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Paris in Three Days. Day Three–A First For Me and A Memorable Last Meal!

I’m not going to lie. The last day in Paris—no matter how long or short the visit, can be daunting and angst-ridden. Actually, I can be pretty cranky on those last days of trips– only because I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Three Days In Paris–Day Two. Amusement Avec Les Morts and An Avant Premiere

We slept like two little babies on our first night.  Perhaps it was due to the fact we were awake for over 24 hours. Or more likely it was due to the fact that we are both extremely lazy people … Continue reading

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Three Days In Paris. Leave the “Chic” At Home and Enjoy Being a Flaneuse!

On The Way There and Day One Bonaparte and I have returned from a three-day in Paris.  Why only three days?  Well, I’m working now and getting time off from work isn’t easy.  In addition, due to the change of flight … Continue reading

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Pragmatic Packing For a Short Trip To Paris and Getting My Flâneuse On!

We leave tomorrow for Paris. It’s definitely not an extended stay. We fly home on Wednesday. Basically, this is three full days and three full nights. This isn’t a trip for visiting the museums or the many sights. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Au Revoir to Our Little Paris Apartment

I forgot to tell you something.  Saturday evening while Bonaparte and I were enjoying our aperitifs on the deck, he gave me some news. The news was sad but not devastating. It was about Danièle’s apartment.  The apartment had been … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Tell Me Where To Go!

Trust me. I’m not talking about that place. It’s hot enough up here; and the humidity makes it worse. Hey. Satan and I are pretty friendly, in fact I’ve interviewed him, but it’s too hot to visit him! No. I’m … Continue reading

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Remembering Paris, Daniele, And Our Great Times Together

In another month Bonaparte and I will be back in France. This time it’ll be different because we won’t be in Paris.  Since Daniele’s passing, Bonaparte finds it very difficult to return. I can’t blame him.  I had another good … Continue reading

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