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How to Get Youthful Glowing Skin When You Are Over 60 Years Old!

What do you think of that teaser title?  It’s like all those internet spam and magazine  ads telling you how great, pretty, young, and perfect you, too, can be past that certain age. And when you open the ad, the face … Continue reading

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Enough of This “Shift”! Do You “Hair” Me? MY Version of “Advanced Style”!

Hi buddyroos!  *Sigh*.  I’ve been mulling over just how to start this post because it’s a subject that I’m so torn about. It’s the “Advanced Style” movement…  I’ll tell you what prompted my thoughts to write about this. It was … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is That Disagreeable Odor? Is it—-FEET??????

Are you as sensitive to scents, smells, odors and fragrances as I am?  I mean it. Factors other than a lifetime of allergies and sinus issues have added to my “Scents-it-ivity”.  Hypochondria is a factor. It started when I was … Continue reading

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Done With Baking and Cooking My Face. Happy to Say, I’m Medium Rare!

Three days later, I’m still traumatized from the after effects of baking my face.  In fact, I’ve established a new medical term “BTSD” Baked Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Don’t judge. It isn’t the only disorder I’ve gone through.  I have a … Continue reading

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Blogging School Dunce

Shhhhhh…..quiet.  Ok. Listen.  I have something to say. I have fallen deeper into the abyss of Blogging School Duncedom and I need to revisit. Why do I have to have goals and gain a larger percentage of  readers? Am I a … Continue reading

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Age-Aid! A Benefit Concert For The Ageism Movement’s Revolution!!

I’ve had enough and I’m not gonna take it anymore!  That’s right. I’m talking about the new “ism”! AGE-ISM! I’ve designed Tee shirts for my Age-Aid concert!  All funds will be donated to the fight against ageism! We older, wiser and more … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Forever Young–From Within

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Forever Young.” Bonaparte and I were walking through Nordstrom’s the other day when I spotted the most beautiful dress. I’m telling you, this dress spoke to me. This dress also spoke to … Continue reading

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Beauty Bits From The Paupered Princess©

Hey. I know you will love today’s post! I’ve decided to make a regular posting about beauty from my alter ego “The Paupered Princess”.   I’m gonna try to do this on a weekly basis. (TRY!) My Paupered Princess “LYFESTILE” Brand! … Continue reading

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