no-buy so we’ll see.  Maybe if I bake his favorite pound cake I’ll be able to swing it.

I want this jacket.  Bonaparte gave me a solid “NON”–even after I made the best Bearnaise sauce he’s ever had!  I swear my life is the Franco-American version of “I Love Lucy”!!

I hope your week was a great one!!  And speaking of “Prince Charming”—here it is for you!  I now have to get back to my laptop from Hell to undo the effing updates that HP put into place. I hate HP!!  Just sayin’!!! I hope to have this issue resolved before the Oscars tonight!  What will Frances McDormand wear????

Adam Ant’s Prince Charming outfit is to die for!!!! I want his boots. And his jacket. And his shirt….


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23 Responses to The New Office Casual and Some Inspiration from Adam Ant

  1. Bagwhispers says:

    Loving the Adam Ant throwback – I grew up listening to my sister play his records – yep vinyl! Whilst limited on music references, my blog is all about handbag reviews, so if you ever need a bit of advice, please pop by at I’m off to listen to some 80’s tunes – thanks for the inspiration

    • Catherine says:

      LOL!! I was listening to Adam Ant and Ant Music regularly back in the early 1980’s!! And Wall of Voodoo and many other groups!! I’m heading over to your blog now. I can’t resist a bag!!! XOXOXOXOXO

  2. Lise says:

    Adam really is twinning Johnny these days 🙂 Love your outfits as always. Lise

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Lise! Right??? The two are so much alike in their dressing habits!! Thank you-I’m glad that you enjoyed my wardrobe for the week!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  3. I adore that ring purse girly! Happy for you and your Amazon partnership and hope that this job is treating you well. Have an awesome week girlfriend xoxoxo

    • Catherine says:

      Hi McKenz!!! That purse was a steal at TJ Maxx. It’s adorable!!! Thanks–I still have to figure that whole Amazon thing out but I’m glad to be a part of it. You have a great week too!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  4. ~ Swoon ~ Adam Ant! Great post💞

  5. Momcat says:

    Sorry about the snow! But….snow day ( or snow afternoon?) Love all you outfits and can understand your passion for that GAP military jacket, it’s darned cute! Bonaparte should let you have it if it’s on sale…can you just see it with those AG jeans, the striped sweater and red heels? Stunning! Good idea to keep the old beat up shoes for bad weather. You could keep them in the car just in case it rains and you need to switch out your shoes….although maybe a pair of old boots and socks would be better until April;)

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Momcat! Yeah. I wanted to see the jacket IRL because there’s always an issue with sizing for me. The only site I can order from and be confident about sizing is J. Crew. Gap has odd fits. That jacket is awesome but even at $84.00, it’s still a bit pricey to be on sale for my taste. I’m going to keep watch till the price lowers more!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  6. Momcat says: ( GAP Canada) has the jacket on line. Available in XS, S and M. It’s 138.00CDN but I think there is a sale going on. Check it out you might get a deal:)

  7. Fiona says:

    Love the Gap military jacket ….and Adam Ant.
    The Prince Charming video with Diana Dors has got to be his best.
    I do like your black/yellow tartan skirt…a chic office look. Btw what lipstick are you wearing with the leopard scarf…can you remember? (gorgeous)
    So glad that the blog isn’t changing, it’s brilliant just the way it is! Xxx

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Fiona! Oh. I forgot all about that video of Prince Charming. It’s hysterical and I think Adam Ant is one of the most underrated musicians ever! I can’t remember but it is most likely the NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu and the Fenty Gloss Bomb worn over it!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

  8. TURNER says:

    Adam Ant is still a cutie! Wow. Love it. And that Gap jacket looks like something I need…

  9. Juliet says:

    Ahhhhh Adam Ant – still a really interesting guy and one who has struggled with mental health issues and seems a genuine person. Love what you are wearing and finding a job that is right is like a just reward for a good person 🙂 Our office is decidedly casual I think (well scruffy to be honest) and I wish it was a bit more dressed up

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Juliet! Yeah. I’ve always liked Mr. Ant because of his total honesty and up-frontness!!! He’s great!!! I have to say, I’m really enjoying going to work in the morning!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

    SO HAPPY YOU areNOT Becoming like EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!
    BLOGS only seem to be SELLING for others…………

    • Catherine says:

      Hi Elizabeth!!! LOL. Yeah–now I really have to get into Time Management. We MAY have a snow day tomorrow so I’ll be able to do a couple of blog posts if that is the case!! Exactly–and we will KEEP giving our opinions and suggestions with a laugh!!! XOXOXOXO!!!

  11. Love this and love the clothes ideas! You look great. I had a huge crush on Adam Ant as a teenager

  12. PS what’s the difference between pantyhose and tights? In the UK we say tights but not sure what you guys call them? Do you mean one is footless? Like leggings?

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